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394 – Starry Sky Muyang!

Chapter 394: Starry Sky Muyang!


“Monitoring Division. Cui Jian.”

Li Kefeng chewed over the name, eyes flashing with the flickering of sword shadows.  

After Cui Zhaoren’s death, the Monitoring Division was reorganized and Cui Jian was one of the three senior investigating censorate officials of the Monitoring Division appointed by the Emperor of West Wind Kingdom, Chu Xianda.

Although known as a senior investigating censorate official, but because there was currently no chief investigating censorate official, Cui Jian, who was greatly valued by the Emperor, had been abusing his powers. Recently he frequently led the lackeys of the Monitoring Division to stir up a storm, arresting countless people under the direct command of the Lu family and some officials close to the Lu family.  

In the recent days, the people of Tiandu had been in a state of panic and nervousness. The flames between the two families had been gradually growing stronger and a war seemed imminent.  

Therefore, as someone under the direct command of the Lu family, when Li Kefeng saw Cui Jian he naturally was not in a good mood.

“The City patrol received a report that there are people fighting on the street. Such acts at the foot of the emperor are a crime. The City Patrol is carrying out our duties, what is Senior official Cui’s intention of intercepting us?” Li Kefeng clasped his sword firmly and snapped.

Cui Jian wore a contemptuous smile on his face, letting the snowflakes dye the hair on his temples white. In a cold voice he said, “really unfortunate, the Monitoring Division is currently investigating ahead, arresting a serious criminal. In order to avoid someone taking the criminal away, we have no other choice but to block this area. This road is blocked, General Li has to find another way.”

Li Kefeng’s face turned red with fury. “Senior official Cui is joking with us, right? We have rushed all the way here, it doesn’t make sense to go back and find another road. If we take another road to the West gate the assassins would escape without a trace. How do we capture the criminal then?”

Li Kefeng gripped the sword hilt with a faint killing intent in his voice when he said: “I don’t understand, there are bad guys in front carrying out crimes, but the Monitoring Division is hindering the City patrol to perform their duties and to protect the imperial capital——It only makes me think what relationship does Senior official Cui have with those bad guys? Otherwise, why would you do something so absurd?”

“General Li, there are some words that cannot be said so casually. Even if you don’t think about your good future, you should consider it the safety of your family. There are some responsibilities that you cannot bear.”

“I am upright and do things openly. I respect justice and abide by the law. I do not understand why Senior official Cui would say such threatening words? Does it mean that the power conferred upon you by the Emperor is for you to bully and oppress your peers?”

“Li Kefeng, you want to die?” Cui Jian’s face was icy-cold and his eyes radiated killing intent.

The robe on him flapped in the absence of wind, and even the snow failed to near him.

With Cui Jian as the centre, there was not a speck of snow within hundred of metres or any noise.  



Cui Jian’s voice had just faded, when the several black-clad men of the Monitoring division drew a fine sword hung at their waist and swept a murderous gaze over Li Kefeng.


The sword in Li Kefeng’s hand was unsheathed.  

Sitting astride the muscular back of a huge horse, he stared at Cui Jian from above, maintaining a charging, forward stance.


Near hundreds of swords were unsheathed at the same time, and nearly one hundred of City patrol troops raised their weapon into the air, eyes blazing and their body leaning forward, as though would follow Li Kefeng to charge ahead to kill the several men of the Monitoring Division any moment.

The horses felt the murderous atmosphere, and began to fear to the extent that they attempted to dash forward to escape.

The elites of the City patrol gripped tight onto the reins to stop the horse galloping away.

The more they pull, the more the horses exerted strength.

Once relaxed their grip and let go, the hundreds of horses will be like hundreds of moving hills, crushing the enemy into minced flesh.  

“Cui Jian, others might be afraid of your Monitoring division, but I, Li Kefeng is not afraid. What I follow are the laws and perform the duties of the City Patrol. What rights do you have to stop us?” Li Kefeng swung his sword into the air and bellowed. “Brothers, follow me.””

“Charge.” The hundreds of city patrol elites shouted.

Chen Jun and Zhang Xiaohu surrounded Li Kefeng with one on the right and the other on the left to deflect any attacks for him.

Li Kefeng clasped the sword and urged the steed forward one step.


The horse hooves tread on the snow, producing a crisp ice-cracked sound.


Nearly one hundred armoured horses simultaneously began to move, trampling the layer of ice on the ground and seemed to have caused the ground to quake.


Cui Jian pulled his sword free of its sheath, lifting it horizontally with the tip pointing to the direction of where the City patrol troops were, and softly said: “Monitoring Division listen to order, if someone dares to force their way into the restricted area, kill them all at once.”

“Yes.” The dozen of men of the Monitoring Division shouted in unison.


When Li Kefeng took another step forward, the nearly one hundred elites of the City patrol also moved closer.

The battle steeds let out a long neigh, their breathing hurried and brief.

The air almost solidified as the two sides were near.

