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400 – Tens of thousands of swords launched at the same time!

Chapter 400: Tens of thousands of swords launched at the same time!


Raging waves slammed against the shore, and the sea was vast and boundless.

The fist drew up the deep blue seawater.

The seawater in the empty valley was wildly rolling up, and then gathered towards the black crystal in the sea of the heart.

The black crystal, watered by the seawater, turned a deep purple coloured, and spun at a much fiercer speed.

Li Muyang threw out a punch.

Pouring out all his strength.

Above the fist was a little dragon soaring, speeding in the direction of Mu Yubai.

At the same time, Mu Yubai also counterattacked.

He wielded the sword in his left hand.

This sword did not produce the sound of thunder, nor did it exude any sword qi.

There was no scudding clouds or rising wind and there was no earth shaking boom.

It was a simple sword, a quiet and  tranquil sword.

It was like the most common sword that the most ordinary swordsman had drawn out.

The only thing that seemed unusual was the fact that when Mu Yubai slashed out, a blue stream appeared in the air.

Water has no shape, the sword also had no shape.

Water has no power, and the sword also had no power.


In the process of the sword being brought down in a slash, there were splashes of water everywhere.

It was like a real——water sword.

The sword was slow, incredibly slow.

So slow that it made one feel as though a long century had past.

But then it was fast, incredibly fast.

So fast like the wind, rain or meteor streaking across the night sky.


A dragon shrouded in lightning sped towards Mu Yubai, widening its tremendous mouth to swallow his entire body in one mouthful.


The roar was like a rumble of thunder that made even the heavens and the earth seem inferior.

Mu Yubai wore a calm expression on his face, without joy or worry.

He seemed indifferent towards that mighty dragon.

With one hand holding up one of the three wild guests, Baili Changhe, the other moved in a downward slashing attack


The blue water sword aimed at the dragon’s head.

‘Still Water Sword Technique’!

Sever word technique!

This was the second most powerful sword attack of the ‘Still Water Sword Technique’, as well as being the sword technique that Mu Yubai had mastered the best.

The most powerful technique was the No Word Technique, no word and no movement, and kills with only thoughts.

Of course, besides the creator of the’Still water sword technique’ Master Mu Gubei, no other descendant of the Mu family had successfully understood the true meaning of that sword technique.  

Just as the blue sword was about to hack into the dragon’s head, the water sword suddenly exploded. One sword turned into two swords, two swords into four swords. One gives birth to two, two gives birth to three, three gives birth to tens of thousands——

Countless blue sword shadows moved unhindered across the air, completely crowding around the fierce flying dragon.

Countless blue swords slashed at the dragon’s body from countless angles, intending to sever the dragon into tens of thousands of pieces.

It was also at this time that the countless blue sword really revealed a murderous intent.

Time suddenly sped up hundreds of times.

The wind violently swept across, the snow wildly flying about.

The sword was screaming and the air was bursting with madness.


A clear and loud snap, and the dragon was breaking apart.


Enduring the pain, the dragon soared into the sky.  

Its white body became a body of gas in the sky, and then disappeared, leaving only a trace of burning red mark in the air.

The sword qi of the tens of thousands of sword was full of murderous intent.

They did not pursue after the dragon, but instead sped towards Li Muyang on the ground.

The power of one sword destroys the sky and the land.  

“This is the power of the God of the Sword of West wind?”

“This is the ability of the ‘Still water sword technique’?

Li Muyang threw out a full-strength punch, drawing all the energy from his body. His body tottered and he almost collapsed to the ground.

“The difference in strength is too great——” Li Muyang cried out inside.  

The God of sword of West wind, the top cultivator in the Kingdom who had been famous for decades, indeed was not someone that a new martial artist can successfully challenge.

However, Li Muyang was unwilling to accept defeat.

He didn’t want to die.

He even more didn’t want to die like that.

He had ambitious dreams to chase; he had his family to protect.

What would his parents and sister do if died?

“I can’t die.” Li Muyang hissed through gritted teeth. “I can’t die——”

The black crystal in his body came to a halt, but an ice-cold black qi was being emitted from his body.

The blood in his eyes did not dissipate, but grew to become an even more intense colour than before.  

What was more frightening was that inside the red blood water was a pair of red eyes. The eyes that were like that of a wounded beast were fixed on the blue sword in front of all swords, black scales began to grow on the back of his hand, and quickly spread all over his arms——  

“I can’t die——” Li Muyang growled. “I can’t die.”

Li Muyang was already in the state of dragon transformation.

