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390 – I owe you!

Chapter 390: I owe you!


Yan Xiangma, with a smug smile on his face like he had just saved the world, said: “Li Muyang, you think that by changing your face you can blind others? You think just because your skin is more yellow, no one will know it’s you? Other people make their face uglier to avoid being recognise. Yours is too good, your makeover seems like you have gone and done cosmetic surgery——”

“——” Li Muyang felt insulted. He felt the urge to strangle Yan Xiangma, mercilessly tell him that he has become paler, more handsome and is now the best in Starry Sky——Never mind, he needs to respect his teacher. He cannot snatch the title ‘the most handsome man of Starry Sky’ from Master Xiahou. At the very least he is the second best of Starry sky, wait, there’s Senior Xie Wuyou, who had saved his life and had also repeatedly helped him out——

Lin Canghai was beautiful and graceful, but his face was too feminine and sweet, like a woman, and lacked masculinity——

Then he should at least be the third most handsome of Starry Sky right? That Chu Xun and that Jade tree of the Song family were inferior to him.

“Do you think you can deceive Cui Xiaoxin? Among all girls of the entire capital, I have not seen someone as careful and observant as her. Can you deceive Li Shinian? Of course, Li Shinian is not easy to deceive, even if deceived it is because she is willing to——But do you think you can deceive I, Yan Xiangma?”

“I’m not bragging, but I, Yan Xiangma has been deceived growing up. Deceived by servants, drivers, guards, and all people around me——They all say I look gifted and in the future will certainly become a talent who brings peace and stability to the country——In the end, I became the most famous hedonistic young master of Jiangnan city. You see, I am a very vindictive person. In retaliation to those that lied to me, I would rather live my life as a hedonistic young master, that is a direct slap to their face to let them know how fake their words were——”

“——” Li Muyang, completely shocked by the words of Yan Xiangma, looked him like he was looking at an idiot. There’s a guy who would retaliate against those that praised him as smart, cute, and will have a promising future by making himself useless and living as a trash. He would pay such a price to prove that the praises of those people were fake and meaningless?

“Is it surprising?” Yan Xiangma leapt down from the horse, walking alongside Li Muyang in the wind and snow.

“A little.” Li Muyang nodded.

“When I thought of this, I was also shocked by my own stupidity. Then I thought, if I was this shocked, then wouldn’t the outside people be so shocked that even their eyeballs will pop out? So I decided to do it——”  

Yan Xiangma sighed, “Unfortunately, it didn’t succeed. They are right. I really am talented and gifted, I can bring peace and stability to the country.”


“Believe it or not. Look at my clothes, I am the senior investigating censorate official of the Monitoring Division. One of the three senior investigating censorate officials of the West Wind kingdom——Of course, my family helped a little bit, but, if I did not have the strength, do you think I can get such an important position? I have a strong feeling that later the one who brings peace and stability to the country will certainly be I, Yan Xiangma.”

Li Muyang really couldn’t stand the exaggeration and boasting of Yan Xiangma, he had seen shameless people, but never one so shameless. There was a limit to praising yourself.

“Young Master Yan, what do you want to say?”

“Ah? I have been talking for so long yet you still don’t get it?”

“I don’t understand.”

“What I mean to say is, all people over the world want to deceive me, and I also want to deceive myself, but, no one had succeeded, including myself——Do you still want to challenge this? Confess, tell me that you’re Li Muyang.”

“I really am not Li Muyang.” Li Muyang said in a low voice. “I am Miss Shinian’s driver, my name is Li Mu.”

“Seriously not?”

“Seriously not.”

“What proof do you have?”


Li Muyang greatly tried to suppress the urge to break his nose with a punch.

“See, I know you can’t prove you’re not Li Muyang.”

“Well, what evidence does Young Master Yan have to prove that I am Li Muyang?”

“My intuition.”


“Right, did you really kill my cousin Cui Zhaoren?”

“I didn’’t.”

“Your right. Your martial skills are incompetent, just by yourself, there is no way you can kill Cui Zhaoren of the upper stages of the Free clouds. There certainly must be some other hidden secrets.”

“That’s right,” said Li Muyang, “it has nothing to do with me. To know the specific details, you should ask the real Li Muyang.”

“Are you really not Li Muyang?”


“Then why did I talk so much to you? Do you have any idea how much precious time you have wasted of mine? Do you know that even the West wind Emperor is waiting for me to report back in the Yangxin Hall?” Yan Xiangma said with an annoyed expression. “He mounted the horse, with the whip in his hand pointed to Li Muyang and said in a cold voice. “Since you’re not Li Muyang, then hurry get out of Tiandu, and don’t let me see you again. Otherwise, you will get thrown into the prison of my Monitoring Division.”

After that, Yan Xiangma set off at full speed towards the empty streets.

