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355 – Buddhas lit up!

Chapter 355: Buddha lit up!


Li Shinian’s countenance also underwent a change, on her face there was no sadness nor happiness; it was solemn and respectful.

Her light pink robe billowed out around her, like a gust of wind had blown and was about to take the intelligent and charming little girl away.

Li Muyang, finally noticing the strangeness of his sister, yelled out, “Shinian——”

Cui Xiaoxin although she felt that the way Li Muyang addressed Li Shinian was not appropriate, and sounded strange, but when she noticed the look on Li Shinian’s face, she also couldn’t help but feel terrified.

Ascending to an immortal or being possessed by a demon, only takes one thought.  

Li Shinian had entered into a hypnotised state, a little carelessness and she may encounter danger, her soul scattering off. Such consequences are not what they were willing to bear.

She wanted to call for help, but right now the only people that can help Li Shinian were Song Tao and the monks in Thousand Buddha Temple. As they searched for Buddha statues, they had almost reached the summit of White cloud mountain. Even if she tries to run back, it most likely would be too late.

Cui Xiaoxin did not cultivate martial arts; she only attached importance to scholarly knowledge. By her side there was only Taohong and Liulu and the two cart drivers, there was not one person that she could discuss what to do with.

She was burning with worries but was afraid of disturbing Shinian, fearful that it would make things worse and would push Shinian into being possessed by demons.  

Taohong and Liulu noticed a very worried look on her face, though did know how to comfort her. Even now they still did not know what was going on.

“Miss Shinian is very clever——”

“Miss Shinian is very powerful——”

“Miss Shinian was just standing there, nothing had happened——”

These were the thoughts that the two little servant girls had all along. They have long been impressed by Li Shinian’s ability to find the Buddha statues.

Li Muyang came forward to stand next to Cui Xiaoxin, his voice low and comforting as he said, “Nothing will happen.”

Cui Xiaoxin’s brows were furrowed deeply, asking with a questioning tone of voice, “How do you know?”

“Look carefully at Miss Shinian’s expression.” Li Muyang said.

Cui Xiaoxin carefully studied her face, finding that Li Shinian was still in that trance state.  

“Her eyes are clear and bright, with no signs of pain or discomfort on her face.” Li Muyang explained. “Just like when you are absorbed in a book, absorbed in writing, and absorbed by the beauty of cherry blossoms. She is just absorbed in searching for the Buddha statues.”

It was only then that Cui Xiaoxin felt a little relieved, glad that Li Shinian was fine. Otherwise, she wouldn’t know how to explain to the parents of her good friend.

The news of the big brother’s death had just came and now the little sister had went crazy from searching for Buddha statues. Any parent would not be able to bear such a blow.

However, after listened to Li Muyang’s explanation, that extremely weird feeling in Cui Xiaoxin’s heart was hitting her again.

She had always felt that the Cart driver Li Mu was somewhat strange, though she was not sure in what ways.

Perhaps, that was his nature?  

Or perhaps, it was because of the fact that he had saved her?  So she always felt a little uncomfortable deep inside?

Li Shinian was not aware of the thoughts of others, but she did not need to trek up the mountain to search for Buddha statues anymore.

Because in her eyes, the Buddha statues all across the mountain were clearly present.

The foot of the mountain, by the mountainsides. Near and far. As well as the unreachable mountain summit, she had never seen their true face.

Collecting shells at the seashore, the seashore suddenly vanished.

The stars in the sky, the sky was empty as before.

Li Shinian was no longer searching for Buddha, but counting the Buddhas.

Her small face looked up, scanning across the countless Buddha statues, and pointing to each one with her finger.




The most astonishing thing happened.

Every time Li Shinian pointed to a Buddha statue in the void, the corresponding position that the statue was at would produce a huge blaze of divine light, a beam of golden light suddenly exploded out, passing through the mountain and piercing through the forest, and directly shot to the sky.

Each Buddha statue that she pointed at, there was an explosion of golden light.

She counted a dozen of Buddha statues in a row, and a dozen beams of golden light shot up into the sky.

There was a sweet sounding sound, and then an exotic fragrance.

Outside of the Ninth Heaven there were claps of thunder, like a giant gate was rumbling open.

Everybody stood astonished at the sight of this scene.

In the back courtyard of Thousand Buddha Temple backyard, Priest Moaoxin trotted out a room, ignoring the distinguished guests around, and gazed at the beams of golden light above White cloud mountain with a joyful look on his face.

“The Buddhist connection is deep——the Buddhist connection is deep——”

On the summit of White cloud Mountain, an old monk in hemp garments was walking slowly along the mountain path carrying firewood.

When he saw a Buddha statue hidden in the grass suddenly exude a golden light, he threw away the firewood, straightened his curved back, eyes flashing, and his grey clothes impacted by the golden light, was glowing a divine light.  

He looked up to the sky with a hopeful face, unable to conceal the excitement in his voice as he murmured: “Flowers bloom to see the Buddha, leaves fall to see Buddha. The spring breeze and winter snow all have Buddha nature. The heavenly maids scatter blossoms, Buddha lit up. A rare spectacle——My Buddhism has a successor.”

