Chapter 396: Bringing contempt upon oneself!



Plum garden.

Lu Xingkong stood by the window of his study, watching two snow doves in the garden chirping on the branches. A snow dove with red patches had found a worm from an unknown place, and the other one with dark spots on its forehead was gazing intently behind, and repeatedly fluttered over to snatch the worm away. Pecking each other’s eyes and feathers, the two birds fought endlessly.

The old housekeeper Uncle Lu pushed the door open and came in with a copper kettle in his hand to fill Lu Xingkong’s cup of tea with boiling water. “Master is admiring the snow again? It is strange, this year the snow is not only heavy but it hasn’t stopped for several days. It is said that many of the pine and cypress trees on West Mountain range are crushed. This really is a rare snowstorm of a century.”

Lu Xingkong pointed to the two snow doves that were focused on fighting and paid no attention to the spectators pointing and watching them. “Look, isn’t the Lu family just like the snow dove?”

Uncle Lu came closer, narrowed his eyes and stared for a moment, before he asked out loud, “master, which one are you talking about?”

“The red-topped snow dove found an earthworm, which attracted the black-topped snow dove to come over. The two sides fought fiercely, pecking each other for nearly hundred rounds——You say, at this time, do you think the red-topped snow dove should surrender the earthworm in its mouth or fight to the end, to defend its dignity and ownership of this earthworm?” Lu Xingkong asked in a low voice.

“Master, is the answer not in sight?” Uncle Lu pointed to the two birds and said with a smile. “The snow dove, in order to eat, knows it must fight bravely to the end. Let alone people?”

“Yes. Snow doves are like this, let alone people?” Lu Xingkong shifted his gaze back, went back to his seat to take a sip of tea. “Tell them to all go back. Just say I won’t see guests today.”

“Just send them away? How would they feel reassured? Li Kefeng and the City patrol are now in conflict with the Monitoring Division’s Cui Jian. There are casualties on both sides. They are locked in a fierce struggle. The city patrol’s Wan Heyou and the imperial residence Yi Luo also got involved——The outside is now a mess, if you do not give them an explanation, would they leave without knowing anything?”

“Just what is on your mind. There’s got to be an order you an give. So that they can carry it out following the rules, right? The are a group of rough fellows, if you don’t let them fight, don’t let them go, telling them to sit there and quietly wait, is that not asking for their lives?”

Uncle Lu noticed that Lu Xingkong’s cup was empty again. He went over to refill with boiling water, saying with a grim look on his face. “Besides, Master Muyang is still in danger. The people out there may not know, but don’t you feel anxious? It is the Still water sword school stepping out this time. The Still water sword school is known to have 3000 disciples, those unworthy disciples can be ignored, but the sword techniques Still water three gentlemen and Still water three crazy guests have its positive points———I heard that the descendant of Still water sword have also personally came. If you just leave young master there, with only Miss Hong Xiu, they may not able to return safely.”

Lu Xingkong, clasping a cup of steaming tea, suddenly thought of something, went into a trance. He looked deep in thought.

“Master, should make a decision.” Elder Lu reminded.

“Have you thought about it, who can tell the Monitoring Division and the Still Water Sword School’s Mu Yubi to stand out to fight against my Lu family?”

Elder Lu pondered for a moment, then pointed his fingers above. “It’s that person?”

“If that person’s goal was merely to kill Muyang, the Still water sword school would have been ordered to handle it secretly, or the masters of the palace would have done it instead. This matter would done quietly. Given Muyang’s current cultivation level, he natural would not be able to withstand.” Lu Xingkong’s eyes were biting cold, like the snow dove outside fighting for food. “But they intentionally acted on the streets, causing such a big scene——What is the intention?”

“To scheme against my Lu family?” said Uncle Lu. “If so, what is the point of killing Young Master Muyang? At least for now, the people outside do not know of the relationship between Young Master Muyang and my Lu family——”

“To show strength.” Lu Xingkong gently sighed. “The Still water sword school is just standing out to kill a servant, the cart driver is also packaged as a serious criminal by the Monitoring division. What choice can the Lu family make? If we do not counter-attack, Muyang will be killed. If the Lu family strikes back, that is ripping open the face of the Still water sword school, Monitoring Division and the West Wind Chu clan that are behind the Monitoring Division. Is the Lu family ready for that?”

“Master is saying that——they intend to force the Lu family to fight against the Chu clan with real swords and spears? Forcing our Lu family——”

Those two words, Uncle Lu could not say it out in the end. Because any one or any force associated with these two words will most likely not end well.

“That is right.”

“But——Master Muyang has to be saved.”

Lu Xingkong’s tiger eyes flickered as he hissed, “the Eye of the Starry Sky, could it be that under this starry sky, there really is nothing that can be kept hidden from that old dog?”


