Chapter 389: Xiangma pretends!


The steeds uttered a long-drawn neigh, blowing out sprays of white cloud from their mouths. The iron shod hooves clomped across the ground, sending soil and snow flying from the horses hooves.

The leader cavalry, clad in the uniform of senior investigating censorate official of the Monitoring Division, which was inlaid with a three-headed snake totem, was staring fiercely at the carriage as he snapped, “I repeat once more, we are the Monitoring division and we suspect that there is a criminal in the carriage. The people in the carriage must immediately come down for inspection.”

Ning Xinhai, with one hand grasping the reins, the other on the horsewhip, skillfully reined the horse to a halt to avoid it madly galloping forward from being frightened. He sat there with a lowered head and with no intention of saying anything.

A slender jade-like hand stretched out, lifting the curtain of the carriage.

Cui Xiaoxin looked at the cavalry and said, “Senior official Xiangma displays great official authority.”

“Haha——” Yan Xiangma drew back the corners of his mouth and laughed, then continued in an embarrassed voice, “why did Cousin come out so soon out? I still have lines to say.”

“What Senior official Xiangma wants to say it ‘I am the most famous hedonistic young master of Jiangnan city, there is nothing that I can’t do——that is the line, right?”

Yan Xiangma looked embarrassed, rubbing his cold, reddened nose. He urged his horse closer and looked at the girl’s pretty little face as he said, “Cousin knows me well, and even remembers my malicious words that terrorized Jiangnan. However, I am prepared to change this line, I am the senior investigating censorate official of the Monitoring Division, the most authoritative Yan Xiangma, there is nothing that I can’t do——what does Cousin think about this line?”

“The previous line is more pleasing to the ear.”

“Then I won’t change it. Cousin, where did you go?”

“To admire the plum blossoms on West mountain.” “

“I knew you had gone there. Cousin used to go there all the time. When I returned in winter I would accompany you there several times. Later when you went to Jiangnan, we did not have the opportunity to go to West mountain to see the plum blossoms——Is Brother Plum king still well?”

“The branches are thick and the flowers are strong.”

“Great. If I knew Cousin was there to see the plum blossoms, I would have gone over there to visit Brother Plum King. I haven’t seen him in a long time.”

Because the curtain was only drawn back enough to reveal a little corner, Yan Xiangma did not notice Li Muyang in the carriage right away.

However, it was difficult to evade the sight of Yan Xiangma.

He stared sharply at Li Muyang’s cheeks and asked with a smiled, “Cousin, who is that person? He looks unfamiliar.”

“Li Mu.” Cui Xiaoxin knew she could not deceive Yan Xiangma, nor want to lie to him. She indifferently explained, “Shinian’s driver.”

“Shinian’s driver?” Yan Xiangma slightly narrowed his eyes, then smiled, “Shinian has a driver?”

“Why can’t Shinian have a driver?”

“Of course Shinian can have a driver, if she does not object I also won’t mind being her driver.” Yan Xiangma said with a frank smile, not at all minding to reveal his feelings in front of other people. However, his gaze was all along fixed on Li Muyang’s eyes. “The fact that a driver can board Cousin’s carriage seems a bit strange. In my memory, Cousin has a slight obsession with cleanliness. It is extremely difficult for a man to say a word to you. Why would you be so friendly to a driver?”

“Cousin may not be aware. Li Mu is not only Shinian’s driver, but also my saviour.”

“Saviour?” Yan Xiangma held up all the curtains with the whip in his hand, and the freezing north wind gusted through the window. Cui Xiaoxin felt a burst of coldness.  

“Young Master Xiangma, Miss is cold.” Taohong reached out to pull down the curtain.

“Wait.” Yan Xiangma stopped her, looked at Li Muyang to question him again, “you really are a cart driver?”

“That’s correct.” Li Muyang replied.

“Why are you not afraid when you see me.” Yan Xiangma stared at Li Muyang.

“What is there to be afraid of about Gongzi?”

“What is there to be afraid of?” Yan Xiangma was taken aback for a moment before bursting into laughter. Pointing to the Monitoring Division uniform on him, he said, “do you know who I am? I am one of the three senior investigating censorate officials of the West Wind Kingdom’s Monitoring Division, I am a famous hedonistic young master of Jiangnan City, I am the young master of the important Yan family——you should be afraid of any one these identities. However, you asked me what is there to be afraid of. Hahaha, interesting, really interesting——”

Yan Xiangma’s smile suddenly faded, as he gave Li Muyang a cold-eyed stare, saying in a low voice, “I met a friend in Jiangnan. The first time he saw me he also wasn’t afraid of me, not only that but he also threatened me, publicly made me lose face, and made me have a stomachache from eating his chilled watermelon——Looking closely, you are very much like my friend.”

“Which friend?”

“His name is Li Muyang, you should be familiar with him, right?”

“An acquaintance, not that close.”

“Yes. The hardest thing for a man is to see himself clearly.” Yan Xiangma said, smiling.

