Chapter 381: Hit harder!


“Pay respect to Second Prince——” “

“Second Prince has come——”

“Second Prince——”

The crowd rushed to bow to the silk-clothed youngster.

Even the famous Song Tao, Third young master Song came over to greet him with a cupped fish salute, smiled and said, “Second cousin, when I went to the palace to deliver the invitation to you, you said you can’t come——Why did you come when it’s snowing so heavily? It will get chillier at night. Take care of your health.”

“A little coldness is nothing to a martial artist. If I didn’t attend the gathering tonight, I won’t be able to sleep from regret——” The silk-clothed youngster said aloud.  

Chu Jiang was the Second Prince of West Wind Kingdom. His identity and status was respected, and there was no one above him but the emperor.

Li Shinian was standing in the distance watching, thinking to herself that no wonder countless people sharpened their mind in hope of being invited to the Still water dew scholar gathering. The guests present today were wealthy and respected people, and, as these people grow or enter their official career, they will be the decision-makers of this vast kingdom and even ascend to the throne.  

If they could keep a good relationship with these people, these people could change their life with one word.  They could save them 20 years of struggle or even a lifetime.

Chu Jiang swept his eyes across the whole audience, asking loudly, “is imperial power more important or is military, this will be the topic of debate, is there any objections?”

The crowd did not respond.

This topic really was too sensitive. Not to mention the recent heated fight for the Minister position, just the careful watch that the imperial power had on the military, as well as the recent event of the Grandfather of the Lu family, Lu Xingkong, fainting from kneeling in the palace for too long, had shown that the battle between the imperial power and military had greatly intensified.

How can this subject be debated?

Isn’t it asking for death to support the military over the imperial power?

Supporting the imperial power over the military is to stand on the opposite side of the Lu family——

Originally they could remain neutral, sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight, and wait for the final winner——but now Chu Jiang had thrown out such a topic. Could it be that the imperial family could no longer endure the Lu family, and was ready to take action?

In the face of this possibility, the expression on the faces of the people present varied.

Some rejoiced, some were worried. Some people’s excitement was shown on their face, while some turned gloomy and serious.

Cui Xiaoxin’s mood was very bad, the most worrying thing was going to happen?  

As a girl, and now a student at West Wind university, she knew a lot about the Kingdom’s affairs, but that had no influence on the direction of her family.  

She and Li Shinian were good friends, and her relationship with Li Muyang was also not bad. Moreover, from a personal standpoint, she did not dislike the people of the Lu family, including the ‘tyrant’ in other people’s eyes, the grandfather of the Lu family Lu Xingkong.

Sometimes she also found it strange. The Cui family was a top family of West Wind Kingdom, and her grandfather was already a powerful minister, difficult to advance any further, her family did not have to worry about food or clothing, and their wealth was enough for them to spend for 100 years. What else was there to fight for? Did they really have to fight and kill people? Do they have to drive people to their  deaths?

She could not understand the world of men, even more she did not want to understand. She also did not understand the political circle, and did not want to understand.

But if it was as everyone had guessed, the Imperial family will take action against the Lu family, then given the bad relationship between the Cui family and the Lu family, the Cui family would naturally stand on the opposite side.

The sword has no eye; one shall stand, one shall fall.  

Where would she stand at that time? Would Li Shinian be worried? Would the friendship between them be kept alive?  

Although Li Shinian was living in the Lu family’s residence, usually she just paid attention to her own little small family and did not care much about the matters of the Lu family. Besides, she was just the daughter of a servant, what does the rise and fall of a family had to do with her?

Besides, she was not from an officials family, therefore was not as sensitive to political affairs as other people.

However, when she noticed the different expressions on the faces of people present, she finally understood the issue.

“The Second Prince who was known as the ‘Sage king’ is forcing people to take sides.” Li Shinian thought to herself.

There is never a shortage of smart people in this world.

“Second Prince’s suggestion is good. Given the current situation of West Wind, any wise man will be anxious. Imperial power is important? Military power is more important than imperial power. This is confusing cause and effect——”

A white-clad youngster stepped out the crowd, bowing respectfully to Chu Jiang, his words flowing and many, but only carried one intention: support imperial power and belittle the wild ambition of military experts.

Although Chu Jiang did not praise him out loud, he firmly patted him on the shoulder.  

Since there was an intelligent person leading by example, the others naturally were unwilling to fall behind. Even some young masters who did not know their family’s standpoint also expressed their support for imperial power. After all, there was not a person from the Lu family at this Still water dew gathering.

The person who organised the Still water dew gathering was Song Tao. The Song family was the leader of the civil officials, and the Lu family was the leader of Generals. The civil officials govern the world, while the Generals defend all places. In this era, which emphasises on civil administration at the expense of national defense, the Song family had suppressed the Lu family many times. So, the two families were born with some hostile feeling towards each other.

