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393 – Still Water Sword School!

Chapter 393: Still Water Sword School!



The snow was swirling, and blood splattered.

On the street, every household had closed the doors and windows.  

The businesses who did not close their door before had also unknowingly pulled the shop door shut for fear that they would become the unlucky pond fish that would become involved during the mass slaughter.  

“Is there no justice, is there no law? How dare they fight on the street——”

“A spectacle, it is a spectacle, it has been many years since I’ve seen anyone killing on the street——”  

“Wife, come take a look. What, you’re farsighted?”

On the eaves in the distance stood two men in white robes.  

One with thick brows and big eyes, and was tough and well built. His long hair was rolled up in a bun that was secured with a bamboo hairpin that was a sharp, tapered shape like a small sword.

The man’s eyes were firmly fixed on the fight on the streets. Watching Li Muyang dressed as Driver Li Mu repeatedly throwing out punches that smashed the black-clad assassins to ashes, he couldn’t help shouting furiously, “such a person is a driver? If he is a driver, then all the driver in the world would be ashamed to death.”

“Who said he is a driver?” The tall, skinny man next to him asked in response. The man’s long hair was untied, fluttering freely in the wind, and with his wide robe and big sleeves he radiated the demeanour of a celestial being, like he was riding the wind.  

“Aren’t we intercepting a cart driver?” Baili Changhe’s face was crossed with a puzzled look. “What family would need to hire such a skilled master as a cart driver? This person is not weak, and that fist technique he’s using is very strange and powerful. The little power stored in the dantian instantly erupts——”

“Even if we know the ferocity of his fist, we cannot forcibly receive it. Firstly the speed of his fist is very fast, making it impossible to evade. Secondly, his pace is extremely quick, each maneuver can perfectly find the most advantageous point of attack. If you avoid the punch, you will only make your weak point be exposed. That would be disastrous.”

“‘The Art of the Breaking Body’.” Mu Yubai stated out loud. “This is a secret skill of Taoism, a skill that the seven Taoist spiritual masters are famous for. Break the body with qi, kill the enemy in one. At its peak, this move can almost turn over mountain and tread across the sea, break stars, slaughter dragons and destroy demons. It is beneficial in every way. I just don’t understand how this kind of secret skill made it into the hands of that boy——Is he a descendant of the Taoist sect?”

“Master, you mean——you’re worried that this man is a pawn that the Taoist sect had placed in the Lu family? Could it be that the Taoist sect is also involved in this matter? Sound of Heaven Temple and Dragon Tiger mountain are both transcendent immortal sects. Although both have numerous disciples and are extremely powerful, most of the time they do not pay attention to the secular matters of the world. Would they make an exception this time?”

“It’s just a thought, it may not be true.” Mu Yubai coldly watched the fierce fight in the heavy snow, without sadness or joy, or any other emotion. “Perhaps, this boy has some connection with the Taoist spiritual master Ziyang, therefore he was taught ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’. However, judging from his fist technique, the punch is fierce but not imposing. And due to not having practiced it for long enough, there is a brief pause after every punch. It is difficult to form the Breaking fist into a fist formation or fist field——However, once he accomplishes the Breaking fist then, among the entire Tiandu, only very few people can master him.”

“Of course, besides Spiritual master Ziyang himself, most likely that no one will be able to cultivate ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’ to that level. I heard that Ziyang’s calamity is about to come. Whether or not he can overcome it to reach a higher level, I’m looking forward to it. The others are chasing stars, how could us juniors not try to catch up vigorously?”

“Master’s mind is as settled as still water, no matter when or where you never get emotional in any environment——One day, you certainly will break the realms and ascend to the sky, roam the Divine continent. In this great wide world, how many people can contend with Master in terms of sword skills?”

“There are countless heroes in this world, how can they be underestimated?” The long hair man’s voice was calm and indifferent. “In this Tiandu, there are also many of such talented youngsters, right?”


Just as Mu Yubai’s voice fell, Li Muyang struck another black-clad man flying off in one fist strike, his tragic scream echoed across the sky.

As he slammed into the ground, his upper half body struggled to get up, exhausting all his strength, and finally collapsed. He inhaled several heavy breaths, before his eyes drooped and he lost his life.

“Master, let me go down to meet that driver.” Baili Changhe said through gritted teeth. “This boy is vicious, the men of my sword school is becoming souls under his fist. Besides, it is disadvantage to us the longer this is dragged on. Why don’t I go down and kill him, that will save a few men of our sword school.”

“Look again.” Mu Yubai said.

“See what?” Baili Changhe asked anxiously. “This boy has killed more than ten lives of our Still water sword school, do you want to watch them all be killed?”

