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401 – Snowball betrays!

Chapter 401: Snowball betrays!


Genius and treasures were only for the strongest.

In Mu Yubai’s view, he naturally was the most powerful person in the world.

Although he wasn’t sure what the little pet was, but, according to the practices of the divine continent, he must first take possession of it and then investigate later.

Once the little pet is in his hands and after examining it for a while, he could determine what treasure it is at that time.

However, he was certain that the little pet was powerful. Incredibly powerful. More ferocious than the most powerful beast he had ever seen.

Could it be one of the ten most ferocious beasts in the divine continent?

But, he had never heard of a beast that was——so cute?

He had seen the paintings of the top ten beasts, although not necessarily accurate, but the ten fiercest beasts were ferociously ugly, and with one glance——it would obvious that they were the ten fiercest beasts.  

“Must get hold of it.” Mu Yubai said to himself in an incomparably firm voice. No matter what method or what tactic he had to use, he must take possession of this pet.

As a top cultivator, no knew better than him that what every shred of progress, every little enlightenment, and every move, rare book, good sword, and powerful beast——meant to them.

Given his current realm of cultivation, if there were another little cute thing to aid him, then he could most likely challenge the heroes of the world, right?  

Mu Yubai stretched out his hand towards Li Muyang, “Give it to me, and I won’t kill you.”

Li Muyang sneered. “When you tried to kill me just now, you did not succeed——”

“Just now you had that thing to block my Sever Word Technique.” Mu Yubai pointed to the little snowball flying in the middle of the air, its mouth still uttering ‘pff’, ‘pff’, ‘pff’. “You think you would have such good luck every time?”

“Whether or not I have good luck, try it and you’ll know?”

He found the heart of the weak water in the illusion at the risk of his own life, or perhaps it should be said that the little snowball actively chose him——such a treasure, who would give it away?

He’d die before he give in!

Besides, Mu Yubai may not win against his little snowball. Li Muyang planned to let them fight it out first, waiting for the moment when Mu Yubai were exhausted to launch a fatal punch to kill him on the spot.

Now Li Muyang was also exhausted. All the energy in his body was gathered into that Frighten dragon punch before.

The reason he was still hovering in the air was because he can’t lose to the God of Sword of West Wind in terms of imposing manner. He could not let him know that he lacked the strength to continue to fight——

“Your essential qi has long been exhausted.” Mu Yubai stated out loud.

“——” Li Muyang had a feeling of wanting to die. How could he have known about such a private matter?  

“If I strike out another Sever Word Technique, how would you withstand it?” Mu Yubai’s eyes shifted to Snowball, “you want it to help you deflect the attack again? You should know that it is just a pet, and the intelligence of a pet is far from human. I have 100 ways to draw it away and then kill you in one move.”

“If you give it to me, I can let you live. Of course, if you don’t want to, I can kill you first, and then I will have it for myself. It is just a change of order.”

“Don’t give, don’t give, don’t give.” Li Muyang roared in his mind. “I won’t give you it even if you call me father.”

However, he had to admit that what Mu Yubai said made a lot of sense.

Although it was strange that such a huge battle had broke out and that so many people have been killed, yet no one had came to clear the place?

“Hurry up and come help.” Li Muyang cried in his heart.  

“You are the God of Sword of West Wind, how can you be so shameless to take other people’s stuff?” Hong Xiu rebuked.

“Looking to die.” Mu Yubai thrust his palm forward.  


Where Hong Xiu stood just now there was a huge crack spreading. If she had not evaded fast enough, she most likely would have been snapped into two.

“Since you said it was just a reverse order, why don’t you kill me first and then take snowball? You are still worried——worried that Snowball will not obey you, worried that it has already recognised me as its Master. If I died it will also self-explode and die. You are worried about this right?”

“Forget it, I will not accept any of your terms. If you want Snowball, think of ways yourself.” Li Muyang was full of self-confidence. “See whether it goes with you or come with me.”

“You’re asking for death.” Mu Yubai said, expressionless. He thought that this guy was incredibly stupid. This guy had already exhausted his strength yet he dared to be so arrogant.

His eyes shifted to Snowball who was still spitting out ‘water swords’, beckoning to it, he smiled and urged, “Snowball, come over. Come to me.”

‘Still Water Sword Technique’, cultivated the mind to be as peaceful as still water. But facing a treasure like Snowball, Mu Yubai’s was tempted by greed, breaking the ‘Motionless Law’.

Snowball blinked its huge watery eyes, curiously stared at God of Sword of West Wind Mu Yubai who was waving his hand and smiling at it like a strange uncle.

Seeing that Snowball was not tempted, a blue ball of water emerged above Mu Yubai’s finger.

It was a ball of yuan qi formed from his essential qi, moving up and down and changing into a variety of shapes.

As expected, Snowball was attracted by the blue ball of water, its watery eyes were wide open, its chubby face was lit up in surprise, and it sped toward the direction of Mu Yubai  

“Snowball——” Li Muyang anxiously called out. He had just said ‘see whether it goes with you or come with me’ but before those bold words had faded away, Snowball had already betrayed him?

There was a feeling of being hit by a ball in public.

The most crucial thing was that, if Snowball really did betray him or was bought over by Mu Yubai, then Hong Xiu’s and his life were not certain anymore.

“Snowball——” Hong Xiu also tried to urge Snowball back. “Your Master is Li Muyang, how can you run to the bad guy——he is a bad person.”

Snowball was not at all swayed, waving its chubby little paws it flew over to Mu Yubai .

It circled around two laps following the blue ball of water. Ruling out danger, it opened its mouth and stretched out its tongue to lick the blue ball of water.  

After a few licks and thought that it tasted really good, its mouth opened wide and swallowed the little ball into its belly.

Letting out a satisfied belch, it flew to Mu Yubai and rubbed its mouth against Mu Yubai’s face.

“Snowball——” Li Muyang, like he was struck by lightning, he felt deeply hurt.

This was his Snowball, the Snowball that he depended his life on. How could Snowball do this to him?

Mu Yubai extended out his palm, as Snowball obediently landed on the centre of his huge palm. It had its back facing Li Muyang, as it twisted its chubby body and acted cute in front of its new master.

“Hahaha——” Mu Yubai laughed wildly, then shouted to Li Muyang. “From today, this thing belongs to I, Mu Yubai.”

He looked at Snowball and said, “I’ll give you the name of——King ball.”

Snowball was dancing with joy, seemingly to really like the new name.

Then, it opened its small mouth, blowing out a bubble to Mu Yubai.


Tens of thousands of blue water swords sprayed out, shooting towards Mu Yubai’s face.




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