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344 – Avoidance between men and women!

Chapter 344: Avoidance between men and women!


Reunited after a long separation, the brother and sister had endless words to say to each other.

When Li Muyang was bullied he would think of how to fight back. When his sister Li Shinian bullied him, he would gladly endure it.

Ever since a young age, he had gotten used to being bullied by this little girl.

Li Shinian closely questioned Li Muyang whether he has a girlfriend at the Academy, and whether there were girls that he like.

The image of Qiandu flashed across Li Muyang’s mind, thinking of the time up at Nameless Mountain where the two spoke honestly to each other and how they stuck by each other’s side in a life and death situation. What kind relationship was that?

It was just that, this girl was too mysterious.

Li Muyang shook his head and said with a wry smile, “No. You know what your brother is like? What girl would like me?”

Li Shinian carefully studied the face of Li Muyang, saying, “You’re not the same as before. Back then when I introduce my classmate to you as girlfriend, they would be scared away. Now you’re so good-looking, there must be girls coming up to you. Brother, you have to persevere.”

Li Muyang did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Why do I have to persevere?”

“Because you belong to older sister Xiaoxin.” Li Shinian said with a serious look on her face. “I think sister Xiaoxin likes you. If you try again, Sister Xiaoxin may become your girlfriend.”

Li Muyang let out a gentle sigh.

Cui Xiaoxin, the name that had been integrated into his flesh and blood, the person that his life was closely linked with.

Every boy needs a woman to grow up as a man, and Cui Xiaoxin was the girl who appeared and quickly left from the life of Li Muyang.  

“Don’t say this in front of Mother.” Li Muyang reminded. “If she heard this she would be more affected.” ”

“What? You don’t have faith?” Li Shinian blinked, looking at Li Muyang and asked.

Li Muyang shook his head lightly. “Let’s not talk about this. It’s late now, so go and get some rest.”

“Brother, you should get some rest too.” Li Shinian looked at Li Muyang thoughtfully, saying with a wide smile.

Li Muyang had travelled a long journey, after he dealt with the lady of the Lu family, he talked with his mother and sister for so long, and now he was a little tired.

Because he had taken a bath in the Lu mansion, so he went back to lie down in the room that his sister had prepared.

He relaxed the state of his body and mind, and very soon fell asleep.

Li Muyang woke up very early.  

It was a habit that he developed in Starry Sky Academy. At dawn, he would have already got up and started working hard, cultivating ‘The art of the breaking body’ and practicing calligraphy, before having breakfast.

However, today he did not get up immediately, instead was lying in bed listening to the birds singing outside, smelling the delicate sweet fragrance of wintersweet garden.

The feeling of the courtyard and the outside was completely different. Although they were currently living in the small courtyard of the Lu family and were forced to leave their hometown——Of course, the Lu family treated their family very well. But because Mother was sleeping in the East room, and his little sister was sleeping on his arm, and his Father would come home from work at any time, there was a feeling of happiness spreading inside him——  

Hearing the sound of the door being pushed open from the outside, Li Muyang got up and ran over to the window.

He saw his father with a tired face pushing open the courtyard door, and just as he was about to shout to his father, Mother Luo Qi had already rushed over to greet him.

Li Muyang had heard from Li Shinian that Mother was recently unwell and had been lying in bed for several days. He did not expect her to rise so early today. The sky was not even lit yet.

“Why did you get up?” Li Yan immediately asked when he saw his wife coming out. “Do you feel better? It’s cold, go back in the house.”

Luo Qi took Li Yan’s hand and said in a lowered her voice,  “Quiet, our son is back.”

“Son?” Li Yan was stunned for a moment, then asked in a worried tone, “You mean Muyang? Are you okay?”

His wife, who had been sick for such a long time, had suddenly woke up early in the morning and told him that his dead son was back. This scene was really a bit scary.  

“What would be wrong with me?” Luo Qi said angrily. “Muyang is back. You were at work last night, Shinian and I talked with him for most of the night. He may still be sleeping now, don’t wake him up. I’m making noodle soup for him. He loves eating my noodles soup.”

“He’s really back?” Li Yan exclaimed. The man who was usually not good at expressing his feelings and somewhat inarticulate, at this moment his face was glowing and the tired look on his face was gone.

“He really is back.” Luo Qi said in a firm voice. “He came back with Governor Lu, and I heard that he saved the governor’s life on the way. Lady also rewarded him with many things, jade, clothes, and even five personal servants, and one of them was Xing’er who had always been serving Lady——”

As she was speaking, Luo Qi’s voice grew low spirited.

Why did lady give such generous treatment to Li Muyang, she treated him as her own son.

