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363 – Looking for her saviour!

Chapter 363: Looking for her saviour!


Fresh blood trickled down from the palm.

The blood dripped into the hot spring and disappeared without a trace in an instant.

At the most dangerous moment, when Cui Xiaoxin was on the verge of death, her chest was about to be pierced with a hole or rather three holes, suddenly from under the pool a black figure jumped, directly greeting the black fork with his flesh and blood–

No one thought that a person would spring up from the bottom of the hot spring. No one thought that, there would be a person hiding under the hot spring.

Cui Xiaoxin also didn’t.

If she did, she would have already jumped out the hot spring. Would she have been relaxedly soaking in the hot spring up till now?

When Liulu found the clothes under the rock, the three of them thought that someone was peeping around. What they did not know is that the man was not hiding behind the rocks or in the bushes, but directly under the hot spring——Luckily the sky was dark, the hot spring was misty, and nothing could be seen.

It’s just that, it’s even more frightening to think of yourself bathing with a man hiding around, than being suddenly attacked by an assassin.

The assassin was even more frightened.

Almost frightened to death.

The assassin had tailed behind all the way to here before finally finding the spot to prepare for an attack. Just as success was within reach, a man had leapt out from under the hot spring, breaking the assassin’s killing move and blocking the trident.

“Was this a bloody ambush?” The assassin thought.

“Could it be that they have discovered my presence, so set up this ambush to give me a taste of my own medicine, purposely lured me to attack and then launch a fatal blow——These people are very evil.”

Cui Xiaoxin wanted to turn her head round to take a look.

However, her body seemed to be drained of strength.

Her neck was stiff as iron, and even if her mind wanted to turn around her head wouldn’t listen at all.

She was staring fixedly at the trident that had been inserted into someone’s palm, and the blood dripping into the hot spring.  

“A familiar scene——” Cui Xiaoxin thought in her mind. “A scene I will never forget.”

The assassin’s glared at the figure that sprang from under the hot spring with his blood red eyes.

The man who jumped out of the hot spring was also firmly staring at the assassin who was trying to go further.

The trident was still thrusting forward, trying to pierce through the palm of Li Muyang’s and into Cui Xiaoxin’s chest.

How would Li Muyang let him get his way?

He would rather have his palm be stabbed through than to let the assassin hurt a patch of Cui Xiaoxin’s skin.

The assassin tried several times, and finally gave up.  

He came to find that the guy who was lying in ambush under the hot spring was incredibly powerful. It may take a lot of time if he wanted to forcibly carry out his assassination.


His body flew off like a huge bird.

At the same time as he left, the trident was finally yanked out of Li Muyang’s palm.

The assassin came at an extremely fast speed, but was even faster when he left.

The body flashed in the dark sky and disappeared without a trace.

Once an assassination fails, escape thousands of miles away. This was the rule of the assassin world.

Cui Xiaoxin, as though have been depleted of strength, lher egs went weak and her body fell into the water with a ‘thump’.

By the time she thought of something, she had exhausted her strength to get up from the hot spring to find her saviour. At that time, she realised he had gone far away, as if he had never came.

Left behind, was only the thick stench of blood.

“Taohong——Taohong——” Cui Xiaoxin shouted.

Taohong did not answer; she had been struck by the assassin and had not regained consciousness.


“Miss, I am here——I am here——”

Liulu finally reacted, got from the ground, whimpering: “Miss, are you okay? Miss, are you hurt?”  

“I’m fine. I’m fine.” Cui Xiaoxin desperately shook her head, grasping Liulu’s arm and asking, “Taohong? Where’s Taohong? Is she okay?”

“I don’t know.” Liulu shook her head. “I was pushed by a strong force and fell to the ground. I don’t know where Taohong had been pushed to.”

Swoosh swoosh swoosh——

Several figures were flying toward this side.

“Miss Xiaxoin, are you all right?” Cui Xiaoxin’s bodyguards asked in a loud voice.   

“Amitabha Buddha, has Miss Xiaoxin been wounded? Someone dares commit such malicious acts in the pure land of Buddhism, my Thousand Buddha Temple will chase the culprit down and give an explanation to Miss Xiaoxin——”  

“I’m all right.” Cui Xiaoxin said with a trembling voice. “

With the help of Liulu, Cui Xiaoxin got out of the hot spring.

The crowd, carrying lanterns, searched around and found Taohong unconscious in the bushes.  

A bodyguard went over to check her breathing, Taohong slowly awakened, then cried out loud: “Miss——where is Miss?”

“Taohong, I’m all right.” Cui Xiaoxin clenched Taohong’s hand, eyes welled with tears. At such a critical moment, she saw a faithful servant sacrificing her life for her.  

The first thing that Taohong did as soon as she regained consciousness was to ask about her safety; to have a servant like her was very touching.