“Imperial power is decided by the heavens, the emperor is the son of the heavens. And the military is the weapon that the emperor gives to the brave and fierce fighters in order to protect the lands and ensure peace——”

“The imperial power is greater than the military, this is an undeniable fact—”

Without argument, the wind sided with the Second Prince.

Chu Jiang noticed Cui Xiaoxin in the middle of the crowd, his smile was gentle when he asked, “Xiaoxin, what do you think?”


In the dead of night, only the sound of wheels rolling across ice and snow was heard.

Li Muyang drove the carriage forward, following the purplish red horse in the direction of the Lu mansion.

Because the shafts were covered with ice and snow, Li Muyang could not sit on the cart and had to carry the reins and walk alongside.

Li Shinian squatted in the cart paying no attention to her image, and leaned her body forward to whisper to Li Muyang.

“How could you be this stupid? I already signaled to you, telling you to draw casually, but you had to draw so well——you want to show off your talent, right? If people recognised that you’re Li Muyang, I don’t dare to think about the consequences——” Li Shinian nagged.

Li Muyang’s mouth curved upwards in a smile, saying, “since you’re that worried about exposing my identity, then why did you give my painting to Xiaoxin? And also showed my painting in public?”

“Didn’t I ask you before. I said I want to give your ‘Winter plum blossoms bloom proudly in snow’ to sister Xiaoxin, you also had no objection at that time. Since you didn’t oppose it on the spot, I knew the painting could be gifted. You’ve become so smart now, you won’t agree to let me do things that should not be done——Besides, I’m sure you were happy with what I did. Do you not want me to give your painting to Sister Xiaoxin?”

“You have answered everything, what else do you want me to say?” Li Muyang smiled bitterly.

“You still haven’t told me, I clearly took the ‘Winter plum blossoms bloom proudly in snow’ painting, why was there nothing when the painting scroll was unfolded?”

Li Muyang laughed without answering.

“Quickly tell me.” Li Shinian smacked her hand on Li Muyang’s shoulder.

“Did you smell plum blossom when the scroll was unfolded?”  

“I did. What does this have to do with your ‘Winter plum blossoms bloom proudly in snow’ turning into a piece of white paper?”

“Back when I was painting peach blossom, because my painting skills were not good enough, and my strength was not enough, I needed to borrow a wisp of spring breeze from Master Gu——”

Li Shinian’s long eyelashes fluttered as she blinked, her little face wrapped in the fire fox fur hat suddenly lit up: “so, there is only a plum blossom aroma left on your painting, the snow——”

“The snow turned into a puddle of water. If you pay attention, you should notice.”  

“Is it really that magical?” Li Shinian’s eyes widen with disbelief.

“What do you mean?” Li Muyang said with a smile. “Master Gu painted a black dog, and the dog jumped out the paper barking——The ‘Painting God’ used a beast from a hundred year old painting to battle for him. Of course, the beast had little fighting strength and disappeared easily.”

“The divine continent is so vast, there are many wonders,” Li Shinian unblinkingly studied Li Muyang, then softly laughed, “I really did not think that my charcoal brother would become so amazing.”  

“Shinian——” Li Muyang felt a warm fuzzy feeling. “When you’re older, I will take you to travel the Divine continent. I’ve decided, when I return to Starry Sky Academy, I’m going to ask Senior brother Wuyou for a little crane. When I raised the crane to an adult, I can and ride it to Jiangnan with Senior brother Wuyou, and we can go wherever we want to go. Then I will come back to Tiandu to pick you up. Let’s travel the world together.”

“Really.” Li Shinian’s eyes sparkled. “A man has to keep to his words. Go back and cultivate, I will take care of Mother and Father. You don’t have to worry.”

“With you here, I have nothing to worry about.” Li Muyang turned his head round to look at his sister, saying: “from a young age, you were always better than I was. I always make people worry.”  

“Haha, I thought someone thought that just because he can paint a little he can ignore his most intelligent and beautiful sister in the world.” Li Shinian held her head high.  

Li Muyang tried hard to keep a straight face when he said, “who? Who dares do such a thing? Miss Shianian only need to tell me, driver Li Mu will beat that person up——”  

“Good. That person is driver Li Mu——” “

“Miss, wait a moment, I’ll slap him on your face for you.” Li Muyang said with a smile, stroking his face with his hand.  

Li Shinian giggled. “Hit a bit harder. Hit harder.”

At the crossroads, the horse drawn carriage that led the way in front stopped, waiting for Li Muyang to catch up.

Li Muyang and Li Shinian exchanged a glance, immediately suppressed their laughter, and urged the horse forward to where Cui Xiaoxin’s carriage was.




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