Seeing that the person who intercepted them was Yan Xiangma, Li Muyang had completely relaxed himself.

He looked at Yan Xiangma calmly. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Heaven knows, the earth knows, you know and I know.” Yan Xiangma smiled. “Cousin also knows, isn’t that right?”

“I don’t know.” Cui Xiaoxin seemed annoyed, staring at Yan Xiangma.

Yan Xiangma burst out in a hearty laugh. “Cousin is going back to Tiandu, right? It happens that we have to report back in Tiandu. How about we go together?”

“No need.” Cui Xiaoxin refused. “Cousin Xiangma is high and mighty, presumably have a lot of things to do. You don’t have to stay with me for too long, I don’t want to waste your time.”

“I can’t do that. I heard Cousin encountered an attack at Thousand Buddha temple, the way back to Tiandu is a barren wilderness and the snow is so heavy, there is hardly anyone around——What if you encounter an assassin?” Yan Xiangma shook his head.

“Uncle Ning is here, it will be fine.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe in Uncle Ning’s strength, but there is only one of him, what if there are many assassins? Uncle Ning cannot separate into doppelgangers. I should stay around to protect you, or else I’ll be worried. If any thing happens to you, how can I go back to face Uncle and Aunt?”

Yan Xiangma motioned with his hand and commanded. “Let’s go. Let’s get out of the way and let the carriage go first.”

The subordinates did not dare to disobey, steered the horse to the sides of the public path.

Ning Xinhai shook the reins, and the horse-drawn-carriage again crunched through the snow.

Yan Xiangma rode alongside the carriage, constantly talking to Cui Xiaoxin. “Cousin, how have you been recently? Are Uncle and Aunt well? Is Shinian okay? I heard that Li Muyang was buried in the illusion? Is that true? If it is true, it is not a bad thing. Since he will be killed even if he comes back out, he might as well not come back. That will save others a lot of trouble. However, because he is not here, I have a heavy burden on me——how do I protect Shinian from all harm and danger? Poor Shinian, such an intelligent and cute little girl, how could she have such a brother?”

Cui Xiaoxin clasped the hand warmer and did not say a word. Li Muyang gazed at the falling snow outside, smiling without saying anything.

Among the lonely wilderness, there was only Yan Xiangma’s voice chattering away incessantly.

The carriage continued ahead with more than 10 black-clad Monitoring Division soldiers following behind.

At the edge of the mountain that they just passed was a white figure emerging from the snow, ghostly pale and dark pupils filled with blood.  

As they neared Tiandu’s south city gate, Ning Xinhai halted the carriage to a stop.

“Miss, we have arrived at Tiandu.” Ning Xinhai said to the inside carriage.

Li Muyang knew he needed to get off. More people meant the more chances there are of them being seen together. If he don’t get off it may really cause an uproar.

The eldest daughter of the Cui family and Li Shinian’s driver are having an affair, if such news were to spread, the Cui family would most likely send out a numerous of assassins to stuff him into a sack and toss into the river, right?

“Thank you Miss Xiaoxin, depending on fate, we shall see each other again.” Li Muyang gave a cupped fist salute to Cui Xiaoxin, expressing his thanks.

“What? Senior Li Mu is going to leave Tiandu?” Cui Xiaoxin was very sharp, able to perceive Li Muyang’s meaning from his goodbye.  

Li Muyang looked taken aback, then smiled, “If destined, there will always be a day to see each other again.”

Then he said goodbye to Taohong, before pulling up the curtains and jumped out of the carriage.

Yan Xiangma rushed over on his horse, shouting to Cui Xiaoxin in the carriage, “Cousin, we’re in Tiandu now, assassins won’t dare to attack in the city, I’ll leave you here.”

“No problem.” Cui Xiaoxin said, thinking to herself that she had never wanted him to walk her back. Because he had been chattering nonstop, he had been obstructing her to say a few words to her old friend.   

“Then we’ll part here, later on I’ll come to see you.” Yan Xiangma said smiling. He turned around and looked at the subordinates of the Monitoring Division and commanded, “You guys escort the Miss back.”

“Yes.” All Monitoring Division troops responded.

“Uncle Ning, Let’s go.” Cui Xiaoxin said.

“Yes, Miss.” Ning Xinhai replied, and directed the cart to depart.

More than of the ten Monitoring Division soldiers silently followed behind the carriage.

Li Muyang watched the carriage and black-clad soldiers riding away, turned to give a cupped fist salute to Yan Xiangma who was sitting astride a horse, and then turned around to walk toward the city.

“Li Muyang——” Yan Xiangma suddenly shouted.

Li Muyang did not turn his head, calmly continued to the city gate.


Yan Xiangma urged the horse towards him, staring at Li Muyang from above, “you know where you showed flaws?”

Li Muyang did not respond, thinking ‘Li Shinian had used this trick before, do you think will believe you?”

“No one knows whether Li Muyang is still alive, anyone who hears this name will look around, but you, a relative of him was so unconcerned—except the real Li Muyang, who would be so calm and collected?”




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