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342 – Really annoying!

Chapter 342: Really annoying!


Gathering qi in the dantian, pouring strength to both fists.

The breaking fist of the ‘Art of Breaking body’ was about to be released at any moment.

The moonlight was dim, the white-clad youngster’s cheeks, under the moonlight, were as pretty as Tiandu’s cherry blossom.


Seeing Li Shinian, Li Muyang felt a strong warmth rushing forth from the bottom of his heart, a lump came to his throat, and he was choking back the urge to burst into tears.

This was his little sister Li Shinian!

The little sister who hated him and loved him, bullied him and protected him.

In the illusion, he had countless times imagined seeing Li Shinian again. When the illusion collapsed and he could not find a way out, thinking of the possibility that he may no longer see his parents and little sister Li Shinian again, he could not help roaring to the sky to vent his anger and grievances.

When he finally got out of the illusion and saw the birds and creatures of Flower language plains, he also could not help but want to shout out loud.

He finally came back. He finally has a chance to see his family again.

They were his family. They were the most important people in the world to him.  

Li Shinian glared warily at the handsome boy, yelling in an angry voice: “I asked you something, are you deaf? If you don’t give your name, I’ll call someone over——”

Before her voice died away, Li Shinian had already screamed out loud, “Somebody, help, a thief broke in——”

This was the Li Shinian who always did things that people did not expect.

Have to say that Li Muyang’s personality was also somewhat influenced by Li Shinian.

Before he was an innocent and somewhat slow-witted child. Once he has a little sister like Li Shinian, his personality and life had began to change.

“I am Li Muyang.” Li Muyang stated aloud.

“You think I’m an idiot? You think I don’t know what my brother looks like. If he is so good-looking, would people call him a charcoal?”

“Listen to my voice——”  

“You think that just because you can imitate my brother’s voice you could say you’re Li Muyang.” Li Shinian said irritably. “Who the hell are you? What’s your purpose of coming here? I’ve called people over, if you don’t go, you’re going to get caught——”

“There’s a mole on the bottom of your foot.” Li Muyang stated.

Li Shinian was born with a little red mole on the sole of her foot. Only family members knew about this.


“You grind your teeth when you sleep.”


“You’ll burp when you eat peanuts.”

“Big brother——” Li Shinian’s eyes brimmed with tears, sobbing: “It really is you?”

“Shinian, it’s me——”

“Big brother——”

Li Shinian threw herself over at Li Muyang.

Li Muyang opened his arms.

Li Shinian rushed forward to Li Muyang like a swallow returning to the woods.


Li Muyang’s stomach received a heavy punch.

He hunched over in pain, clutching his stomach.

“Li Muyang, you idiot——”

“You’re an idiotic pig——”

“You are perfectly fine, why did you not contact us? Why did you not write a letter back? Why do you have to let people say that you’re dead, do you know how worried we are?”

“One forgets his mother after taking a wife, you don’t even have a wife yet you’ve forgotten your mother and little sister——You suddenly appeared like that, should I treat you as a person or a ghost?”

Li Shinian was really furious, pointing and screaming at Li Muyang.

Li Muyang lifted his head up, looking at Li Shinian’s angry face with a doting smile.

“My little sister is so beautiful, she is so cute even when she’s yelling——”

“Brother——“ As Li Shinian was yelling, tears suddenly poured down her cheeks and she threw herself into Li Muyang’s arms.

Li Muyang held her tight, with all the strength of his whole body.

“Brother, is it really you? I can’t believe it.”

“It’s me.”

“Are you a person or a ghost?”

“A person.”

“Prove it to me?”


“Then  I’ll find out myself.” Li Shinian extended out two fingers of Li Muyang’s right hand that he had around her waist and then twisted them. Li Muyang screamed out in agony.

“Brother, you’re indeed a person. You’re alive. I knew you were alive. The entire Tiandu says you’re dead, father said you died, and mother also said you died. But I don’t believe it, I told them that you are definitely alive and you will come back——” Li Shinian laid her head on Li Muyang’s arm and couldn’t stop crying.

“It’s my fault. It’s my fault——” Li Muyang knew that no matter what he says wouldn’t help. He held her tight, gently stroking her hair like when she was a child.

“Shinian, who are you talking to?”

Hearing the noise outside, Luo Qi came out draped with an outer robe.  

“Mother——” Li Shinian said tearfully. “My Big brother is back.”

“Muyang——” Luo Qi exclaimed.


