Chapter 362: Ghost-like nightingale!


The darkness of night was as black as ink and the cold wind cuts like knife.

The moon in the sky had disappeared, and except for the little lamp that they brought hanging in the treetops, everything around were engulfed in darkness. It was such a pitch black that they could not even see their hands in front.

An isolated peak, an old forest, and a hidden hot spring concealed between rocks and thickets.

Two girls were soaking in the hot spring, and a girl was sat crouching on a rock.

Looking up, all around were shadows, which appeared like ghosts.

A nightingale bird flew past overhead, producing miserable and sad cries, sending chills down one’s spine.  

Taohong scanned the surroundings, and studied the expression of the young miss, before saying angrily, “Liulu, what you are you saying? It must be an idiot that changed into clean clothes and forgot to bring the dirty clothes away——This must be some unwanted clothes. What’s so surprising about that?”

“Sister Xiaohong, I’m just saying——” Liulu looked wronged.

Taohong looked distracted for a moment. Liulu did not say that there are people around, this was what they were subconsciously thinking.  

“Miss——” Taohong looked to Cui Xiaoxin, whispering: “How about we go back first? We can come back tomorrow when there are bodyguards?”

Cui Xiaoxin’s expression grew serious, staying quiet and not saying a word.

Li Muyang’s heart was about to jump out his throat.

He thought he was luckily saved since it was dark and cold outside.

He thought that Cui Xiaoxin would certainly not dare to stay long in a place like this with two servant girls, and would hurriedly take a bath and hurry back to rest.

He did not expect Cui Xiaoxin to be braver than ordinary people, and even more did not expect Liulu to be coincidentally sitting on the rock that was pressing on his clothes.

All sorts of chance and coincidence collided together, becoming a big mistake.

Li Muyang did not dare move an inch, this was the moment that he needed to stay calm.

He was waiting for Cui Xiaoxin to make a decision.

Taohong and Liulu were also waiting for Cui Xiaoxin’s decision.

“Miss——” said Taohong, urging.

“Go back.” Cui Xiaoxin said aloud.

When she said these words, not only did she not feel relax, but more nervous and tenser than before.

She had a bad feeling. She felt that there was a pair of eyes hiding in the dark, peeping at her, watching her every move.

When she was soaking in the hot spring, the person could not see anything.

If she got up and dressed, she would expose herself.

This hot spring had become her safety barrier.  

“Liulu, clothes.” Taohong got out of the hot spring first to pull the young miss up.

Liulu brought over a set of clean clothes, standing by the edge waiting for the young miss to get up.


Taohong got out of the hotspring, her clothes soaked. There was no time to change into clean clothes, and when the cold wind blew she felt as though her body had froze.

“Miss, it is very cold, you need to change clothes.” Taohong said, teeth clattering, reminding Cui Xiaoxin.

Miss was wearing clothes as she got into the water, she naturally had to take off the wet clothes to replace with clean dry underwear. Otherwise, when the wind blows, even the clothes will freeze. Not to mention that if she wore these clothes back, her outer layers will also be soaked?

But how could Miss change her clothes in the situation that they might be being watched?

Cui Xiaoxin also thought of this problem, frowning tight she said aloud: “Go back and change.”

She could withstand the freezing coldness, but she cannot let her pure body to be seen.  

“Yes. Miss.” Taohong and Liulu had no better way, and could only pull Cui Xiaoxin up from the water with one of them standing on the right side and the other on the left.


It was another cry of a nightingale bird.

The voice was sorrowful, like a demon weeping.

Just as Cui Xiaoxin was getting out of the hot spring, she couldn’t help looking up when she heard the cry.

She noticed a dark shadow moving towards them, which looked like a bird from afar.

As the shadows grew nearer, the bird’s body also grew larger.

As big as a person.

It had a human body, human limbs, human head, and the facial features, but also human eyes——

Those bloodthirsty and mad eyes were like two blood-holes.

“Not a bird, it’s a person——” Cui Xiaoxin mumbled.

Then she cried out in shock, her voice piercing the stillness of the night.


She was in the pure land of Buddhism, where there were senior monks standing guard nearby. Cui Xiaoxin inevitably relaxed her vigilance.

So, she did not bring a bodyguard when she went out to bathe. Of course, bringing a guard was also quite inconvenient.

She quietly crept out of the temple, and came to the hot spring with only two servants.

She just wanted to take a bath before going back to rest, she did not want to disturb or alarm anyone.

But she did not think that, in such a short moment of time, she had given the assassin an opportunity.

Cui Xiaoxin screamed out in fright.

Taohong and Liulu heard the Young miss scream, and also looked up.

When they raised their head, the pitch-black, eagle-like assassin was right before their eyes.

Like a sudden clap of thunder, a flash of lightning, in the blink of an eye, the speed of the assassin was astonishing.

They did not have a master on their side, even if they were now shouting and screaming, by the time the bodyguards made their way over here, most likely that the young miss and her two servants, the three defenseless girls, would have been killed.

“Miss——” Liulu’s eyes shot wide open, want to tell Miss to run, but as though her throat was being blocked by an object, no matter how hard she tried no words came out.

“Help——” Taohong was more clever, while issuing a loud warning she used her body to shield Cui Xiaoxin. In any case, she could help the young miss block an attack, even if it was only one attack, perhaps it would give the young miss a chance to survive?


The shadow was almost within reach, stretching out with a triangular black fork in his right hand.

The fork was long and slender, the three blades were incomparably sharp, flashing a terrifying dark light, and giving an oppressive feeling that it can pierce through all things in the world.

“Going to die?” Cui Xiaoxin said to herself.

“Going to die——” Cui Xiaoxin said to herself.

It was too late to have other thoughts, it was the only thought she could preserve.

Perhaps, life would end just like that?


The shadow knocked Taohong, who was blocking in front, flying and then the triangular fork thrusted towards Cui Xiaoxin’s chest.


The crisp sound of flesh being pierced could be heard.



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