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387 – Too nervous!

Chapter 387: Too nervous!


“What does Miss want to say?” Li Muyang asked in a soft voice, keeping his head low and concentrating on grinding the ink.

Cui Xiaoxin stared at Li Muyang for a while before she asked, “what should I call you?”

“Miss, whatever you want to call me.” Li Muyang replied. Then after a thought he added, “it’s just a name.”

A light smile curved Cui Xiaoxin’s lips, saying: “for example, the painting in you hand can be called ‘Winter plum blossoms bloom proudly in snow’, but it can also be alled ‘Proud blossoms bloom in the winter snow’, isn’t that right?”

Li Muyang raised his head and looked Cui Xiaoxin in the eye, her beautiful eyes, and was then instantly melted by her sweet smile.  

“If Miss Xiaoxin likes to, then you can change its name to ‘Proud blossoms bloom in the winter snow’ painting.”

Cui Xiaoxin sighed gently. “Whether I like it or not is not important as long as you like it, you are the master of this painting. Since you named it ‘Winter plum blossoms bloom proudly in snow’, then it must have its own meaning.”

Li Muyang looked at Cui Xiaoxin’s face that was almost within reach, wrestling with some complicated emotions of his own.

This remark couldn’t be any more obvious.

Cui Xiaoxin indeed knew everything. She had indeed saw through his identity.

“I——” Li Muyang was hesitant.

He wanted to say something, but there were countless words, that he did not know where to start.

Cui Xiaoxin cast a glance over at Ning Xinhai who was sat in a meditative stance on a boulder dozing off to sleep. She knew that, with his cultivation base, he could possibly even hear their whispers.

“Let’s paint.” Cui Xiaoxin saw the troubled look on Li Muyang’s face and said softly.  

Li Muyang was a little relieved, but a faint disappointment surfaced in his heart.  “The ink is ready.”

Cui Xiaoxin shifted her line of sight to the old plum tree, and began to make brush strokes on the canvas.

“If you notice anything wrong with the painting, you must remind me.” Cui Xiaoxin whispered, “just like when I did when I taught you before.”

“Okay.” Li Muyang nodded. Thinking of the time in Jiangnan city, there was a warmth flowing around his body and even his saliva tasted sweet.

Cui Xiaoxin’s painting skills were pretty good; it was evident that she had put in painstaking effort in the way of painting.

In the eyes of ordinary people, she could be said to be one found in thousands of people. But in Li Muyang’s eyes, or rather, the eyes of the black dragon, there really were many areas that she could improve on.  

Li Muyang pointed to a lump of ink, saying: “here the ink can be lighter, leave more white parts, that will help show the corner of a rock and even more able to show the fierceness of the mountain rocks and the scene of the snowy sky.”

Cui Xiaoxin pondered with extreme concentration, then her face suddenly lit up. “Indeed.”

Then she added in a regretful tone of voice, “from what you just said, this painting can not be continued. What you said really is better. But is there a way to salvage this?”

Li Muyang, after a brief thought, reached out his hand.

Cui Xiaoxin was startled for a moment before she stretched out her hand.

Li Muyang gently held Cui Xiaoxin’s hand, took the brush and began to apply brush strokes on that huge rock.

Cui Xiaoxin’s little hand was soft and smooth like it had no bones.

At the beginning, the back of her hand was cold, but when it was wrapped in Li Muyang’s big hand, very quickly the temperature rose and it became warm, and even fine beads of sweat were forming.

Li Muyang did not dare to look Cui Xiaoxin in the eye, and Cui Xiaoxin also avoided Li Muyang’s gaze.

Li Muyang could hear his heartbeat, but could also feel that Cui Xiaoxin’s heart was pounding forcefully.

He just wanted a blade of leaf, he didn’t expect to get the whole forest. He just wanted to Cui Xiaoxin to pass him the brush, but unexpectedly Cui Xiaoxin stretched out her little hand to him——

Li Muyang had to take her hand or it would be disrespectful to a girl, and it would seem like a kind of insult to the other person’s appearance.

