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369 – The head of the Lu family!

Chapter 369: The head of the Lu family!


After drinking the chicken soup and finishing the meat pastry, Li Muyang did not even have the time to burp, when Luo Qi had already deftly packed the leftovers and placed the washed fruit and the warm plum wine on the windowsill edge.  

She seated Li Muyang, who wanted to help clean up, on a chair and said, “Come and have a few drinks with your father. Your father had always said that his son had grown up but before he had the time to have a drink with you, you had already gone away to study. We didn’t know when we could see you again. I was hoping you’d come back to celebrate the new year, and all of a sudden such news came——”  

Luo Qi’s eyes were teary and red when she continued, “If you didn’t come back, he would not even have the chance to have a drink with you.”

Li Yan frowned and said in a low voice, “Today is a good day, what are you saying? Son is back now isn’t he?”

“Yes, isn’t my brother right there? Those that say my brother cannot return has ulterior motives, my brother is alive and healthy——” Li Shinian chimed in.

Luo Qi shot a glare at the father and daughter, “I’m just sighing. I am just glad that your brother came back after much difficulty.”

“Glad yet you’re still crying?”

“You little girl, can I not say anything?”

Li Muyang was very enjoying this warm scene, Li Shinian and mother Luo Qi were quarrelling just like when they were in Jiangnan City.

Having been living away from him, he missed every tree and every bush very much. Even in the past, his nagging mother, at this time also sounded similar to the sounds of nature.

Picking up the bottle of wine in the warm water, he poured a cup of plum wine for Father Li Yan and also one for himself, “Father, I offer you a toast. I made you worry.”

“What are you saying?” Li Yan was not very talkative, usually only serve others silently without expecting anything in return and never said any caring words. However, in the years of Li Muyang’s illness, countless times when he opened his eyes in a daze, he saw the tall figure extremely busy. He would not cry, would not complain, and even rarely said a word, but in his own practical actions expressed his love for Li Muyang.

When this man was around, Li Muyang can really feel at ease. He knew that his father would not let anything bad happen to him.

Li Yan held up the wine cup, and the father and son heavily brought the cups of wine together.

Li Yan raised his head and drank the wine in one gulp, and so did Li Muyang.

They exchanged a smile, passing on their feelings.

The bottle of plum wine was only drank half, and the father and son had not enjoyed themselves to the full, when there was a knock on the door.

Luo Qi nudged Li Shinian, Li Shinian rolled her eyes, put down the orange in her hands and run to open the door.

“People say girls are spoiled, but its windy and snowy outside and you’re not afraid of me catching a cold?” Li Shinian while running to the door, turned to complain to her mother.  

“Would you freeze with a few steps?” Luo Qi wanted to rush over to pull this girl’s mouth. “Hurry open the door, don’t let others wait that long.””

“Hmph, Brother should be doing this sort of thing.”

“Can’t you see he’s drinking?”

“Can’t you see I’m eating oranges?”

Li Shinian was complaining, while walking towards the outside.

Soon, a voice sounded from outside the courtyard.

Luo Qi listened carefully, and stood up at once, urging Li Yan, “Li Yan, come out to greet——Uncle Lu is here.”

Uncle Lu also has the surname Lu, and had been following Lu Xingkong around for many years. He was the housekeeper of the Lu family, and the all the matters of the Lu household was managed by him. Later, as he got older, he chose the younger and more able people to deal with these matters, while he retreated to the second line and only served Lu Xingkong.

But all the people of the front and back courtyard of the Lu household had great respect for this old man. Including Lu Qingming and Gongsun Yu. The Master and the lady of the household also address him as Uncle.

The old man usually only served the Grandfather of the Lu household, so for him to directly come to his door was not ordinary at all.

Li Yan Big looked very surprised, having been in the Lu household for so long he knew well that Uncle Lu actually many times represent the Grandfather of the Lu household. The arrival of the Uncle Lu was like the arrival of the Head of the Lu family.

Although their family was well cared for by Lu Qingming and Gongsun Yu, the Grandfather had never had any contact with them. This legendary person was not accessible to ordinary people.   

As a result, the couple walked swiftly towards the door to greet him.

Uncle Lu was talking to Li Shinian, and the elderly seemed to really like Li Shinian, he said with a smile: “Miss Shinian is more and more beautiful, and also taller, they say that the water and soil in Jiangnan is good, but it seems that the water in Tiandu is also pretty good——”

“Grandfather Lu, the water and soil of Tiandu are certainly good. Otherwise, how would there be a great beauty like Sister Qiji?” Li Shinian said with an innocent looking face. Ever since coming to Tiandu, she had become accustomed to meeting and sending off guest, even more comfortable than it was to Father Li Yan mother Luo Qi.

Uncle Lu laughed, “You call me Lu Grandpa, and also call the Master of the household Grandfather Lu——How do you distinguish between the two?”