“Their skill is inferior, their sword is not sharp enough, they can’t blame other people for dying.” Mu Yubai’s voice did not contain the slightest of emotions. “Look again, wait for him to exert his full strength.”

The expression on Baili Changhe’s face stiffened when he cried out in surprise, “Master you mean——the cart driver has not yet revealed his true strength?”

“His qi is not disturbed, his force is not exhausted. He does not look tired or is he fighting as if his life depends on it.” Mu Yubai said. “What he is holding back, watch a little longer. I’m really curious, what kind of a——cart driver he is.”

When he heard these words from Master, Baili Changhe fixed his eyes on Li Muyang once more. He too wanted to see what other tricks did this guy have.   

“Miss Li Shinian’s driver? It really is the biggest joke in the world?”

The Morning Sun road. The City patrol base.

Today Li Kefeng was not on duty, but he still maintained the daily habit he had when he was a frontier soldier. Every day he must go check on the base, chat with the subordinates and officers, and even drink two bowls of wine. He would pat the shoulders of the soldiers on duty and it was only after he had inspected around that he would come back to rest at home.  

Today was no exception; he braved the wind and snow to come to the military base. The subordinates and several deputy generals immediately crowded him.

“Boss Li, this wind and snow are so bad, why did you come to the patrol base again? It’s better to stay at home and sleep comfortably while hugging a woman——” Ma Chao smiled mischievously.   

“Exactly, you didn’t bring wine. How can you have the nerve to come see us without wine?” Chen Jun patted Li Kefeng on the shoulder like there was no difference between the senior and the junior.

“General, go back to rest. Today, the snow is so heavy, I don’t think anything will happen in the city——Later I will take a few brothers out to patrol, I will not let General down.” Zhang Xiaohu said concernedly—— “

Li Kefeng swung his foot to kick Ma Cha’s butt and scolded, “you kid, have you gone crazy? What’s the matter? Do you think I haven’t noticed you and Bai Zhubo’s second daughter exchanging flirting glances? If you want, I will now head over to find Bai Zubo to propose the marriage.”

“General, I’m just saying——my body is dedicated to General, and my soul is dedicated to the Kingdom, I have no intention of marrying for the time being. You don’t get me in trouble.” Ma Chao said with a foolish grin.

Li Kefeng teasingly glanced at Chen Jun, “You want to drink? Fine, you’re not on duty today either. You come with me now, we will find a little restaurant, I’ll drink how much you drink, whoever collapses first is a bastard——”

“General, I was joking, I was joking——” Chen Jun’s face was twisted with a terrified expression. “Who doesn’t know that General Li will never get drunk even after drinking one thousand cups? I’m just going to lose.”  

Li Kefeng then clapped his hand upon Zhang Xiaohu’s shoulder. “Right, Xiaohu, you also do not have to patrol the city today, the snow is really bad, you also have to pay attention to your brother’s health——Why don’t you guard the city patrol base. If something happens the City defense troops will come to report. It’s not too late to leave the camp at that time. What can happen at the foot of the Emperor?”

“Yes. General.” Zhang Xiaohu followed the rules and responded with a military salute.

Li Kefeng gave a wry smile. “You fool is always so serious.”

A few people were standing at the door joking and laughing, when a horse bolted towards them.

“Urgent report.” The steed had not yet entered the base, when a mounted soldier already yelled out.  

“What is the matter?” Li Kefeng asked in a low voice.  

Zhang Xiaohu had already rushed out and immediately supported the soldier down the horse, “What’s going on?”

“There are people killing on the street.” The soldier panted. “Someone is killing on the street.”

In a brief moment.

The soldiers clad in armour and helmets spurred their horse out of the city patrol base and set off in the direction of the West city gate at full speed.

“Quick. Quickly.” The leader, with one hand on the reins, the other clasping his sword, incessantly urged the horse across the snowy ground. And because the ground was thick with snow and ice, the horses’ hooves kicked up snow and dirt as they ran.

Behind were nearly one hundred city patrol subordinates, each wearing a grim expression, knowing that what awaited them was a brutal fight.


The clatter of hoofs was uniform and rhythmic, like the hundreds of horses were one, lifting off and setting down at the same time. The formation of a huge force made one felt as though an earth-shaking strength was charging forward.


Li Kefeng sharply pulled on the reins and the horse’s movements were abruptly stopped.

The nearly hundreds of mounted soldiers at the back also drew in the reins.

Li Kefeng stared at the black-clad figures in the middle of the long street and snapped: “City Patrol Division is performing official duties, who dares block the road?”

“Monitoring Division. Cui Jian.” A black-robed man’s corner of his mouth was curved upwards in a light smile, the three-headed snake on his body baring its fangs, as though was choosing people to bite.




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