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350 – Jealousy!

Chapter 350: Jealousy!


Cui Xiaoxin’s personality was quiet and calm.

But the way that Song Tao spoke his mind and said he came for Cui Xiaoxin, still made the young girl blush shyly.

Cui Xiaoxin looked down at her slender feet, asking: “Why did Third elder brother chase after me?”

“What? All the young talents in Tiandu are chasing after Xiaoxin, and I cannot?” Song Tao’s eyebrows raised, a thoughtful smiling expression on his face.

“Third elder brother, don’t tease me.” Cui Xiaoxin said softly. “You know I’m not good with jokes.”

Song Tao knew that Cui Xiaoxin was gentle on the outside but inwardly firm and unyielding. If he continued speaking he would irritate her instead. He smiled and said. “All right. I won’t tell jokes. I was drinking with them last night, and I head from Cui Hao that Xiaoxin will be going to Thousand Buddha Temple today to pray for her family. Grandfather’s health is not too good recently, so I thought I would go with Xiaoxin to Thousand Buddha Temples to pray for Grandfather’s health. The journey is far, with someone to keep company and to talk to, certainly won’t feel bored.”

Song Tao is from Tiandu’s Song family, Song Tao’s Grandfather is known as the ‘Eye of the Starry Sky’ Song Gudu.

The Song Gudu who was situated in the the Starry Sky realm, was already over one hundred years old, but in recent years his body was more and more weak, like a candle almost burned out. His essence and blood had been exhausted.

Song Gudu was the pillar of the Song family, but also the stabilising force of the imperial family.

Song family and the royal Chu family are well connected by marriage, they can be said to be a intimate partnership where they are bound together for good or ill.

Of course, Song Gudu was the same as the Royal Chu family, in that he also did not like Lu family’s Lu Xingkong.

This was the reason why even though the Left minister position had been vacant for a long time, but still could not fall into the hands of other people or Lu Xingkong.

Song Gudu was the largest enemy of Lu Xingkong in his fight for the position of Left minister, and also the most important obstacle. If this person dies, then Lu Xngkong’s military power will be able to exert the greatest influence, become the real second only to the emperor.

Unfortunately, Song Gudu was still alive!

“I hope Grandfather Song is safe.” Cui Xiaoxin said earnestly. Song Gudu was of a noble character and high prestige, and extremely knowledgeable, therefore he was well respected and loved by the citizen of West wind. Both young and old were worried about his health.

“Thank you Xiaoxin.” Grandfather has great luck, he’s going to be fine.” Song Tao smiled.

Seeing the opening of a small gap in the curtain, Song Tao asked aloud, “Xiaoxin is travelling with a friend?”

“An old friend of Jiangnan. Li Shinian.” Cui Xiaoxin answered. She originally didn’t want to let Li Shinian and Song Tao meet, because of Li Muayng, Cui Xiaoxin was worried that Song Tao would make things difficult for Shinian.  

This was Li Shinian’s idea, she did not want to socialize with a stranger. But unexpectedly Song Tao himself asked about this and she couldn’t cover up any longer.

Song Tao turned to the carriage and gave a cupped fist salute, “Miss Shinian, I have heard a lot about you.”

A young master of the Song Family was actively greeting her. If Li Shinian continued sitting in the carriage it really would be too impolite.

Li Shinian raised the curtain, stepped on the low stool and got off the carriage, glancing at Song Tao, and then bowed her head, saying: “I pay respects to Song family’s third young master.”

Song Tao looked at the pure like water Li Shinian, his eyes lighting up, and couldn’t help complimenting: “The heavens really loved you. The Kingdom has three bright moons, and after seeing Miss Shinian, I think, the fourth Moon is about to rise slowly. No, it’s already risen.”

Li Shinian again bowed with hands held in front. “Thank you Third young master. Shinian’s appearance is ungraceful, not pleasing to the eye, I cannot be compared to the Bright moons.”

“Hahaha, watch. One day, Li Shinian’s name will be resounded throughout West wind.” Song Tao said confidently with a smile.

He made an inviting gesture and said, “It’s getting late, and we have a long way to go. Xiaoxin and Shinian please sit on the carriage, I will be on my horse accompanying you on the side. Ladies wouldn’t think Song Tao is disturbing you two, right?”

“How could we?” Cui Xiaoxin smiled. “With Third elder brother accompanying us, it will only enhance our trip.”

Li Shinian was silently cursing, her Big brother Muyang had finally came back after much difficulty, and today she was trying to bring him and Cui Xiaoxin together, but she didn’t expect that a——thick skin would suddenly appear.

She doesn’t like you, okay? Why are you following her around and won’t leave, do you not know that a man like you does not have any charm?

Of course, Li Shinian’s smile blossomed like a flower, her voice clear and crisp as she said: “I have heard that Song family’s third young master has an extensive knowledge, is good at the four arts, and is the most knowledgeable scholar of the younger generation. To be able to travel with Third young master, Shinian will certainly benefit greatly.”

With a drunken appearance, Song Tao said, “Don’t bewitch me with such flattery, otherwise, I’m worried I will fall off the horse.”

Everyone laughed.

Graceful and radiant; charming and witty. His every movement had an air of a noble family. He was certainly worthy of being called an outstanding young master cultivated from a first-class noble family.  

