Chapter 395: ‘Still Water Sword Technique’!


West Wind palace. Harmony palace hall.  

The heaven is sometimes fair; when it was cold outside the palace was just as biting-cold. When it snowed outside, snow was also swirling within the palace walls.

The West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda was giggling and drinking imperial wine with his new concubine by a warm stove, and on the table were fresh fruits presented by the four districts. In Chu Xianda’s embrace was an alluring woman peeling a purple-jade grape and feeding into his mouth. Chu Xianda took a bite, at the same time the concubine’s soft and smooth finger was pressed between his mouth.

“Your Majesty, you’re so bad.” The concubine was lying in the Emperor’s arms, her soft body trembling constantly, her youthful clothes were slightly untied and her shoulders were half revealed, looking extremely sexy.

“The bad is still to come.” Chu Xianda tipped the purple grape in his mouth closer to the concubine’s little mouth. “Come, I will allow you to eat grapes. You and I share one.”

The concubine dared not disobey, shyly pulled her face closer.

Soon, there was an interruption.

At this moment, a little palace eunuch silently appeared at the doorway.

Chamberlain Li Fu stopped him, asking, “Your Majesty is resting, what is the matter?”

“Reporting back to Chamberlain Li, the City patrol and the Monitoring Division broke into a fight on a street near West gate.” The little palace eunuch reported the urgent matter to Li Fu. “I heard that the outside is now a mess. The City Defense also joined, Official Yi Luo was also injured when he tried to intervene to calm things down—“

“These people are really—–it’s snowing so heavily, but they are not having a good rest at home. Why did they run outside to have a fight.” Li Fu muttered.

“Li Fu, come in.” Chu Xianda heard the whispering by the door.

“Yes, your Majesty.” Li Fu hurriedly went in with his body bowing respectfully and his head hung low. “Your Majesty, the City patrol and Monitoring Division broke into a fight in Tiandu city, I heard the City defense also joined in——Lord Yi Luo also was wounded by those barbarians when he tried to mediate the conflict——”

“Hahaha, my Monitoring Division and City Patrol are fighting? The City Defense also joined in? It’s so lively out there?” Chu Xianda laughed. “Pity, I am the son of the heavens, it’s inconvenient for me to go out. Otherwise, I would watch at the side.”

“Your Majesty’s body is priceless, you must not enter this dangerous place.” Li Fu hastily persuaded. He has already had a taste of his Master’s easily changeable mood before.  

“What? In my territory, my country, there are people who dare to hurt me?” Chu Xianda scowled at Li Fu.


Li Fu immediately fell to his knees, his head against the ground, “Your Majesty is accomplished in literature, skilled in martial arts, wealth includes the four seas and is loved by all citizens. Why would anyone dare to be disrespectful? I am just worried that those barbarians would carelessly hurt your Majesty——”

“Get up.” As though thinking of something, Chu Xiand’’s face again became gloomy. “Accomplished in literature, skilled in martial arts? It has been a few years since I ascended to this throne, what have I accomplished in literature, what have I acquired in martial arts? My wealth includes the four seas, nominally the fours seas are mine, but in reality? Who is the four seas, I know, and the world knows.”

Li Fu got up from the ground, bowed his head and afraid to speak anymore.

“Just let them fight,” Chu Xianda laughed grimly, “in the end the winner and loser will be decided, right? Just treat it as training soldiers in the city.”

After a pause, he suddenly asked, “Tomorrow is the 60th birthday of that old man of the Lu family right?”  

“Yes.” Li Fu replied in a quiet voice.

“Well, 60th birthday, it’s a big day. You have to help me choose a gift to send over——no, I should personally go offer birthday congratulations to express the harmony between my minister and I, don’t you think so?”

Li Fu put up a smiling face and dared not say a word——

Subdue the dragon and tame the tiger, and kill the group of demons.

Li Muyang launched a killing blow, cleanly wiping out all black-clad swordsmen around him.   

His previous use felt a little not as strong as he had wished. The Golden Buddha was tottering in the air, as though may crumble and disappear at any time.

But this time, the big Buddha not only erupted in a blaze of golden light, the power was much superior than it was before.  

From this it can be seen that, after a period of training, Li Muyang’s strength had greatly improved, and even his body of qi had grown greatly.

After clearing the enemy in front, Li Muyang did not waste any time.

Taking advantage of the fact that the other people had not yet reacted, he sped towards the old woman, at the same time throwing out Breaking fists to explode the black-clad men who were attacking the old woman from all sides.

The old woman finally escaped, anger rising rapidly inside, her two palms transformed into blades and repeatedly slashed out. The remaining black-clad men who wanted to retreat were severed in two.  

“Are you all right?” The old woman hurried to Li Muyang and asked aloud.

After a hard battle, she no longer disguised her appearance, her voice was sharp and clear, and her movements were light and quick, like a 16-year-old girl, completely different to her appearance before.

