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345 – Buy son!

Chapter 345: Buy son!  


Firm noodles and slightly sour soup, accompanied with a spoonful of perfectly simmered chicken meat and a little chilly, it was the most delicious food in the world. It tasted 100 times or even 1000 times better than that expensive Mt Gong colourful chicken that Li Muyang had eaten with Master Xiahou Qianbai at Starry Sky Academy.

It was the same familiar recipe, and the same familiar taste.

How long Li Muyang had left Jiangnan for, was how long he had been away from his mother, and how long had he not eaten this noodle soup.

With a bite, Li Muyang’s eyes were brimming with tears.

When he was away from home he noticed that he had grown up and matured a lot but once he returned to his parents and family, he turned into a child who would always be attached to them.

“Muyang, eat more.” Luo Qi was fondly watching Li Muayng drinking the noodle soup in big mouthfuls, constantly urging him to eat more, and had not touched her own noodle soup.

“Yes.” Li Muyang repeatedly nodded. “It’s really delicious.” Mother, you should have some.”

“Good I’ll also eat.” Luo Qi was beaming from ear to ear. The day before she was bedridden, but as soon as she heard that her son had returned she instantly became energetic and in high spirits. A son was a mother’s biggest mental and physical pillar.  

Li Yan casually pushed the grilled meat pastry that he bought over to Li Muayng, saying in a low voice, “These are from Wang Er’s grilled meat pastry shop at the West of town, I heard it’s a shop with a long established reputation in Tiandu, there was a long line of people.”

Luo Qi shot a stare at Li Yan, pushing the grilled meat pastry away, “Our Son hasn’t finished his bowl of noodle soup, how could you let him eat food that are bought from the outside? Are those things healthy? Isn’t it more greasy than my noodle soup?”

“This——” Li Yan mumbled. “Didn’t you tell me to buy it?”

“Put it to one side first. Wait for your son to eat two bowls of noodles soup before he eat your grilled meat pastry. I made a big pot of noodle soup, if he does not finish it are you going to?”


Li Yan also wanted to say something. But seeing the expression on his wife’s face, tactfully shut up.

Li Muyang looked at his father with great sympathy, and the two exchanged a glance, both had a wry smile and dared not say a word.

Li Shinian, after washing her face, grabbed a grilled meat pastry and stuffed it in her mouth, with both sides of her cheeks puffed up, said to father Li Yan as she was chewing, “I like eating grilled meat pastry. And Wang Er’s grilled meat pastry is different from others, its not easy to buy——Father, this grilled meat pastry is really delicious.”

Li Yan’s face brightened, looking caringly at his daughter. “Eat more if you like it. You’ve gotten thinner recently.”

“Thin looks better.” Li Shinian gulped down the meat pastry and made a cute expression, “Don’t I look pretty?”

Li Yan repeatedly nodded. “Very pretty. Very pretty. My daughter is always pretty.”

Luo Qi set down a bowl of steaming noodle soup in front of Li Shinian: “You have to finish this bowl of noodle soup for me.”

“I can’t eat.” Li Shinian had a troubled look on her face. “Besides, Sister Xiaoxin will come pick me up in a moment, we are going to Thousand Buddha Temple to pray for brother. She does not know that brother had safely came back.”

“Thousand Buddha Temple?” Li Muyang looked up at Li Shinian, “You are going to Thousand Buddha Temple?”

“Yes.” Li Shinian nodded. “We decided yesterday, for that heartless person. But it is strange, we were about to ask Bodhisattva to bless your safe return, and you suddenly came back safely last night. In this case, do we not need to go to Thousand Buddha Temple? Is Bodhisattva efficacious or not?”


Li Shinian was smacked on the forehead.  

“A child words carry no harm. She is just talking nonsense, Bodhisattva please don’t blame her.” Luo Qi explained in a panicked tone.”

And then she turned to look at Li Shinian with an angry stare, “Shinian, how can you talk nonsense? Of course, Bodhisattva is efficacious, she must have heard our wishes, so your brother safely returned. You need to go to Thousand Buddha Temple, you have made a sincere promise to Bodhisattva, how can you deceive Bodhisattva?”

Li Shinian was covering the part of her head hit by the pair of chopsticks. She casted a grumpy look at the guy that was snickering incessantly, and grumbled, “I did not say I’m not going. I was just finding it strange——”

Li Shinian rolled her eyes, saying: “Besides, since brother had came back, then it means that Bodhisattva is efficacious. So, shouldn’t the one involved follow us to say thank you to Bodhisattva at the Thousand Buddha Temple?”

Luo Qi was uneasy all of a sudden. “That makes sense. Muyang has safely returned, he should go to Thousand Buddha Temple to offer an incense and redeem a vow. Muyang, why don’t you follow your sister to Thousand Buddha Temple?”

“It’s not too convenient.” Li Yan who had been silent all this time suddenly interrupted, “Muyang’s identity is too sensitive, and the Cui family has enmity towards him. If Shinian goes to Thousand Buddha Temple with the young lady of the Cui family, they naturally would have bodyguards. If the Cui family is aware of Muyang’s return, they will surely want to kill him. Wouldn’t it be dangerous for Muyang?”

