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352 – Taohong and Liulu

Chapter 352: Taohong and Liulu! (Peach red and willow green)


Within a flash of light!

It was just a matter of moments, so fast that one could only blink their eyes once.

But by the time they found the dust had settled, a weight lifted off their heart, they came to find that Cui Xiaoxin was lying in the arms of a stranger.

“No way?” Li Shinian stared wide-eyed in disbelief at this scene at present.

The reason she pulled Li Muyang over, was that she hoped that Li Muyang could be closer to Cui Xiaoxin. She knew that her brother had feelings for Cui Xiaoxin, and she knew what Cui Xiaoxin’s departure back then meant to him.  

The youngster that had an inferiority complex, when he met a certain girl his hidden enthusiasm and driving force to improve were ignited. He hoped that he would be more outstanding, he hoped that he could become closer to the girl, he hoped that he could match up to her.

Unexpectedly, the girl was too outstanding, her life and background too superior even if he did his best it was still unreachable.

There are some things that may not come true even if you try hard enough.

What a difficult thing it is for a common youngster to marry a daughter of an aristocratic family?

Not to mention that it is the daughter of the Cui family.

She said that Li Muyang needed to protect her. In fact, she did not need any protection, she only hoped that Li Muyang can be closer to protect Cui Xiaoxin.

Of course, it was just a precaution.

Unexpectedly, as though they had coordinated and planned, Cui Xiaoxin lost her footing and the others did not respond in time, and then they shamelessly hugged in public.

She had never thought that anything would happen to her good friend, because this sort of danger was one that no one can control.

However, seeing Cui Xiaoxin in the arms of her beloved brother, this result was acceptable to her.

“What’s the situation?”

Song Tao’s brows knitted together in a frown, looking closely at Li Muyang who was holding Cui Xiaoxin with a panic expression on his face. Was this intentional or unintentional?

However, such a thought was only fleeting.

A little cart driver, even if he had such an intention, what can he do?

Would the Cui family allow the ‘Bright moon’ of their family marry a nameless boy?

If the Cui family knew of this matter, then this kid would be in real trouble. For the Cui family, what is the difference between crushing this sort of powerless little man and killing an ant? With one hand they could make him disappear into thin air, and no one will be able to find any clues.

The guards gathered around one after another, but they dared not get too close.

Cui Xiaoxin’s invaluable body, how could servants like them touch her?

Taohong and Liulu also finally reacted. Taohong dashed over with tears in her eyes, and plopped down on a stone step, crying: “Miss, you okay? Are you hurt?”

Liulu also ran over to kneel in front of her, crying in a panic voice: “Miss, Liulu deserves to die, please punish Liulu——”

If Cui Xiaoxin had really fell to the ground, scraped her face or broke her bones, or worst tumble down the hundreds of mountain steps——These two personal servant girls will surely be punished to death.

This is their fate.

Even if Miss was rescued, if someone reported back, they will still be heavily punished. So they were anxious and afraid, and hastened to kneel in front of Cui Xiaoxing and beg for mercy.

Cui Xiaoxin’s face was pale. She was staring wide-eyed at the man who saved her and was holding her in his arms.

It was a stranger’s face, and she was sure that she had never seen him before today.

It was an ordinary face, so ordinary that he would be ignored and go missing in a crowd.

However, there was a seemingly acquainted feeling.

The name was at the tip of her tongue, but it choked back in her throat.

“Who is it? Is it someone I’ve seen before? Why is there a feeling of familiarity? I feel that I have seen him somewhere——” “

Li Muyang was also gazing at Cui Xiaoxin .

Her beautiful and bright eyes, her pointy and cute nose, her delicate and clear skin, her rosy and pretty lips——that people could not help but want to kiss.

He breathed in the warmth of Cui Xiaoxin’s breath, and he heard the intense heartbeat of Cui Xiaoxin’s heart.

He hugged her like a scene that he dreamt of countless times before.

Song Tao came over, looked at Cui Xiaoxin and said: “Xiaoxin, are you okay?”

It was only then that Cui Xiaoxin shifted her gaze off from Li Muyang’s face, looked at Song Tao and replied “I’m fine. Thank you, Third elder brother.”

Song Tao nodded. “I’m glad.”

Then, with a smile on his face, he looked at Li Muyang and asked, “What is your name?”

“Li Mu.”

“Li Mu.” Song Tao patted Li Muyang’s shoulder, applying a vigorous force. Li Muyang dared not fight back, instead used his body to withstand this force. His knees went weak and he almost took a fall to the ground.

Of course, Song Tao was just testing him. Seeing that Li Muyang made no effort to fight back, he took his hand off his shoulder so that he would not kneel on the spot.  