Li Muyang scampered a few steps then fell to his knees in front of Luo Qi.

“Muyang——” Luo Qi squatted down, tightly hugged Li Muyang and sobbed uncontrollably.

Li Shinian also ran over. The three people huddled together, crying——

In the bedroom, Luo Qi was lying on the bed with a blanket wrapped around her to keep warm, and Li Shinian was sitting on the edge of the bed holding Snowball.

Li Muyang pulled a chair to sit beside Luo Qi, and Luo Qi tightly held both his hands.

Li Muyang began to recount what he had experienced since leaving Jiangnan up to the collapse of the illusion and how he was trapped inside and almost couldn’t come back out. He slowly told his sister Li Shinian and mother about his life and his cultivation experiences over this half a year.

Of course, he did not tell them he had been possessed by the divine dragon and how he had fused with the Tear of the Dragon King. He also did not tell them that the little cute Snowball that Li Shinian was holding was the heart of the weak water.

He said all he could say, and did not say a word of what he could not say. There were some things that need to be borne by himself. He did not want to bring about an undeserved calamity to his family.

“Muyang has been through a lot.” Luo Qi’s eyes were red and teary. “What a few months it has been. Don’t go back after this, you should nourish your body. Look at how thin you are now.”

“Mother, I’ve been very well. You don’t have to worry.” Li Muyang reassured. “Although I have been through a lot, but your son has grown up very quickly. Whether it is martial arts, knowledge or my view, I feel that I have gained a lot. That’s what I’ve been waiting for, and the thing I yearn to do.”

“You should still nourish your body.” Luo Qi clenched her son’s hand and said with a firm face.

“Okay okay okay.” Li Muyang nodded. “I will listen to Mother. I’ll eat what you make me. I won’t be picky about food.”

Luo Qi pointed to Li Shinian, “Look, your brother is more obedient than you.”

“You have always favoured brother, everything that brother says is right to you.” Li Shinian said, pursing her lips.

Luo Qi pinched Li Shinian’s little nose. “Shinian is also very obedient, these days thanks to Shinian being by my side——Everyone in Tiandu says that Muyang is not here anymore, they also said that the news came from the palace. Even I believed in the rumours. But Shinian did not believe it at all. She has comforted me all this time, saying that her big brother will safely return.”

Luo Qi squeezed Li Muyang’s hand, saying in a sorrowful voice: “If Muyang was really gone, Mother don’t know how I will live——”

“Mother——” Li Muyang clenched Luo Qi’s thing hand, feeling extremely guilty. “It is my fault. I made you guys worried——I wanted to get in touch with you too. But I couldn’t find a way——”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m glad you’re back now. I’m glad you’re back. Don’t blame yourself.” Luo Qi comforted Li Muyang, worried that her son would take things too hard, which would affect his health.

“Big brother, did you really kill Xiaoxin’s elder brother?” Li Shinian stroked Snowball’s soft white fur, pretending that she did not care. But she was furtively glancing at Li Muyang out of the corner of her eyes.

Her brother’s changes were too much. The formerly charcoal-like youngster had unexpectedly turned into such a handsome man.

Also he had entered the most famous Starry Sky Academy in the Divine continent, experiencing things that they could hardly imagine.

Was this really the brother who was always bullied by classmates? Was this really that infamous idiot?  

“Shinian, how can you say that about your brother?” Luo Qi interrupted in a scolding tone. “Do you not know how your brother is? How would he hurt other people without any reason? This must not be your brother’s doing, your brother can’t do such a thing.”

“Mother, I am also thinking for brother. If I understand the story, I can explain it to Xiaoxin tomorrow. Although Sister Xiaoxin does not believe that Brother would do such a thing, but, if she asked, my brother have to give an explanation, right?” “

Li Muyang kept silent.

Li Shinian began to panic. “Brother, don’t tell me you really——did it? How can you do that? If Sister Xiaoxin asks, you must not admit it——”

Li Muyang calmly looked at Li Shinian. “You don’t have to worry about this. If Xiaoxin asks, I will personally explain it to her.”

“But, Big brother——”

Li Muyang patted his sister’s head and smiled, “Don’t worry. It’s going to be okay.”

Li Shinian’s little face turned red. When her brother used to pat her on the head, she would slap his hand away.

Why was her heart beating so unusually fast?

“Well, it must be because my brother has become handsome.” Li Shinian thought to herself. “So annoying, what’s the good thing about being good-looking? I thought I must beat you up when you come back. Now I can’t stand hitting you.”



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