Li Muyang watched his rear figure as he disappeared into the distance, gently sighing.

“Thank you.” Li Muyang said softly. “This time, I owe you one.”

As the horse galloped wildly, Yan Xiangma rubbed his tear filled eyes. “Why are there tears? And I feel like bursting into tears.”

After a serious ponder, he cursed, “Motherfucker, the snow is flying into my eyes.”

Cui Xiaoxin’s carriage arrived at the Cui family’s door. The group of Monitoring division soldiers responsible for the escort came to say goodbye, before turning their horse to the opposite direction. With a clatter of hooves and a cloud of dust the figures were soon drowned in the snow.  

Ning Xinhai drove the carriage to the little courtyard where Cui Xiaoxin resided at alone, and after handing the carriage to the servants responsible, he said to Cui Xiaoxin who was just about to enter through the door, “Miss, there’s something I need to talk with Miss about.”

Cui Xiaoxin’s long eyelashes gently fluttered, turning around to look at Ning Xinhai. “Uncle Ning, today you have had a tired day, why don’t you go take a good rest first. Let’s talk about it later.”

“The matter is urgent, I can’t delay it any longer.” Ning Xinhai stubbornly said.

Cui Xiaoxin sighed gently, making an invitation gesture, “Uncle Ning let’s speak inside.”

Following Cui Xiaoxin into the courtyard, Taohong and Liulu immediately closed the courtyard door tightly behind them.

Cui Xiaoxin liked quiet, so she only had two personal servants Taohong and Liulu.

After helping to brew up two cups of hot tea, the two servants tactfully left.  

Ning Xinhai did not reach out to drink the tea, instead looked at Cui Xiaoxin and said bluntly, “ Miss is in danger, as someone on your side, I must remind you.”

“What’s the danger?” Cui Xiaoxin pursed her lips, gently blowing the froth on the cup of tea.

“Miss, Li Mu’s identity is suspicious, I think Miss also knows. Miss not only knows, but is also trying to cover up——Miss, I am not stupid, others are also not stupid. How many others in this courtyard are fools? I suspect that they are already suspicious. What I know, they will have already known.”

Ning Xinhai slowed down his speaking pace, calming down a little then continued: “I do not worry about others, I only worry about Miss. Miss, you know the Cui family and this man are enemies that cannot live under the same sky, you know that the Cui family and the Lu family are as incompatible as fire and water——Miss and Miss Shinian are close friends, the Cui family can ignore this. After all, Li Shinian is just a little girl, a casual friendship cannot affect anything.”

“But if they knew that Miss and that man are this close, what kind of censure would Miss receive? If lucky you will be forbid to go outside, if serious you will be punished according to the family rules. Also, there have been many previous cases of the family punishing disobedient girls, I think, Miss does not want this to happen——Miss is noble and independent, you certainly do not want to be controlled by others.”

Cui Xiaoxin lightly sipped the tea, remaining silent.

“As a servant of the Cui family, I should report everything to the head of the family. But, I do not bear to see Miss get punished as a result, so I kept quiet. I have overstepped my bounds but I have no regrets. I only hope that Miss will cut ties with him and be a pure girl of the Cui family. Otherwise——otherwise, I fear that it will attract thundering wrath, and Miss will be hurt.”

These were heartfelt words, a sincere intention.

Cui Xiaoxin knew that Ning Xinhai was really a person that cared for her. After years of companionship, being her guardian and bodyguard, although known as Master and servant, but they were more like Uncle and niece. She had always called him ‘Uncle Ning’ and had never treated him as an outsider.

If it were other servants of the family that suspected Li Muyang’s identity, they would have reported to the head of the house right away. Who do not know that the Cui family hated Li Muyang to the core? They would be greatly rewarded for such information.

Ning Xinhai did not do so, instead he only reminded her at the critical moment.  

Cui Xiaoxin sipped the warm tea, and then softly said, “Uncle Ning, I know. I am me, he is him, we will not have any more interactions in the future——”

“That’s good.” Ning Xinhai finally had a relieved smile on his face. “This is best for both. Miss will not be scolded at by her family, or punished as a result. That person will also not be exposed because of his closeness with Miss, find himself encircled, and end up killed.”

Cui Xiaoxin stood up, deeply bowing to Ning Xinhai. “Thank you Uncle Ning. I also ask Uncle Ning to keep a secret for him, and must not let people know of his true identity.”

“As long as Miss listens, my painstaking efforts will not be in vain.” Ning Xinhai said with a smile.” He held up the cup and drank the tea. “Then I will not disturb your rest.”

He set down the teacup and walked out toward the courtyard.

At this moment, a servant came to knock on the door, after bowing to Cui Xiaoxin she said, “Miss, Madam asks you to come over.”  



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