“Sharp-sighted, and agile. Much better than those trash. You’re not bad, kid.” Song Tao said with a smile. “Thank you for saving Xiaoxin. You may not realise what you have just done. I will reward you with 100 gold coins. A person that does well should receive a reward.”

The surrounding guards’ eyes were red with jealousy. It should be said that their one  year of salary was not as much as this.

They inwardly regretted not following behind Miss Cui. He took advantage, he took the money. Is there such good things in this world?

“No——” said Li Muyang, with a loud voice.

“No?” Song Tao’s brows were raised, thoughtfully studying Li Muyang, “What no? No need to thank. Or no need for reward?”  

“I mean——I just did what I was supposed to do. No need to reward me.” Li Muyang looked up at Song Tao. 100 gold coins for ordinary people is not a small amount, if he really was only a cart driver, it is an astronomical figure. However, for the present Li Muyang, it was not needed.  

“You deserve it. You don’t have to refuse.” Song Tao said forcefully. His eyes shifted to where Li Muyang’s hands that were still holding Cui Xiaoxin. “But, are these hands okay?”

Li Muyang was shocked at the first moment, then understood the meaning of his sentence.

His hands were naturally okay. But if he does not act tactfully, they will be severed off. At that time they won’t be okay.

Li Muyang’s heart was surging and tossing like the waves, blood rushing through his body.

In the end he let Cui Xiaoxin down, picked up the dropped baggage and immediately moved back to one side.

“Xiaoxin, you okay?” Song Tao stepped forward to support Cui Xiaoxin, and then coldly swept a glance over at Taohong and Liulu, “You two stupid servants, why don’t you get back up and support Miss?”

Taohong and Liulu struggled up from the ground, and each supported Cui Xiaoxin by one arm. No longer dared to be careless.

Cui Xiaoxin both feet was on the ground, but her body was still weak and numb.

She was still frightened from the danger. If she really did tumble down the steps, even if she survived, the fall would most likely disable her for life.  

She waited till she calmed a little, then walked up to Li Muyang, and bowed deeply: “Thank you, Mister Li Mu, if it wasn’t for your help, Xiaoxin would have suffered a disaster. I will remember your kindness. If one day you need anything, tell Shinian to let me know, or you can directly come to the Cui mansion to find me. I will certainly repay this kindness.”

Li Muyang looked at Cui Xiaoxin, his face expressionless, as he said in a low voice, “Thank you Miss Xiaoxin. Just now Young master Song has given me 100 gold coins. That’s enough for me.”

“That’s what he gave you. This is my reward. It’s not the same.” Cui Xiaoxin stubbornly said. “Remember what I said.”

“Yes. I will remember.” Li Muyang put on a bold face and answered.  

Li Shinian came over and reached for Cui Xiaoxin’s hand, asking: “Sister Xiaoxin, you okay?”

Cui Xiaoxin pursed her lips and smiled lightly, “Thank you Shinian. It’s a good thing you told Mister Li Mu to follow closely behind to protect you. If not, I would have tumbled down.”

“No you wouldn’t.” Li Shinian said with a smile. “If he didn’t, I was going to, I wanted to save you, but he was just quicker.”

Cui Xiaoxin knew of Li Shinian’s competitive personality, said with a smile, “Then I’ll let you come save me next time.”

Li Shinian shook her head vigorously, “No, No. It’s too dangerous. Can’t allow a next time. From now on, I’ll be right behind you. Not even one step away.”

“Then thank you Shinian.” Cui Xiaoxin smiled.  

Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian walked in front, holding hands, with Taohong and Liulu following on both sides.

Song Tao was guarding behind, and seeing Li Muyang walking side by side him, he couldn’t help creasing his brows in a deep frown.

However, this was only a trivial matter, he was unwilling to send him away, which would make him seem petty in front of the two girls.

“Li Mu where are you from?” Song Tao initiated a question at Li Muyang. “

“Jiangnan native.” Li Muyang answered.

“Oh? Miss Shinian’s relative?”

“Yes.” Li Muyang acted simpleminded and wooden.  

“Do well as a cart driver, it’s a promising career.” Song Tao said with a smile. “Miss Shinian’s father was a driver like you. But later was married to the servant of the daughter of the Gongsun family——”

Li Muyang’s fist clenched tight.

Li Shinians’s father Li Yan was also his father. Li Muyang’s father was indeed, because he was Gongsun Yu’s cart driver, married to Li Muyang’s mother who was Gongsun Yu’s servant.

He didn’t think it was anything bad, and his father and mother were a model example of a loving couple. But when this remark was uttered from Song Tao’s mouth, he saw contempt and ridicule.

“Shinian and Xiaoxin are good friends, if you could be Shinian’s cart driver forever, you may also have the opportunity to marry a servant of Xiaoxin——Taohong and Liulu are both not bad, which one do you prefer?”



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