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361 – Encounter at the hot spring!

Chapter 361: Encounter at the hot spring!


“Miss, I remember the hot spring was right here.” It was the voice of Taohong.

“Yes, I also saw there were steam rising.” It was the voice of Liulu. The voice of Liulu was gentler than Taohong’s, it sounded soft and quiet, like the voice of a doll. So it was easy for Li Muyang to distinguish their voices apart.

“Hot spring? Steam rising?”

Li Muyang’s eyes widened with a startled expression.

“Is this the place they’re looking for? How could that be? I have arrived at this hot spring first, and now have taken my clothes off. I won’t have time to get up——if they suddenly see a naked man jump up from the hot spring, they will scream pervert. The entire Thousand Buddha Temple will be alarmed.”

“If I make a noise they will run away in panic. This probably won’t work. However, if I do not tell them, then can I let Cui Xiaoxin undress and enter into the hot spring?I am very looking forward to such a scene, but if I am discovered it will cause no end of troubles. My identity would most likely be exposed——”

Li Muyang was suffering agonies of the mind as he quickly ran through various plans.

During his moment of hesitation, the sounds of the footsteps were already near the stone walls.

“You two girls speak softly, if people hear us, it will be bad.” Cui Xiaoxin indeed has a careful personality, even at this time she still dared not to draw attention.

“Miss, it’s is freezing, the others have already gone to sleep, how would someone know we’ve come out?”

“Yes, the other people do not have the clean and tidy habit of Miss, you cant sleep if you don’t bath at night——Miss, don’t worry we will be keeping watch, no one will disturb Miss.”

“Be careful too, what if you disturb the monks in the temple?” Cui Xiaoxin said with a smile.

“Yes yes. Miss tells us to whisper, we will whisper, Miss tells us to be silent we will be silent.” Taohong smiled.

The three people walked to the edge of the hot spring surrounded by rocks and trees, looking at the spring shrouded in mist and steam, and Taohong said thoughtfully: “Miss, I will test the water temperature for you first.”

As she spoke, she squatted down and dipped her hand into the hot spring.

After swirling her hand around for a while, she said aloud: “Miss, the water is slightly hot. The weather is getting colder, it can help with the cold.”

“Yes, the perfect time to soak in a hot spring is on a cold night.” Cui Xiaoxin was evidently very satisfied with the scene and atmosphere. “It would be even more beautiful if we could have snow falling now.”

Two servant girl immediately got busy, Liulu was responsible for standing guard at the intersection of the stone path, while Taohonh came to help the young miss take off her clothes.

Finally when there was only a white undergarment left, Cui Xiaoxin stopped Taohong.  

“Miss, there’s no one around, why don’t you take off the under garment, it will be more comfortable.” Taohong said, smiling. “I like to take off all my clothes when I’m in a bath, so I can enjoy myself.”

Cui Xiaoxin shook her head. “After all, it’s the wilderness. If something happens, I’m afraid it’ll be too late.”

Taohong was well aware of the personality of Young Miss and no longer tried to persuade her, she first searched around the hot spring and then stood in the water to help Cui Xiaoxin down.

Cui Xiaoxin’s body was slim, even if there was a light layer of clothing wrapped round her body, it still could not conceal the plump areas.

Her exposed neck and arms were whiter than snow, and made one have the impulse to take a bite.

Cui Xiaoxin immersed the whole body in the hot spring and could not help but gently groan



The coldness was gone, and the body was submerged in hot spring water. Carefree and warm, it made one feel drowsy.  

“Miss, it’s relaxing right? Taohong smiled.

“Yes.” Cui Xiaoxin gently replied. At this time, she lacked even the strength to talk.  

“I’m glad.” Said Taohong, smiling. “Unfortunately, I didn’t bring soap or petals, it would have given off a nice fragrance.”

Cui Xiaoxin gently smiled. “Hot spring is a medicinal spring. By itself, it has the effect of expelling coldness and moisture. Soaking in hot springs can improve the complexion. Such a beneficial hot spring, wouldn’t it be wasting natural resources to use soap and petals?”

“Miss knows so much.”

“Reading improves knowledge.” Cui Xiaoxin said. “That’s why I asked you to read a lot.”

“We have been reading a lot of books. But the brain of a servant is stupid. I forget it after I read it.”

“Then read it a few more times, the meaning will become clear when you read it many times.”

“Miss, not everyone is as smart as you.” Taohong crouched down by Cui Xiaoxin’s side. “Miss, do you want to wash your hair?”

“No, It’s so cold outside, it’s easy to get sick if you can’t dry your hair in time.”

