Chapter 398: The God of sword of West Wind!



“‘Dragon slayer punch’?” Mu Yubai raised his brows, “never heard of it before, is there such a punch in the world?” “

According to the customs of the divine continent, when you finally defeated the opponent with your unique skill and the opponent asks you what technique you used, you should hold your head at a 45 degrees angle and shout back with an icily arrogant look, ‘Remember you are defeated by the ‘Black tiger steals heart’——Of course, there are also techniques such as ‘Golden rooster stands on one leg’, ‘Life-taking chain knife’, ‘The twelve breaking palm of the Huang family’, and the ‘Tang family’s yin striking kick’.  

In Jianghu, the most important thing is the word ‘name’. As they say, the name of a person follows them like the shadow of a tree. The more famous you are the more good wine and food you will receive and enemies will be frightened pale upon hearing your name, stumble back and knock down the table and chairs and wine cabinet——At that moment if your goddess or good friends are watching, how awe-inspiring would that be?

Who doesn’t want to be famous in Jianghu?  Who doesn’t want to make a name for themselves?

The greater one’s fame, the easier it is to make money——

“Wang Er’s soul-seizing scissors makes the enemy feel as though they are flying——”

“Liu Xiahui’s fashion shop, what I wear is not clothes, it is art——”

So, whether it is for the sake of fame or various benefits, no one will lie about what kind of unique skill they used.

To have a powerful cultivation technique was something that makes one incredibly proud.

For example, Mu Yubai’s ‘Still water sword technique’. He will not change its name to ‘Irrigation sword’ or ‘Spit sword’’, because it had history and it was an inherited technique, which the people of the divine continent really treasured and were particular about passing on to future generations.

Therefore, when Mu Yubai heard Li Muyang state that the fist technique he used was called the ‘Dragon Slayer punch’, he did not question the truthfulness of his words and instead racked his brains to think of the origin of the fist technique.

In the end he couldn’t think of it.

“Such a mighty and powerful fist technique should be well known to the world.” Mu Yubai seemed to be very interested in this set of fist technique. Casting a doubtful look at Li Muyang, he uttered, “If it is not a newly developed fist technique, then given the power of that punch, the force, it should be well known across the divine continent——I have seen many things, but I have never heard of this punch, strange, strange.”

“How can you know all the remarkable cultivation techniques of the world?” Li Muyang breathed an inward sigh of relief.

Just now when Li Muyang heard him say the punch formed a dragon shape in the air and was asked whether the punch has any connection to the dragon clan, he really felt his heart jumped to his throat.

If his identity as a member of the dragon clan were exposed, then the cultivators of the entire Tiandu——no, the entire divine continent will not be satisfied until he was killed. At that time his parents and sister will also suffer.

“You’re right.” Mu Yubai nodded in agreement. “There are numerous heroes in this world, there are innumerable cultivation techniques, I really cannot learn about them all——this is a big regret of my life.”  

Holding out his hand horizontally and supporting Baili Changhe in his palm, he looked at Li Muyang with his face visibly devoid of expression. “However, to reach such a cultivation level at your age, you should be congratulated, but it is a pity——”

Li Muyang increased his vigilance, staring back at Mu Yubai. “What is the pity? I have no grudge against you, and I have never seen you before, why does the Still water sword school want to kill me?”

Hearing this question, Mu Yubai’s lips finally pulled back in a smile. “A youngster’s mentality after all. Back when I was your age I also like to ask ‘why’ all the time. Later I didn’t ask anymore. The matters of the world, how many of them have a reason, have a cause? Someone wants you dead, so I’m going have to kill you. Is that the answer you want?”

Hearing these words, Li Muyang also felt he asked a really stupid question.

However, if he did not ask he would have felt resentful——Who would not feel indignant if a group of black-clad men just jumped out to take your life while you’re walking along the street? Who would not want to ask ‘why’?   

“So you received order from someone, it is really hateful and pathetic. When I was young I already admire the Still Water Sword school and hoped to enter the Sword school one day, but I did not think that the Still Water Sword School is such a sword school and the master of the school is such a master, lack the dignity of a martial artist and lack the backbone of a swordsman. I would rather not learn such sword skills.” Li Muyang sneered.

Mu Yubai gently shook his head, “Li Muyang, you think you can make me angry by intentionally humiliating me? The ‘Still water sword techniques’ are particular about having the mind as peaceful as still water, the sword moves like flowing water——If the mind is not calm how can one sword flow freely? The sword skills have no boundaries, but a cultivator has boundaries. In this world, how many people can use sword to help the weak for the sake of justice? The higher your position, the more responsibility you have. You may not understand now, but you’ll understand in the future. That’s if you have a future.”

“You know who I am?” Hearing the opponent call his name, Li Muyang was taken aback for a moment, then tried to calm himself down. If they did not know that he was Li Muyang, then the heroes of Tiandu really were too disappointing.

