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403 – You fight, I snatch!

Chapter 403: You fight, I snatch!


A gust of cold wind blew, and everyone felt a chill down their spine.

For the citizens of Tiandu, the Still water sword school had special significance.

Having been established for thousands of years, it was the most famous and influential sword school in the West Wind Kingdom.

It was favoured by the West Wind imperial family, and was also known as the Kingdom’s Imperial Sword school. Moreover, the Master of the Still water sword school, Mu Yubai, was the God of Sword of West Wind, and the protector god of Tiandu. It was clear to everyone that as long Mu Yubai was around, invaders would have to be cautious and at least must get rid of the peerless master first.

However, Mu Yubai was struck to the ground? And he was bleeding all over——whether he was still alive was unknown.  

“What happened?” Cui Jian’s face darkened, sweeping a fierce gaze over Li Muyang in Li Kefeng’s arms and said in a cold voice. “What happened here? Who wounded Master Mu——Li Kefeng, you should know the serious consequences of the matter. If you still want to keep your head, do not think of sheltering the murderer.”

Li Kefeng laughed grimly. “What happened here, I’m also very curious. Someone should not forget, who was the one that stopped us in the hunt for the murderer——Besides, why would I shelter the murderer? The duty of the City patrol is to ensure the safety of the capital and protect the people in the city. Now there is a murderer in the capital, and Master Mu had been badly wounded——do you think the City patrol don’t want to find out what happened? If the one above blames us, then I also have to tell the truth of the Monitoring Division maliciously intercepted us. Otherwise, our City patrol would have apprehended the murderer long ago.”

“The murderer is in your arms, where are you going to apprehend the murderer?” Cui Jian pointed to Li Muyang in Li Kefeng’s arms.

Li Kefeng threw his head back and laughed, then said in a mocking tone, “Cui Jian, you are deliberately distorting the truth. In order to remove yourself from criminal charges, you would make anyone to be your scapegoat——If the cart driver in my arms could injure the Master of the Still water sword school who is known across the world, then, is the Master Mu lying on the ground really the Master of the Still water sword school? Or maybe in Senior official Cui’s mind, the Master of the Still Water Sword school is this weak?”

“Li Kefeng, an honest person does not resort to insinuations. If that person really is just a little cart driver, is he worth General Li’s attention? What, just by changing a name, covering his face with a mask, he thinks he can deceive the world?”

“Who does Senior official Cui thinks this person is?”

“Traitor Li Muyang.”

“Traitor?” Li Kefeng was slightly surprised. The order that General gave him was to just protect the boy. Although at that time he already knew the boy was extraordinary and not simply just a little driver.

However, he never thought the boy would be the person, who inadvertently saved General Xu Da on his way to study at Starry Sky Academy and who at the same time angered the Cui family and the imperial family, Li Muyang——

Of course, Li Kefeng liked Li Muyang.

Because he saved his brother Xu Da.  

Li Kefeng sneered. “Whether this person is Li Muyang or not, and even if he really is Li Muyang, he is a hero of our West wind kingdom. He is the young hero who saved the General of the kingdom’s frontier——Traitor? Where did this crime come from? How could he be a traitor? Which kingdom did he betrayed? I think the Monitoring Division is the one trying to frame the victim, because Li Muyang killed the chief of the Monitoring Division Cui Zhaoren who abused his power, so Official Cui is trying to use the power of the state for your own private revenge?”

Li Kefeng deliberately put emphasised on the three words ‘Senior official Cui’, indicating that he and Cui Zhaoren were a family, and that he naturally wants to avenge his brother.

“I now understand why the killings happened at the East city gate, and why Senior official Cui sent people to intercept the City Patrol from performing our duties—— Senior official Cui is not together with the culprit, right?”

“Li Kefeng——”

“Cui Jian——”

The two people hissed.

They looked at each other with a hostile glare, as though they were about to draw their swords at any moment.

For a while.

For a long while.

Cui Jian pointed to Li Muyang. “We will take him away. Whether or not he is the murderer, the Monitoring Division will naturally investigate clearly.”

“I am afraid that whoever enters your Monitoring Division will have no way to understand clearly? Not only not understand, but most likely lose their life as well.”

“Li Kefeng, the Monitoring Division is the Kingdom’s Monitoring Division, it is His Majesty’s Monitoring Division. In your eyes is the Monitoring Division that corrupted and a living hell?”

“His Majesty naturally established the Monitoring Division to monitor the condition of the people, supervise the hundreds of officials. It was a good intention, but the law enforcement officers have selfish intention, and would do anything to achieve that.”

“It seems that you want to be an enemy of my Monitoring division.”

“Our City patrol has our duties. These people we are going to take them away. If anyone wants to snatch people off from us, then our swords will have to meet clash again.”

“Do you think we’re afraid of you?”

“Let’s fight again.” ——  


A horse bolted over.

Immediately the horse darted to the battlefield, stopping between the two squads that were about to fight again, gave a cupped fist salute to Cui Jian and Li Kefeng and urged, “Senior Official, General Li, everyone step back, step back——”

He pointed to Mu Yubai lying still and silently on the ground. “Master Mu is still on the ground, how is his injury? If anything happens to him, His Majesty will not let you two off——”  

After a pause, the black-robed man continued, “even if you two are extremely favoured, and His Majesty also intentionally take sides, but if the 3000 disciples of the Still water sword school know that you two have delayed the treatment to their Master, they most likely will pull their sword on you?”

Cui Jian’s expression relaxed, the murderous spirit around Li Kefeng also scattered.  

Li Kefeng looked at the young man clad in the Monitoring Division’s uniform and asked aloud, “who are you?”

“Monitoring Division’s Senior official Yan Xiangma.” The black-robed youngster stated and gave a cupped fist salute to Li Kefeng. “General Li, I’ve looked forward to meeting you.” ”

“So it’s Senior official Yan.” Li Kefeng’s attitude eased a lot, but was more vigilant than before. Yan Xiangma was from the Yan family, as well as being one of the three senior officials appointed by His Majesty. Adding to this, the Yan family and the Cui family were of the same branch. They shared the same view of things and were like family. Such a person had jumped out to mediate the conflict, who knows whether there were any secret plots?

“Master Mu has a respectable status and needs prompt treatment. How about letting the Monitoring Division take him into the palace to be seen by the imperial physician——”

As Yan Xiangma was speaking, he inadvertently glanced at Li Muyang in Li Kefeng’s arms.

Li Kefeng held him tight, and interrupted, “Can’t give him to you.”  

“Hahaha, what do we want a driver for?” Yan Xiangma burst into laughter. “If you want him, please take him.”




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