Chapter 392: The fight in snow!


Plum blossoms fall over steps like whirling snow, leaving one all white even though brushed off a while ago.

The snow outside was chaotic, but Cui Xiaoxin’s mind was more chaotic.

When she was still far away in Jiangnan, she had already heard that the Cui and Song family want to connect by marriage. Of course, the news was vague, discontinuous, and there had been no definite statement. Cui Xiaoxin, at that time, was still in studying in Jiangnan, situated far away from Tiandu, so she had never taken such matters to heart.

Only occasionally, when she thought about it late at night, was there a kind of indescribable feeling in her heart.

But now her mother had deliberately come to find her to seriously talk about this matter, which indicated that the marriage had been decided.

All aspects of the conditions had been settled, and those qualified to nod had nodded.

The only one who had the power to ‘oppose’ this marriage was Grandfather Cui Xichen, so Cui Xiaoxin’s first thought was to ask about her Grandfather’s stance on this matter.  

Since Grandfather had agreed, there probably was no room for discussion.

“Song Tinyun.” Cui Xiaoxin chewed over the name. “This man, will he be the one who I spend my life with?”

They were both living in Tiandu, and even could be said to live on the same street, it was unavoidable that Cui Xiaoxin had interacted with Song Tinyun before.

Moreover, there was one time when Cui Xiaoxin was faced with danger and it was Song Tinyun who saved her life.

The scene of the resolute youngster drawing his sword and stood in front of her, shielding her with his thin and weak body, had firmly occupied her dream for a long period of time. She had also thought before that to be with this man for a lifetime was not an unacceptable thing.

Song Tinyun was handsome and confident, and had the title of ‘Jade tree of the Song family’. Adding to this, since a young age he was called a martial arts genius. While other youngsters were busy horseback riding, walking dogs, cock fighting and playing around, he was following the old grandfather of the Song family, Song Gudu, to learn martial arts. His cultivation journey had been smooth all along. When the other talents were just getting started, he had already jumped over the Empty valley, and when others labored up the High mountain, he was ready to sprint to the Free clouds realm——

He had always been in front of his peers, and some people of the older generation were also considered inferior to him.

It can be said that he was an opponent that countless Tiandu youngster imitated and chased after; he was an idol.

Most important of all, the Cui family and Song family were families of equal social status. If the two were to marry, not only would they receive the blessing of the two families, the entire West Wind Kingdom would also be in uproar with the announcement——

However, why was there an empty feeling in her heart? Why was there a painful sadness spreading through her body?  

There was another face that surfaced in her mind, it was a dark youngster, he was laughing, but in his eyes were unconcealable sadness. He said to her, ‘Cui Xiaoxin, don’t worry. Even if we are friends, I won’t be pursuing you. Even in West Wind University, I also won’t be pursuing you’.

Every time Cui Xiaoxin thought of that scene, she felt her heart was being pulled tight.

That day, she left earlier. But she could imagine that the youngster sitting alone by the sunset lake must be extremely sad, right?

“Xiaoxin——” Yue Wenxiu said loudly.

Cui Xiaoxin looked up at her mother and uttered, “I know.”

“Xiaoxin, we have not talked in a long time, I do not know what you really think. The marriage has been decided, and the two families are choosing the lucky day. However, since the Song family’s grandfather had said that he wants to live to see another bright moon rising in his family then it can’t be delayed for too long——There is only us two here, you can say the truth to me. This marriage, do you agree to it or not agree to it?”

Cui Xiaoxin looked at her mother and said, “What if I agree to it? And what if I don’t agree?”

“See, your personality has always been like this——you hide everything in your heart. Don’t you know that people will worry about you?”

Cui Xiaoxin raised her head to look at her mother and said, “if I said yes, everyone will be happy. If I said no, it will not change the reality. Instead, mother has to take even more trouble to persuade me to accept it, and the final outcome will only be to compromise and surrender, right?”


“Mother, I can’t say the words ‘I accept’, I know this will make you happy, make all family members happy, and pretend this is a wedding of a match made in heaven. But, I just can’t say it. The words are stuck in my throat. I can’t get them out, and I can’t swallow it. I don’t want to say ‘I don’t agree’, because these words mean nothing, and it bears no weight in the Cui family.”

“I know that you all don’t like Aunt, because Aunt was a resister. She summoned up the courage, she caused such a big commotion, she resisted fiercely, but in the end——she still married the man she disliked according to the family’s arrangement.”

“Xiaoxin, don’t talk nonsense.”

