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404 – Name shakes the imperial capital!

Chapter 404: Name shakes the imperial capital!


South Gong Street. The Moon Teahouse.

“Did you know? I heard that Master Mu was wounded——” A middle-aged chubby man lifted up a teacup to cover his face, whispering to his tea companion.  

“Master Mu? Which Master Mu?” The companion looked puzzled.

“Obviously the Master Mu of the Still water sword school, the God sword of West Wind, Mu Yubai. Who, besides him, could qualify to be called Master Mu?” The chubby man whispered in his lowest voice.  

“How is that possible?” His companion suddenly raised the volume of his voice and sneered at the chubby man. “Old Luo, although we are friends, but there are some nonsense remarks that cannot be made. Otherwise, I can’t let it pass——What kind of person is Master Mu? He is the famous God of Sword of our West Wind Kingdom. He has never been defeated for several decades. I have not heard of any anyone coming to West Wind Kingdom to challenge him, how would Master Mu be defeated? Lost to whom? Who can beat our Master Mu?”

“Li Muyang, I heard that he is a student of Starry Sky Academy, the person who killed Cui Zhaoren——He is the one who wounded our Master Mu. Our next door neighbour Elder sister Li, her grandfather-in-law’s three boys work as Tiandu magistrates. I heard that it was a scene of chaos that day, many were killed. And when they finally went to clean up the bodies, there were people severed into minced flesh——” The chubby man pointed to the plate of steamed minced meat on the table. “Like that. I heard that it is still uncertain whether Master Mu will survive, l do not know whether he can endure this calamity——”——

“Mu Yubai of the Still water sword school was killed, I heard that it is Li Muyang of Starry Sky Academy who did it———”

“Li Muyang just came back and he killed Master Mu of the Still Water Sword School———Why did he do that? Hey, it’s just for the sake of showing his power. He wants to tell the Cui family to not provoke him, or else it will be their turn next———”  “

“Master Mu can be defeated? This is unbelievable, there must be more to this——”

“It’s that Li Muyang——”

In this world, there is no wall that is windproof. The killing incident on the street circulated around through the mouth of various people.

The God of Sword of West wind was defeated, and whether he would survive was still uncertain. Li Muyang was once again pushed to where the wind and the waves were the fiercest.

Now, all the discussion around the capital involved the name Li Muyang.

The first in the imperial exams, the student accepted into Starry Sky Academy, the person who killed Cui Zhaoren, and the one who filled a courtyard with peach blossoms with one brush stroke and was taken in as a disciple by Gu Huangwu—

Li Muyang’s name once again shook the entire Tiandu——

A mountain of swords, a sea of flames, and arrows like a forest.

Countless human race cultivators had surrounded him. On the ground there were hundreds of thousands of armoured and dagger-axed wielding soldiers.

Some raised their spear and some held a sword. The sky was filled with red light, sword qi were moving unhindered across and countless mantra containing great power were coming towards him from afar.

Li Muyang’s eyes were like two puddles of blood. His body was covered with black scales. He had grown sharp teeth and claws, and his tail was like an iron wing.

A tremendous body was frantically struggling, twisting, fighting——

He had become the black dragon.

He was furious, burning with rage.

He hated the heaven for playing with him. He hated the humans who wanted to kill him.

He was in a thundering rage, and his roar sent quaking vibrations through the sky.

He ripped apart one human cultivator after another. He tore the brave men who wanted to behead him one after another with his teeth. He opened his bloody mouth wide, breathed out a gush of dragon breath that incinerated tens of thousands of armoured soldiers into ashes——

“Ah—— ”

Li Muyang’s eyes shot open.

He sprang up in bed, his forehead dripping with sweat, and his eyes still filled with fear.


There was a surprised voice at his ears.  

“Muyang, you’re awake?” It was a gentle and beautiful face that was crossed with worry.

“Aunt Gongsun——” Li Muyang panicked even more.

Where was he now? Why would Madam Lu be taking care of him?   

“Young master, you’re awake.” Jing’er eyes were red like she was just crying.

Zhaihua, Chuyao, Tingxue and Xiyu, the four servant girls were waiting at the side with a sad expression. But when they saw that Li Muyang had safely woken up, a smile bloomed across their faces.

However, his parents and sister were not present.

“Where is this place?” Li Muyang asked aloud.

“The West Garden.” Gongsun Yu replied.

Li Muyang later learned that the West garden was the area where the children of the Lu family lived. The eldest daughter of the Lu family, Lu Qiji, and the young master, Lu Tianyu, both lived here. Li Muyang saved Lu Qingming’s life, and in order to thank him they had gifted him with beautiful servants and a mansion in return.  

After the battle against the God of Sword of West Wind, Mu Yubai, Li Muyang fainted from physical exhaustion. Li Kefeng took him to the Lu residence, and he naturally was brought to the little mansion in the West garden that was gifted by the Lu family.  

