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372 – Difficult to tell!

Chapter 372: Difficult to tell!


Disorderly snow scattered, early plum blossoms budding.

The entire plum garden was shrouded in snow, there was only an expanse of whiteness in sight.

The snow was getting heavier, yet there was no way it could suppress the delicate plum blossom fragrance. Bursts of strong aroma were wafted to one’s face, penetrating deeply into the heart and refreshing the mind.

Without plum blossom, snow alone is not as beautiful. Without poem, snow is not as elegant.

In such a blizzard, with such a mood, there should be 3-5 friends chatting and drinking merrily, reciting poems and playing chess.

But Li Muyang was talking about the serious matter of life and death with one of the most powerful people of the Kingdom.

The previous Li Muyang was just a child, protected by his parents and cared for by his sister. On his way to Starry Sky, the black dragon that had entered his body, as well as the string of events that followed had quickly made Li Muyang grow up.

He knew it was time to stand up and take responsibility.

Lu Xingkong had planned for everyone; he also needed to plan for his little family.

As he said, as long as the Lu family prospers the Li family will be safe. If the Lu family collapses, then the Li family will die.

Some things have to be thought about, and some things have to be done.

Since they were all on the same ship, it is natural to hope that this ship will remain tall and stable and never sink.  

Lu Xingkong looked at Li Muyang, smiled and said: “What? You want to help me?”

“I am helping myself.”

Lu Xingkong gently shook his head, sincerely looking at Li Muyang in the eye, “Just do your own thing is enough. Practice martial arts and break into the next realm, as soon as possible reach the Starry Sky realm, become the king of the divine continent. With absolute strength, all the crafty plots are nothing but paper tigers. If the Lu family needs you to help, it proves that the Lu family has been defeated, nothing can save it then.”

Li Muyang earnestly nodded, “Practice martial arts to break into next realm. Muyang has been working hard at it everyday, I have not slacked off at all. If the Lu family needs me, I will certainly do my best.”

“As long as you do not stand on the opposite side of the Lu family, I will be satisfied.”

“How could that happen? I am in debt to the Lu family, why would I stand opposite of the Lu family? If I did something like that, wouldn’t I, Li Muyang be an ungrateful person?”

Lu Xingkong gently sighed, there are thousands of words, but it was still difficult to clearly tell him.

“Grandfather——” Li Muyang noticed that Lu Xingkong had sank into deep thoughts, softly called out.  

Lu Xingkong shifted his line of sight back from the view of the snowy garden, saying in a low voice: “The great snow destroys the city, tragedy will come soon. Who will the tragedy start with? And when will it begin?”

Li Muyang felt that the old man had a heavy weight on his mind, a sense of oppression difficult to be released.

Could it be that, the Lu family was in imminent danger?  

“The Lu family have been standing for thousand years, there certainly will not be anything bad happening.” Li Muyang consoled him. 。

“Tiandu city has been drowned by this heavy snow, I do not know how many demons and monsters are being covered up. Some attacking, some defending, someone hiding in the side beating a drum. It’s not easy for everyone to live.” Lu Xingkong looked at Li Muyang, a smiling face as he continued. “Fortunately, I also have been prepared, I must not to let my Lu family all be captured in the same net.”

Li Muyang pondered for a moment then asked. “Grandfather knows where Lu Qiji has gone?”

“There’s no need to worry about her.” Lu Xingkong said with a smile.

“Does Grandfather think that——there’s something different about her?”

“Something different?” Lu Xingkong thought for a moment then said, “You want to ask why she has purple hair and eyes?”

“It is a little strange.” Li Muyang said with a smile. “Her appearance is not like any other West wind citizen.”

“Thousand people, thousand faces, all decided by the heavens. Some have black hair, some white hair, some red hair, and some purple hair, who is able to determine their own appearance? I think, since the Heavens has given Qiji such an appearance, it must have its profound meaning.” Lu Xingkong was a very want open-minded old man, seemingly not a bit troubled by his granddaughter’s unusual appearance.

Li Muyang had a complex feeling about it, nodding: “Grandfather is right. Thousand people, thousand faces, the Heavens decide all. There are some things that are human cannot control. Sometimes it’s not what kind of person we want to be, but what the heavens have decided we should be.”

Lu Xingkong lifted the cup of tea that has been cooled, taking a sip, before he said: “You’ve accompanied this old man for half a night, your family most likely are waiting for you. Go and be reunited with your family, this is the happiest thing in the world.”

Li Muyang thought to butter up Lu Xingkong once more, deepening the relationship between the Li and Lu family. “For some reason, when I chat with Grandfather the time does not feel slow, like I am chatting with my family.”

Lu Xingkong burst into a hearty laugh: “We are originally one family.”

Since the other person has already raised the teacup asking the visitor to leave, Li Muyang also felt he should not stay any longer.

He got up from the ground, bowed deeply to Lu Xingkong, saying respectfully: “Thank you Grandfather for the tea.”

“You can go.” Lu Xingkong waved, a smile on his face.

Li Muyang left the teahouse, where Elder Lu was waiting at the door.