“You’re right. It’s better not to go. We just need to be sincerely grateful in our hearts, Bodhisattva knows everything, she will understand our difficulties. Besides, Shinian can go help your brother explain, so that Bodhisattva can feel our sincerity.”

Li Shinian curled her lips, saying, “If Bodhisattva is omniscient, omnipotent. Then if brother goes to redeem a vow, Bodhisattva will certainly protect brother.”

“Hey, you——” Luo Qi lifted the chopsticks about to hit her again.  

Li Shinian promptly ran away, shouting, “Favouritism. When brother wasn’t here, I am the most well-behaved daughter in the whole world and you listened to everything I say. As soon as brother came back, you scolded me several times, but also want to hit me——”

Luo Qi pointed to the bowl on the table. “Sit down and eat. Then I’ll deal with you afterwards.”


The family had just finished eating, when there was a knocking sound at the door.  

Li Shinian ran to open the door, seeing that it was Lu Qingming at the doorway, very respectful bowed and greeted him. “Uncle Lu is so early, has Uncle Lu eaten?”

Lu Qingming had seen Li Shinian before, and was very fond of this beautiful and smart little girl. And because of some special relationship, no one in the Lu household saw her as the daughter of a servant, her status was almost equal to Miss Lu of the Lu family.

“I’ve eaten.” Lu Qingming said smiling. “Shinian is up so early today? Don’t you laze around in bed until the sun is high up in the sky?”

“Uncle Lu is making fun of me.” Li Shinian said blushing in embarrassment. She really had the habit of lazing in bed, which beautiful girl does not have the habit of lazing in bed? But she didn’t think this matter would spread to Lu Qingming’s ear.

“Hahaha——” Lu Qingming’s mood was very good. “Lazing in bed is not a bad thing. Our family also likes to laze in bed and would not get up in the morning.”

Hearing the noise outside, Li Yan, Luo Qi and Li Muyang were alarmed.

The one in charge of the Lu family although was the Grandfather of the Lu family, Lu Xingkong, but Lu Qingming also had great power and influence. At his early years he was already the governor of a province, and if he continues to rise in ranks, his position would just be slightly below that of his father.  

Besides, whether they admit it in their hearts or not, Lu Qingming was the real father of Li Muyang. This was what made Li Yan and Luo Qi distressed and tangled.

Li Yan now works under the housekeeper of the Lu household, and was responsible for many affairs.  

Seeing the arrival of Master, he hurriedly bowed and greeted him. “If Young master needs something you can just tell us, there is no need to come in person.”

Li Yan used to be Gongsun Yu’s cart driver and Luo Qi was Gongsun Yu’s servant. Back then they called Lu Qingming and Gongsun Yu as Young master and Miss and now they continued to use the previous title.  

Lu Qingming hurriedly supported Li Yan back up by the arm, saying in a rebuking tone: “Li Yan, why are you more and more polite? We’ve known each other for decades. We are friends, these etiquette are not necessary.”

Li Yan smiled back foolishly, not knowing how to respond to Lu Qingming’s friendly behaviour.

Moreover, he was extremely puzzled. What had exactly happened that a provincial governor of the Lu family would knock on their little courtyard door early in the morning?

“He is a blockhead, Young master ignore him.” Luo Qi said with a smile. “Master, please come in. I have made noodle soup, does Young master want to try?”

“Noodle soup?” Lu Qingming asked curiously.

“Yes, it’s one of my brother’s favourite food.” Li Shinian answered with a smile. He loves noodles soup, he only just came back last night and my mother had woke up early in the morning to make it for him.”

“Then I’ll have a bowl.” Lu Qingming said with a smile. “It sounds fresh, it should be good.”


Li Yan and Luo Qi exchanged a glance, the feeling of uneasiness inside them becoming more apparent.

Although the Lu family did not treat them badly, but when had the master of the Lu family come to eat at their house? If this matter spreads out, they most likely would become the envy of countless people and the target of ingratiating.

They had a hunch that Lu Qingming came for Li Muyang, he came for their son.

Could it be that they were ready to lay their cards on the table?

“I’ll go heat up the soup.” Luo Qi suppressed the uneasiness in her heart, saying with a smile.

Li Yan also wanted to go have a discussion with his wife, but as the head of the house he had to stay behind to entertain Lu Qingming.  

Lu Qingming came into the house and sat down, looking at Li Muyang and asking, “Muyang did you sleep well last night?”

“I slept very well.” Li Muyang smiled. “I fell asleep as soon as got in bed and I woke up feeling refreshed, I always sleep well at home.”

“That’s good.” Lu Qingming said with a smile. “I’ll take you to see something in a moment, you’ll love it.”

Li Muyang quickly refused, “Uncle Lu, although it is said that you can’t decline an elder’s gift, but you have given me far too many things——”

Li Yan was squirming and fidgeting restlessly, feeling that his son was going to be bought.

Fighting against Lu Qingming over his son, does he have the courage and——financial ability?




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