Li Muyang stared wide-eyed at Li Shinian, thinking what is this situation? His sister is also a dragon?

“Is the Heaven playing a joke on me? It’s fine that I’m a dragon, but you also had to make my sister a dragon. If so, we will inevitably suffer slaughtering from the humans. Even if I risk my life, I will protect her from any harm.” Li Muyang could hardly contain his indignation. “

“No, she can’t be a dragon. If she were a dragon, she would know the way to hide. Moreover, Buddha is a deity, while the Dragon is only a half-divine being. I have never heard that a half-divine being can command the deities——but, who can tell me what this is all about?” ——

Li Shinian was still counting.

Her slender, fair fingers pointing out, her red lips softly murmuring: “101, 102, 103——”  

Cui Xiaoxin was trembling nervously, then subconsciously grasped Li Muyang’s arm, and said: “Will Shinian be okay? Will she be okay?”

“She’ll be fine——” Li Muyang said unconfidently. It was a realm of deities, a world he had never seen before. How could he know whether she would be fine or not?

Any mortal who wants to pry into the realm of deities has to pay a heavy price.

If lucky, one would only turn crazy; the worst case is being struck by lightning.

Who’s to say it’s going to be okay?  

Li Muyang was secretly storing power, no matter what, he will protect Li Shinian from any harm. Even if it means he has to expose his Dragon identity.

Li Muyang was also beginning to tense up. He feared that his silly sister had unconsciously entered into a realm that he did not know of. Then bringing trouble to herself, and putting her life at risk.

Li Shinian was still counting.





Inside of Thousand Buddha Temple, the thousand-pounds ancient bell hung next to a rock statue was ringing by itself.

It was imposingly deep and resounding, but also very sweet-sounding.

Long and distant, as if from the ancient times.


Another bell rang——

“Miss Xiaoxin——”

“Miss Xiaoxin——”

A man in blue strode towards this side.

Everyone recognised that it was the uniform of the bodyguards of the Song family.

The man in blue strode over to before Cui Xiaoxin, shouting, “Miss Xiaxoin, our family’s Young Master has an urgent matter that he needs to return to Tiandu for, I came to let you know——”

When he bowed, his line of sight coincidentally fell on the hand of Cui Xiaoxin who was clutching the sleeve of Li Muyang. He stared blankly for a second before his eyes flashed an ominous glint.

“What exactly is this cart driver’s identity? Why would he be so close to the young Miss of the Cui family?” The man in blue speculated in his mind.   

“What? Third elder brother has to return?” Cui Xiaoxin was now worrying about Li Shinian’s situation, and to hear from a bodyguard that Song Tao needs to head down the mountain to attend to an urgent matter, she felt utterly confused.

He said that he wants to stay a few days at Thousand Buddha Temple to write out 1000 copies of ‘The Sutra of the Medicine Buddha’ to pray for blessings for his Grandfather.

Cui Xiaoxin also planned to stay a few days at Thousand Buddha Temple with Li Shinian to pray for Li Muyang’s safe return.

What had happened in Tiandu that he needed to hurry back?

“Yes.” The bodyguard answered. “Young master told me to notify you, perhaps he has left already now.”

“Do you know what is the matter?”

“Subordinate does not know.””

That bodyguard’s footsteps were heavy, and his voice undisguised, which naturally alarmed Li Shinian who was in a trance state.

She blinked her eyes, and the sea of stars before her instantly vanished, and the bells ceased.

Within the surroundings of White cloud Mountain, the hundred beams of golden light also vanished at the same time.

The mountain before them was still a mountain, the tree in front was still a tree. The moon was rising and black clouds rolled across. Everything had returned to its former state.

Li Shinian noticed the strange gaze that the bodyguard and the others looked at her with, and asked: “What? What’s going on?”

Cui Xiaoxin had no time to explain to Li Shinian, reached to grasp her sleeve and said: “Third elder brother said he’s going back. Let’s go over and see.”

“Ah? Third young master Song has to go back, great——” Li Shinian was still in a state of confusion, and almost shouted out her thoughts. It was when Cui Xiaoxin looked her with a puzzled face that she knew she had said something wrong, and hurriedly corrected the sentence. “If third young master has to go back, then Sister Xiaoxin will be mine’s alone.”

Cui Xiaoxin grasped Li Shinian’s hand, saying: “Third elder brother is leaving in such a hurry, something must have happened in Tiandu. Quickly come with me to see.”

“Yes.” Li Shinian said as Cui Xiaoxin dragged her along, Taohong and Liulu following closely behind on both sides.

Li Muyang and Cui Meng these two cart drivers also followed behind. Their master was running, they naturally had to follow them.

The man in blue looked at the rear figures of Li Muyang and Cui Meng, frowning, but did not say anything else and just followed the crowd towards the temple hall.

At the summit of White cloud mountain, a grey-robed elder body stood by the edge of a cliff, gently sighing: “Unfortunate. Unfortunate——if all one thousand Buddhas are lit overnight, another Buddha will descend to my Buddhism.”



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