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358 – Quietly wait for the flowers to bloom!

Chapter 358: Quietly wait for the flowers to bloom!



Inside a room in the temple, waiting until the little monks brought over the tea, Priest Miaoxin made an inviting gesture as he said, “Please try the tea.”

Cui Xiaoxin lifted the cup to take a sip, but she had no interest in the tea, instead looked at Master Miaoxin to ask, “Master, why ask Shinian to convert to Buddhism? Buddhism pays particular attention to cause and effect, and pays attention to fate. Since Shinian is not willing to convert, then that proves that the cause is fruitless, and the fate has not arrived. Master don’t you think so?”

Priest Miaoxin looked at Li Shinian with a smiling expression, “Willingness can be divided into two kinds. One is people’s will, the other is the will of heaven. If Miss Xiaxoin goes against the will of heaven with the will of people, this is wrong. Everything is decided by fate, the will of the heavens cannot be disobeyed. That is the case.”

“If the will of people is obstructed, then how can we talk about the will of heaven?” Cui Xiaoxin retorted. “The will of people cannot disobey the will of heaven, then the will of heaven can forcibly disobey the will of people?”

“The will of heaven is in the heaven, the will of people is in the people. Heaven is a chess board and all sentient beings are pawns. Each chess piece has its destined path, if forcibly disobeys, then it will only bring greater disaster. In that case, why not follow the will of heaven and walk the path decided by heaven. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to finally reach the shore?” “

“What about the people’s heart?” Cui Xiaoxin looked at the old monks whose gaze was fixed on Li Shinian. “Masters have become Buddhist monk and practice Buddhism, what was the first you learnt? Naturally it’s your own heart. In the vast divine continent, how many people escaped into Buddhism in order to comply with the will of heaven?”

“Miss Shinian is different from the others.”

“But she, like us, is not willing to convert to Buddhism,” Cui Xiaoxin argued strongly, “a disciple who is unwilling to convert to Buddhism, is that a true, pure disciple? Even if Shinian listens to Masters request and convert to Buddhism, given her at current nature and temperament, can she really carry the responsibility of promoting Buddhist teachings?”

Old monk Miaoyi was about to refute when Master Miaoxin raised his hand to stop him, looked at Cui Xiaoxin with a smile as he said “Miss Xiaxoin has intelligence and beauty, and is familiar with Buddhist scriptures. This is a great joy.”

Cui Xiaoxin smiled sweetly, “Thank you, Master. There are many areas that Xiaoxin is puzzled about and needs to consult with Master.”

“The dew of others, may be the frost of mine. Since the intention is not there, then this dispute will not come to any results.” Priest Miaoxin made a decision. “We just thought Miss Shinian is fated with Buddhism, so we have the intention of letting her become part of my Buddhism. Of course, this is only a discussion, the final decision is still with Miss Shinian. If Miss Shinian is unwilling to convert then we also cannot force her.”

Priest Miaoxin looked to Li Shinian who was hiding Behind Cui Xiaoxin, asking, “Miss Shinian, you really do not want to enter my Buddhism?”

“Not willing.” Li Shinian was repeatedly waving her hand as she answered. “I have a lot of things that I have not done, I really have no interest to be a Buddhist nun. Please forgive me Master, Please let Shinian go? Please, everyone.”

Priest Miaoxin laughed heartily, there were more and more appreciation and fondness in his eyes as he looked at Li Shinian. “Fine. Since Miss Shinian is unwilling to enter my Buddhism, we absolutely will not force her. A forcefully picked fruit is not sweet, and the forcibly turned disciple is not a true disciple.”

“Thank you, Master.” Li Shinian hurriedly bowed her thanks to Priest Miaoxin, afraid that he would go back on his words and won’t let her down the mountain.

“However, since we have said that Miss Shinian has a strong connection with Buddhism, then I will make a little promise here to Miss Shinian.” Priest Miaoxin dotingly looked at Li Shinian, a kind smile on his face. “If Miss Shinian has any request, our Thousand Buddha Temple will certainly lend a helping hand.”

“Master Miaoxin?” Cui Xiaoxin looked shocked.

Thousand Buddha Temple is near the capital city of West wind, and because it is a temple attended by many worshippers, the emperor and his relatives would all come to make a wish. It was even said that Thousand Buddha Temple is the best temple in West wind.

The priest of Thousand Buddha Temple, Monk Miaoxin, was an extremely prestigious Buddhist master in West Wind, and was very influential in the entire divine continent. The fact that such a person had said to her good friend Li Shinian that he would lend a helping hand if she needs——was tantamount to saying that if someone bullies her, the Thousand Buddha Temple would stand up for her.

The little promise that Priest Miaoxin made is anything but ‘little’.

Priest Miaoxin smiled to Cui Xiaoxin: “Fate, fate, only with fate one is destined. Just now Miss Xiaoxin said that the cause is fruitless, the fate has not arrived, then we might as well plant this cause first, to see the fruits later.”

