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406 – Replace

Chapter 406: Replace!


People have a natural fear of things unknown to them.

Li Muyang had been living in Tiandu as his name spread by word of mouth but he had limited actual contact with these people.

What kind of person was Li Muyang? What sort of ability did he have? What sort of level had his cultivation reached?——The information that they know about him was extremely little.

The most important thing was that he was admitted into the extremely mysterious Starry Sky Academy. What state had he cultivated to, and what powerful skills had he learned there were all information that they were unaware of.

All along, Li Muyang had been deified.

After he killed Cui Zhaoren, not only did the Cui family fail to retaliate, he even enrolled into Starry Sky Academy.

After the West Wind’s Monitoring Division was destroyed, not only the West Wind imperial family did not get revenge, but had to pinch their nose and acknowledge him as the ‘Hero of the Kingdom’.

His fame rose even more in Starry Sky Academy. One brush stroke of his filled a courtyard with the atmosphere of spring, and he was accepted as a disciple by the divine continent’s ‘Double walls of calligraphy and painting’ Gu Huangwu.

Moreover, as soon as he got to Tiandu, he defeated the well-admired and respected God of Sword of West wind——

If the God of Sword of West wind could not stop him, then who would be willing to go find him to get themselves killed?

If one want to come up and kill Li Muyang, then they must compare themselves with the God of sword of West wind first.

So, now Li Muyang was instead very safe.  

“I see” Li Muyang smiled. “Then I do not need to wear a disguise anymore?”

“No need.” Lu Qingming said, smiling. “We previously suggested you to disguise yourself when you go out was to not to let the Cui family know about your identity because they would constantly send people to get rid of you. But now that your identity has been exposed, no matter what, they are going to try to take you life anyway. You might as well go out openly, and let the world appreciate your graceful bearing.”

Li Muyang smiled shyly. “What graceful bearing do I have? Compared with the Gongzi and young master of Tiandu there really is a huge difference between us. How can the rays of light of a rotten grass contend against the brilliance of the sun and the moon?”

“No need to be modest? Muyang is handsome and has a graceful appearance. Even in the entire Tiandu, there isn’t many people that are on an equal level with you.” Lu Qingming stated solemnly. He will not let others say that his son is not good enough, and he also will not let his son say that he was not good enough. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that you’re the most handsome man in Tiandu.”

Li Muyang loved to hear these words.  

So, Li Muyang more shyly responded. “Thank you Uncle Lu.”

“Tomorrow is my father’s birthday, there should be a lot of guests, at that time show your true face to everyone.” Lu Qingming said to Li Muyang with a smiling expression, but his words contained another meaning.

“Okay.” Li Muyang nodded, but did not think much.

He was willing to reveal his true face, as he was very satisfied with his present appearance.


Let’s give the women of Tiandu some benefits.

Lu Qingming thoughtfully looked at Li Muyang, before he said with a smile, “I’m glad you’re alive, Be careful in the future, especially when you go out. You must let us know, I will send someone to escort you.”

“Thank you, Uncle Lu.” Li Muyang declined his offer: “I have Snowball, nothing will happen to me. But my family, I will have to ask Uncle Lu to help me take care of them. I’m worried that since they failed to kill me, they will get revenge on my family instead.” “

“I understand.” Lu Qingming nodded. “Your father works in the Lu residence, he should be safe. Your mother does not go out most of the time, so she should be fine. But Shinian is very active, she likes to go out to play, I will send someone to follow her well. I won’t let anything happen to her.”

Li Muyang breathed a sigh of relief, and expressed his thanks again, “thank you, Uncle Lu.”

“Why so polite?” Lu Qingming was really gratified to see him thinking for his family all the time, but at the same slightly bitter. He was his son, but they ended up being unable to acknowledge each other. It really was extremely difficult to bear. “Didn’t I say we’re one family?”

“Uncle Lu is right, then I will not be polite——” A genuine and honest smile crossed Li Muyang’s face.

Lu Qingming clapped his hand upon Li Muyang’s shoulder. “Take a good rest, I’m going out to deal with some affairs.”

“All right, Uncle Lu Shu must be busy.” Li Muyang was about to get up to walk him out, when Lu Qingming pressed him back down. “Your body is weak, don’t get up.”

Watching Lu Qingming’s figure going away, Li Muyang’s heart was filled with gratitude.

“Uncle Lu treats me as a nephew, I must not sit still and do nothing when the Lu family is in crisis.” Li Muyang said to himself

Glancing around, he shouted: “Snowball, snowball?”


Outside the window, came the sound of Snowball spitting bubbles——

West Wind imperial palace, Yangxin palace hall.

“Trash. A bunch of trash.” West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda was stamping with fury, mercilessly throwing the Jade Ruyi in his hand away. “What is the use of raising you? Just a cart driver, you couldn’t even kill a cart driver——Yet you still have the face to come back to see me? Why don’t you cut your throat and commit suicide on the spot and show me your loyalty?”