Li Kefeng stared at Cui Jian. Cui Jian also stared back at Li Kefeng.

The two pair of eyes collided in the air, and a clang of metal striking one another that resounded across the street.


At the rear of city patrol formation, a little junior’s horse was hit by a stone from the distance.


The horse reared up and galloped in pain.

The neigh of the horse broke the silence between the two sides.

“Charge.” “Li Kefeng spurred the horse to full speed, lifting the sword in his hand high into the air, and aimed at Cui Jian.

“Kill.” Cui Jian’s sword drew up a number of sword flowers, breaking the protective iron armour at the front of the horse.


The two sides fiercely clashed, and another fight in the snow began.

The wind blew again, and the snow grew heavier and heavier————

Limbs snapped and bodies were severed, blood flowing into one place.

After striking another black-clad man flying, Li Muyang became increasingly irritable.

His eyes were blood red, and a strong vicious current was sweeping through his body, about to break out.

These black-clad men were not considered to have a particularly strong cultivation base but they formed their own system. Three to five people gathered together to form a sword formation that made people feel as though their hands and feet were bound.

The old woman was surrounded by several black-clad men. They encircled her but did not attack, advancing and retreating in coordination. Even if the old woman was superior to them in cultivation she was still at a loss as to what to do.

Their goal was Li Muyang.

More black-clad men flocked towards Li Muyang, as though unafraid of death.  

As soon as Li Muyang sent one flying, another would fill the gap. When he struck a whole group even more black-clad men charged towards him.

If Li Muyang was said to be a fierce red-eyed tiger in a killing frenzy, then these black-clad men were a pack of wolves that give no thought to their life.

The group launched collective attacks like a pack of wolves tearing with their teeth. It was impossible to avoid or defend effectively.

Li Muyang also felt the pressure of just using ‘The Art of the Breaking Body’.

He knew well that these people were trying to kill him.

He cannot die, nor does he want to die.

“Master, we can’t wait any longer.” Baili Changhe looked at the battlefield below with an impatient expression. “Our task is to kill this boy. If we waste time it will give that boy a chance to run away. It will be detrimental to the face of our Still Water Sword School and will also affect Master’s prestige——Why don’t I go down and kill him at once.”

Baili Changhe was an arrogant person, seeing the disciples of their Sword school trying so hard and showed no hesitation to fight with their life, yet still could not kill the cart driver was really embarrassing to him.

In the eyes, the boy was nothing special. However, whenever the Sword school disciples attempted to behead him with their sword, he was always able to sharply evade and counterattack with a deadly blow.

Baili Changhe could tell that this guy has quite a lot of experience in fighting. It was not an exaggeration to describe him as a ‘veteran of hundred battles’.

“To kill him takes nothing but a sword attack. Why so impatient?” Mu Yubai stated indifferently. “Wait a little longer. If he only possess such skills, then it would be really disappointing.”

“But—— “

“Three thousand disciples of Still Water Sword school.”

“What is Master trying to say?”

“Too many.” Mu Yubai said. “Let them eliminate themselves. Only those who survive are qualified to comprehend more advanced sword techniques.”

“Yes, Master.” Baili Changhe said respectfully.

Li Muyang was constantly drawing back.  

Until his back was leaning against an icy wall. He could feel the biting coldness of the stonewall, and he knew that his robe was soaked by the melted snow on the wall.

After Li Muyang sent another man flying across, during the interval when everyone was afraid to advance, he murmured something.

A golden Buddha appeared out of thin air, illuminating everywhere that even all the snow in the world would lose its splendor in front of him.

As Li Muyang was reciting a mantra, the golden Buddha with furrowed brows and blazing eyes raised the Subdue Demon baton in his hand, pounding at those black-clad men.


The wind reversed and the snow flowed back.

There was a huge hole formed in the middle of the sky, and the hard stone ground made crackling noises while the houses collapsed into pieces.

In the midst of the dazzling golden glow, the black-clad men crowded around were instantly incinerated to ashes.

“I see.” Under the eaves, Mu Yubai’s face lit up. “That’s it.”

As the Master of the Still water sword school, the high number of deaths of the disciples did not have the slightest influence on his mood.  

With a satisfied face he looked at Li Muyang who produced a huge Buddha, saying: “This is the Buddhist secret technique ‘Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’——I didn’t expect it to be this powerful.”

“It was the Taoist ‘Art of the Breaking Body’, and now it’s the Buddhist ‘Subdue dragon and tame the tiger mantra’. This person possess the secret knowledge of both Buddhism and Taoism, this person——what is his identity?” Baili Changhe muttered.

No wonder that Master forbade me to go down to help.

If I had went down to face him with this underestimating mindset it would have been disadvantageous for me——Is he really a cart driver?

Baili Changhe secretly thought to himself: if he were to face the attack just now how would he counterattack?

“Starry Sky Muyang.” Mu Yubai said, smiling. “Except that boy, who else dares to cultivate both Buddhism and Taoism?”  




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