Chapter 391: Blood without scar!


A poet once said: The snow weighs heavy on the green pine, but the pine remains lofty and straight.

That was before. Now the pine trees were not lofty or straight, because the branches were covered with blocks of snow and icicles, that even the solid pine tree trunk was unable to bear the weight, rattling loudly in the wind and its waist almost snapping.

The heavy snow continued for several days, day and night, and the entire capital city was blanketed in snow.

Previously there were city soldiers and residents of Tiandu spontaneously coming out to sweep the snow, but after sweeping for two days, finding that the snow on the roads were too thick, and that there was nowhere to pile up the snow, they simply left it and planned to get rid all at once when the sky clears.



The wind blew strong gusts and the snow continued to fall heavily. Li Muyang plodded through the snow on the streets of Tiandu.

There were very few pedestrians and traders had also closed their shops. The entire capital was shrouded in the heaviest snow seen in 10 years. Only some of the wheat field farmers were grinning and saying the thousand year old peasant family’s proverb: A fall of seasonable snow promises a fruitful year.  

Li Muyang walked alone in the snow, but he did not feel cold. With his present physical fitness, even if he were thrown into an ice cave and frozen solid for a day he would be fine.

On the contrary, the heavy snow instead gave him a protective feeling, which made him feel a long-lost sense of security.

In the midst of snow, pedestrians were scarce. With no people around, the possibility that someone will recognise him was avoided.

Snow wrapped everything and all things went quiet.

Treading forward, there was a refreshing and invigorating feeling.

Li Muyang felt the urge to sing his heart out in the snow, or look up to the sky and let out a long scream.

I am Li Muyang!

I’ve returned!  

Of course, he did not dare to turn this impulse into action. If he had done so, then most likely that countless knives and swords will appear out of nowhere to chop him into minced flesh.  

At this moment, Li Muyang’s thoughts were extremely active.

He thought about Cui Xiaoxin seeing through his disguise but did not expose him, about Yan Xiangma’s loyalty in helping him cover up, his parents’ safety, whether the Lu family would be able to pass this crisis, as well as Starry Sky Academy and about the destroyed water illusion——


There was the sound of wheels rolling over ice coming from ahead.

“Selling chestnuts, sugar roasted chestnuts——”

A shout came from the curtains of snow curtain in front.

Li Muyang smiled, thinking that how would there be business selling chestnuts at this time? This person is such an idiot.

“Selling chestnuts, freshly roasted sugar chestnuts——”

Crunch crunch——

The cart suddenly turned towards him.  

“Gongzi, buy a bag of chestnuts? Fresh sugar-roasted chestnuts——” The old woman raised her head, looking at Li Muyang.

“No thank you.” Li Muyang looked at the old woman with a wary expression.

A master had said before, ‘In Jianghu, be careful of women and children.’

In other words, the three kinds of people that are the most frightening in Jianghu are: Cui Xiaoxin, women and children.

Li Muyang had always kept this sentence in mind.

“Fresh sugar roasted chestnuts, Gongzi really don’t want some? Perhaps there is someone in the family who likes to eat such snacks? Bring a bag back, they will be very happy.”

“No thank you.” Li Muyang still refused.

Avoiding the tires of the cart, Li Muyang attempted to leave in another direction.

“Gongzi, buy a bag——” The old woman stretched out her hand, pushing the cart to block Li Muyang’s path again. “The wind is strong and the snow is heavy, I have not eaten anything today, there’s also an old man in the house that needs money for medicine——Gongzi, can you spare some pity for me?”

Li Muyang looked at the old woman’s crooked back, as well as the deep wrinkles left her face from the suffering of life. He couldn’t help but ask cautiously, “There isn’t poison in the chestnuts, right?”

“Gongzi, how could the chestnuts be poisonous? If you don’t believe me, I’ll have one for you——” When the old woman spoke, she reached into the sizzling wok and grabbed a handful of chestnuts.

Then, she suddenly thrust her hand, the steaming chestnuts like concealed weapons sped towards Li Muyang’s face.

Li Muyang spun round, and those chestnuts were sent flying behind from the position where he just stood.


A tragic cry sounded from behind and a blade-wielding man in black fell from mid-air to the ground.

Before the voice died away, another ten men in black appeared on the eaves of the roofs on both sides of the street, lifting their blades high and charged across the middle of the street where Li Muyang was.

Both the front and back paths were blocked by the several black-clad men, forming an encirclement attack.

Li Muyang did not expect someone to kill on the streets. Even more did not think that they would risk so much. It seemed that they want to take his life at all cost?

The old woman slammed her hand, and that sizzling hot wok sprang up, the red-hot chestnuts inside shooting toward those black-clad men.

