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407 – Which is the flaw?

Chapter 407: Which is the flaw?


The South of Mist Mountain, Still water sword school.

Snowflakes were fluttering about outside. The entire Mist Mountain was blanketed in snow and ice. Everywhere was like white jade, like glass, like this was the realm of celestial beings.

Hundreds of white-clothed disciples were kneeling among the ice and snow from the door of the hall of the Sword God to the Divine sword plaza.

The white clothes were like snow, the snow was more beautiful than the white robes.

The atmosphere in the main hall of the Sword God was more dignified. The snow was unable to enter the hall, but the pillars inside and the people seemed to have been frozen solid.  

In the center of the hall, a white jade ice coffin was placed.

The coffin was filled with steaming blue spirit water.

The God of sword of West Wind, the Master of the Still water sword school, Mu Yubai, was soaking in the blue water. His eyes were closed and there was not the slightest breathing detectable from his body.

A dozen of white robed men crowded around the ice coffin with a grim expressions on their faces. Their eyes contained an insuppressible, violent anger.  

“That kid must have used some sort of crafty tricks. Otherwise, there is no way he could injure our Master after just one year of studying in Starry Sky Academy. It is unbelievable——” One of the three wild guests of Still Water Li Xiuwei fumed, clasping his sword tight, “regardless, first let me go sever that boy’s head. Otherwise, I can’t swallow this anger.”

“That boy’s head is mine. No one else can take it. If they want to, first ask whether my Air breaking sword agrees or not——” One of the three wild guests, Wang Li, said coldly.  

He had the closest relationship with Baili Changhe, as close as brothers. Since Baili Changhe had died tragically in Li Muyang’s hands, and his corpse could not even be found, then no matter what, he had to avenge for his brother. “Li Muyang’s head is mine.”

“We don’t know how Master is now, the most important thing now is to seek treatment. You guys are just clamouring loudly here, what about Master’s safety?” One of the three Still water gentlemen smiled coldly. “Is Master’s life more important or is taking the boy’s life more important?”

“People fishing for fame, just looking for a chance to kill. Is there a need to discuss it here?” In Gentleman Shi Tao’s hand was a carved bloodstone as he said in an indifferent tone.

“This is the matter of I, Li Xiuwei, why did you sissy boys interrupt?” Li Xiuwei snapped. A wild guest was a wild guest, at the first sign of disagreement he wanted to draw his sword and kill.

“What? Do you want to fight?” Wang Li’s sword was whistling in his hand like a boiling copper kettle.

“Then let’s fight, do you think I’m afraid of you?”

“Baili Changhe is considered a famous person among you wild guests, but was still killed by a nobody, it really is——surprising.”

“Shi Tao, what are you trying to say?”

“I didn’t mean anything.”

“Are you saying that us three wild guests are inferior?”

“You said it, not me.”

“Do you dare to go out and fight with me?”

“If you have the interest, then I’m happy to accompany you.”

“That’s enough.” A white robed elder roared.

Seeing Elder Chengfeng was suddenly enraged. Gentleman Shi Tao and wild guest Li Xiuwei both stopped clamouring and dared not mutter a single word again.

Wind rider sword Li Chengfeng ran a cold glance over the several people, saying in a fierce voice. “Whether Master will survive or not is unknown, do you want to create a big disturbance? If Master survives, naturally everyone will be happy. But even if Master is not here, there is still us old guys watching——The Still water sword school has been established for thousands of years, it is not that easy for it to be overturned.”

“Elder, we did not mean that——”

“It was just that Stone man going too far——”

“Li Xiuwei——”

Wind rider sword Li Chengfeng naturally knew what these people were fighting over for.

If the Master was absent, or unconscious for a while, then there needs to be a new Master to take his position.

Young Master Mu En was currently studying in Starry Sky Academy, therefore someone had to take on the duty on his behalf. The elders were old and obsessed with cultivating and rarely cared about the worldly affairs. The ones most likely to succeed the position were the Third gentleman and the second wild guest.

The Third wild guest and third gentleman had never gotten along and extremely disliked each other. Even if they were not able to take the position, they had to show their attitude of not wanting the other person to succeed. This was the source of the dispute.

“The most important matter now is the treatment of Master.” Elder Lingyun cast a worried look at Mu Yubai in the ice coffin. “Divine doctor Hua had examined him, and said that Master is in a critical state. There was the Ruyi water shield protecting his body, so the tens of thousand beams of sword qi did not damage his pivotal areas. We have transferred qi into his body, which triggered the activation of essential qi of his body. Now he is soaking it in the carefree spiritual coffin, receiving treatment from the thousand year old spirit stone, which will absorb the heated toxins and internal heat in his body——According to principles, Master should have awakened already, why is he still not showing any signs of movement?”

“It really is strange.” Elder Chengeng said with a puzzled expression. “This situation, is almost unheard of. Could it——he has wounds on other parts of his body?”

“But what can we do if even Divine doctor Hua was unable to do anything?”

