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340 – Chop off claw and pull out tooth!

Chapter 340: Chop off claw and pull out tooth!


In the study, wearing a dark robe, faced covered with dirt, Lu Qingming was kneeling on the ground, bowing his head low to the ground to his father.

“Father, I am back.” Lu Qingming bent down and touched his head to the ground as he said in the most sincere voice.  

“Get up. There is no need to care about such formalities between Father and son.” Lu Xingkong set down the scroll that he was reading and said with a smiling expression. “

Lu Qingming looked up at the warm expression o his father’s face and said in a low voice, “Father——”

Thinking of the ambush along the way and that he almost died and that he almost could not fulfil his duty as a son, his voice sounded tearful, “Father, are you well?”

“I’m fine.”

Lu Xingkong understood his son’s mind, got up and headed over to the tea room, and personally poured a cup of fragrant tea for him. “The journey must be exhausting, have a cup of hot tea.”

Lu Qingming received the cup of fragrant tea with both hands, drinking it all in one mouthful. “Father’s tea-making skill has improved.”

“It’s just for families to drink, there is no tea-making skill involved. But I know what happened on your way back.” There were lightning flashing in Lu Xingkong’s eyes. “There aren’t many families in West Wind that could hire Unpredictable immortal and Strange Taoist?”

“Yes.” Lu Qingming knew his father was going to get down to business, put down the teacup and said, “On my way back, I have been guessing who did it. The Lu family is in a sensitive situation now, there are a few suspects, but there is no way to be certain. It would have been good to get some information from Strange Taoist if he hadn’t die.”

“A fox cannot hides its tail, nor can a wolf hides its fangs. If your bite missed the first time, you’ll be tempted to bite the second and the third time.” Lu Xingkong said, an icy chill in his voice. “Our Lu family is a military family, we attack and defend. Whether it is defending the country’s territory, or protecting our home, our Lu family had never avoided confronting the problem. Now that they have actively attacked we have no need to be polite to them. If they dare stretch their claws, we shall chop off their claws. If they dare bare their teeth, we shall pull them out.”

“But, the Royal family——” Lu Qingming sounded concern. “If they do not support us, what are our chances?”

“Chances?” Lu Xingkong gazed out the window, looking at the cold moon. “What is the meaning of chances? There are only two outcomes of any action. Success or failure.”

“Yes, father.” As soon as Lu Qingming saw his father’s expression he knew that he had made some sort of decision in his mind.  

“I heard you were rescued by a little friend?” Lu Xingkong asked with concern, looking at Lu Qingming.

Lu Qingming was a little hesitant, then he suddenly said in a solemn tone, “Father, there is something that I need to explain to you——”



The clothes were luxurious and soft.

The most important thing was that the stitching was detailed and it was clear that the person who made these clothes had put in a lot of effort and time.

Li Muyang was just about to put on the light blue long robe when the room door was pushed open from the outside.

Li Muyang draped the robe over his body at once and angrily said, “Why did you come in? You——should knock before coming in, right?”

Jing’er giggled loudly, “Young master, we are your people, we will serve you for a lifetime, so you should not see us as outsiders——”

It meant that since they will be your people after all, you should accept them.

“What do you mean you are my people? What do you mean you will serve me for a lifetime?” Li Muyang was utterly confused. “What are you talking about? Why do I not understand at all?”

“Lady has given all of us to Young master. Therefore, we will attentively take care of Young master from now on. Young master is the center of our lives. We would do whatever Young master wants us to do.” Jing’er explained with a smile.

It was a lucky thing for them to be able to serve this Young master Muyang. However, he was not the young master of the Lu household. To them Lu Tianyu was the real young master of the Lu household. They were unsure how their fate would be in the future.

“Isn’t this ridiculous?” Li Muyang said irritably. “I just came back to see my family, and would soon go back to Starry Sky Academy to cultivate, why would I need so many servants?”

After a pause, Li Muyang suddenly thought of an idea. “Why don’t you serve my mother instead? She should need someone to take care of her more than me.”

The female servants looked at each other in dismay, this young master had just came and is leaving so soon already? Who are they going to depend on? Servants without masters, how good would their living conditions be?

But Jing’er did not panic, smiled and said: “We are Young master’s people, we will do what Young master wants us to do. When Young Master is here, we would naturally take care of Young master. When Young Master is not here, we will follow your request to take care of your mother——This is our duty.”

“In that case ——— I’ll accept this great gift.” Li Muyang gently chuckled. He came here in a hurry and did not have the chance to prepare any gifts for his parents. Now the Lu family had gifted him some servants, he could present other people’s gift and give them to his mother, let them take care of his mother’s food and clothing and everyday life.  