Cui Xiaoxin boarded the carriage. Li Shinian casually cast a glance at the back of the convoy, before getting on the carriage after Cui Xiaoxin.

The convoy moved on again, and a blue robed youngster was travelling alongside the carriage, the position where Li Muyang was walking on foot.

They were laughing and chatting through the wall of the carriage, and seemed to be very happy.

Li Muyang was sitting on the carriage board, emitting loud sighs.

“Are you jealous?” Cui Meng was lashing his whip and steering the carriage, but his ears were very sensitive. “Do you know who’s that in front?”

“Who?” Li Muyang asked aloud. Although he knew that all this shouldn’t have anything to do with him, but he just couldn’t control himself from asking. His mind was still curious, or, to say, somewhat depressed.   

“Song family’s third young master.” Cui Meng’s eyes glinted. “Do you know about Tiandu’s Song family? A top family of Tiandu. What was that saying?”

Cui Meng pondered for a moment then said, “Besides the royal family and some of the emperor’s relatives, the Song family is the most influential. Even some Princes are inferior to the Song family. The Song family’s third young master is an outstanding son of the Song family——Of course each son of the Song family is remarkable, all of them are figures that people look up to.”

Li Muyang did not want to hear him boast of the Song family, how powerful the Song family is, would he not know?

So, Li Muyang asked aloud, “This Song family’s third young master seems to have a very good relationship with your family’s Miss?”

“Haha——” Cui Meng grinned proudly, “Do you know who our family’s Miss is? One of the three Bright moons of Tiandu. When Miss was not in Tiandu, her reputation was slightly weaker. When Miss returned to Tiandu, she amazed everyone. Did you know, ever since Miss came back, countless young talents had come to visit. There have been various invitations to various banquets, and all kinds of distinguished gatherings. Even our Cui family’s doorstep is soon going to be kicked off by them.

“Then isn’t your Cui family’s doorstep too brittle.” Li Muyang knew this retort was meaningless, but if he did not say something his heart would feel uncomfortable, a kind of breathless feeling. “Our family’s Miss has also received the pursuit of countless people. However, she just gently flicked her sleeve, and did not even pay attention to it at all.”

“How can you your family’s Miss be compared to our Miss? Our family’s Miss is a daughter of a top noble family, your Miss——”

Li Muyang glared: “What’s wrong with our family’s Miss?”

“Haha, your family’s Miss is good too.” Cui Meng as though had suddenly thought of something, did not want to talk bad about Li Shinian in front of Li Muyang. After all, Li Muyang was not quite a servant, but he had become accustomed to his status. What to say, what not to say, there are rules. If he speaks ill of the lady’s friend, the lady will surely punish him. At that time, even if he was still alive a layer of skin would be stripped off. “

Li Muyang also knew that he really shouldn’t squabble with a cart driver, gave a wry smile and said: “My mood is not good, please don’t mind.”

“Don’t worry.” Cui Meng was still foolishly smiling. “You are both youngsters, he has escorts front and behind, while you can only sit together with me and chat nonsense——I understand your mood.”

“——” Li Muyang had the urge of strangling him. This guy had touched his sore spot.

Having travelled an exhausting journey, in the evening they had finally arrived at the foot of White cloud Mountain.  

Song Tao looked at the stone steps of the mountain leading into the clouds, and said worriedly. “It is difficult for carriage and horse to pass, we can only walk slowly up the steps. We’ll put the horses and carriage at the foot of the mountain and our servants can look after them. Then walk up the mountain with little luggage and few attendants. Can you both handle it?”

“Yes.” Li Shinian readily answered. She had the cultivation foundation of ‘The art of Breaking body’, she may be unable to do other things, but climbing a few steps was not a problem.

“Walking on foot shows our sincerity.” Cui Xiaoxin took a look at the endless stone steps, then said in a firm voice. “Since we desire to seek the Buddha, how can we not make some effort?”

“It’s good that Xiaoxin has this belief.”

He looked to Li Shinian who was preparing to head up the mountain. “Miss Shinian’s trip must be for praying for the safe return of you brother?”

Li Shinian was taken aback for a moment, then smiled: “No, I pray for my whole family to be safe.”

Song Tao had doubts. Then he turned to Cui Xiaoxin and asked, “What about Xiaoxin?”

Xiaoxin and Li Shinian exchanged a glance, “I pray for my family to be safe, and for everything to go smoothly.”

Everything goes smoothly, everything naturally included that ‘matter’.

Song Tao also did not care too much, smiled and said: “I am extremely curious about that Li Muyang. He was born and raised in Jiangnan, and became famous because of the name ‘pearl of Jiangnan’ given by the Lord of Jiangnan city. And then because he was accepted by Starry Sky Academy he then became well known all over the world, but on his road to his new school he killed Cui Zhaoren and the dozens of elites of the Monitoring division——He also created a lot of noise in Starry Sky Academy, even Double walls of painting and calligraphy Gu Huangwu accepted him as a disciple. This made me very envious. You know, Master Gu had always been one of the elders that I really respect, an idol of mine. When I was young, my parents had asked him to accept me as a disciple, but I was rejected by Master Gu. But I did not expect Li Muyang to have such luck.”  

After a pause, looking at Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian, he continued: “Even now, there are still two outstanding and dazzling ladies willing to go to travel to White cloud mountain to pray for his safety, it really makes all men in the world jealous.”



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