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366 – Walking on thin ice!

Chapter 366: Walking on thin ice!


“Are you going to marry the young miss of your family?” Cui Meng suddenly asked. The words were startling and could cause outrage.  

“How is that possible?” Li Muyang had known he would ask such a question, so he didn’t feel surprised at all. “The young miss of my family is beautiful like an angel, how can a cart driver wish to marry her?”

“But I just saw——”

“We are relatives.” Li Muyang continued to explain. “We have been playing together since young.”

“I see.” Cui Meng was suddenly in a cheerful mood. He could not marry the Miss of his family, but Li Mu also cannot marry the Miss of their family. The world is so fair and lovely. “I thought you were in love with your Miss. It frightened me to see you two holding hands——but our Miss won’t be holding hands with other men, she does not even hold hands with her older brother.”

“The young miss of your family is too cold.”

“No. The young miss of our family is well educated and a model of propriety.”

Li Muyang smiled coldly, “You mean that the Miss of my family is not well educated and a model of propriety? Looks like I’m going have to ask the Miss of your family if she thinks the same thing about our Miss.”

Cui Meng looked terrified, jumped from the bed, crying: ‘Li Mu, I did not mean that, I really did not mean that——I meant that our family’s Miss is a graceful girl of noble birth, while your family’s Miss is a pretty girl of humble birth. A graceful girl from a noble family has its own good, while a pretty girl from a humble family also has its own good. I also like your family’s Miss, I think she is smart and cute, and also amiable, we all like Miss Shinian very much——”  

Li Muyang looked at Cui Meng, saying, “Is that so?”

“It is the truth.”

“Then I’ll note this down for now. If you dare speak nonsense again, or say something that I don’t like——I’ll tell the two young Miss what you just said and ask them to judge.”

“I don’t dare to, I don’t dare to——” Cui Meng laughed foolishly.

Now that Li Muyang had taught Cui Meng a lesson, he did not have the interest to talk to him any more. He pulled the blanket and snuggled deep in the blanket on the small bed next to him.

Sniffing the heavy ‘cattle do not gnaw’ grass smell on him, Li Muyang felt kind of nauseated.

If he had known earlier, he would not have gone to the hot spring. The more he washed the dirtier he was, then it is better not to bath.

Then on another thought, it was better he went, otherwise there was no way he could save Cui Xiaoxin.

If Cui Xiaoxin had been killed by the assassin tonight and could not do anything, then he most likely would regret it his entire life?

With that thought, Li Muyang went to sleep peacefully.

Cui Meng secretly glanced at Li Muyang who was sleeping peacefully with half-shut eyes, then also closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Li Muyang was awakened by the strong light pouring through the window, opened his eyes to a bright light room that almost blinded him.

The heavy snow last night had stopped, leaving the White cloud mountain covered with snow, like an ethereal world of ice sculptures.

Cui Meng was soundly asleep, still making loud snoring sounds.

Li Muyang quietly got up, drew a tub of ice water to wash his face, and then stretched his body in the courtyard.

In order to conceal his identity, he could not practice ‘The art of the breaking body’, or the ‘Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery’, but also could not practice his calligraphy and painting skills——a cart driver will not have so many skills.

Li Muyang walked a few laps around the courtyard when he saw a monk picking up a broom to clear the snow in the distance. Li Muyang also took a broom to help.

The two monks gave him a friendly smile, without saying anything, and the three people soon cleared the snow in the back courtyard.

The two monks evidently had some cultivation foundation, while clearing the snow their face was not red nor were they gasping for breath, and there was not a bead of sweat on their clear and smooth forehead.  

Li Muyang, in order to perfect his disguise, deliberately wiped some snow on his forehead to melt into beads of sweat. “So tired after doing a little work, it seems that my body is getting worse.”

A little monk looked at Li Muyang’s sallow face, saying: “Benefactor does not look too good, do you have an illness?”

“I have a bad liver.” Li Muyang said, clutching his chest.

“You should abstain from alcohol, drink as little as possible. And should pay attention to rest, you must not exhaust yourself.”

“Thank you, Master.” Li Muyang bowed his thanks.  

“I am called Wuliang.” The enthusiastic monk smiled. “This is my Senior brother Wuyan.”

“Nice to meet you two.” Li Muyang bowed to Monk Wuyan.  

Cui Xiaoxin was standing on a higher-level platform admiring the snowy landscape, and watching Li Muyang and the two monks sweeping the snow for a while. When Li Muyang looked, nodded at him, and then turned toward the front courtyard.

Li Muyang inwardly breathed a sigh of relief, while he was sweeping the snow he had already sensed that someone was watching him and had to pretend it was a strenuous job.

Waiting until Cui Xiaoxin quietly left without saying anything, Li Muyang felt somewhat disappointed.

Li Shinian’s eyes were indeed sharp, with one glimpse she had saw through his psychological changes at that moment.

He wanted to use his real identity to see Cui Xiaoxin again, but in the face of reality he could only over up the truth.  

“I can only conceal my identity.” Li Muyang heavily breathed out a long sigh. Ever since he had stepped in to Tiandu, every step was as if walking on thin ice, extremely dangerous.

Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian had planned to stay in White Cloud Mountain for several days, but because of the assassination attack, the Cui family was extremely nervous and had sent skilled masters over to protect Cui Xiaoxin. The grandfather of the Cui family, Cui Xichen, had personally issued an order that in any case must bring Cui Xiaoxin safely back to Tiandu.

