Chapter 397: ‘The dragon slayer punch’!


Li Muyang viewed himself as an insignificant nobody.

A man who was affectionate and loyal, and who treasured his life and the life of others.

He did not learn the ruthlessness of ‘one general achieves fame over the dead bodies of ten thousands’. He was also unwilling to become the greatest hero who ‘rather that everyone were betrayed by him, instead of him being betrayed by everyone’.

He just wanted to be a peaceful and normal man.

If other people hit him, he had the ability to fight back.

If the others love him, he also had the capital to repay them back.

This was the second time he saw Hong Xiu, though their first meeting could not be called a ‘happy’ meeting.

However, the young girl was willing to sacrifice her life in order to protect him.  

Li Muyang was not clear about her relationship with the Lu family, nor did he care about that. All he knew is that the girl was going to be killed under that sword in order to protect him.  

The restriction that was everywhere made Li Muyang furious, and that powerless feeling of being unable to reverse the situation made Li Muyang frantically want to destroy the sky and earth, and want to send a deafening roar to the world——

I did not kill but people want to kill me.

I did not destroy the Heavens, but Heaven wants to destroy me.

The people, Heaven, are simply pushing me too far!

His blood was boiling, and strong vicious currents were erupting from the top of his head.

In the sea of his heart, following the rapid rotation of the black crystal, the pressure around Li Muyang’s body instantly dispersed, and the sword power scattered.

The weight on his body had vanished, but the fury in his heart remained.

He roared to the sky, punching out the same time.

Within the blue flames, a white lightning shot into the sky.

Like a bolt of lightning appearing the sky, like a clap of thunder roaring across the sea.

It swiftly rushed ahead of Hong Xiu into the dense formation of countless swords that was nearing her.

It was mighty and overbearing. It destroyed all obstacles in the way. It was like a long dragon with impregnable defense and indestructible to swords.


A white dragon with a white, shimmering tail was charging upward.

The blue wind disappeared, the blue snow disappeared, and the blue flames also disappeared.

All objects that were touched by the long dragon were gone without a trace.  

As it continued upward, its momentum did not reduce, but was more ferocious than before.


A burst of fierce explosions sounded.

The countless swordsticks also vanished.

In the air there was only one figure and the shadow of a sword.

Baili Changhe had never seen such a punch, and had never seen such a youngster.

From the beginning of the battle, he and the Master Mu Yubai were watching over the formation, spectating the battle coldly on the side.

Watching the young men of the Still Water Sword School going into battle, bleeding, and pushed into danger again and again, while that he luckily escaped every time.

At that time the Master was in no rush, he also was not worried.

There were 3000 disciples in the Still Water Sword school, so what if a few were dead?

Their goal was to kill the cart driver, which did not seem to be a very difficult task. If they really wished to, it would only take the slash of a sword.

The Master wished to see this young man’s performance. He wanted to know what exactly could the mysterious youngster, who had became well known across Tiandu, do.

When the Master told him to go down and behead Li Muyang, he was not at all afraid and instead was glad. In his mind, he still thought he could finish him with one sword attack.

Because he was too self-confident, he didn’t even draw his sword, instead used the most minimal and most gentle ‘Rhythm technique’ of the ‘Still water sword technique’.

That was enough!

However, what he did not expect was that the fellow who was repeatedly drawing back from the attacks before could unleash such powerful battle strength.

This punch—-is it a punch that a young man who had just entered the starry sky can throw out? Is this the power that a young man who had only been practicing for a few years be able to display?

Baili Changhe felt danger.

The dragon was fierce and the speed resembled that of lightning.

Baili Changhe had to use the same move as before, because it was already too late to change.

However, he could exert move strength.

Because of his contempt for Li Muyang, the first time he had only used 60% of his strength.

But once the punch was thrown out, he increased the strength to 100%.

No, 120%.

He exerted all his strength just to block this punch.

Once this matter ends, so will the battle.  

If this boy does not die, he will become a legend of Tiandu.

No, even if he dies, he will become a legend of Tiandu.

The ordinary youngster from Jiangnan city had successfully blocked a full-strength strike of one of the three wild guests of the Still water sword school who had made a name for himself 20 years ago Baili Changhe—–  

“Go die.” Baili Changhe’s eyes were red as he gritted his teeth and roared.

The sword in his hand was heavier, and the blue flames around the sword were more intense, blazing more ferociously.

The target of the sword was no longer Li Muyang, but the lightning dragon that Li Muyang had sent flying out with one punch—–

The sword qi collided with the fist qi.


A tremendous shock wave spread out in all direction.


Snow were swept away, leaving not a speck of snow on the ground.


The icicles were like arrows, shooting everywhere.