Lu Xingkong gestured with his hand, saying: “Let Broken star bring back Young master. Also, write a written request to the Song family’s old mansion outside the city, saying that I would like to visit the State minister.”

The West Wind Kingdom has a left minister and a right minister. But for hundred years, the only one that can be called the state minister, there was only Song Gudu.

“Master——” Uncle Lu exclaimed. For many years, the two families had never visited each other once. But now Master was sending a letter over to the Grandfather of the Song family, this was simply——bringing contempt upon himself.

“Go.” Lu Xingkong motioned with his hand, his manner resolute.

Uncle Lu took a deep, long look at Lu Xingkong, then gently sighed, and turned towards the outside. His originally hunchbacked body seemed to have lowered even more——


The mind as peaceful as still water, the sword moves like flowing water.

This was the ‘Still water sword technique’.

The ‘Still water sword technique’ that had won resounding fame through West Wind and its reputation spread across the divine continent, naturally had it’s positive points.

Rhythm Technique!

Treating the sword as a stick, relying on the biting coldness of the sword qi and the powerful and unrestrained qi, the sword and stick forms into one, integrating the majestic force.

To wound the enemy with force, to kill with qi.

One sword hack was as if there were countless swordsticks covering the sky. The countless swordsticks above were blazing with countless blue flame, enveloping Li Muyang and the dozens of meters around him.

The wind was blue, the snow was blue, and Li Muyang, wrapped in blue flame, had also become blue.

Li Muyang did not feel the blazing flames or any waves of heat.

He did not even feel any strangeness; he could breathe freely, he had a normal heartbeat, as though everything around was just a puzzle, an illusion.

However, the more it were like this, the more worried Li Muyang was.

The ‘Still water sword technique’ was well known to West wind citizens. The founder of the Still Water Sword School Mu Gubei had challenged heroes of the world and triumphed in every battle. He was called the best swordsman of the Divine continent. The current Master of the Still Water Sword School, Mu Yubai, a descendant of the Sword God, was also extraordinary.

Li Muyang did not wait for his sword power to form fully and had clenched his fist to fight back.

The Breaking fist of ‘The Art of the Breaking body’ was a fierce and violent fist, and the Rhythm technique of the ‘Still Water Sword Technique’ similarly contained majestic force.

Li Muyang was ready to go meet force with force, fight strength with strength.

It was the first reaction that flashed to his mind.

But when he balled his hands into a fist, he found that his both hands were as though bound. An invisible rope had bounded his body, making his body like a wooden statue. He was unable to lift his leg nor could he threw out a punch. Adding to all this, the qi in his body was disordered, the qi in the dantian region were scattered and difficult to gather together.

Soaring in mid-air, Baili Changhe naturally took in all the little changes on Li Muyang’s face, sneering unceasingly.

A grain of rice dares to win against the moon?

This was the sword power, Baili Changhe’s sword power.

The sword qi accumulates into power, the vast power crushes the opponent.

Li Muyang, who was trapped by his power, could only be crushed by him, beheaded in one strike, and hacked into minced flesh with one sword attack.

At this critical moment!

At the moment of imminent peril!

Li Muyang’s body was like a large humanoid rock, motionless, letting countless giant swords slashed toward his head and body.

“Idiot, evade!”

Hong Xiu yelled out.

Because Baili Changhe had locked Li Muyang in place with all his sword intent, so Hong Xiu who was also within the same sword power was not affected at all.

She stretched out her hand to push Li Muyang, but Li Muyang’s body was motionless.

Hong Xiu urgently rotated 180 degrees, her worn-out grey skirt also fluttered in the Wind.

She was situated within the blue flame when she leapt high up, her palm turning into a sword and aimed at Baili Changhe

Using the sword qi formed from the palm to withstand the already formed Still water sword, such a move was actually a path to death.

But it was the only counterattack that she could make at that moment.

When Baili Changhe slashes her into minced flesh, that would give the sword-power-locked Li Muyang a chance to live.

It was only at such a short moment that she could repay the Lu family for raising her and their kindness.

Hong Xiu had leapt into the air, above her was the force of the countless huge swords.

The sword qi launched from the palm of her hand was so fragile and weak in front of the giant swords, but at the same time also courageous and determined.

“Run.” Hong Xiu turned, shouting to Li Muyang.

At the same time, she sped up, initiating a suicidal attack on Baili Changhe.

“Don’t——” Li Muyang roared, He desperately tired to move his hands and feet, his body struggled with all his might, but the invisible qi had locked him completely. His body was as though trapped under a hug boulder in an ice cave.

This was the power of water.

The water is invisible and million-shaped, the water is nothing but traps everything.

“Don’t.” Li Muyang’s eyes reddened, and then his pupils were suddenly filled with blood redness.

In his heart, a black crystal slowly floated up, emitting a deep and mysterious luster.

Li Muyang raised his head and roared to the sky, punching out at the same time.



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