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353 – The impending pain of the country!

Chapter 353: The impending pain of the country!


Some people say that the world is like this: a good horse matches a good saddle, a good ship matches good sails, a bastard with a retard, and an idiot matches with a cripple.

Li Muyang was thinking that, in the eyes of Song Tao, is he a bastard or a cripple?

He asked him whether he likes Taohong or Liulu, but he was subconsciously reminding him to know his own status. You are just a cart driver, your future companion can only be Taohong or Liulu, such servant girls——of course, that is under the conditions that you are very diligent and hardworking, and Miss Xiaoxin is satisfied with you, then she will betroth her servant to you.

As for a woman like Cui Xiaoxin, you don’t even have to think about it.

Li Muyang shook his head repeatedly, a face of panic: “No, I don’t like it.”

“What? You think they’re not beautiful enough for you?” Song Tao had a ruminative smile, finding Li Muyang’s face quite interesting.

“No, no. They are both very beautiful. Also too good for me.” Li Muyang showed a simpleminded look, as he cautiously said, “I heard——heard——”  

“Heard what?”

“I heard that the servants of Miss must follow her to marry. Whoever Miss marries, the servant girls also have to——marry him.” Li Muyang desperately shook his head, with an honest look as though he was saying I did not think about it and this sort of thing would absolutely not happen to me. “If you give me the servants, what about Miss?”

“You——” Song Tao looked at Li Muyang’s cautious looking face, itching to punch it.

Yes, it’s the custom of Tiandu. The personal servant girls of a young Miss will generally follow the young miss and marry into the husband’s family. If the young miss and husband are both happy with it, then those servant girls will also take care of the husband, have and raise children for the husband. This is to prevent the husband of having thoughts of taking concubines.

Of course, these girls generally have no status in the family.

There are some occasions that the young miss is kind hearted or the husband does not want to marry too many, they will find a loyal and honest person for her personal servants to marry. This was the case for Li Muyang’s mother Luo Qi.

In other words, when you buy a pearl you may be gifted a few fish eyes——how could someone buy a pair of fish eyes and also ask for an invaluable pearl?

In Song Tao’s view, when Li Muyang asked what about the young miss if he marries her servants, it was the same as buying fish eyes and asking about the pearl.

However, it was difficult for him to state this clearly. Also this boy had a look of fear and refusal, it seemed that he really was worried he has to marry the young miss——How could such a person not be beaten to death yet and is still alive now?

“I really am not good enough for Miss Xiaoxin.” Li Muyang stated.

Song Tao, shocked for a moment, then burst into laughter.  

He reached out and patted Li Muyang on the shoulder, and smiled, “interesting. It’s really interesting. Did not expect to meet such a strange person on my trip to White cloud mountain——You do not have to worry, someone will marry Miss Xiaxoin. But it will not be a goods exchanging trade. You just have to do your job.”

“Yes. I will do my best.” Li Muyang said loudly.

Between joking, the crowd had reached Thousand Buddha Temple.

Because someone had went up the mountain to notify the temple in advance, an attendant monk called Fazheng of Thousand Buddha Temple had already stood at the doorway along with several monks to welcome them.

Thousand Buddha Temple in Tiandu, did not pay attention to matters outside of the mountains and wholeheartedly serve Maitreya Buddha. But the descendants of the Song family and Cui family have personally came to worship the Buddha, they should be given enough respect and attention.

Besides, there were such important customers coming to pray for blessings, presumably they would donate a large amount of money?

Fazheng bowed to Song Tao and Cui Xiaoxin, and then learned that Li Shinian was Cui Xiaoxin’s close friend, bowed to Li Shinian.

Fazheng led Cui Xiaoxin, Li Shinian and Song Tao inside the temple to pray, and ordered a few monks to take Li Muyang and other escorts to the back courtyard to settle down to rest. Because Song Tao mentioned to Fazheng that they plan to have a vegetarian meal in Thousand Buddha Temple and write scriptures, so they will be staying the night.

Li Muyang’s status was low, so he was not qualified to follow.

Li Shinian walked over to remind Li Muyang, “Put my luggage in the room. Remember to take good care of my Snowball.”

Then lowered her voice to a voice that only the two could hear. “My Snowball is in the cage. Bring it out to get some air. If there’s anything that you need me, bring Snowball and say he’s not well——”


Li Shinian hastily said a few words, then quickly followed Cui Xiaoxin and Song Tao to the front courtyard to pray.

Cui Meng came over and nudged Li Muyang with his elbow. “Brother, you’re rich now? When you get back, you have to get Big brother a drink.”  

Li Muyang nodded, “okay.”