Elder Lu was going to walk Li Muyang back, but Li Muyang repeatedly refused. “How can I let an elderly escort me? I can go back on my own.”

Elder Lu also no longer forced, instead said with a smile: “Reunite with your family. You saved Qingming’s life, the entire Lu household takes it as a personal favour. If the lady rewards you, you should accept it. They treat you with sincerity.”

Li Muyang did not understand why Elder Lu would say this to him, but it was still a show of good intention. He then bowed again to thank him. “Thank you, I will bear this in mind. No matter what Aunt Gongsun’s reward is, I will take it.”

“Hahaha, such a good child. Same as Shinian, you both are a good child.” Elder Lu laughed.

Standing under the veranda, watching Li Muyang’s figure disappear into the distance and out of the plum garden, the old man turned toward around to enter the tea house.

Elder Lu touched the teapot, realising that the water inside the teapot had gone slightly cool. He hurriedly placed it on the fire to heat up. He then poured out Lu Xingkong’s cup of cold tea, added tea leaves, and poured in boiling water to bring a cup of steaming hot tea for Lu Xingkong.

“Exactly the same as when you were young.” Elder Lu set down the cup in front of Lu Xingkong as he said with a smile.  

“But more energetic than I was when I was younger.” Lu Xingkong had a wide smiling expression.

“Happy?” Elder Lu tucked his hands into his sleeves.

“Happy.” Lu Xingkong stated aloud. “We should have met long ago, but for some reason, I lacked courage, and pushed it back again and again, until tonight.” ”

Elder Lu gently sighed, “Has Master ever thought of telling Young master?”

“How do I say it?”


“We have enough people to hate us, why do we have to add a member of the Lu family to that list?”

“But the situation is pressing, if you do not say it, I am afraid that——the gap will become even deeper.”

“Even if it is wrong, let it continue to go wrong.” Lu Xingkong’s voice was almost inaudible. “Until the last minute, who knows just which action is key?”

“Sigh.” Elder Lu gazed at the Master who had gone into deep thoughts again for a long while, before turning around to walk outside.

When Li Muyang returned to the little courtyard, he heard voices of people talking inside.

He knocked on the door, only to see that the person running over to open it was unexpectedly the beautiful servant that Lady Gongsun had gave him, Chuyao.

“Why are you here?” asked Li Muyang, with a startled face.

“Zhaihua and I came to see Young master, to see if Young master has anything to order us servants to do.” Chuyao said with a smile on her face.

“Zhaihua is also here.”

“Young master.” In the house helping to clean up table was another servant Zhaihua, who also came out to greet Li Muyang.

Li Shinian pursed her lips. “Aunt Gongsun is not being fair. I have been here for so long, yet she hasn’t sent me a servant. How long have you been back? All of a sudden, four servants were given to you——and all four are so pretty. They are not a wife, why do you need them to be so pretty?”

Luo Qi went over to pinch Li Shinian’s cheeks. “When you first came here, did your Aunt Gongsun not give you any servants?”

“Where are the servants?” Li Shinian evaded her Mother’s attack while asking loudly.

“I refused.” Luo Qi said. “You have the life of a servant, why do you want a servant?”

“I don’t want it.” Li Shinian said irritably, rolling her eyes. “Mum, tell brother to give me two servants?”

“No. Your Aunt Gongsun gave them to your brother, what does it matter to you?” Luo qi refused.

“Aunt Gongsun also gave me servants, why did you decline for me?”

“Because you are my daughter.”

“Is Li Muyang not your son?”

“Your brother has grown up.” Luo Qi stated. “Whether they stay or leave, he can decide for himself.”

“Mother, do you dare say you’re not favouring one of us? You are biased.”

“Yes, I am biased. I am biased towards you. Why do you need a servant? If you do not know how to make soup, cook, sew and needlework, how will you find a good husband?”

“Sister Xiaoxin also does not know. Does that mean she will not be able to find a good husband?”


“Am I wrong?” Li Shinian smiled proudly.

“Mother, I was going to tell you about it. I came back to Tiandu just to see you two——and, of course, Shinian. I’m relieved to see that you’re all right, and I’ll going to go back to Starry Sky in a few days to continue my training. Aunt Gongsun had gave these four girls to me, I also cannot send them back, why don’t you let them stay to serve you and father?”

Zhaihua and Chuyao immediately knelt down, waiting for Luo Qi’s final decision. If Luo Qi agreed, then they would became the servants of the Li family.

For them, the words of Li Muyang were their fate.

Luo Qi shook her head and said to Li Muyang, “Muyang, Mother understands your intention. But we absolutely must not have servants. Think about it, we have just arrived in Tiandu, but we have already received many favours from the Lu family because of a little relationship back then. No one had said anything, but they will all remember this matter. If you give us these four beautiful servants, how can we continue to live in the Lu mansion?”

There was something else that Luo Qi did not speak out publicly. Li Muyang’s identity was sensitive and cannot be exposed to the people of Tiandu.

If their family suddenly have servants, people with bad intention will be suspicious of Li Muyang’s return once they find out.

This was not good for Li Muyang’s safety.  

As parents, they always put their mind on their children first, and do not bear to see them suffer in the slightest or get hurt.




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