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405 – Don’t be a clown

Chapter 405: Don’t be a clown!


When Gongsun Yu did not receive a direct answer from her husband, she knew that he also had his own difficulties. She faintly sighed, “you don’t know a sword is sharp if you don’t try, one has no power without anger. The Lu family has been bullied this far, if we still remain indifferent, we will be looked down on.”

When she finished, she helped Lu Qingming remove his snow-drenched cloak before walking outside.

Jing’er and the several other servants bowed their head to Lu Qingming and Li Muyang before following the Lady away.  

Noticing the grave expression on Lu Qingming’s face, Li Muyang got up from the bed, asking: “Uncle Lu, is there something wrong?”

Lu Qingming seated down on the edge of the bed, patting Li Muyang on the shoulder, “are you feeling better?”

“I’m fine.” Li Muyang replied. “Just my body is quite weak. Aunt Gongsun said that I need to rest for a few days, eat more nutritious things and I will be fine.”

“Well.” Lu Qingming looked at Li Muyang with a complex expression, hesitating.  

“Uncle Lu, just say what’s your mind, no matter what the result is, I can bear it——” Li Muyang smiled consolingly, although he was feeling somewhat apprehensive. The fact that even Lu Qingming was hesitant to speak, indicated that the matter must be very serious, right? Could it be that the Lu family can’t stand it any longer and was about to pass it onto him?  

“You defeated Mu Yubai.” Lu Qingming said in a low voice.

“Ah?” Li Muyang’s expression was slightly ignorant.

“You defeated the God of sword of West Wind——The Master of the Still water sword school Mu Yubai——” Lu Qingming said each word clearly. “

Evidently, this matter was a shock to Lu Qingming. Even until now he was still in disbelief.

The God of sword of West wind Mu Yubai had already made a name for himself at a young age, and had remained undefeated after hundreds of battles. That was how he was able to gain the illustrious reputation he has today.

Li Muyang had only been cultivating for a few years, but was able to defeat the God of Sword of West wind——Who would believe this? Who dares to believe that what was in sight was true?

If Mu Yubai was so weak and unable to withstand a single blow, then why did he become so famous?

If the status that the God of Sword of West Wind Mu Yubai had matched his strength, and he was defeated by Li Muyang——then what sort of cultivation level was Li Muyang at?

“I didn’t expect my son to be so powerful.” Lu Qingming thought elatedly. “More powerful than his father. It is even impossible for me to defeat the God of sword of West wind Mu Yubai .”

“I also don’t know what happened.” Li Muyang tried to brush of the question. After all, there were many things that he did not know how to explain. “The situation was urgent and dangerous at the time. I just wanted to do my best to save a life, so I threw out a punch and then, I don’t know what happened after——”

“Your pet——” Lu Qingming was not satisfied with Li Muyang’s explanation. He questioned further with a puzzled look on his face. “The pet that you call Snowball——what is it? I heard from Hong Xiu that at the critical moment it was your pet who jumped out to block the Sever sword technique of ‘Still water sword’?”

“——” As expected, it was better to believe that there are ghosts in this world than to believe a woman’s mouth.

If he had known that Hong Xiu would sell him out, then he would have communicated with her before he fell unconscious——Of course, she may not necessarily agree. After all, she worked for the Lu family and the friendship between them was not particularly strong.  

“It’s Snowball, I accidentally found it in Flower language plains and brought it back with me. Hasn’t Uncle Lu seen Snowball already?” Li Muyang forced himself to stay calm. Even if he trusted Lu Qingming, he was still reluctant to tell him that Snowball was the legendary divine weapon, the heart of the weak water——It was a matter of great importance, and no one knew what would happen in the future.

Therefore, Snowball needed his protection.

No, he should give himself to Snowball for it to protect him instead.  

“I’ve seen it before, but I didn’t think it was that powerful.” Lu Qingming lightly sighed, apologetic about his ignorance. When he was traveling back with Li Muyang from the bamboo forest, he often saw the snow-white pet acting cute around Li Muyang. He did not think much about it at that time. He only thought it was a good-looking toy of a wealthy young master. He had no idea that it could defeat Mu Yubai in one strike——What cultivation state was Snowball at?

All martial artists were extremely concerned about cultivation level.

Lu Qingming put himself in Snowball’s position. If he were Snowball, no, if he were in Snowball position, could he have helped Li Muyang deflect Mu Yubai’s Still water sword and remain unwounded?

The answer was: he could not!

In other words Snowball was more powerful than him?

Today Lu Qingming had repeatedly suffered heavy blows. He felt that as Li Muyang’s father, as an elder——he had been wasting his life.

