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354 – Shinian sees Buddha!

Chapter 354: Shinian sees Buddha!


High mountains and flowing rivers, thick clouds and lively wind.  

Thousand Buddha Temple is famous for its one thousand Buddha statues, with 999 statues of Buddha hidden between the mountainous forest and cliffs. There are some carved from strange rocks, some raised peaks, and some thousand year old trees——some similar in shape, and some similar in expression. It is different for each individual.

Sightseeing, and looking for Buddhism connection. It is Pilgrim’s favourite thing to do after praying in the main hall.

Moreover, looking for the Buddha statues extremely tests one’s intelligence and eyesight. Some people had exhausted themselves to only find dozens of statues, and some had taken several months to find a few hundreds. It is said that the famous monk Zhi Duhan had found 999 Buddha statues overnight, which caused a sensational in Tiandu. However, having been cultivating up on White Cloud mountain for so many years, he still had not found the 1000th Buddha.

Some people say that the 1000th Buddha statue is a cover, made up by the monks of Thousand Buddha Temple, in order to attract people to come and search out of curiosity.  

However, several hundreds of years later, a talented Buddhist monk Chu Fayin came to pay a visit to Buddha, and it only took him half a day to find all 999 Buddha statues, and then another half a day to find the final 1000th Buddha statue. He at once abandoned his physical body and flew off as an immortal. Under the witness of countless people he ascended into an immortal, becoming a miracle of the divine continent.

It was at that time that the world believed that the monks of Thousand Buddha Temple did not lie, there are indeed 1000 Buddha statues on White cloud mountain.

“Sister Xiaoxin, that big rock must be Maitreya Buddha——look at that pudgy belly, and that little stone is his head——”

“Sister Xiaoxin, do you think this tree looks like a Buddha? What kind of Buddha is it? It looks familiar——”

“Sister Xiaoxin, that is Xianglong Luohan, he’s so fierce——”

Li Shinian and Cui Xiaoxin agreed to search for Buddha statues together. They took Liulu and Taohong and headed to the back of the mountain, while climbing the mountain, they were pointing and discussing the signs of Buddha statues.

Li Shinian has an energetic personality, like a little pony, from time to time pointed to her discovery and shouted to Cui Xiaoxin.

Cui Xiaoxin was following after her and smiling at the beginning, and responded now and then.

But soon, she could not smile anymore.

Because Li Shinian was too clever, and had such powerful perception.

It should be said that, on this mountain, every tree, every rock, every waterfall and every lake could be a Buddha statue. Some of the statues are quite obvious and anyone can discern them at a glance. But some statues are hidden deep, mysterious and subtle, not anyone can find them.

However, it was no obstacle to Li Shinian. As she walked, she exclaimed, pointing out the Buddhas that she had seen one by one, without a single mistake or omission.

Cui Xiaoxin from a young age had begun to read extensively. She was familiar with the scriptures of both Buddhism and Taoism, and her knowledge far exceeded that of Li Shinian.

However, she was not the first to notice Thousand Buddha Temple, she was not the first to find Buddhism connection——Many times it was because of Li Shinian’s reminder that she came to spot the hidden Buddha statues.

Cui Xiaoxin was a careful and intelligent girl, although she had no way to determine what this means, it was clear to her that the ability of Li Shinian was extraordinary.  

“What is this Buddha? Seems like I had seen it on a mural before, but I can’t remember the name——”  

“Wei tuo Bodhisattva.” Cui Xiaoxin answered. “

“Right, right. That’s him. And do you see that side of the cliff? The cliff and the bottom of the cold lake are connected, doesn’t it look like Manjusri Bodhisattva?”

“It is Manjusri Bodhisattva.” Cui Xiaoxin replied. In her mind she was calculating the number of Buddha statues that Li Shinian had found, in such a short moment of time, she had found 167 statues already.

This was because she was walking too slowly, and held Li Shinian back. If she had let her walk alone, and not had to support her up the mountain, then this number would have been even more impressive.  

The famous Great master Fayin took half a day to find 999 Buddha statues, because he studied Buddhism and cultivates Buddhism, and associates himself with Buddhism all day. He knows all the Buddhas like the back of his hand.

But, Li Shinian?

She couldn’t even name the Buddha statues, yet she could spot them at a glance.

Perhaps, this is what people call Buddhism connection?

Because of this connection she has a second sight, a power to perceive things.  

“Sister Xiaoxin, quickly look, which two Buddhas are they? It feels so strange——” Li Shinian asked with a puzzled face, pointing to the roots of two thousand year old trees intertwined together.

Cui Xiaoxin took a look and immediately blushed. She shook her head and said: “I do not know. There are so many Gods and Buddhas in the world that we don’t know their names.”