“Mother, this is a well-known fact, why am I talking nonsense? Aunt was able to share her story and her feelings with me—Even the person involved could calmly face the situation, what do we have to fear?”

Yue Wenxiu worriedly stared at Cui Xiaoxin and reminded, “Xiaoxin, you must not imitate your Aunt.”

“I won’t imitate Aunt.” Cui Xiaoxin said in a low voice. “I know that even if I did the same as her, it won’t have any meaning. An overturned cart in front is a warning for those behind. Aunt—am I braver or luckier than she is?”

“Xiaoxin, if you’re like this, then Mother will be worried.” ”

Cui Xiaoxin smiled. “Mother, don’t worry. My name is Xiaoxin, I’m more careful than anyone, I’m not going to make things difficult for you.” —————


Li Muyang threw out another punch.

The Breaking fist of ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’!

A black-clad man behind was sent flying out, smashing into a stonewall, and cracking of bones was heard throughout.

The body of the black-clad man slid down the wall, and when his butt sank into the snow, his eyes shot open, blood overflowed his mouth and he had became a corpse.

‘The Art of the Breaking Body’ was the martial arts that Li Muyang had studied the longest and the one he placed most effort in.

Before he started his cultivation and before the sea of qi of his dantian had formed an Empty valley, he had already begun to follow Li Shinian to learn ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’.

But now Li Muyang was not the same as before, not only had he fused with the Tear of the Dragon King, gained a strong physique and abundant energy, he also possessed countless knowledge for his own development and learning.

In addition, when he was studying in Starry Sky Academy, he had received guidance from Yang Xiaohu, Xiahou Qianbai and Kong Li, the three great masters. And coupled with Li Muyang’s hard work, his speed of progress could be said to be one thousand miles in one day.

Now, Li Muyang’s punch was like ten thousand stampeding horses, a thousand army charging forward, meeting force with force, to destroy the opponent’s body.

‘The Art of the Breaking Body’, what is broken is one’s own body and body of qi, and what’s destroyed is the opponent’s body and body of qi. Breaking body, hence the name.

Monks are merciful, but the martial arts technique created by them was not merciful at all.

Sometimes, killing was inevitable.


Like knife cutting pieces of paper, the crackle of the body breaking into parts sounded.  

A man in black sprang toward the old woman with sword in hand, but when his body was in the air, he was suddenly severed in two.

While the upper body was still moving forward, the lower body had plunged to the ground.


First his legs and half body fell into the snow, dyeing the snow a bright blood red.


A moment later, his inner organs detached from his upper body, dropping to the ground with a loud snapping sound.

Heart, liver, lungs and such organs smashed into the snow pit, the heat emitting thick intestines rolling into the distance.

The old woman was also extremely strong; the palm of her hand was like a sword. Every time she thrust out her palm there was a gust of wind blowing and a gush of sword qi spreading out.

With one palm strike, as though there was a giant blue broadsword covering the sky, the opponent was severed and fallen.

As she successively threw her palm out unexpectedly several black-clad assassins had fallen.

The black-clad people finally began to fear, their fierce, unafraid-of-death assault was finally halted.

It was at this moment that Li Muyang and the old woman gathered in the corner.  

They were surrounded by black-clad assassins who were pouring in from all directions, and those people were brandishing their blades, desperately compressing their space of activity.

“Look for a chance to escape.” Standing back to back, the old woman whispered to Li Muyang. “There are too many of them, since they dare to attack in Tiandu, they must be prepared to die——We must end this battle quick.”

“I understand.” Li Muyang said. He finally couldn’t control his curiosity and asked aloud, “who are you? Why did you save me?”

Until now, Li Muyang still did not know who this old woman was.

Although she had been helping him from the beginning, but who knows whether she would strike a fatal blow at him at the critical moment——Just like at the very beginning, Li Muyang thought she was going to kill him, but she struck the black-clad men who were attacking from behind instead.

“What? The last time you could see through my disguise, why can’t you do it this time?” The old woman said mockingly.

Li Muyang looked at her blank for a moment before it dawned on him. “It’s you.”

“This is not the time to catch up, try to break out.” The old woman reminded. “I will try to attract their attention, you take the opportunity to escape.”

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry about me. After you escape, I have my own way of escaping.”

The old woman’s voice only just faded away when her body disappeared from where she stood.

When she reappeared, she had descended into the crowd of black-clad people. Her body made a rotation 360 degrees in the air, the blade in her right hand constantly brandishing and slashing.


Several black-clad assassin were severed at the waist, dying instantly.

Li Muyang also coldly humphed, charging at those red eyed assassins who had sworn to take his life.




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