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341 – Future son-in-law!

Chapter 341: Future son-in-law!


Time flashed by, like the glint of a white colt passing over a crevice.

When Li Muyang said farewell to his families at Maple Forest Ferry crossing to study at Starry Sky Academy, there was lovely spring sunshine, flowers were red, the grass were lush green, willow trees swaying in the wind, a faint smell of soil in the air and there were fish swimming about in West Lake.  

It was already a several months later now and winter has arrived in Tiandu. Leaves had withered and turned yellow, chrysanthemum had bloomed, the wind was bitterly cold, and the Wintersweet flowers in the courtyard were withstanding the harsh winter frost, sprouting one or two buds.

Gongsun Yu and her husband Lu Qingming were standing under the eaves of the veranda, when they saw Jing’er guiding an elegant youngster clad in a white robe and a jade accessory on his head over this way, they were speechless with astonishment for several moments.

His eyes were dazzling like stars and had eyebrows shaped like swords.

His facial features were sharp as though curved with a blade, and there was a faint smiling expression on his face.

Dressed in a robe with wide sleeve, under the guidance of the blue-dressed young girls, passing through the garden, he looked as if a deity had descended to the world, incredibly stunning.

The husband and wife gazed at each other in disbelief of what their eyes had registered.

The information that they got of Li Muyang before was that, he was black as charcoal, incomparably hideous and belongs to the type that you don’t want to look at after the first glance.  

Just now when he reported his real identity, both their emotions were that deeply stirred and they were only preoccupied with digesting their inner joys and covering up each other’s identities, that they had not paid special attention to the appearance of Li Muyang.

Besides, it was impossible for them to study him carefully at that moment.

Because Li Muyang had been suffering in the illusion, then after escaping the illusion he had to battle against Unpredictable immortal and Strange Taoist, and then after he changed into a soldier’s dark robe he had to follow the dozens of black-mounted soldiers to rush back to Tiandu regardless of rain or shine for more than 10 days——

Worried that they would be attacked again on the way back, they dared not stay long or delay the journey. Every day they only took a short rest and ate some dry food before they immediately resumed the journey. Not to mention bathing, even changing clothes was a luxury.

“Look too alike.” Gongsun Yu’s eyes were unblinkingly staring at the handsome youngster coming over, her left hand tightly clutching her husband’s arm, exclaiming, “Too alike. Too alike. Qingming, he looks like you when you were young.”

Lu Qingming was also staring with a gratified look on his face. “Like pine and like bamboo, a noble looking gentleman. To have a son like that, what more can I ask for in this life?”

“Qingming, this is our child. He’s our son. I’m his mother——I’m so happy even looking at him.”

“If known it would be like this, then did we need to act in such a way?” Lu Qingming sighed unceasingly. Recalling his discussion with his father just now, his eyes were clouded with an inconspicuous haze.

Li Muyang walked over in the direction where Lu Qingming and Gongsun Yu were, bowing deeply with both hands in front. “ I had to make Uncle Lu and Aunt Lu wait for so long, Muyang feels really guilty.”

Gongsun Yu hurried down the steps and reached for Li Muyangs hand. “It was not long at all. Not long at all. Are you hungry? Let’s have dinner together?”

It was too late for Lu Qingming to stop her, he could only helplessly watch his wife treat Li Muyang like a son.

“If we go on like this, I’m afraid thing’s cant be kept a secret any longer.” Lu Qingming’s mind was full of worries.

After the time they spent together, Lu Qingming began to understand the personality of Li Muyang. This was a young man who was always happy and laughing on the outside but was very proud and sensitive in his heart. He didn’t seem to care about anything, but deep inside traditional and filial piety were very important to him. On their way back to Tiandu, he had mentioned his parents countless times, of course, Lu Qingming himself did not realise that his parents were Li Yan and Luo Qi who were living in the Lu Mansion.

If he knew that he was the eldest son of the Lu Family who was abandoned by the Lu family because he was born with a disability and swapped for a healthy baby girl, what would his impression of the elders of the Lu family be? What would his impression of the Lu family be?

At that time, there most likely would no longer be any tender feelings, but hatred and hostility?

“If known it would be like this, then did we need to act in such a way?” Lu Qingming sighed inwardly and deeply.

Li Muyang was incredibly uncomfortable, this Mrs. Lu——was too much.

How could she touch him like that?

Moreover, the way she looked at him was as if she was looking at her own son. However, Li Muyang had seen her son, and she did not look at that little fatty with so much doting emotions.

Li Muyang suddenly felt he was saturated with cold sweat, as a very absurd idea surfaced in his mind.

“They would not think that——Lu Qiji and I have some sort of relationship and sees me as their future son-in-law, right?”  

The more he thought, the more likely it felt. The more he felt, the more worried he was.

It was impossible between Lu Qiji and him, but Li Muyang found no way of telling them this.

Gongsun Yu focused all her attention on Li Muyang. She pulled Li Muyang over to sit at a small number, and then she sat down next to him, helping him cut the meat and pour wine.