In order to live, in order to protect his family, he was willing to become the dragon.

He was willing to fight to death with these people.

In his heart there were infinite vicious currents and immense hatred for those who wanted to kill him——

He wanted to destroy, he wanted to kill.

He wanted to incinerate the evil city into ashes.




He wanted to destroy everything in the world!  


Li Muyang raised his head and roared to the sky.

“Li Muyang——“ Hong Xiu noticed Li Muyang’s dangerous state and could not help screaming out loud.

But now it was too late for her to do anything.

Because the swords were too fast, and too many.

All over the sky were blue swords.  

When the rain of swords came, she could even not see Li Muyang’s figure.

It was as though the sea of swords had wrapped Li Muyang. The countless sword blades only need to press towards Li Muyang and it was enough to cut him into minced flesh.  


There was a loud noise.  

Then everything went quiet.

The cold breeze was blowing gently, and the snowflakes floating leisurely.

There was not a single miserable scream, nor the sound of a man being hacked to pieces.

“Is it all over?” “

Bitter tears rolled down Hong Xiu’s cheeks. She couldn’t stand to look in the direction of Li Muyang.

The intelligent youngster. The young man who could easily point out the flaws of her disguise the first time they met.

The shy young man. The young man who dodged and blushed when her finger touched his cheeks.

The outstanding young man. The young man whose fame spreads far and wide but had to endure suffering——

The young man who stood in front of her and said to protect was dead? He died under the ‘Still water sword’ of the God of sword of West Wind, Mu Yubai? He died under the neat formation of tens of thousands of swords launched at once?  

Hong Xiu felt a pain like a knife was being twisted in her heart.


The sound of something spitting bubbles could be heard.

Hong Xiu opened her eyes puzzledly, turning toward the source of the noise.

At where Li Muyang was, a snow-white rabbit-like little animal was circling in the air.

It had a bloated belly and seemed to have eaten too much.

Its two cheeks were puffed up, its small mouth wide opened, and was producing ‘pff’ noises and spurting out a stream of blue water.

The blue water turned into a blue sword, which was cut across the air.




Every time the cute little snowball puffed out, there was a blue water-sword spraying out from its mouth.

When it saw the widening eyes of Hong Xiu staring at it, it mischievously blew out a bubble at Hong Xiu.  

“This is——” Hong Xiu’s face was crossed with puzzlement. What kind of monster is this?

What just happened? Where’s Li Muyang? How did Li Muyang disappear?

Is Li Muyang killed by the swords that were slashing wildly at him?

With this thought, tears again poured down Hong Xiu’s face.

Casting a look of hatred over at Mu Yubai floating in mid air, she noticed that he was staring at the Little snowball in astonishment.   

“This is——” Mu Yubai looked into the distance, asking, “what is that monster?”

“Snowball.” It was Li Muyang’s voice.

It was also at this time that Hong Xiu found that Li Muyang was still alive, his body was suspended in the air at the edge of the street under the eaves.

His face was calm and the blood mist in his eyes had vanished.

Li Muyang had regained consciousness and clarity.

At the critical moment of the tens of thousands of sword nearing him, Snowball suddenly appeared, opening its mouth to several times larger than its body and swallowed tens of thousands of blue swords into its belly in one mouthful.

The ‘Still water sword technique’ uses water as sword.

The heart of the weak water is the mother of all water of the world. Whether the water is turned into a sword or a knife, as long as its essence is water, the heart of the weak water can swallow it.  

With the heart of the weak water coming to his help, Li Muyang also forcibly stopped his dragon transformation.

He drew out from the battlefield and left the formations of thousands of swords.

When he reappeared, the scales on his body had dispersed, and the claws had vanished completely——

Li Muyang became the real Li Muyang.  

“What is this?” Mu Yubai asked again.

A little pet could swallow his formation of tens of thousands of swords——How was that possible?

It was impossible for even a Starry Sky cultivator to reach this level——even if they want to escape unscathed it would be incredibly difficult.

What the hell is this thing?

Mu Yubai revealed a look of wild joy as a thought crossed his mind.

Could it be——that legendary divine object?

It is said that only that kind of divine object can devour all things in the world——

But how would that divine object be here? How would it fall into the hands of such an ignorant youngster?  

Moreover, no one has ever seen the heart of the weak water, no one knows what it looks like, and no one knows what form it took.

Is it a bead, a sword, or something else———

However, no matter what the small snowball was, Mu Yubai wanted to have it for himself.

“Give it to me.” Mu Yubai stretched out his hand towards Li Muyang.  




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