Chapter 376: Attract ridicule!


Cui Yu, Cui Zhaoren’s younger brother of the same mother.

Cui Zhaoren’s death was a huge lost to the entire Cui family.

However, if one asked who resents Li Muyang the most, then that would be Cui Yu——

Cui Zhaoren possessed profound cultivation, and was powerful and skilled in tactics. Young and successful, he had become a trusted aide of the Emperor and the chief of the Monitoring division at a young age. He was a young outstanding talent who could have had boundless opportunities in his career.

Cui Yu was good at drinking, an expert in poetry, and had the reputation of ‘one bucket of wine, one poem’. His name was well known across Tiandu and he was deeply loved by scholars. He could be called a celebrity and a regular guest in various major banquets and dinner parties.

Cui Yu had the unrestrained and unruly manner of a scholar, and after drinking he often went out of line.

For example now, he went over to pull Third young master of the Song family to drink with him, but unexpectedly he ran into the sister of the murderer that killed his brother Cui Zhaoren instead.

Ever since the Lu family had taken Li Shinian to Tiandu, Cui Yu had been planning his vengeance and had even send people to follow her several times before.

But the Lu family was extremely careful about this girl’s safety. Whenever Li Shinian traveled outside there was always skilled masters protecting her. On the other hand the Cui family did not take the revenge of Cui Zhaoren as serious, and had not deployed more powerful masters to come help out. It was impossible for his group of servants and bodyguards to stab her one or two times, let alone kill her——  

However, having seen her several times already, Cui Yu was very familiar with Li Shinian’s face. He recognised her right away.

“As long as this person is not killed, I cannot quell anger and hatred.” Cui Yu’s eyes were blood red, unblinkingly glaring at Li Shinian.


Cui Yu exerted force to his finger, crushing the glass in his hands into pieces, the wine trickling through the gaps between his fingers.

“Cui Yu.” Song Tao interrupted in a cold voice. “This is the gathering of distinguished scholars, we only talk about the refined activities. We only talk about the beautiful sceneries and not enmity. What were you doing just now?”

“Third young master——” Cui Yu refused to obey and retorted, “A gathering of distinguished scholars is for intellectual activities, but what if there are indecent people? This person is the daughter of a servant, a murderer’s sister, are such people eligible to join our gathering of distinguished scholars? Is Third young master not afraid of lowering the reputation of Still water dew and destroying its name as the ‘Most elegant in Tiandu’?

After listening to Cui Yu, those who were friends with Cui Yu or those with beneficial dealings with the Cui family immediately echoed what he said.  

“Yes, third young master, we gathered here to have a good time, why did you invite this boring person?” A young man dressed in black said aloud.

“Third elder brother, do you think we are too ordinary and not pleasing to the eye, I know many talented and good looking young ladies, why did you invite the daughter of a servant here? This certainly makes our sisters feel awkward and embarrass, how do we treat her as a sister? Or do you want us to be cold and indifferent to her and pretend we can’t see her?” A woman dressed in a silk robe said in her sharp voice.

“Third young master, think carefully, why let a——an unimportant person damage our good relationships——”

Li Shinian’s face darkened.

All along, she had a clear understanding of her identity and status.

She was also aware that the wealthy and pampered young master and young ladies were making sarcastic remarks, insulting and attacking her because they could not accept her joining their social circle.

But, when the truth was plainly put in front of her, she still had a feeling of coldness and her body trembling——why?

However, at this moment, she was glad that she had come to this gathering.

She got a clearer picture of these people, became more deeply aware of the malevolence of these people——to truly see them as enemies. 。

The blade can’t scrape it away, and time can’t erase it.

Otherwise, she would have naively believed that there was goodness in human nature.

Cui Xiaoxin ‘s eyes were equally as ice cold.

Her good friend was insulted and belittled, how could she still look at them like nothing had happened?

However, she did not speak out immediately.

But her line of sight shifted to Song Tao, the one who invited Li Shinian to come to participate in the scholarly gathering.

You were the one who invited her, did you invite her here to be attacked?  

Song Tao’s complexion was gloomy, sweeping his eyes around, and said in a low voice, “I just admired Miss Shinian’s noble character and brilliant mind, so especially invited her to attend the gathering tonight——Ladies and gentlemen, why did it turn to this? Why did it turn to this?”

“Third elder brother, I am crazy for wine and woman, but I am selfless.” Cui Yu held his head high. “I have always respected Third elder brother’s character and admired Third elder brother’s talent——Third elder brother and I have never had any personal grudge between us, even a little argument had never happened before.”