Cui Jian was knelt before the huge table. He knocked his forehead against the floor as he explained in a low voice. “Your Majesty please calm down, it’s not that we were incapable, but that Li Kefeng of the City patrol is really hateful. He repeatedly obstructed us from carrying our duties. If Li Kefeng were not there, the Monitoring Division could have gone to aid the Still Water Sword school.”

As expected Cui Jian very easily led the rage to another direction.

Hearing Cui Jian mention Mu Yubai, Chu Xianda was even more furious. He fumed, “Mi Yubai, the God of Sword of West Wind, the entire world thinks that his sword skills are the best in West Wind, and call him the God of sword. My West Wind imperial family is also incredibly courteous to him, and values him. But I didn’t expect him to be so weak that he was unable to withstand a single blow——Does that Li Muyang really possess remarkable abilities? Mu Yubai could not even kill a little driver, what qualifications does he have to protect the Kingdom for me? What ability does he have to help me fight against powerful enemies?”

“Lose face, the face of the Still water sword school is lost, the face of the imperial family is lost. If the enemy kingdoms knew that the God of sword of my West wind kingdom is just a pillow with an embroidered case, they would have dispatched their troops and launched an attack already.  West wind is in danger.”

Cui Jian knelt down in silent, no longer dared to speak

Whether it was the one above, or the God of Sword of West Wind Mu Yubai, he did not want to provoke either. It did not matter, the one Chu Xianda was cursing at was not him.

Waiting until Chu Xianda threw a tantrum and calmed a little, Cui Jian added, “your Majesty, Li Muyang was not beheaded this time, but it instead made him famous again. He is now the topic that all people of Tiandu talk about, he is now known as——”

“Known as what?”

“The Sun of the Kingdom.”

“The Sun of the Kingdom? The Sun of the Kingdom?” Chu Xianda jumped up to find something to smash again. He fumbled around the table for a while and hurled the ink stone in a fit of temper. “What qualifications does he have to become the sun of the Kingdom? He had repeatedly ruined my plans, he is a locust of the kingdom, the scourge of the Kingdom——yet he has the nerve to call himself the sun of the Kingdom?”

Yan Xiangma, who was kneeling behind Cui Jian, raised his head to look at his older cousin who was tensed up and his back bend, a look of worry crossing his face.  

Cousin knows the Emperor hates Li Muyang, hates the fellow who had repeatedly spoiled his plans and humiliated him. But that person’s actions are ‘praised’ and is now known as the ‘sun of the Kingdom’——The Kingdom has only one sun, which is the Emperor before him. But Li Muyang has become the sun of the Kingdom, then who is the person in front?  

“Cui Jian.” Breathing heavily, Chu Xianda said coldly.

“Subordinate is here.”

“Take the Monitoring Division to do one thing for me.” Chu Xianda commanded. He motioned with his hand and Cui Jian immediately rose to his feet, bowing his and moving towards Chu Xianda.

As Chu Xianda whispered a few words, a light flashed across Cui Jian’s eyes. He took the order and left right away.

Chu Xianda glanced at Yan Xiangma who was still kneeling in front. “Yan Xiangma, are you loyal to me or loyal to the Cui family?”

“The Monitoring Division is the Monitoring Division of the West Wind, the West Wind is your Majesty’s West Wind. I naturally am loyal to your Majesty.” Yan Xiangma answered in a clear and loud voice, daring not to lift his head up,  

“Hm. A smart fellow. Then tell me, what happened at that time?”

Yan Xiangma was inwardly surprised.

His Cousin Cui Jian had just reported the incident, but in a blink of the eye the Emperor had once again asked the same question, which indicated that he did not completely trust his cousin?

The most important thing was that how should he answer the question?

He was just asked whether he is loyal to him or loyal to the Cui family. If his answer were the same as his cousin, then the Emperor would certainly think that he was loyal to the Cui family.

But if his answer were not the same as his cousin Cui Jian, then where would his cousin be pushed to? Where will the Cui family be placed?

“Your Majesty——” Yan Xiangma was rapidly thinking through his wording, but at the same time he also dared not to take a pause, “that day when I rushed to the scene——”

When Yan Xiangma came out of the Yangxin Palace hall, his legs were without strength, and his body was drenched in sweat.

When the cold wind blew, he instantly felt a chill.

All along, nobody had a good opinion of the current West wind Emperor.

He was called obstinate and self-opinionated, loved to brag and show off, was subjected to changing moods, and was called mediocre emperor who had accomplished nothing———

They said that he was able to live a comfortable and prosperous life because of his ancestors. With the imperial power in his hands, how many more years would the Chu clan continue to rule was most likely very easy to calculate.  

However, after today, Yan Xiangma felt that, perhaps the world was somewhat prejudiced against this person. What he had shown——those violent or cruel or foolish matters——were all just a layer of human skin mask that he had put on himself?

The palace city was empty and quiet.

The vast square where the hundred of officials kneel, as well as the 81 steps of the heavenly stair were covered by snow and ice, imposing and majestic, but also exuded a bleak and biting coldness.

When he was about to leave, the words that the Emperor to him said with a smile sent chills down his spine.  

“The Yan family has been the subordinate of the Cui family for generations? Would you like to replace them and take their place?”



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