Individual meals are usually served in West wind Kingdom during occasions where there are distinguished guests. Everyone would each be seated at a small table with plates of meat and food and drinks.

Lu Qingming sat at the small table opposite of Li Muyang, watching his wife busy paying attention to Li Muyang, he whispered, “Xiao Yu, let Muyang himself do it——you are making him uncomfortable.”

Li Muyang hurriedly raised his wine cup: “Uncle Lu, I would like to pay a toast to you.”

Lu Qingming raised his cup and drank the entire cup with Li Muyang.

The feeling of father and son sitting together and drinking but could not acknowledge each other was really——incredibly strange.

Noticing the wine stains at the corner of Li Muyang’s mouth, Gongsun Yu took her silk handkerchief at once to help Li Muyang wipe off the wine stains, while saying: “Drinking on an empty stomach is not good for the body, hurry eat something first.”

Li Muyang wanted to weep but failed to shed a tear.

He was thinking that they must have regarded him as their future son-in-law.

If they were to inform his parents of the marriage proposal, his parents most likely would not object.

No, he felt he must let his father and mother know in a moment, and force them to refuse no matter what——

Gongsun Yu suddenly thought of something, beckoned a servant over and whispered something in her ear.

The servant cast a glance at Li Muyang, before quickly turning around and left.

When she returned, there was a little servant girl carrying a tray behind her.

The servant girl knelt on the ground, lifting the tray up to Gongsun Yu’ side.  

Gongsun Yu opened up the antique box on the tray, took out a ring-shaped jade accessory from the inside, and handed it to Li Muyang. “I knew you were missing something all this time. It was only now that I noticed that Muyang’s waist is lacking a hanging accessory. I brought this jade from home and now I am giving it to you. Muyang hang it at your waist, as if it was an accessory.”


Li Muyang felt an icy coldness at his heart.

Was this a betrothal gift?




Because of the cold weather, people habitually eat dinner early, and after soaking their feet in warm water they would snuggle up in bed and sleep.

Due to the fact that Mother was ill, she had no appetite these days.

And Father was still at work. Li Shinian warmed up the chicken soup left over from lunch and brought it over to Mother Luo Qi’s bedside.

Luo Qi shook her head. “Shinian, you drink the chicken soup. Don’t waste it. I have no appetite.”

“Mother, you should have a little.” Li Shinian said, looking at her mother’s thin face, her heart aching. However, she did not show any difference on the outside, there was the usual weird look on her face, grinning as she said: “I don’t want to drink soup. If I drink any more I’ll be fatter than a pig. Look at my face, isn’t it a lot fatter than before?”

Luo Qi dotingly looked at her daughter, smiling, “A little fat is good. Fat and healthy.”

“Hmph, I don’t want to be fat, I won’t look pretty. I met with Xiaoxin today and she was thinner than when she was in Jiangnan. Her face is like a melon seed. She’s so beautiful.” Li Shinian said pouting.   

As expected, hearing Li Shinian mention Cui Xiaoxin, Luo Qi showed some interest. “Where did you go with Xiaoxin today?” She asked in a weak voice.

“Today we went Ling Jiu Temple, there was a lot of birds inside. They were all beautiful. Mother, I’ll take you when you’re better.” Li Shinian said smiling.

“Sounds good.” Luo Qi nodded. “If your brother is here, our whole family can go together.”

Li Shinian felt as though her heart was being squeezed tightly. She smiled and said, “Mother, Xiaoxin and I have decided to go to Thousand Buddha Temple tomorrow to pray for brother. I heard that the bodhisattva of Thousand Buddha Temple is very efficacious. If we pray sincerely, Bodhisattva will send brother back.”

“Good idea.” Luo Qi nodded. “To show our sincerity, I will go with you tomorrow.”

Li Shinian immediately interrupted. “Mother, Thousand Buddha Temple is far away, and your body condition is not good, how can you walk so far? Don’t worry, Xiaoxin and I will pray for my brother to come back.”

“Walking a few steps is nothing. If it can bring your brother back, I would gladly crawl there.” Luo Qi insisted firmly.


“It’s decided.” Luo Qi said stubbornly. “My body condition is not important. If we pray to Bodhisattva earlier, your brother can come back earlier, right?”

“Then you drink this soup first.” Li Shinian held the bowl of soup in front of her Mother. “Otherwise I won’t let you go.”

Luo Qi no longer refused this time, and gulped down her soup in one go.

“I can go now?” Luo Qi asked, looking expectantly at her daughter.   

“Yes.” Li Shinian had to nod and agree. Her Mother’s illness was anxiety, maybe a walk outside would be good for her and would drive away her worries.

Li Shinian accompanied Luo Qi for another while, until Luo Qi was feeling sleepy, she helped her lie down, blew out the lamp and left the room.

Standing under the eaves, she noticed a handsome young man in white was standing in front of the window.  

Looking alert, Li Shinian immediately gathered strength into her fists and shouted: “Who are you? Dare to break into the Lu mansion at night. You want to die?”



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