“You’re right. I cannot let Miss catch a cold.” Taohong said, then after a moment she whispered, “Miss, why did you ask the cart driver whether he is Li Muyang today? Does he have something do with that Li Muyang?”

Xiaohong and Xiaolu were the personal servants of Cui Xiaoxin and knew of the reason why Miss and Miss Shinian were good friends. They knew as well as knew why Miss treats Li Muyang differently. When no one was there, Cui Xiaoxin would say something private stuff to them.

After all, these were words that should not be said in front of elders and close relatives.

In the corner, below the hot spring, was a crouching dark figure.

Li Muyang was hesitating, not knowing what to do when Cui Xiaoxin and her two servants were already close by.

With no time to think, he could only plunge into the bottom of the hot spring. His whole body was buried in the spring water.

He had only dived in, but was already choking and nearly fainted from the heat at the bottom and strong sulphur smell.

He slammed his eyes shut and hurriedly began reciting the ‘Lao Zi mind clearing mantra’. It was only after a while that he became more comfortable.

The hot spring was not big, but in order to give Cui Xiaoxin the space to bath, and to not let their body have any contact or collision, Li Muyang as far as possible, compressed his body, curling up into a ball and squatted at the bottom of the hot spring.

Li Muyang kept silent and held his breath, silently sensing the movement of the water.

He heard the dialogue between Cui Xiaoxin and Taohong. He heard Cui Xiaoxin undressing, and heard the sound of Cui Xiaoxin submerging into the water——

Because of the black dragon in his body, Li Muyang had fused with the Tear of the Dragon King, giving him a strong ability to survive under water.

It only took a moment’s effort for him to adapt to the underwater environment.

His breathing was normal, his heartbeat was normal, and when he opened his eyes underwater he could see the outline of everything clearly.

Of course, there was also a clear outline of Cui Xiaoxin’s body.

Her slender and long legs, her soft waist and her body lying there, like a lazy kitten.

The water seeped beneath her clothes until they ballooned around her, so there was an exposure of spring.

Cui Xiaoxin would never think that, although she had avoided the eyes above the water, there would be a pair of eyes underwater staring at her.

“Look at nothing that is not consistent with propriety.” Li Muyang quickly turned his eyes away.

How can a man withstand the temptation of a wet body?

However, if Li Muyang did not look, he would feel troubled, just like he had walked pass 100 gold coins on the floor——

“Just one look.” Li Muyang told himself so. “Yes, just one look. I won’t look again after this.”

After a glance, Li Muyang was a bit more troubled.

“Let’s take another look, since I’ve seen it already——”

When Taohong asked about what happened today, Li Muyang immediately concentrated his attention, seriously——looking at Cui Xiaoxin’s thigh.

When Cui Xiaoxin’s hands was subconsciously stirring the water, the layer of clothes covering her thigh was pushed away by the water, exposing her delicate fair skin.

Li Muyang quickly covered his nose, afraid of blood gushing out.

“For some reason, when I see the cart driver, there is a familiar feeling.” Cui Xiaoxin sighed softly. “As though I’ve seen him before.”

“Miss you have seen him before?”


“That’s strange.” Taohong said teasingly. “Perhaps all the Li family has the same characteristics? Or Miss has a special feeling for people of the Li family, so the Li family feels specially close?”

“You, even you dare tease me.”

“Miss——I your servant, I hope to serve Miss for a lifetime, I hope that Miss is happy everyday. Ever since Miss had returned to Tiandu, I noticed that Miss is not really happy. It seems that there is always an endless worry in your heart.”

Cui Xiaoxin sighed softly and then said, “I don’t know why. When I was in Jiangnan, although life was simpler, it was more relaxed and comfortable, I could read everyday, enjoy the scenery, and eat all kinds of food. There was no pressure in mind. Back to Tiandu, all sorts of troubles come naturally. There are many things that cannot be said and many people that I cannot see. Also—— ”

Cui Xiaoxin could not continue.

A long time ago, she knew that the Cui family and the song family’s jade tree were seeking a marriage arrangement. At that time she was far away in Jiangnan and could pretend that this matter does not exist.

But when she returned to Tiandu, the affair was instantly pulled to the front.

She couldn’t hide, she couldn’t avoid, and could only helplessly watch them push this matter to that step.

Family honorus, personal feelings, the association or confrontation with all kinds of people——

This was not the life she liked.

She loved the comfort of Jiangnan, and not the noisy Tiandu.

“Also what?” Liulu asked.

Liulu was sat on a rock at the entrance, and as she was talking her fingers inadvertently touched the bottom of the rock.

“Miss, someone placed some clothes under the rock——do you think thid person is stupid? Who would forget their clothes after a bath.  

After that, the three of them became stiff and frightened.



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