Cui Xiaoxin was also very nervous. When she saw Li Muyang reached out his hand, she handed over her hand without thinking.

It was only when Li Muyang took her hand that she reacted, and thought that maybe he just wanted the brush in her hand——

If she pulled her hand back it would only increase the awkwardness, but was it not just as awkward when her hand was held by someone else like that?

Fortunately, Li Muyang was only concentrated in the painting, all his attention was placed on ‘salvaging’ the painting, as though he was not at all aware that he was gripping a woman’s little hand instead of a lifeless brush.

Li Muyan’s act made Cui Xiaoxin feel lot more relaxed, but her heart was still beating rapidly, like a small rabbit was in her arms.

Li Muyang, clasping Cui Xiaoxin’s hand, drew the outline of a fierce Snow eagle from the thick layer of ink of the huge boulder.

Li Muyang’s painting was extremely careful and detail, each brush stroke seemed like he was combing the feathers of the Snow eagle.

When Li Muyang gently dotted the tip of the brush on the Snow eagle’s eye, the Snow eagle unexpectedly flapped its wings and soared into the sky.

“Kraaa——” The Snow eagle screeched.

Cui Xiaoxin with a face of astonishment looked at the Snow eagle hovering above them refusing to leave.


Ning Xinhai suddenly shot opened his eyes, a golden light emerging in the palm of his hand, as though if the Snow eagle dared to act he would explode it with a punch.

“Miss——” Ning Xinhai leapt down from the boulder, staring vigilantly at the Snow eagle above her head.  

“There’s an eagle——” Cui Xiaoxin pointed to the Snow Eagle overhead. “A snow eagle flew over.”

“I’ll send it away.” Ning Xinhai was about to strike a punch.  

“Wait.” Cui Xiaoxin interrupted. “I don’t want to see blood, it will disturb my mood in painting.”

Ning Xinhai understood, loosened his fist, gathered up a snowball and hurled it toward the Snow eagle.


The snowball smashed into the eagle’s stomach, and in pain, the eagle screeched as it flew off into the distance.

“Miss, where did the eagle come from?” Ning Xinhai asked.

Cui Xiaoxin pointed to the distant ridge. It flew from there, Senior Li Mu and I were busy painting, we didn’t really notice—”

“Really?” Ning Xinhai asked.

“It is so.” Cui Xiaoxin said with a firm voice.

Ning Xinhai’s eyes shifted to Li Muyang’s face, who then said with a confused look, “I did not see clearly where the eagle came from, I had my head low to paint all this time—”

Ning Xinhai again glanced down at the unfinished ‘Plum tree King’, which was peaceful and quiet and did not notice anything strange.

“Miss be careful, if you feel something wrong, shout out.” Ning Xinhai reminded.

“Thank you, Uncle Ning. You go rest, it’s going to be okay.” Cui Xiaoxin smiled. “When I finish this painting, we’ll go back.”

Ning Xinhai nodded, turning around over to the boulder.

Taohong and Liulu also came scurrying over from the distance with a panicked expression.

“Miss, what was that noise?” asked Taohong. “It sounded terrifying—”

“I saw a huge bird in the sky, why would there be such a big bird here?”

“It’s okay now. A snow eagle strayed into the area and Uncle Ning scared it off.” Cui Xiaoxin explained in a soft voice.

Taohong exclaimed “Miss, let’s go back? Did you forget, the last time we were at Thousand Buddha temple, there was a bird rushing over to attack you Miss——”  

“Don’t worry. Uncle Ning is nearby to protect me, nothing will happen.” Cui Xiaoxin had to push out Heart Buddha Ning Xinhai as an excuse.

The two servants knew that the young Miss was soft on the outside but tough inside. Nobody can change the things that she had decided. They had no choice but to stand to one side and dared not leave too far away this time.

Cui Xiaoxin looked at Li Muyang, her delicate ruby-lipped mouthing ‘why did that happen’.

Li Muyang also broke out in cold sweat, mouthing back, “I was too nervous.”




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