“I’m fine.” Li Muyang said out loud. Seeing that the old woman was uninjured, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. “Miss Hong Xiu, why did you come?”

“Obviously to protect you.” The old woman stated. “Do you think I came out to see the snow?”

Then, her expression grew serious. “These people are skilled in sword, and the sword techniques they use can organise into formation. It should be the Still Water Sword School’s ‘Rain of Sword Technique’. They are the people of the Still Water Sword School.”

“Still Water Sword School?” Li Muyang had heard of this famous school of West Wind Kingdom, also knew that there were 3000 disciples in the Still Water Sword School, which include countless nobles, Princesses and Princes who came to learn sword techniques in this school. Therefore, the Still Water Sword School can also be called the ‘Imperial family’s Sword School. Those that can mobilise the imperial family’s Sword School, naturally has to be the West Wind Chu clan.

It was difficult for Li Muyang to understand why they would mobilise so many sword masters of the Still Water Sword School to assassinate him?   

Even if Li Muyang’s identity had been exposed, there was still no need to cause such a big scene, right?

Li Muyang felt that the present Tiandu was extremely complicated and dangerous.  It was like a huge pot filled with sulphur and black oil, and could explode with a bang at any moment.

What made Li Muyang even more troubled was that, it seemed as if he had become the flint that lights this big pot of oil.  

“Quickly go.” Hong Xiu pushed Li Muyang’s arm. “I’ll delay time, when you have gone, I naturally will have a way to escape.”

“I’m afraid I can’t go.” Li Muyang lifted his head and looked at the far corner of the eaves.

There, two robes were dancing in the gale, and the snow covered their shoulders like frost——

“Li Muyang? The Li Muyang who killed Cui Zhaoren and hid in Starry Sky Academy?” Baili Changhe’s face was twisted with an astonished expression. “This boy dares to return to Tiandu? Is he not afraid of the Cui family chopping him up into minced flesh?”

“So he changed his appearance and dares not to reveal his identity.” Mu Yubai explained out

“Change his appearance? Humph does he think there’s no one in Tiandu. Tiandu is vast and the experts are numerous, can he deceive all eyes?” Baili Changhe sneered, then suddenly it dawned on him: “Master already know about his true identity, therefore kept hidden and did not attack? You want him to expose his identity himself? That way, it is justified to kill him because he destroyed His Majesty’s entire Monitoring division?”

“What if I know? What if I don’t know?” Mu Yubai glanced at Baili Changhe. “It has nothing to do with this.”

“How would it not matter?”

“If he is not Li Muyang, can we not kill him? He’s just a cart driver, if he were killed, would the Lu family fight back for him? What if he is Li Muyang? The killing of Cui Zhaoren, the destruction of the Imperial Monitoring Division——If we killed him, there will be countless cheers and applause, and even the royal family will heavily reward us.””

“What does Master mean?”

“It’s not what I mean, it’s the meaning of that person.” Mu Yubai said aloud. “Whoever he is, that person wants him dead. So, who he is, is not a matter of importance.”

Baili Changhe’s expression was serious when he said with a sneer, “this boy is unlucky. He thought that he can deceive everyone, but he did not know that he had already fallen in the eyes of a resolute person. In the heart of some important people, whether he is Li Mu or Li Muyang, he is just a weed to get rid of——It’s the weed fault for being an eyesore.”

“All beings are chess pieces. Who can escape the chessboard?” Mu Yubai looked to the sky, where the hole created by the Buddha statue had healed back to its previous state. There was another whistle of cool breeze, snow fluttering down. “Except the Sun, moon and stars, what can live for eternity?”

“Why does Master sound so low spirited? It just takes a night of enlightenment to step into the Starry Sky, step into the unknown realm. Shine forever like the sun and the moon, and immortal with the heaven and earth.

“ I’m not in a low spirit, just that the path ahead is difficult, and makes one sigh.” Mu Yubai said in a quiet voice. “Go. Sever his head off.””

Baili Changhe was taken aback for a moment before his face lit with joy and bowed respectfully. “Yes Master.”

Baili Changhe spread out and his like body was like a giant bird spreading its wings, sweeping down to where Li Muyang was.


As he was rapidly advancing in midair, he did not unsheathe the sword, instead abruptly brought the sword in its sheathe down in the direction of Li Muyang.


The sword was heavy, like a giant iron ruler across the sky.

The iron ruler was blazing with blue flames, as blue as the sky, and like the colour of the sea.

The wind penetrated into the flame, tinting the wind a blue colour.

The snow drifted into the flames and turned to blue coloured snow.

Strangely, the wind was still there, and the snow was there.

They were not incinerated nor refined by the raging flames.

The fire was a tangible fire, but a fire without temperature.

It was a fire of water!  

‘Still water sword technique’!




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