Otherwise, was it necessary to reward him with so many servants?  

Lu Tianyu only has four little servant girls and a senior servant, and Li Muyang was given the exact same treatment as him.

If things continue this way, was this son their son or their son?

Li Yan understood his wife’s feelings, held her hand tight and said with a smile: “I’m glad he’s back.”

Luo Qi also pursed her lips and lightly smiled, “Yes. I’m glad he’s back.”

“I’m going out for a while.” Li Yan turned around towards the outside.

“You just came back, where are you going again? Your hasn’t seen you yet.”

“Didn’t you make noodle soup? I’m going out to buy some grilled meat pastry——In Jiangnan, Muyang loved eating noodle soup with grilled meat pastry.” Li Yan explained with a smile.

“You are so thoughtful. Come back quickly.” Luo Qi loosened her grip on her husband’s arm. “


Li Yan answered and quickly trotted outside.

Li Muyang, standing at the window watching his mother and father prepare a breakfast that he would be happy with. At this moment, he felt that any fame and fortune in the world could not be compared to this.

This sort of warm and silent effort, penetrated right into the bones.

Li Muyang came to the courtyard. According to his habit, he began practicing the ‘The art of the breaking body’.

Luo Qi was kneading the noodle dough while looking outside, and had a beaming smile on her face

When Li Muyang finished practicing, Luo Qi’s pot of noodle soup was ready and Li Yan was opening the door carrying a bag of grilled meat pastry.

Father and son were reunited; they had countless words to say to each other that they didn’t know where to start.

They took a deep look at each, then Li Yan shook the bag of Meat pastry in his hand and said: “I bought what you like, eat more later.”

“Good.” Li Muyang softly replied.  

“Go tell Li Shinian to get up, it’s already morning and this slacker is still not up.” Luo Qi urged him.

Li Muyang laughed, walking over to knock on the door of his sister’s room.

No one responded. Li Muyang pushed the door open, only to see Snowball grumpily blowing out bubbles.


After the spitting, like it had thought of something, it hurriedly cast a glance at Li Shinian’s direction.

There was no movement.

So, it blew out another bubble in relief.



Li Muyang, amused by Snowball’s innocent look, gentle stroked its head saying, “I know you like to spit bubbles. How about this, I will discuss with Li Shinian, as long as you do not spit on someone else’s face, you are allowed to spit bubbles, okay?”  

“I know you’re very sad, there’s nothing I can do——she is my little sister, from a young age, I could not refuse her request. She does not only bully you, she even bullies me. Endure for a few more days? When I go back to Starry Sky Academy, I’ll take you with me——smile a little.”


The response to Li Muyang was still a bubble.

Li Shinian was still wrapped in the quilt like a pig, only her long hair was hanging outside of the quilt.  

Li Shinian walked to the bedside and shouted at the side of Li Shinian’s head, “Li Shinian, get up.”

Li Shinian did not answer.


Li Muyang reached to pull the quilt.  


The quilt was pulled open, and two soft and fair arms stretched out from the inside and hooked around Li Muyang’s neck.

“Tell me, who bullied you?” Li Shinian’s arms held on tight around Li Muyang’s neck as she said angrily.

“I didn’t say it was you.”

“Then who are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about——that person.” ”

“Who is that person?”

Li Shinian while interrogating Li Muyang, was brushing against Li Muyang.

This was a little game that they often played before. Every time Luo Qi told Li Muyang to wake Li Shinian up, Li Shinian would suddenly jump up to frighten Li Muyang. Or when Li Shinian goes to find Li Muyang, Li Muyang would pretend dead to scare her——Of course, while Li Shinian was fake crying, she was pinching Li Muyang’s waist and yelling “Brother if you die what would our family do’ and so on.

But the situation was different now.

The former Li Muyang was a child, and at that time Li Shinian was a child.

They had no avoidance between male and female, only a pure sibling relationship.

Now Li Muyang had grown into a charming and handsome young man, and Li Shinian’s body had matured, her supple and ample chest could be felt through a layer of clothing.

If this was before, they would have huddled together on the bed.

Now, Li Muyang had his hands lifted up, and did not dare touch Li Shinian’s body.

“Shinian, don’t play around, mother told me to wake you up. She made your favorite noodle soup.”

“It’s your favorite noodle soup.” Li Shinian loosened her arms around Li Muyang’s neck, pulled the quilt to cover her body that was dressed in a silk robe, and said in a discontented tone, “Brother, what are you afraid of?”


“You’re boring when you’ve grown up.” Li Shinian muttered, lying on the bed and staring at the roof.



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