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360 – Unwilling to let you die!

Chapter 360: Unwilling to let you die!


“Grandfather——” Song Tao’s face was crossed with surprise. Grandfather had already guessed his reason of coming? “

Yes, if he had not seen the warning from Buddha, then he would not had returned from Thousand Buddha Temple on the same day.

Moreover, the first thing he did once he came back was to report at the Deer Park.

The old man had lived for nearly 100 years, his eyes had seen for 100 years and his ears had listened for 100 years. Is there anything that he hasn’t seen or heard?  

His every move, his every action, his every word, and his intention of hiding any secrets from him would most likely be as clear as a mirror.

“Tell me, what hint did the Bodhisattva gave you?” The old man said calmly, getting up and walked closer to the plum tree.

The wind was weak, but the snow was heavy.  Fluff-like snowflakes fluttered about as they were falling, as though were contending in beauty against the plum blossoms.

“The Bodhisattva bled.” Song Tao did not dare hide anything from the old man and said.

“Hm, the Bodhisattva bled, the country loses its pillar——This is a great praise to an old man.” Song Gudu said smilingly. He stood in the midst of a snow flurry and seemed to merge with the snow.

“Grandpa, it is windy and snowy outside, let’s go back to the house to talk?” Song Tao urged.

“Silly.” Song Tao softly reprimanded. “This wind, this snow, this cold air, can it hurt me?”


The old man looked up at the sky, sighing softly, “It is the will of heavens that hurts me. The will of heaven cannot be violated.”


“Spring has hundreds of flowers, autumn has the moon, summer has the cool wind and winter has snow. The seasons alternate, and life and death are uncertain. What’s so sad about it?”

“Grandfather, you will be fine. You are a Starry Sky cultivator, the strongest martial artist in our West Wind kingdom, no one is a match for you in the entire divine continent, you certainly will pass this obstacle, then you can live forever——” Song Tao said in a choked voice.

“Silly boy. What person can live forever?” Song Gudu gently shook his head. “Only Gods and Buddhas can live forever. Mortals also want to live as long as the heaven lasts? Besides, in the vast divine continent, strong cultivators are as abundant as the clouds, how will there not be a worthy match against Grandfather? Third son, don’t underestimate the heroes of the world.”

“Yes, Grandfather——”

“Well, sort out your girly attitude. You see, I’ve already figured it out. What is there to cover up? Flowers will close and grass will wither, you guys have all grown up, would I live forever?”

“We can’t let Grandpa die.” Song Tao said in a sorrowful voice.

“Yes. You can not bear me to let me die, I also don’t want to die.” Song Gudu stroked the bud that had just bloom, took a deep whiff of the aroma, and softly said, “In this world when one has lived for a long time, one would develop feelings to everything familiar. And when death comes, they would be more unwilling to die. A chair that has been sat on, a sword that have been used. The planted flowers and trees, the raised deer——I want to hear the sound of the flowers, because I fear that next year I will not be able to hear it——”

“Grandfather——” Song Tao’s eyes were red, raising his face so that tears do not flow down.

“It’s great to be able to survive this. But if I can’t, I still can leave calmly. It’s just that the matters of this country, I’m still a little worried about——”

“Grandfather is afraid they will shake the foundations of the country?”  

“Everyone thinks that if two tigers fight, one will get injured. However, they only know to pay attention to the tiger, but not what the tigers are fighting about. This is not wise.”

“Grandfather, what do you mean?”

“There are things that need to be settled. Causing an unnecessary ruckus, where is the grace?” Song Gudu gently sighed, his line of sight shifting to the plum blossom that he was rubbing in his hand.

Covered with ice, and red as blood——

When Li Muyang and Cui Meng returned to their room, Cui Meng looked as though his soul had been taken away.

“Li Mu, we had dinner with the young Miss, we had dinner with the young Miss ——”  

“My ancestral graves are emitting green smoke, otherwise how would I received such a huge blessing?”

“If I told this matter, all the servants of our Cui family will envy me——”

Li Muyang listening to Cui Meng chattering away at his ears, suddenly turned around and said loudly, “Where do we take a bath?”

“Bath?” Cui Meng exclaimed. “On this cold day ou still want to bath? It’s going to snow in a few days. In winter, it doesn’t matter if you just wash once at month. I used to only wash once in winter.”

“I’ve travelled a long journey today and my body is dusty. It will be a much more comfortable sleep after bathing.” Li Muyang smiled. In the illusion, he also had not bathed for many days. However, there was nothing he could do in those difficult situations. As long the conditions permit, he hopes to have a hot bath before he sleeps every day.

Li Muyang thought about what he had sent today and said aloud: “You sleep first, I’ll go out to have a look.”

“Alright. I’ll sleep.” Cui Meng said. Before even washing his face, he covered himself fully with a blanket, giggling foolishly to himself.

Li Muyang walked out of the courtyard, passed through the arches, and headed to the back of the mountain.  

Earlier today, he saw a lake of water deep in the mountains. The lake was giving off steam in the winter, and he could smell a sulfur taste from a distance.   

Li Muyang knew that it was extremely difficult to find hot springs. If soaked in such a hot spring, it can alleviate fatigue, as well as treat a variety of diseases.

Li Muyang searched around in the dark, and indeed found a lake hidden by thickets and rocky walls.

He scanned the surroundings and did not see any figures.

He quickly removed his clothes, folded them and placed them under a rock. Then he gently dipped into the hot spring, submerging his whole body into the warm water.

“Ahh.” Li Muyang couldn’t help but groan out loud. The feeling of hot spring water surrounding his body was too comfortable.

Every night Li Muyang must recite the ‘subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’ or soak himself in a bucket and practice ‘The art of traveling through clouds and summoning rain’ for a period of time.

Now that he was situated in the sacred Buddhist land, Li Muyang dared not take any risks. He was afraid of the old monks finding out.

So, now the bath was purely to clean himself

Li Muyang immersed himself in the hot spring, closing his eyes to think about what had happened today.

Thinking of the changes of Cui Xiaoxin, thinking of the changes of Li Shinian, and also thinking about his own changes.

As he was deep in thought, in the distance came subtle and chaotic whispers.  

“It’s dark and the road is slippery, Miss watch your step.”



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