“Wonderful.” Cui Meng did not expect Li Muyang to be so loyal, he thought of the phrase ‘don’t forget your friends when you become rich’. So, touched, he threw his arms around Li Muyng’s shoulder, “Let’s go, brother, we’re going to have a good time. I tell you, our young miss is the best master. She means what she says, she would certainly help you when you have trouble——How about this, you ask her to let Taohong marry you? Look how thin Little Taohong’s waist is, it will be broken with one pinch——”

Li Muyang shot a glare at Cui Meng: “If you be quiet for a moment, I will buy you two drinks.”


Thousand Buddha Temple was popular and attended by many worshippers, so many pilgrims stay overnight on the mountain, and Thousand Buddha Temple also specially provides many quiet rooms.

The rooms in the monastery were divided into front and back courtyard. The Master stayed in the front courtyard while servants and bodyguards in the back courtyard.

The attendant Monk saw that Cui Meng and Li Muyang were close, so he kindly allocated the two people to one room.

However, Li Muyang used fine wine as bait, and Cui Meng was finally no longer chattering non stop in front of him.

Li Muyang placed the luggage on the table, lifted the tarpaulin on top, and took Snowball out from a small wicker cage inside.

Snowball, with an upset expression, spat out a bubble at Li Muyang.

Li Muyang wiped his face, and it blew another bubble at him.

Li Muyang did not bother wiping his face anymore, allowing it to incessantly blow bubbles. The water elements very soon covered Li Muyang’s face.

Cui Meng finally couldn’t contain himself, curiously studied Snowball as he asked, “What pet is that? I’ve never seen one before.”

“A rabbit.”


Snowball was obviously not satisfied with its introduction.

Li Muyang wiped away the water stains on his face, then said with a wry smile: “a flying rabbit. Very rare.”

“No wonder.” Cui Meng laughed foolishly. “I was thinking why does it look so likeable?”

“The more you see him, the more likeable he is,” said Li Muyang, reaching to stroke the head of Snowball. “At first sight I thought it was very cute, and the more I see him the more I think so, our family’s Young miss often hits him——”

“Miss Shinian is so fierce?”  

“Hitting is petting, nagging is loving, because it does not eat its vegetables——”

“I see. It deserves it.”

“Pff——” Snowball spat out water.

In a quiet hall, Cui Xiaoxin, Li Shinian and Song Tao were kneeling on a praying mat, kowtow and praying to Bodhisattva.

Cui Xiaoxin put her palms together devoutly, the lashes of her closed eye were like little blades.

Her face looked serious and concentrated, although she did not say a word, she was silently praying in her heart.

Because her brother had safely returned, Li Shinian did not have anything she wanted to wish for. She asked Bodhisattva to protect her family, then asked Bodhisattva to bless her to be more and more beautiful, and also asked Bodhisattva to bless her that she won’t become fat no matter how much she eats, before finally opening her eyes and stared at Cui Xiaoxin praying with a silly and happy expression on her face.

She waited until Cui Xiaoxin opened her eyes, then whispered: “Sister Xiaoxin, what did you ask for?”

“That my wish to come true.” Cui Xiaoxin said in a quiet voice.

“Then what is your wish?” Li Shinian teasingly asked.

Cui Xiaoxin cast glance at Li Shinian and did not answer. She placed her hands on the floor and bowed to bodhisattva.

Li Shinian also bowed formally, and then followed Cui Xiaoxin up.

Song Tao was still knelt in the same place, murmuring.

Li Shinian couldn’t tell what he was reciting, but it should be ‘The Sutra of Bodhisattva’s Fundamental Vows’ or ‘The Sutra of the Medicine Buddha’, this kind of Buddhist scriptures that prays for the good health of a sick person.

As the two of them came out of the hall, Fazheng was waiting by the doorway, “Benefactress, Thousand Buddha Temple is famous for its one thousand Buddhas, 999 Buddhas are hidden between the mountains, cliff and rocks, each is lifelike, breathtaking. There is also a Buddha hidden in the mountainous forest, only one that has extreme talent with the Buddha can see it. It is still early, and if you two are interested, I can take you there to have a look.”

Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian exchanged a glance, both were tempted.

Cui Xiaoxin looked at Monk Fazheng and said: “Thank you, Great master. However, I have already heard that the 999 Buddha statues are mysterious as though made by heavens, only those that are fated can be able to find them within the forest and rocks. If Great master accompanied us and guided us, it would lose the elegance of the visit. Why don’t us two search ourselves.”

“This remark is a great praise. Then Fazheng will take my leave.”

Cui Xiaoxin took Li Shinian’s hand, smiled and said: “We have to go search for the Thousand Buddhas ourselves.”

“Sounds good.” Li Shinian rolled her eyes, thinking about how she could get Brother Li Muyang to accompany them?

In the main hall, Song Tao, who was chanting the Sutras, suddenly sensed something and looked up.

The closed right eye of the Bodhisattva was opened and blood was flowing rapidly.


Song Tao staggered back and fell down on a stone slate outside.

His face was pale and his body was as though struck by lightning.  

The blood of the divine buddha, the impending pain of the country.



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