“I——” Li Muyang wanted to say that he needs to go back, return to his parents and sister. But after sharing a glance with Gongsun Yu’s concerned gaze, these words would not come forth.

He could tell that this woman really cared about him from the heart.

“I know you want to see your parents and sister, but there’s no hurry.” Gongsun Yu saw right through Li Muyang’s mind. She continued in a soft and comforting voice. “I asked someone to examine you, you just lost consciousness from physical exhaustion. After some rest and some tonic you will soon recover. I’ve fed you the Lu family’s thousand-year-old ginseng and the Hundred grass pill, both of which are great tonics. Very soon you will be able to replenish your lost stamina.”

“If you go back now it will only make your family worried. Why not wait until you have a good rest and then go home to avoid upsetting your mother?”

Li Muyang nodded. If he had gone back in this state, his Mother would indeed be frightened. Even if he would soon recover, in the future she would be constantly worrying about him. It would be better for him to recuperate here, then return when he had recovered and act as if nothing had happened.

“Thank you, Aunt Gongsun.” Li Muyang said with gratitude. He thought that Aunt Gongsun really was a considerate and thoughtful person. She had thought about everything for him and had been taking care of his family all this time. “I’m fine. You don’t have to worry.”

“I’m glad. I was really scared.” Gongsun Yu said with a shaky voice. When Li Kefeng returned with an unconscious Li Muyang in his arms, Gongsun Yu’s heart almost stopped beating. It was at that moment when she really felt that blood is thicker than water. Neither time nor space could tear apart the importance of family love. If Li Muyang really were killed in such a way, she most likely would be heartbroken.

After a pause, she added, “From today on, try not to go out alone. If there is an urgent matter that you must go out, you have to let us know in advance. So I can arrange people to protect you closely——You must not go out alone. If something happens to you, wouldn’t——wouldn’t your parents and families be sad to death?”

“Yes.” Li Muyang responded in a quiet voice. He also thought that it was incredibly dangerous. If Snowball had not saved him at the critical moment, he most likely would have met with misfortune.

If he did not transform into a dragon to fight against Mu Yubai, he would be hacked to death by Mu Yubai’s earth-shattering sword strike.

If he had battled against Mu Yubai in his dragon form, he would have been beaten to death by countless cultivators.

No matter what, it was still death.

Moreover, Li Muyang knew well that the possibility of him transforming into a dragon to fight was the most likely.

At that time, with his identity as part of the dragon race exposed, he most likely will attract all the cultivators of the divine continent to come slay him. Even the Lu family——will be affected?

It was already incredibly challenging for the Lu family to move forward in the West Wind Kingdom. If the entire Divine continent stood in sharp opposition to them, then this huge family, the scenery of this courtyard, and the beautiful and kind woman in front him, would most likely not exist anymore?

“At that time, I was really selfish.” Li Muyang thought in his mind. “But that was the only option for me to live.”

Seeing that Li Muyang had obediently promised her, Gongsun Yu finally was able to breath a sigh of relief.

She reached out her hand to touch Li Muyang’s pale cheeks, when the servant girl next to her gently coughed.

It was at that point that Gongsun Yu understood that, deep in her heart, she had completely immersed into the identity of Li Muyang’s mother. But in fact, Li Muyang was the son of Luo Qi and Li Yan, and she and him did not have any close relationship. That kind of behavior would go overboard.

Gongsun Yu withdrew her hand and said, “are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?”

“Yes.” Li Muyang nodded. “I am really hungry.”

He also noticed Gongsun Yu’s affectionate action just now, but he did not know whether to evade or push her hand away. He just sat there thinking what was going on here?

He immediately agreed when Gongsun Yu offered him something to eat because he could avoid such awkwardness when he ate, right?


A gust of cold wind blew over.

Draped in snow, Lu Qingming stood in front of the bed, looking at Li Muyang as he asked warmly: “how do you feel? Do you feel better?”

“Much better.” Li Muyang said aloud. “Thank you for asking Uncle Lu.”

Gongsun Yu stood up to brush the snow off Lu Qingming’s shoulder. “The outside is cold and you brought the cold air in. Muyang’s body is weak, what if he catches a cold?”

Gongsun Yu’s eyes grew fierce, the calmness and gentleness that she showed to Li Muyang were all gone. She gritted her teeth and asked: “What did Father say? Who is the one who harmed Muyang? Why did Mu Yubai of the Still water sword school also appeared there? I don’t care who this involves, I don’t care what kind of person wants to kill Muyang——this matter is caused by my Lu family. Lu Qingming, I want you to slaughter the vicious and merciless bad guys who killed on the streets. The evil is not gotten rid of, the law will not tolerate, reasoning is no use.”

Lu Qingming knitted his brows in a frown, looking at his wife and said, “Xiao Yu, can I say a few words to Muyang alone?”



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