“Then I will call you little Grandfather Lu, and call the head of the Lu household Big Grandfather Lu?”

“How do you know the head of the household is older than me?”

Li Shinian leaned her head closer to uncle Lu, lowering her voice to a whisper: “I can tell from the facial features.”

Uncle Lu laughed heartily once again, fully satisfied with the answer.

Lu Qingming possessed profound cultivation, and had long reached the Withering Glory realm. He had recovered his youthful appearance, and did not look old at all. Based on appearance, Lu Xingkong and Lu Qingming looked roughly the same age.

However, Li Shinian deliberately distorted the fact and it made Uncle Lu as delighted as he had drank honey.  

“Good child. Such a good child.” Uncle Lu reached to stroke Li Shinian’s head, and said with a doting face.   

Li Yan and Luo Qi came out to greet him, the two respectfully bowing to Uncle Lu. “Uncle Lu, please come into the house to have tea. The weather is cold, why did you have to personally come yourself? If you need anything you can tell someone to come over.” Li Yan said.

“I came to invite an important guests, I naturally have to do it myself to show full respect.” Uncle Lu said with a smiling expression.

“The important guest that Uncle Lu wants to invite is?”

“Is Young master Muyang in?”

“Li Muyang——he’s in.” Luo Qi looked at Uncle Lu nervously. “Uncle Lu, why are you looking for Muyang?”

“I’m not looking for him, I’m here to invite him over for a chat.” Uncle Lu smiled.

“——” Luo Qi and Li Yan looked at each other, an extremely nervous feeling inside.

The most worrying thing had happened.

Li Muyang followed behind the old man, watching him plod across the plum garden of the front courtyard.

Snow was swirling in the air, and the leaves were already covered in pure white snow.

The whole world was an expanse of whiteness, no lantern was needed for the paths to be visible.

Li Muyang was a little uneasy, because he was about to meet one of the most influential figures of the entire Kingdom.  

Lu Xingkong was one of the strongest in the Kingdom. His name, pierce one’s ears like thunder, even when far away in Jiangnan Li Muyang often heard people mention him.

“Lu Xingkong had fought off the people of Dawu again, heard he killed 130,000 enemies——”

“Lu Xingkong had reached the withering glory realm, he can be said as immortal——”

“Lu Xingkong is making the Emperor a figurehead, he is an evil minister——”

In the past, he felt himself exceeding distant from this person, so he only listened to his story like it was a novel.

But he had not expected that one day he would be able to meet with him.

“He wants to see me, what does he wants to talk to me about?”

“Because I saved his only son, so he wants to thank me personally?”

“He knows I’m Li Muyang, he’s not thinking of handing me over right? Surely not, if he wanted to surrender me, then there would be no need to protect me family all this time——But I heard he is currently under a lot of pressure, and even the emperor is giving him trouble, what if he can’t bear it all——”

Li Muyang was pondering as he walked, until the old man stopped and smiled at him, saying: “Young master Muyang wait here for a moment, I will go in to see if Master has finished his work.”

“Thank you, Grandfather Lu.” Li Muyang also coped Li Shinian to call him Grandfather Lu. Since he was not as beautiful as Li Shinian he needed to imitate her to be liked.

Uncle Lu cast a ruminative glance at him and then pushed the door open into a wooden house.

Li Muyang immediately looked lifeless, could it be that he is not as lovable?  

Soon, Uncle Lu came back out, saying with a smile: “Young master Muyang, please go in. Master is waiting for you.”

Li Muyang pushed the door into the house and where a wave of heat struck him. The weather was cold and coal was being burn in the house.

His thin cheeks showed unswerving determination, his thick eyebrows were raised ike swords, and his eyes were sharp and contain penetrating force, as if he could see through one’s organs at a glance.

This was Li Muyang’s first impression of the old man who has the power to subvert the country.

The old man was dressed in a simple grey robe, sitting at a tea table in front of the window to make tea.

As Li Muyang came into the room, his movements did not pause, and his eagle-like eyes swept a glance over at where Muyang stood.

Gazing intently and silently.

Even the drop of a needle could be heard, and the tea was gurgling like a stream.

Li Muyang began to tense up, in front of him was a Withering Glory master.

If he had any evil intent, most likely that he could capture me with the wave of his hand.

But I saved his son——why is he looking at me like that?.

For a long while. For a very long while.

Lu Xingkong made an invitation gesture, motioning Li Muyang to sit opposite him, and said with a smile: “It’s getting late, and looks like it’s snowing, care to have a cup?”

“I’ve just had a drink——” said Li Muyang. Being stared at by such an old man, he felt so uneasy and uncomfortable that he was having difficulty breathing.

After saying that, he felt that his sentence was ambiguous, and tried to explain, “I just had a drink of wine, I can accompany you to drink a cup of tea.”



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