“This won’t do——“Elder Lingyun hesitated. “Why don’t we take Master to Old immortal? Maybe he’ll have a solution. Besides, Master is in this calamity, Old immortal should know about it.”

“If Old immortal is going to be furious who is going to take the blame?” Elder Chenfeng quickly refused. “Besides, Old immortal has been focussing on cultivating and breaking the boundary for decades and had never cared about worldly matters. If we disturbed his cultivation, this responsibility is be too much——let’s wait a little longer.”

Chengfeng’s line of sight shifted to the ice coffin. “Perhaps after this carefree spiritual coffin had absorbed the fire poison in Master’s body, he will regain consciousness?”


In the hall, suddenly emerged circles of ripple.

The ripples rotated, turning into a blue pool.

A white-robed old man emerged out of the ripples, his hair dishevelled and walking barefoot in the air.


Everyone present knelt down.

The old man had an amiable face and his eyes were still and calm.

Even though he saw his son soaking in the ice coffin, there was no expression of sadness on his face.

He swept his eyes across, with no emotion in his voice as he said loudly, “Get up.”

The crowd rose to their feet.  

Elder Lingyun bowed respectfully as he asked. “Old immortal, why did you come out?”

“We are useless, we made Old Immortal worried.” Elder Chengfeng looked ashamed.

The other people all bowed their head in shame, and dared not to make direct eye contact with the old man’s eyes.

“There should be this calamity, can’t blame others.” The old man said softly, lifting his foot in the air and stepping toward the Carefree spiritual coffin. With every step he made there was a blue footprint appearing in the air.

His reached his hand into the coffin, clasped Mu Yubai’s arm, and closed his eyes.

After a long while, he opened his eyes and stated out loud, “Yubai’s body is fine, he had just entered into a self-closing stage and is not willing to wake up.”

“Don’t want to wake up?” Everyone was shocked.

Elder Lingyun turned to look at spiritual coffin, asking in an astonished voice. “Why would Master not want to wake up?”

“In this defeat, he was shaken by his own disposition. The mind as peaceful as still water, the sword moves like flowing water; this is the ‘Still water sword technique’. He was tempted by greed, broke his disposition, and as a result his sword qi was also broken by himself. He was not wounded by the hand of others, but defeated by his own hands.” The old man explained softly, loosening Mu Yubai’s arm.

Everyone stood with their eyes cast downward, looking awkward.

Only the elder before them could say these words.

“Moreover, after this calamity, he had finally touched upon the essence of the last sword of the ‘Still water sword technique’——” The old man continued.

“Huh?” Everybody’s face lit up with wild joy.

“Master has comprehended The No Word Technique?”  

“This really is a matter worth celebrating——”

“Master has been working hard for tens of years, but unexpectedly it is a blessing in disguise——

The ‘Still water sword’ was divided into a total of five techniques: Rhythm word technique, Provocative word technique, Striking word technique, Severing word technique, and No word technique. No word technique was the most mysterious of the ‘Still water technique’, as well as being the most deadly attack. No word and no movement, the sword moves like flowing water.

In order to make a breakthrough in this technique Mu Yubai had spent over 10 years of time. But unexpectedly because of a battle against Li Muyang and entered into a self-closing state, he was able to understand the profound theory of this sword technique.

If he were to learn such a sword technique, then most likely that Mu Yubai’s cultivation level would rise again, at a rate of thousand miles per day. At that time, wouldn’t he be even more worthy of the name God of sword of West wind?  

“Just found the path, whether he can really make a break through the realm depends on his talent and mind——” The old man seemed indifferent with the matter. “As long as the mind is not stable, all is futile. For thousands of years, many people have been looking for a doorway. But it was locked out, and people were unable to take a glimpse of the landscape through the door——” “

“Master certainly will be able to break through and comprehend this sword technique.”

They all said in unison.

Elder Lingyun asked with a smiling expression. “Old Immortal, then what should we do now?”

“Let nature take its course.”

“That Li Muyang who wounded Master——how are we going to deal with him?”

“Kill him obviously.” Li Xiuwei said. “

“I am willing to go into battle.” Shi Tao stated firmly.

“I came out this time, because of that boy.” The old man said calmly, “I want to see how he broke the No Word Technique of my ‘Still water sword’. For thousands of years, he is the first person able to escape unscathed under the No Word Technique.”

“What does Old immortal mean?” Elder Lingyu looked astonished.

“I want to know that, if there’s a flaw in the ‘Still water sword technique’, or is that Muyang boy a flaw——” said the old man softly. “This concerns the thousand year old foundation of the Still water sword school. I must not be careless.”

“I understand.” Elder Chengfeng nodded. “Tomorrow is the Lu family’s Lu Xingkong’s birthday. That boy has a close relationship with the Lu family, he will certainly attend the birthday banquet held by the Lu family. I will challenge this boy on behalf of Old immortal then?”

“Exactly.” The old man said quietly.

Once again casting a glance over at Mu Yubai in the spiritual coffin, his figure grew lighter until he disappeared again in that puddle of blue water.




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