Li Shinian vigilantly stared at the Priest Miaoxin, “You’re——not thinking of bribing me, right?”

“Hahaha——” Monk Miaoxin burst out laughing, “If there is nothing, Miss Shinian will not come. If you come, then it means that Miss Shinian has something that needs to be solved. Come or not come, see, also depends on the will of heaven. It’s all up to Miss Shinian to make a decision. It’s not a bad thing to remember for the time being, is it?”

Li Shinian also thought so, she does not need to accept their favour, or ask them to help solve her problems?

After a thought, Li Muyang’s mood was much better.  

She bowed to Monk Miaoxin and the other monks with hands held in front, “Thank you, Master.”

“You’ve travelled a long journey, you must be tired. We have arranged rooms for everyone. The rooms are simple and crude but are quiet. Miss and everyone should go and have a good rest. Tomorrow you can again enjoy the scenic spots of White cloud mountain.”

Everyone bowed goodbye to Priest Miaoxin, before a monk showed them the way out.  

Waiting until the distinguished guests have gone far away, Miaoyi came over to Monk Miaoxin to whisper, “Senior brother Miaoxin, this girl is most likely a descended Buddha, and we just let her leave?”

“Buddhism is particular about fate. It’s fate that she came. But the time is not right.” Monk Miaoxin explained with a smile: “Since we have discovered her existence, pay more attention to her. Her heart is not here, not in Buddhism, if we force her to stay it would only backfire, losing the original intention.”

“Senior brother is right.” All the monks nodded.

Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian were staying in the front courtyard, where the first-class rooms in the temple were.

The back courtyard was for the servants and bodyguards of the distinguished guest that came to pray. At the arch intersection, the attendant monk separated the two groups.

Li Shinian yelled to Li Muyang, “Li Mu——”

Li Muyang stopped, looked at Li Shinian and said: “Is there something you need Miss?”

Li Shinian squeezed Snowball into the arms of Li Muyang and said: “I need to sleep, you help me take good care of Snowball. Can’t let it starve or thirst. If there is anything wrong with him, you should report back to me immediately. Understand?”

And then she turned around to say to the others, “If you see him holding Snowball to see me, remember not to stop him. Otherwise, if anything happens to Snowball, I will give you a hard time.”

“Yes.” Everyone answered. Even the priest of the temple was so polite and courteous to this young lady, how would they dare be disrespectful to her?

Li Muyang knew that, this is the pass that his precious sister had given him, which allows him to enter the front courtyard area freely.

However, he did not want it. The front courtyard was the resting area for distinguished guests, even if he passed through, he cannot break into Cui Xiaoxin’s room, right?

It was the middle of the night, isn’t this behavior too immoral?

However, ‘Miss’ has given an order, how can a cart driver disobeys?  

So, Li Muyang docilely nodded his head, “Miss, I understand.”

“Good. Take good care of Snowball for me. You can’t make a mistake.” Li Shinian made a wink at Li Muyang, before turning round to pull Cui Xiaoxin by the hand, “Sister Xiaoxin, let’s sleep together? We can talk as much as we want.”


Clip clop——

Clip clop——

A group of horsemen ran against the cold wind, and the horse hoofs broke the moonlight.

The young Gongzi, who was in front, suddenly reined his horse to a halt and made a pausing motion with his hand.

The other horsemen saw it, and one after another brought their horse to a stop.

Song Tao, looking at an old house in the distance, and said aloud: “Dismount”

As he was speaking, he had already taken the lead and walked towards the front.

Other horsemen also dismounted and led the horses forward.

Song Tao came to the doorway of the old house that was hidden in the darkness, with his hand lightly patting the vermilion door.  

Very quickly, a hunched back old servant opened the wooden door, and saw that standing at the door was Song Tao, he said with a grin, “Today, when Little nine came over, he also said that Three elder brother had gone to Thousand Buddha Temple, why are you back so soon?”

Song Tao was very polite to the old servant, “Uncle Guan, Grandfather is asleep?”

“Not yet.” The old servant invited Song Tao inside, and then ‘plopped’ the door shut.

The other guards were kept outside, but they did not dare complain.

Because this was the residence of a certain old man, and no one dared to be disrespectful in his presence.

“Master says that it would snow tomorrow, and the plum blossoms in the courtyard may bloom tonight. He is sitting in the courtyard waiting for the flowers to bloom.”

“On such a cold day, Grandfather needs to take care of his body.” Song Tao said with a concern voice. “What if he freezes?”

“Yes.” said the old servant, with a look of anger. “I’ve tried to persuade him several times. You also know his temper? It’s no use.”

“I’ll go and see him.” Song Tao said.

The two came to the back courtyard, where a black-robed old man was squatting under a veranda, looking concentratedly at the plum trees planted in the courtyard.

Hearing the footsteps behind him, the old man hurriedly made a silencing gesture.

Song Tao tiptoed over, saying in a quiet voice, “Grandfather——”

“Quietly wait for the flowers to bloom.” The old man whispered.



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