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368 – Assassin reappears!

Chapter 368: Assassin reappears!


Carts traveled through the wilderness, snow covered the mountain paths.

It was rare to see a person, though there were occasionally snow hares and pheasants jumping between the bushes. It added a little bit of joy to this group of travelers.

The public path had been flooded by the blizzard last night, and they could only rely on the superficial outline of the path and the path created by the mounted scouts in front.

The road was steep and slippery, and it was extremely inconvenient to walk in.

Ning Xinhai had persuaded Cui Xiaoxin several times to summon the hummingbirds to let carry her back to Tiandu. But Cui Xiaoxin refused, hoping to enjoy this ethereal world after the snow.

Ning Xinhai, without any other choice, had to send more mounted scouts around, while he and a number of Cui family bodyguards raised their vigilance to protect the young lady….

Last night’s assassin had not been caught, and probably wouldn’t be found for a while. Since the assassination had failed, who knows whether they will make a reckless move and run into danger?

Cui Xiaoxin was holding a hand warmer, while Li Shinian was holding Snowball to warm her hands.  

Cui Xiaoxin looked at Snowball, asking: “This is a flying rabbit?”

“Yes” Li Shinian nodded. “I heard that it was captured from the Flower language plains.”

“The Lu family is very nice to you. They treat you like their own daughter.” Cui Xiaoxin said with a smile. “

“Yes.” Li Shinian nodded. “Uncle Lu and Aunt Lu are very kind to me. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I’m their daughter.”

“Do you know the daughter of the Lu family, Miss Lu Qiji?”

“I don’t know.” Li Shinian shook her head. “I heard that she went to Starry Sky Academy to study. By the time I arrived at the Lu mansion, she had left already.””

“Intelligent and icy cold, like a celestial being. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

“More beautiful than Sister Xiaxoin?” Li Shinian asked with a smile.

“A lot better than I am.”

“I don’t believe it.” Li Shinian shook her head. “They say that among the three bright moons of the kingdom, Lu Qiji is cool and elegant, Song Chenxi is delicate and the most sweet tempered is of course our Sister Xixoin. However, no matter what they say, in my heart Sister Xiaoxin is the most beautiful.”

“Before it is the three bright moons, but now there is a fourth bright moon. On innocence, it is Li Shinian.” Cui Xiaxoin joked. “Your fame is not any weaker than ours now.”

“The nosy people are babbling nonsense.” Li Shinian shook her head and said: “There are people who have praised me, but there are more people that have scolded me. I know. All three of you are of noble birth and from a wealthy family. But those people put us all together, wouldn’t people scold me? It makes me furious.”

“People that slander have evil intentions. Everyone is aware of your beauty, you deserve to become a bright moon of Tiandu.”

Li Shinian shook her head. “I do not want to be a bright moon, I want to be a little star by the Moon.”

“Shinian why undervalue yourself, your personality is most lovable.”

“Of course. Even the big monks want to trick me into their temple. This proves that I am also very amazing.” Li Shinian nodded.

The two people looked at one another and burst into laughter.

Burning incense and sipping tea, conversing with a close friend and admiring the boundless snow. These were all elegant matters.

Li Muyang did not receive as good treatment as Li Shinian and Cui Xiaoxin. Just like when he came, he was still sitting in Cui Meng’s cart.

The carriage was filled up with goods and he could not go in to avoid the wind and snow.

He had no choice but to sit in the front of the carriage with Cui Meng, facing the cold wind, and snow falling above. He was sitting on a cart that was sliding from time to time and may be overturned at any moment back to Tiandu.

Cui Meng although tall and strong, but his face had turned purple red from the freezing temperatures, teeth chattering.  

Li Muyang possessed profound cultivation, and was obviously unafraid of this cold. But he had to let others see that he was afraid.

So, when Cui Meng’s face turned purple-red, he used his inner strength to make his face turn purple-red.

When Cui Meng was chattering his teeth, he also imitated him, incessantly grinding his teeth.

Fighting the wind and cold was not tiring, but acting was exhausting.  

Fortunately Cui Xiaoxin was kind-hearted and rewarded everyone with a bottle of bamboo leaf liquor. As the strong alcoholic drink entered the throat, their frozen and stiff body felt a little warmer.  

“Our Miss——“ Cui Meng belched, his eyes red as he continued, “is very kind. Whoever gets to marry our Miss is extremely fortunate.”

Li Muyang took a sip of the wine, nodding: “You’re right.”

“Hey, your family’s Miss is too.” “

“You really have good taste.”

“Li Mu, you really have guts, you even dare to provoke Butler Ning. Do you know that Butler Ning is a powerful figure in the Cui household. He can hit and scold the bodyguards of the Cui family as he likes, whoever sees him will hide away ——— He is extremely fond of Miss Xiaoxin, he has followed Miss to Jiangnan for many years. Miss Xiaoxin also trusts him very much. Now that you have angered him, would you have any good fruit to eat?”

“That doesn’t allow him to take away my stuff.” Li Muyang said loudly.

“Hey, if he wants it, can you hold onto it?”

“I can hold onto it.” Li Muyang stated.