“If they can become a Buddha, how would they not have a name?” Li Shinian still wouldn’t let Cui Xiaoxin off. “Sister Xiaoxin, your knowledge is so profound, there is nothing you don’t know——think again. I think these two Buddha statues are really strange. You see them cuddling together, they look like a couple——but is there a couple in Buddhas?”

“Shinian——” Cui Xiaoxin’s face grew more red, not knowing how to answer Li Shinian’s question.  

“That is the joyful Buddha.” A man’s voice suddenly sounded from behind.

Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian turned around to see Li Shinian’s cart driver Li Mu and Cui family’s cart driver Cui Meng coming toward them.

Li Mu’s face was without expression, his head held high. While Cui Meng, who was bigger in size, was cowering and evasive, and wished to cover his head with a large leaf.

“Li Mu——Li Mu——don’t go over. Do not disturb the two Young Miss——”  Cui Meng hid behind Li Muyang, constantly persuading him not to go any closer.

After they put down the luggage in the room, they had nothing to do and since that the Thousand Buddha Temple is so famous, Li Muyang suggested to go Buddha statue searching up the mountain. Cui Meng was not interested in looking for Buddha, but he was interested in Li Muyang the ‘upstart’ who the Young Miss valued.

So, Li Muyang, carrying Snowball, took Cui Meng to find Buddha.

They explored the mountains and river while looking for the Buddha statues, and when they saw Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian also in the search for Buddha statues, they did not go any closer, but carefully followed behind.  

Cui Meng was constantly dragging Li Muyang back, in case the Young Miss would not be pleased seeing them. But Li Muyang, with a fearless expression, when he heard Cui Xiaoxin was stumped by Li Shinian’s question, he stepped out to answer, and even walked over to the two Young Miss with Snowball.

“What if Miss misunderstands that we’re following them?”

“What if Miss thinks us two rough fellows are disturbing their search for Buddha?”

Their Masters only need to say one word and they will be beaten till their skin torn and the flesh gapes open, and won’t be able to get up for 10 days to half a month. At that time, it will be too late to regret.

Cui Meng was filled with worries, but it did not affect Li Muyang’s decision.

Li Muyang walked directly over to Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian, looked at Li Shinian and explained: “Miss, this Buddha is called Joy Buddha. That is ‘Heavens of desire’ and ‘God of love’ in Buddhism. The male body represents Buddhist teachings, the female body represents wisdom, the male body and the female body are tightly hugging together, indicating that Buddhist teachings and wisdom form pairs, become one person, and that wisdom of Buddhism is infinite.”

After listening to Li Muyang’s explanation, a blush rose to Li Shinian’s pale cheeks.

Although Li Muyang did not explain too clearly, but the word ‘joy’ was enough to represent a lot of things.

Furtively glancing over at Cui Xiaoxin, she found that her face was also slightly red, staring at Li Muyang with bright eyes.

Li Shinian then understood that Sister Xiaoxin must have known the name of these two Buddhas, and was just too embarrassed to say it.

So, Li Shinian deliberately pretended to be angry, pointing at Li Muyang and yelling, “How dare you make things up, utterly vulgar. There is no such Buddha? You must have made that up, right? How dare you tarnish the name of Buddha.”

“Shinian——” Cui Xiaoxin interrupted. “He is right.”

“What is right? How could there be such a Buddha?”

“The teachings of the Buddha contain myriad, because the heart sees Buddha, there are no boundaries.”

Li Shinian deliberately pretended to look at Cui Xiaoxin puzzledly: “Sister Xiaoxin, you just said you don’t know what that Buddha is? How do you know that now?”

“I——” Cui Xiaoxin knew that this mischievous friend was playing tricks on her, she said blushing, “After listening to Mister Li Mu’s reminder.”

“Oh. I see.” Li Shinian nodded understandingly, then pointed to Li Muyang. “It seems that you and this Mister Li Mu are really fated. He saved your life when you almost fell, and now he helped you solve a puzzle. The people from the ancient times have the saying ‘one who can correct a misread or misspelt character and thus be your master’, Sister Xiaoxin——what is the relationship between you two now?”

“Shinian——” A stern look crossed Cui Xiaoxin’s face. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Li Shinian knew that Cui Xiaoxin had a cold personality and kept a certain distance with everyone. She stuck out her tongue and said with a smile, “Sister Xiaoxin, I’m joking. Don’t be angry.”

“I’m not angry. Just need to be cautious with some words.” Cui Xiaoxin was very fond of Li Shinian, her face eased a little, as she said softly.

“Yes I will remember.” Li Shinian cutely nodded but she was inwardly anxious, she was certain that Cui Xiaoxin has a good opinion of her brother.

Only that her brother’s identity was too sensitive, it was impossible to expose him in Tiandu at this time. Otherwise it would lead to a fatal disaster.

If he does not expose his identity and let Cui Xiaoxin know, it will be difficult for their relationship to progress to the next step.