“Li Muyang, although the divine continent is big but genius youngsters are like a remarkable book of sword technique, extremely valuable and very rare——That Starry Sky Li Muyang was gone, but then a cart driver called Li Mu suddenly sprang up. This driver not only knows how to paint, but also has such a high level of cultivation. If we could not guess that it is you, then we really have no eyes.” Mu Yubai lightly lifted his left hand, a beam of white light appearing between his fingers. “It was only a guess before, but when you threw out that Breaking fist, I knew that my guess is right.”

When he raised his hand, the wind stopped and the snow ceased. With him as the center of the circle, there was no snow storm in a distance of hundred of metres.

It was as though he had used magic to stop time, fixing everything still around him.

Hong Xiu’s eyes were flashing fear, whispering to Li Muyang, “Mu Yubai is known as the ‘God of Sword of West Wind’, do not forcibly receive his sword attacks. It is said that in Tiandu there are vey few people able to block one of his sword strike——think of a way to escape, I’ll cover for you.”

Li Muyang shook his head, eyes coldly fixed on Mu Yubai suspended in the air. “I will not escape, also can not escape.”

“Li Muyang, you can’t——” ”

“There is no one that can’t die, just that nobody wants to die.” Li Muyang interrupted Hong Xiu. “You have saved me once, let me protect you this time.”

“I——” Hong Xiu’s face glowed with gratitude.

As a subordinate of the Lu family, or rather a pawn raised by the Lu family, once she had been given an order, she must desperately complete the task, even at the risk of her life.

Her mission was to protect Li Muyang, and to bring it back him back safely no matter what.

That was exactly what she intended, and that was what she did.

However, the way Li Muyang treated her——was like a real friend.

Such feelings were not something that Hong Xiu had experienced before.  

“Interesting,” Mu Yubai looked at Li Muyang, smiled and said, “if you can block one of my sword, I won’t kill you.” ”

“If you can withstand one of my punch, I also won’t kill you.” Li Muyang stated firmly. He felt that he could at most throw out another punch, and if that punch fails to defeat the powerful enemy in front, then there was no way he could kill his opponent——Mu Yubai also would not give him the opportunity to throw out a a second punch.  

Because Li Muyang had gotten rid of the many disciples of the Still Water sword school that were sent out. Adding to this, Li Muyang had defeated one of the three wild guests of Still water, Baili Changhe, and whether he would survive was still uncertain.

So, at this moment, Mu Yubai ‘s right hand was still holding Baili Changhe’s corpse——No, body.

In other words, he can only use his left hand to draw his sword.

Left handed sword!

No sword in hand!

But there was no place to draw a sword, and there was no object to use as a sword.

Li Muyang’s body leaned forward. The red mist in his eyes was more intense, as though blood was bubbling in his eyes.

In the sea of his heart, the black crystal was spinning wildly.

He clenched his right hand, and the qi from his dantian moved toward his right arm.

The blue sea of the empty valley, the endless water of the tremendous sea, poured towards Li Muyang’s right arm that he held up.


On his right fist, there were flashes of white light, and a white little dragon was jumping and maneuvering around his hand——

Outside the city gate, the old residence of the Song family.


A full-black carriage stopped at the door of an old residence, followed by a dozens of mighty cavalrymen clad in wolf-head masks and heavy armour.

The Wolf army!  

These were the iron troops that Lu Xingkong formed by himself during his time at the frontier. The nature of a wolf is naturally fierce and cruel, and a pack of wolves can beat a tiger. Under the command of Lu Xingkong, the Wolf army was victorious in every battle and invincible. After several hundreds of battles, they still maintained the organisational structure of the military, and had defended against invasion at the Broken Dragon Pool.

When Lu Xingkong left the army, he only brought the hundreds of soldiers of the Wolf army with him. And these hundreds of soldiers became the core power of protecting Lu Xingkong. Whenever he was out of the city, they will naturally follow him.

Soul Haunting Whip Luo Xu first slowed the carriage to a halt, jumped down from the carriage, lowered the stool, pulled opened the curtains and respectfully waited.

Lu Xingkong set down the scroll in hand, without stepping on the footstool, he directly leaped down from the carriage.

He looked at the tightly closed door of the Song family and asked aloud, “have you sent a notice?”  

“Someone has delivered a message half an hour ago” A steward of the Lu family, Lu Yi, replied with a respectful bow.

“Knock on the door.” Lu Xingkong said.

Lu Yi answered, trotting over to sound the copper head on the red lacquer door.


The wooden door was pulled open from the inside, revealing a small gap.

A hunchbacked old man was standing at the door, his hands on each side of the door.  

The old man with a smile on his face, looked at Lu Xingkong and explained. “Defense minister came in person, the humble house is honoured with your visit. But Master just happens to be unwell, so he won’t be seeing guests. I have to ask Defense minister to leave.”


The wooden door was vigorously slammed shut.



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