Heart Buddha Ning Xinhai personally led the elites of the Cui family to come collect Cui Xiaoxin home.

Cui Xiaoxin originally wanted to stay for a few more days, which she had decided with Li Shinian when they got here. But if they do not go back, the family in Tiandu must be worried and the people of the Thousand Buddha Temple will be anxious, having to be vigilant and protecting her at all times. Since it was troublesome to both sides, it will be better for her to go back to free others from suffering.  

Li Shinian came to pray for her Brother, and now that her big brother had returned the night before, there was no meaning for her to stay any longer in Thousand Buddha Temple. Moreover, the monks were trying to convert her to Buddhism. Li Shinian now even more wanted to hurry back to Tiandu than Cui Xiaoxin; she couldn’t stay in Thousand Buddha temple any longer.

Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian, after a discussion, decided to go back after the meal.

Li Muyang after eating carried Snowball to meet up with the rest of the troops.

Li Muyang had met Heart Buddha Ning Xinhai before, and was well aware of his powerful strength and astonishing eyesight. There was a possibility of him being able to see through his identity. Li Muyang deliberately acted low-key, hiding behind a group of cart drivers and servants.  

He wanted to keep a low profile, but Snowball was far from low-key.

Maybe due to the fact that he had been trapped in the cage for too long, today Snowball was very restless.

Stretching his body, drilled out of the cage that Li Shinian had prepared.

His snow-white body leaped in the air, and seeing the world of snow and ice outside as well as the gathering of rich water elements, Snowball opened his mouth and began inhaling madly.


The treetops, stonewalls, and the large amount of snow on the ground gathered towards the place where Snowball was, and immediately crowded around and wrapping him within.

Snowball really became a truly large snowball.

Terrified, Li Muyang at once rushed over to smash the accumulating snow, and then held Snowball in his arms.

Snowball seemed upset, cast a resentful glance at Li Muyang, and then spat out saliva non stop.

For skilled masters, not the slightest movement in the surroundings can escape their eyes and ears.

The movement that Snowball had created naturally alarmed Heart Buddha and other people. He looked over in the direction of Li Muyang, his gaze fixed on Snowball in Li Muyang’s arms.

Li Muyang’s heart pounded violently, must not let him realise that Snowball is the Weak water, must not let him know the true identity of Snowball. If the identity of Snowball is exposed, it is estimated that it will be more shocking and bring about an uproar than the incident of Li Muyang’s identity being exposed——

The heart of the weak water was a magical weapon that everyone hopes to possess. The appearance of the heart of the weak water in Tiandu would most likely bring the cultivators of the whole divine continent of flocking there?

The more you worry about a matter, the more likely it will happen.

Heart Buddha Ning Xinhai gave a cupped fist salute to Li Muyang and said: “Come over.”

Li Muyang dared not disobey, stooped low and walked over with Snowball in his arms.

Heart Buddha Ning Xinhai from a close distance seriously studied Snowball in the arms of Li Muyang, then after a long while asked, “What is this? How come I’ve never seen something like this before?”

“This is a rabbit. A Flying Rabbit——” said Cui Meng with a smile. Since he was also a person of the Cui family, he naturally knew that Ning Xinhai occupied a unique status in the Cui family. Since Butler Ning Xinhai had directly asked a question, he could make himself known to him by standing forward to answer, right?

Nin Xinghai swept a glance over Cui Meng, saying in a cold voice, “Am I asking you?”

Terrified, Cui Meng bowed his head submissively and stepped back.

Li Muyang dared not look up, like a real cart driver, and said humbly: “This is a Flying rabbit. A relatively rare breed of rabbit——”

“Flying Rabbit?” Ning Xinhai furrowed his brows, deep in thought. After a while, shook his head and said, “Where did you get it?”

“This——was discovered by Governor Lu as he passed through Flower language plains. He saw that it was really cute, so ordered people to capture it as a gift to our family’s Miss.” Li Muyang’s mind moved quickly, pushing the discovery of Snowball over to Lu Qingming. Even if Ning Xinhai had some status in the Cui family, he wouldn’t have the courage to run over to the Lu mansion to ask Governor Lu where he got the rabbit, right?”

As expected, Ning Xinhai’s expression eased a little: “So it is a special species discovered in Flower language plains. I have long heard of the vast mysteries of the Flower language plains, there are countless rare treasures and strange beasts, I must go take a look when I have the time.”

Li Muyang bowed his head and did not say anything else, this was not a conversation that he could continue as a servant.

“Can you let me hold it?” Ning Xinhai reached out his hands, asking with a smile.

Li Muyang refused to give, also dared not to give.

If this silly Snowball was ignorant of the seriousness and spat out a bubble at Ning Xinhai, then those splitting bubbles will naturally arouse the attention of Master Ning Xinhai.

At that time, even if he said again that Snowball is a special species of rabbit, Ning Xinhai most likely will not believe him, right?

“He is shy.” Li Muyang said, lowering his head.

“He will get familiar after a hug.” Ning Xinhai smiled. “What? Are you afraid I won’t give it back to you?”

“I don’t dare——”

“Then let me see.” Ning Xinhai stubbornly stretched out his hand, the smile on the face disappeared. “I like to see what is so rare about this flying rabbit, so much so that you will not let go of it——”



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