“Too impatient.” Li Shinian said to herself.

Cui Xiaoxin looked at Li Mu, saying, “Thank you Mister Li Mu for guiding me, Xiaoxin understands.”

Because Li Mu was Cui Xiaoxin’s saviour, she was very courteous.

Otherwise, why would she have to thank a cart driver?

Li Muyang indifferently looked at her flower-like face, saying in a low voice, “I just happen to pass by. Miss, no need to be so polite.”

Cui Xiaoxin carefully studied Li Muyang then asked: “Mister Li Mu understands the Buddhism scriptures?”

“I wouldn’t say understand, I just know a little.” Li Muyang explained.

Kong Li was his Master, so he is considered half a Buddhist disciple. How could a Buddhist disciple be ignorant of the origins of his own sect? For this reason, Li Muyang had been studying in Starry Sky library for a long time.

“Mister Li Mu is modest.” Cui Xiaoxin said. She could tell that the cart driver was very knowledgeable, but was too humble to show it.  

“A person like him, how many are there on this world?”

For some reason, Cui Xiaoxin could not help but let out a soft sigh.

Li Shinian blinked, looking at Cui Xiaoxin: “Sister Xiaoxin, how about we let him follow us, if we could not recognise a Buddha, he could help explain the origin, what do you think?”

Cui Xiaoxin gave it a brief thought and also felt it was a good idea. If the mischievous Li Shinian asked some embarrassing questions again that she could not answer, there would be someone that can help her out.  

Then, Cui Xiaoxin nodded: “Have to trouble Mister Li Mu.”

Li Muyang was thrilled, suppressing a smile he said in a low voice: “To serve Miss, is an honour for Li Mu.”

Li Shinian walked right over to Li Muyang and made a wink at him, but her voice was extremely cold when she reminded him: “Then you can follow us. Just like when we were going up the mountain, you must protect me and Sister Xiaoxin at all times. Understand?”

Li Muyang nodded, answering earnestly: “Understand.”

The corners of Li Shinian’s mouth drew back into a grin: “I knew you will certainly understand.”

She turned, smiling as she linked her arm through Cui Xiaoxin’s, “Sister Xiaoxin, let’s continue to search for Buddha. How many have we found?”

“175.” Cui Xiaoxin said aloud. She had been keeping count for Li Shinian.

“Sister Xiaoxin, you remember.” Li Shinian said, overjoyed. “Then we have to find all 1000 Buddha statues today. All right?”

“Yes.” Cui Xiaoxin nodded. People that have been living up on this mountain for years still have not found all 1000 Buddha statues. If someone was able to, they would ascend into an immortal.

Cui Xiaoxin was slightly looking forward, what if Li Shinian really was able to find all Buddha statues?

Li Muyang was also very surprised.  

He and Cui Meng also came to seek the Buddha statues. They knew well how difficult it is to find the Buddha statues within the forest.

Li Shinian had only been searching for a while, yet already found 175 statues?

Although he had always known that his sister is a talented girl, but he did not expect her to be gifted to this extent?

More importantly, from a young age, she had been cultivating Taoism’s ‘The art of Breaking body’, and had never dabbled in Buddhist Scriptures, why would she have so much understanding on Buddhism?  

Li Muyang was completely bewildered, but due to his identity it was impossible for him to immediately come forward to ask her. He had to follow behind Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian, watching Li Shinian create non-stop miracles.

“Ah, look, there is a Buddha above us——”

“That Buddha is so cute, it is a tree tumour——”

“Hey, look at that valley, doesn’t it look like a big Buddha——”

“240 statues——”

“321 statues——”

“397 statues——”

Li Muyang and Cui Xiaoxin followed behind Li Shinian, watching her exclaim excitedly and the number in their heart constantly climbing.

It had reached an alarming number.

If the old monks of Thousand Buddha Temple know Li Shinian has found 400 Buddha statues in such a short amount of time, even the head of the temple himself will come out to treat her as a distinguished guest.

“For hundreds of years, most likely that only few people have been able to do that.” Cui Xiaoxin thought. “Li Shinian, you really like to surprise people.”

Li Muyang was also more and more astounded, his sister can not be describe with the word ‘genius’ anymore. She is simply an——evil-doer.

Li Shinian continued seeking the Buddha statues.

Even Li Shinian herself had not noticed that, she had now entered a kind of forget-everything realm.

At the beginning, she was searching the Buddha statues with an attitude of playing a game.

She wanted to find Buddha statues, and had no time to admire the scenery.

But now Li Shinian had concentrated all her mind on finding the Buddha statues, entering into a state of obsession and fascination. She saw no mountains, no water or friends.

The mountains were gone, the trees were gone, the clouds were gone, and the wind was gone.

In her eyes, there were only statues of Buddha all over the place.

The Buddha statues sparkled like little stars on the endless firmament.



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