“Miss, I thought you were going to die——” said Taohong, hugging Cui Xiaoxin and crying.


In charge of the safety of Cui Xiaoxin for this trip, Cui family’s bodyguard Cui Yu knelt on the ground.

He knocked his head heavily against the ground, “I made Miss feel frightened, Cui Yu deserves to die. Please punish me heavily Miss.”


Many of the bodyguards dropped to their knees.

“We made Miss feel frightened, we deserve to die. Please punish heavily Miss.”

Cui Xiaoxin glanced at them and said, “Get up. Block off the front and back courtyards.”

“Miss——” Cui Yu’s expression went slightly stiff. The assassin’s attack had failed, he naturally had gone far away. What is the use in blocking off the front and back courtyard? “

“Do as I told you.” Cui Xiaoxin was frightened and cold. Wearing a wet layer of clothing with an arctic fox robe draped over her, she was shuddering uncontrollably. “

“Yes.” I will block off the front and back courtyard.” Cui Yu got up, motioned with his hand and many bodyguards followed after him into the distance.  

Several patrolling night monks and monk Fa De walked over, deeply bowed to Cui Xioaxin with hands held in front: “Miss Xiaxoin had to encounter such a dangerous matter, please forgive Thousand Buddha Temple of being a bad host and us for not fulfilling our protection duties. We will report to Priest later and will punish ourselves.”

“I was reckless, it has nothing to do with master. Can I ask Masters to help find the culprit and to find some clues.” Cui Xiaoxin asked.

“Yes.” Monk Fa De’s face was crossed with a rare angry look as he said, “Someone dares commit crime in the Thousand Buddha Temple, do they take our Buddhism as nothing? This matter will not be left at that.”

Cui Xiaoxin bowed her thanks, and with the support of Taohong and Liulu she hurriedly went back to change.

If she stayed any longer, even if the assassination had failed she would have froze to death on this cold night——

Bang bang bang——

A bodyguard slammed the door hard with his fist.

The door was tightly closed and no one answered.  

“Knock again.” The stubborn voice of a girl sounded.

Bang bang bang——

The bodyguard gritted his teeth, beating the door even harder.


The door of the room was pulled open from the inside, and Li Muyang, who was sleepy and dazed, looked at the crowd standing at the door carrying lanterns, and asked aloud, “What’s the matter? Why are you still awake at this time?”

“Li Mu, why did it take you that long to open the door?” Li Shinian purposely said with a sullen face.

“Miss——I was sleeping soundly and couldn’t hear a knock on the door.”

“Hmph.” Li Shinian said coldly. “Somebody wants to assassinate my Sister Xiaxoin, we are——”

She was worried that Li Muyang did not understand the whole story and tried to explain in a few words.

Li Muyang suddenly exclaimed, “I didn’t do it, Miss. I didn’t do anything. Today I was tired and fell asleep early.”

“Of course we know you didn’t do it, you look sickly——you can’t even kill a chicken? But don’t worry, we’re not looking for the culprit, we’re looking for Sister Xiaoxin’s saviour.”

“Li Mu open out your hand.” Cui Xiaoxin looked at Li Muyang with a piercing glance.

“Yes.” Li Mu dared not refuse, hastily putting his open palm in front of Cui Xiaoxin.

A sword-wielding bodyguard moved the lantern closer, only to see that Li Muyang’s palm was smooth and rosy, with not a trace of a wound.

“The other hand.” Cui Xiaoxin did not give up, and asked again.

Li Muyang did not say anything and spread open the other hand in front of Cui Xiaoxin.

Cui Xiaoxin examined his hand carefully, and found that there was also no wounds on his left hand.

“Not you——” Cui Xiaoxin mumbled.

“Miss Xiaxoin, it really is not me. I have done nothing——” Li Muyang explained.

“Idiot. It would be a good thing if it was you.” Li Shinian snapped.

Cui Xiaoxin glanced at the back of the room, where Cui Meng was still in deep sleep, and occasionally there was a loud snoring sound.

“Wake him up.” Cui Xiaoxin said.

A bodyguard rushed into the room, lifted up Cui Meng like a dead pig and threw him in front of Cui Xiaoxin.

Cui Meng’s eyes shot open, when he saw the flames swaying in front and the shadows of swords, he suddenly turned pale with fright and sank to his knees in front of Cui Xiaoxin, crying: “Miss spare me, Miss spare me——Miss, I didn’t do anything. Accused, Miss I am being accused worngly.”

“Cui Meng, when did you go to sleep?” Cui Xiaoxin asked coldly.

“I——” Cui Meng thought for a moment, before he answered, “I went to bed after I had eaten.”

Cui Xiaoxin pointed to Li Muyang, asking loudly: “You two went to sleep the same time?”

Cui Meng shook his head. “No. Li Mu said to find a place to bathe, I went to bed first——”




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