“Hey——” Cui Meng lifted the wine by the neck. “You are different from others after all. We are all cart drivers, we will be scolded or punished for a slight transgression. While you, Li Mu, is leisurely and carefree all day long, you do not have do care about anything, and the two Miss speaks to you in a soft and polite voice. How do you look like a cart driver? You’re more like a master.”

Li Muyang smiled and said, “It because I take care of the rabbit, and I saved the life of Miss Xiaoxin? A person needs to have good fortune to have a good life. You don’t have a good life.”

“You’re right.” Cui Meng flung his wrist, whipping the horseback, and the steed pulled the carriage madly forward.

The carriage wheels rumbled, pressing on the soft snow and producing crunching sounds.

As the carriage went away into the distance, the silhouette blurred, and a white figure appeared on the edge of the roadside.

He looked to the direction of Tiandu, a bloodthirsty light flashing in his red eyes.



As the snow was getting heavier, the motorcade had to slow down. Sometimes seeing the beautiful scenery, Cui Xiaoxin and Li Shinian got off to see and play.

Walking and stopping, it was dark when they arrived at the Tiandu’s city gate.

Cui Xiaoxin let the carraige return first, while she personally took Li Shinian back home.  

Ning Xinhai hesitated for a moment, and then ordered everyone else to leave. He personally served as a cart driver to send the two Miss home.

As Li Muyang said goodbye to Cui Meng, Cui Meng asked when Li Muyang would buy him a drink. He still remembered the thing that Li Muyang had promised. Li Muyang thought for a moment and remembered that Lu Xingkong’s birthday was soon, and he probably wouldn’t be going back to school in these few days. He answered in these two day, saying that he could not act as he pleased.

Cui Meng nodded. “Indeed. We have to go with our master’s time. The master wants to use the carriage and we have to hurry and come over.”

Li Muyang patted him on the shoulder, and then followed the carriage back to the Lu mansion.

At the entrance to the Lu mansion, Li Shinian and Cui Xiaoxin were reluctant to part, and finally agreed to see each other again in a few days.

After the carriage left, Li Muyang and Li Shinian returned to the courtyard where their family resides in.

Li Shinian closed the courtyard door, and immediately seemed to be brought back to life, holding Li Muyang by the arm. “Brother, tell me quickly, what happened between you and Sister Xiaoxin?”

“Can’t hold yourself back any longer?” Li Muyang asked with a smile.

“Tell me quickly, how did you save Sister Xiaoxin? What did you see under the hot spring?”

“I forgot.” Li Muyang said, raising his head.

“I’ll bite you.” Li Shinian pounced over at Li Muyang.

Li Muyang hurriedly ran away, Li Shinian madly chased after behind. They resumed the life that they had at Jiangnan.

Luo Qi heard her children’s voices and at once came out to greet them.  

Seeing Li Muyang’s rosy face, she thought that he was freezing, and hurriedly brought a cotton-padded coat out to give to Li Muyang, “Muyang, hurry put this on. Such cold weather, you should have stayed in Thousand Buddha temple for another few days, why hurry back here?”

“Mother, I’m not cold.” Li Muyang received the coat and said with a smile. Although his body had long improved and could endure the cold more than ordinary people, his mother still treated him as a patient.  

Li Shinian’s little face was red, saying irritably, “He is not cold, I am cold. Mother, why didn’t you think of giving me clothes?”

“You’ve been sturdy since you were a kid, and I couldn’t even stop you from playing in a heavy snow. Now that you’ve grown up, you become aware of the cold?”

“You value the male child only.”

“Do you want me to rip your mouth off.” Luo Qi smiled and was about to pull Li Shinian’s face, when she hurriedly fled away.

“It’s good to see you two back. I have made a pot of ginseng soup, you both go have a bowl to warm yourself up——”

“Mum, haven’t we finished the ginseng already ?”

“Your Aunt Gongsun sent over a big box, its enough for a year’s use.”

“Aunt Gongsun just wants to thank Brother for saving uncle Lu.”

“What are you saying?” Luo Qi looked at Li Muyang with a complex gaze. “Has Aunt Gongsun ever treated us bad before? When has she ever treated us as outsiders?”

“Yes yes yes. I’m just saying, why are you angry? Mother, I realised that ever since brother has returned, you don’t like anything I do——”

“What nonsense is this child talking about now?” Luo Qi took off her coat to drape over Li Shinian’s shoulder. “Hurry come in the house or you’ll catch a cold.”


The Lu mansion’s plum garden.

Lu Xingkong was reading a document, when the old housekeeper came in with a pot of tea.

He poured away the cup of cold tea on Lu Xingkong’s desk and brewed a cup of hot tea, placing it right beside the old man.

“Say what you want to say, you don’t need to do this.” Lu Xingkong swept a glance at the old housekeeper.

The old housekeeper’s mouth widened into a grim. “I can’t hide anything from you. Young master Muyang is back, you don’t want to see him? Can you really bear not to see him?”

Lu Xingkong set down the document in his hands, took the cup of tea and did not say a word.

After a long while he then responded, “Then, let’s see him.””



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