“I don’t know much about it either.” Li Muyang laughed foolishly. “Previously I have just been raising it as a pet, I didn’t know what ability it has——when it suddenly appeared, I was also startled.”

After saying this, Li Muyang thought to himself that he should leave after the Lu family’s grandfather Lu Xingkong’s birthday. Otherwise, if Snowball’s identity were exposed, would he have the face to cover up the lie he told today?

“Yes. Pet saving its Master is something that happens often. Snowball is amazing, and powerful——you have to treat it well.”

“Yes. I will.” Li Muyang nodded.

“One of the three wild guests of Still water is dead, killed by thousands of sword strikes.”

“It’s not me who did it.” Li Muyang hastily explained. “It’s Mu Yubai who killed him. Because only he used a sword, I seldom use a sword. Besides, I had no sword in my hand.”

Lu Qingming cast a glance at Li Muyang, thought he was worried about something, and said consolingly, “even if you killed him it doesn’t matter, they were the ones who launched an attack first——”

“I really didn’t kill him.” Li Muyang’s denial was not as firm this time. If it were not him who killed him, then it was Snowball. If he did not want others to doubt his identity, he had no choice but to let Snowball take the blame——

Since ancient times, pets had always taken the blame for their owner. When has an owner taken the blame for a pet?

The impressive background of a pet was also a problem.

“It doesn’t matter who killed them.” Lu Qingming repeated, patting Li Muyang on the shoulder. “Baili Changhe brought about his own death. Even if you didn’t kill him this time, he also wouldn’t live well in the future——There is no enmity between the Lu family and the Still water sword school, but they were so ruthless to you. They are pressing us, the Lu family to the extreme.”

Li Muyang agreed. “They are indeed taking it too far. They know about my relationship with the Lu family, yet still wanted to kill me——They really do not give face to Uncle Lu.”

Lu Qingming looked at Li Muyang, whispering, “do you know who is the one behind all this?”

“I don’t know.” Li Muyang nodded.

After saying goodbye to Cui Xiaoxin, he suddenly encountered an ambush as he was walking along the main street of Tiandu.

Fortunately, Hong Xiu had arrived in time to help him fight against the powerful enemies, and they finally fend off those black-robed people. In the end, another two guys in white robes came out, and these two people both had a very influential background. It was he Still water sword school’s Master Mu Yubai and one of the three wild guests of Still water, Baili Changhe——

It is better to avoid doing something that one is clumsy at to save face than to make a mess of something. It was his first time in Tiandu and there were many things he was still unclear about. Especially the fight between the powerful clans and family.

He simply pretended to know nothing, waiting for Lu Qingming to explain to him.

“Still water sword school is also known as the imperial family’s sword school, and the Master of the Still water sword school Mu Yubai is one of the thirteen imperial guests of the imperial family——” Lu Qingming’s voice was heavy with grief and indignation. “So, there is only one person who can dispatch the Still water sword school.” “

He pointed a finger skyward, and the meaning was self-evident.

Li Muyang’s mood grew heavy. “Even the one above wants to kill me? I am just a nobody, why do I deserve him to make such a big fuss?”

“Nobody?” Lu Qingming gently shook his head, looking at Li Muyang. “You single-handedly destroyed the Monitor Division that he had established for many years, killed his trusted Chief of the Monitoring Division Cui Zhaoren, entered Starry Sky Academy, and defeated the God of Sword of West wind——How would a person like that be a nobody? The whole Kingdom is most likely watching you closely now?”

“Will it bring trouble to Uncle Lu?” Li Muyang said in a worried tone.

He was not afraid of the Cui family; after all, the Lu family could help him contend with the Cui family.

But he feared the West Wind imperial family——Even the Emperor was dissatisfied with him and attempted to get rid of him. How should he fight back?

The power of a clan can be controlled by another clan.

But how could he fight back against the power of a kingdom?

“If a person hates you, even if you smile at him every day, flatter him, and act as a clown to make him happy, it still doesn’t help the situation, and instead he will only despise you——On the contrary, if you stand up and fight back, quarrel with him, yell at him, and knock him down, then he will instead pay attention to you and dared not to provoke you easily——Father once said that, to be an upright martial artist, one must not become a flirtatious clown.”

Lu Qingming smiled, fondly gazing at Li Muyang. “The God of sword of West wind was defeated by your hand. You have become famous from this battle. Now the entire Tiandu is investigating——Li Muyang, what kind of person is he? Now you are the safest.”  

“But would the imperial family blame me?”

“Imperial family?” Lu Qingming sneered. “The assassination failed, they will only pretend nothing has happened. Just like the last time.”




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