“Young Master we will change your clothes.” As she was speaking she set down the tray in her hands and swept her eyes over the light blue long robe that Li Muyang was wearing. “Young Master is so handsome, everything looks good on you. However, the sky is gloomy today, the blue that Young master is wearing does not bring out the best in your complexion and temperament.”

She turned around and took a white garment from the tray that Zhaixue was carrying and said, “Young master, try this white one?”

“How come there are so many clothes?” Li Muyang asked puzzledly. “All these are for me?”

“They are all for Young master.” Jing’er smiled and nodded. “They are all hand-sewn by the Lady.”

Jing’er herself also found it strange, why did the Lady make so many clothes?

The clothes were too big for Young master Tianyu. But it was a perfect fit for Young Master Muyang’s body ——

“That’s not going to work. How can I accept such a precious present?”

The clothes that were hand-sewn by the Lady of the Lu household, maybe were not worth much based on material, but with this identity, these clothes were certainly worth thousands.

In the West wind Kingdom, how many people were qualified wearing Gongsun Yu’s hand-sewn clothes?

Because she was angry at her father-in-law for swapping her son, for so many years, even the Lu Family esteemed grandfather Lu Xingkong had not received any hand-sewn clothes from her.

Moreover there were so many sets of clothes at once. How could Li Muyang dare accept them?

“Take them back. Hurry and take them back.” Li Muyang shouted.


Jing’er fell to her knees, crying “Young Master, don’t make things difficult for Jing’er. Lady has already brought the clothes over, how could Jing’er send them back? Besides, Young master has rescued the Lu family’s master, this is a great kindness to the Lu family——I think, you can accept these clothes.”

“The problem is not the clothes.” Li Muyang sighed. If it was ordinary clothes, he would have accepted them. But these clothes were hand-made by the mother of the Lu family, the significance was not the same at all. “Whenever I wear these clothes, it will make me feel uncomfortable.”

“Why don’t Young master put on this set of white clothes first, we will take the other clothes back to Lady——If Lady is unwilling to take them back, there’s nothing Jing’er could do. Young master would have to personally explain to Lady herself.”

Li Muyang also did not want to make things difficult for Jing’er, nodded: “Then I’ll do as you said.”

Zhaihua and Chuyao helped Li Muyang remove the blue garment, while Tingxue and Xiyu put on the set of white clothes on Li Muyang.

Jing’er came over with a comb, and ran the comb through Li Muyang’s long hair and attached a jade accessory on the bun at the top of his head.

The jade accessory was also sent over by Mrs Lu. The white jade material looked extremely expensive.

Li Muyang gently sighed. This Mrs. Lu really is strange.  

“Ah, our young master is really handsome.” Zhaihua brought a bronze mirror in front of Li Muyang, saying with a blushing face, “The most handsome man in Tiandu.”

Li Muyang was also very satisfied with the himself in the mirror, but still modestly said, “This is not true at all. There are many men who are better looking than me.”

Zhaihua seriously refuted, “No. Young Master look, you look like a deity descended to this world. Even if the most handsome man in ancient times, Pan Yue was reborn, he would not look as good as you.”

“Zhaihua is right. I also think Young master is the most handsome in West wind.” Tingxue said with a smile. “Young master’s face was covered with dirt, I really did not notice before. Only now that I realised———” “

The girl could not continue, there was a feeling of surprise like she had just discovered treasure.

A young master like him, even if he had ulterior motives, it was also acceptable———After all, women like them, all just want to find a good master to take care of them?

“Young master is very good-looking.” Jing’er exclaimed, carefully fixing Li Muyang’s collar. “I’ve seen many good-looking men in Tiandu, including the Song family’s Jade tree, and also the Cui family’s gongzis———They are all inferior to our young master in terms of looks.”

Li Muyang, suppressing his smile, said: “Because we are close, so you have this view. Those handsome men that you have just mentioned, after bathing and dressing, the female servants of the house would also flatter them——”

The girls laughed aloud at the thought of that picture. They felt that this young master was really approachable and amiable, and also very humorous. It was very enjoyable.

Once he was all dressed up, Jing’er respectfully said to Li Muyang: “Young Master, Lady has prepared a meal, please go eat.”

Li Muyang wanted to see his parents and sister right away, but the meal had already been prepared and Lu Qingming was probably waiting for him to have dinner, he felt he shouldn’t keep the elders waiting.  

So Li Muyang could only endure the feelings of longing for now. “Then let’s eat first.”



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