“Tonight my behaviour was presumptuous, because I just want the enemy’s sister to disappear from Still water dew. Otherwise, how could I stay calm? My elder brother who had died tragically will also not be able to rest in peace——Third elder brother allow me to be rude once more, tomorrow morning I will come to Third elder brother’s door to personally apologise.”

“We also will apologise.” The others shouted in unison.

Everyone was silent.

All waiting for the decision of Song Tao, the host of the scholar gathering.

Pa Pa Pa——

Li Shinian lightly clapped her hands.

The applause was clear, spreading through the small building on the empty night towards the more distant riverside and forest.

Everyone was looking at her with a baffled expression, had this girl gone crazy?

Everybody is scolding you, everybody is driving you away, what are you clapping your hands for?

Cui Yu’s eyes were cold when he sneered, “what? The servant’s daughter also thinks that what we say is correct. You finally realise your mistake, so you applaud for us, right?”

“What a pathetic and pitiful group of people.” Li Shinian said with a disdainful smile. “Are these the elites of the West wind? This is the future of the Kingdom? If that is the case, it really is a disappointment to a girl from the small city of Jiangnan.”

“What are you saying?”

“What are you? What qualifications do you have to be disappointed in us?”

“A summer insect cannot talk about ice, why waste time talking to an ignorant girl? Tell her to leave. Besides, I don’t think a girl from a lowly family who hasn’t read any books has any talent to show.”

Li Shinian raised her head and looked at the crowd with a mocking expression, “Do you hate my brother? Hate my brother for killing Cui Zhaoren——hate my brother for killing your people. You are shocked, you are angry, and you are all powerless.”

Li Shinian glared at Cui Yu. “As my Brother travelled to his new school, haven’t your Cui family sent people to kill him? But, you were defeated time and time again, and you continued to send groups of people after another to die——until then you have realised that your elite troops and generals, the power and wealth that you are proud of, could not do anything to a little ordinary youngster from Jiangnan city.”

“You were shocked by his strength, envious of his excellence, and powerless to do anything about your hatred——there was nothing you can do. You could only helplessly watch him step into the Starry sky, and hear his name and matters spread across the divine continent again and again.”

“The more outstanding he is, the more it shows your incompetence. The more powerful he is, the more he makes you fear. You could not do anything to him, but you needed to vent your anger. And at this time I came to Tiandu, a servant’s daughter——no power, no status, isn’t that the best target for revenge to you?”

Li Shinian looked Cui Yu with contempt as she continued, “This young master, if I remember correctly, this is not our first encounter? You have repeatedly met with me, a servant’s daughter, you have sent people to follow me countless times, you just want to avenge your brother right——you want to kill me, a weak, powerless girl?”

“Time and time again, why haven’t you done it yet? If I had been killed by a sword earlier, would I have been invited by Third young master to join the scholar gathering? Would you have to tear your face and throw away your scholarly manner to argue with the daughter of a servant?”

“Your Cui family could not kill my brother, and you could not even do anything to a weak powerless girl——you say, what else could you do?”

Li Shinian reached into her sleeves to take out a dagger inlaid with precious jade.

Someone screamed out, “Be careful.”

Some people stepped back and some blocked Li Shinian’s path, shouting: “What do you want to do?”

“Shinian——“ Cui Xiaoxin grabbed Li Shinian’s hand. She knew the temper of her good friend, if she really stabbed someone here then even the Lu family will not be able to protect her.

“Miss Shinian——“ Song Tao also tried to persuaded her. If there was a murder at the Still water dew, it will affect his reputation.


Li Shinian unsheathed the dagger and handed it over to Cui Yu. “Here, I’ll give you another chance. Don’t you want to avenge your brother? I thought you said you can’t stay calm until you kill me.”

“Take it, take the blade——“ Li Shinian untied the ribbon on her neck, and took off the Fire fox cloak, pointing to the position of her heart. “In front of everyone, use it to stab me here, then I will die. My brother killed your brother, and you kill me——You see, then your Cui family would have avenged Cui Zhaoren, the resentment in your heart will be dissolved. right?”

Li Shinian stepped forward with the dagger and pressed it into Cui Yu’s hand. “Hold it, kill me.”

Cui Yu’s face was deathly pale, and under the pressure of the girl he couldn’t help but draw back.


The dagger dropped to the ground, producing a loud, crisp sound.

Li Shinian lowered her head to look at the beautiful dagger, gently sighing, “You could not even kill me, stop mentioning revenge——it will only attract ridicule.”



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