The roof tiles were lifted. The entire roof was not covered with the slightest patch of straw.


The brick walls began splitting apart, and then the cracks were widening until a large area had collapsed.

It was as though a typhoon or an earthquake had struck the area.

Otherwise, no one can imagine who would possess such destructive power.

At the East gate of the long street.

As the men of the Monitoring Division and City Patrol men were battling fiercely, a heap of snow and knife-sharp icicles engulfed them like a flood. The battle halted and everyone looked skywards with a stunned face.

Very quickly reactions came over them, they each waved about the weapon in their hands to deflect the snow and icicles.

The nearby residents were more miserable. They had already hid inside their house to watch but why was their roof suddenly gone?

Before the wide-opened mouths could produce the sound of exclamation, the house walls were breaking apart at a speed visible to the naked eye—-

The explosions rang throughout Tiandu, as if there were countless huge firecrackers being set off at the same time.

After a while.

A long while.

There was a deathly silence at the scene.

Wind blew and snow fluttered.

But there was still a burning smell in the air.

Li Muyang stood where he was, gasping for breath, blood filled his eyes like he had been taken over by a demon.

He glanced at his right fist, as though he had never seen it before.

Frighten Dragon Fist!

Li Muyang knew well that this was the ‘Frighten dragon fist’ that he had learnt after fusing with the tear of the Dragon king.

However, this was not the same Frighten Dragon Fist as before.

The previous Frighten dragon fists were never as powerful as this time, and the powerful qi that came gushing out was like streak of lightning, a blurred figure.

This time the Frighten dragon fist had unexpectedly formed a dragon shape. It was easy to distinguish that it was a dragon-shaped lightning for people with sharp eyes.

His arms were trembling, and his heart was shaking gently.  

“Must not—” Li Muyang prayed in his heart, “must not come out.”

“You—” Hong Xiu stared at Li Muyang with a look of fear, like she was looking at a creature she had never seen before. “Are you all right? Your eyes–your eyes are so scary.”  

Hong Xiu, an expert of disguise, had a deep understanding of facial expressions, people’s emotions and all kinds of body language.

But she had never seen such eyes.

HIs pupils were missing, the whites of the eyes were gone, and both his eyes were only red with blood.

The blood water were rising and falling following the movement of Li Muyang’s eyes.

The red blood made up a pair of eyes, a pair of new eyes.

Such eyes should not appear on the human body, but rather some ancient fierce beast.

“I’m all right.” Li Muyang looked at Hong Xiu, repeating again. “I’m okay.”

The blood in his eyes did not affect his eyesight.

He was able to see the panic and fear within Hong Xiu’s eyes. He saw his own blood red eyes from her pale yellow eyes.

Looking up, Baili Changhe’s figure was already gone.

It was as though that explosion had blown him up.

“What kind of punch is that?” A calm voice came.  

Li Muyang abruptly lifted his head to see a man with long hair draped over his back and flowy white robe standing in midair.

One of his palm was lifted horizontally and above his palm was the badly mangled Baili Changhe.

Li Muyang coldly stared at Mu Yubai and did not utter a word.

The red blood fog tumbled and the white robed Mu Yubai had become a person covered with blood.

He knew that Mu Yubai was a peerless master, but it was not clear to him how much he had saw, and whether or not he recognised that the punch was the Dragon Clan’s Frighten dragon fist.

Li Muyang knew that the ‘Frighten dragon fist’ was a secret skill of the dragon clan. He understood that only the dragon’s strong and mighty body could cultivate such a technique and if it were other body they would have already been torn to pieces.

Li Muyang was able to cultivate this technique because he was struck by lightning when he was born. In other words, when he was still a newborn baby he had already begun to bear the abnormal torturing of the lightning penetrating his body.

The growth of Li Muyang was in fact a painful and long history of restoration of his body, tendons, organs, and even the brain area and his spirit sea—-

Compared to this level of training, the story that circulated around Jianghu of the Mother wolf and father tiger carrying a three year old child and a five year old child across the Demon Valley in winter was nothing.

Mu Yubai lifted his right hand horizontally into the air and the huge body of Baili Changhe lied above his palm.

However, the body of Baili Changhe was suspended and did not touch the palm of Mu Yubai.

His expression was calm, and he did not find it difficult to accept the fact that Li Muyang had defeated Baili Changhe.

His eyes were studying Li Muyang with great interest. He asked again, “that punch just now was incomparably tyrannical, it seemed like it was the most powerful fist technique in the world. Moreover when it soared into the air, the shape was like that of the legendary dragon and there was a faint dragon roar—this fist technique has something to do with dragons?”

“That’s correct.” Li Muyang said in a cold voice. “This is the Dragon slayer punch, a special technique to slaughter the dragons of this world.”




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