“Ah, my eyes, my eyes——”

“Its burning me, burning me——”  

“They are together, kill, kill them both——”

“I am caught in an ambush,” This was Li Muyang’s first reaction.  

“The old woman that sells chestnuts is a master.” This was Li Muyang’s second reaction.

“She is on my side.” This was the third reaction of Li Muyang.

Li Muyang’s body was spinning round where he stood and before he could stop, a blade was swung down at his head.

The edge of the blade was blazing like a flaming fire.

The man with the blade was a master, and this blade had been injected with powerful qi.

Li Muyang was thinking whether it would expose the fact that he was not a sickly man if he fought back?

As he was pondering, he had already stored up qi at his dantian, then accumulated the qi of dantian into his right fist to throw out an explosive punch at the long blade.

The Art of Breaking Body!

Breaking Fist!

The wind swept and the air roared.

With one punch, the gale stopped and the snow melted.

All around, there were no living things in sight.

Only Li Muyang’s fist was seen growing redder and redder, and increasingly growing larger.

The initial stage of the Breaking fist was red. When one trained to a certain stage, the Breaking fist will become white and then turn from white to black.

When the fist turns black, which is the colour of the starry sky, it can destroy Starry Sky cultivators.

Of course, ‘The Art of the Breaking Fist’ was so mysterious that until now Li Muyang was unable to distinguish which is real and which is fake. Even the Black Dragon’s memory did not have this knowledge.


The force of the red fist and the qi of the blade made a fierce collision.

The resulting brilliance lit up the world.

It was as though a little sun had exploded in front of their eyes.

The long blade snapped into two, and the black man’s chest was pierced with a huge hole, his body wildly recoiled until he slammed into a stonewall and the crisp sound of bones breaking resounded across the air.

“Quickly run.” The old woman flipped the single-wheeled cart and sent flying one of the black -clad man that came speeding over as she yelled to Li Muyang.

“Kill.” The leader motioned with a gesture, and two black men charged towards the old woman.

More blade-wielding black-clad men appeared out of nowhere, surrounding Li Muyang from all directions.

The heavy snow covered the city!

Blood without scars!

Cui mansion. Lan garden.  

Cui Xiaoxin followed the little servant into Lan garden, and the little servant helped Cui Xiaoxin dust off the snow on her before she said, “Madam, Miss is here.”

“Let her in.”  A gentle woman’s voice came from the room.

The little servant helped push the door open, made an invitation gesture, and said” “Miss, please come in.”  

Cui Xiaoxin walked into the room alone, where her mother was sat reading in front of a fire.   

“Mother, you’re looking for me?”  

Seeing Cui Xiaoxin came into the room, Yue Wenxiu set down the book in her hand, and pulled her daughter to sit next to her by the fire. “Silly child, it’s so cold, why did you travel so far to West mountain to see the plum blossoms? Has the incident at Thousand Buddha Temple not remind you to be more vigilant?”

“Fortunately Butler Ning is an important elder of the family. If it were someone else, I would break their legs. How could you act recklessly? If something happens to, who is going to take this responsibility? Who am I going to cry to?”

“Mother, haven’t I came back safe? You should not blame Uncle Ning. I asked him, it has nothing to do with him.” Cui Xiaoxin explained.

Yue Wenxiu understood her daughter’s temper. She gently sighed, “you, from a young age you have been closer to Xinci, your personality is also more like her, and you’re not very close with your mother——Yes Mother is strict on you, but isn’t that for your own good? What mother doesn’t want her daughter to be happy? Don’t you think so?”

Cui Xiaoxin kept quiet and did not respond. She had heard these words from her mother many times before. She had accustomed to it all.

Yue Wenxiu was also accustomed to her daughter suddenly not saying anything. She pulled her hand to seat her by the fire and softly said, “are you cold? Come over to warm up the body.”

“Not cold.” Cui Xiaoxin said aloud.

“How could it not be cold when it’s snowing so heavily?” Yue Wenxiu said, smiling. “You child, has been strong-minded since young. Everyone also spoils and love you. You say what you want to say, do what you want to do, everything is decided by you——But you’re a girl, Mother and Father can not take care of you forever.”

Cui Xiaoxin with a calm expression looked at Yue Wenxiu. “Mother, just say what’s on your mind, there is no need to hide it.”

Yue Wenxiu glanced at her daughter’s calm face and finally made up her mind. She said with clenched teeth: “Your marriage with Song Tinyun, the old grandfather of the Song family mentioned it again, he said he hopes to see another bright moon rise in his family during his lifetime——”

“What did Grandfather say?” Cui Xiaoxin asked. “

“Your grandfather agreed too. So——” Yue Wenxiu tightly grasped her daughter’s slender, pale hand and uttered, “He told me to let you know.”




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