Chapter 409: Savage returns!


Xie Wuyou folded the silk handkerchief in his hand before putting it away and glowered coldly at Savage. “Who are you? How dare you call the Dean by his name?”

“What? Starry Sky Academy has became the imperial family’s Academy? The famous school with ‘free and open’ as its motto has been reduced to a lackey academy of the influential people? Now we can’t even call out the Dean’s name?” Savage’s voice was hoarse like there was a mouthful of sand in his mouth, but because of anger, his words were sharp and ruthless.

“Interesting.” Xie Wuyou said coldly. “This time, no matter who you are, I will not spare you that easily.” “

With all the time spent together, the crane and its master naturally were connected through the mind.

Without Xie Wuyou’s reminder, the huge white crane had already screeched and speeded toward the Savage.

As it was charging, it waved about its two huge wings.

Once again the sky and the ground changed colour, the trees whipped and stones whirled in the wind. The whole world seemed to have been covered by one crane and one person.

The savage’s eyes were growing redder, and a white triangular ball of light emerged in the palm of his hand.

With the appearance of the ball of light, astonishing things soon followed.

The cliffs of Broken Mountain was overgrown with all kinds of weed and wildflowers.

When the white light of the ball flashed by, the lush green grass withered and the wildflowers, which were blooming beautifully, were all dead in an instant.  

A mantis that was waving its double blades had just leapt up when it became a lifeless body. A half-step snake flicked its poisonous tongue and lifted its head, the speckles on its body grew dim and colourless instantly. The forest birds spread their wings to fly, running rapidly across before taking off—-

However, their movements were instantly frozen.

As the white light swept across, their lives were instantly taken away.

The ball of light soared into the air, enlarging in an instant, and turned into a huge white frame.

The white frame was like a huge white triangle gate, extending all the way across midair, waiting for that person and crane to walk right into the gate by themselves.   

“Little white.” Xie Wuyou yelled out.

Little white let out a mournful cry again, its body that was diving down took a sudden 180 degrees turn. It swiftly flapped its wings and charged into the high altitude.


The triangular ball of light exploded.

A huge blast spread, crushing everything into dust that had made contact with it along the way.

When the strong white light was about to touch the tail of the crane, Xie Wuyou hastily thrust out his palm.

No matter what, he would not let his Little white get hurt.

A ball of blue light rushed out.  


The white blast collided with the blue light ball, sending a loud ‘bang’ resounding across the air.

When the brilliance had dispersed, the white crane was standing on a raised boulder at the edge of Broken mountain cliff, looking fearfully at the savage’s small eyes.

People have fear, and so do birds.

The life threatening moment just now was like the feeling of being hunted by a fierce beast of the divine continent. It was only when Xie Wuyou yelled out that it quickly shifted direction and flew skywards.  

Xie Wuyou, with his brows scrunched up, stared warily at the savage, saying in a low voice, “Withered Glory realm?”

When the ball of light appeared, Xie Wuyou had already sensed that the situation wasn’t too good.  

The energy of the light ball was too powerful, and there was an oppressive power that was restricting the movement of essential qi inside his body, and even his breathing became obstructed.

It was only when the flowers withered and the various plants died that he realised that the ugly savage before him might be of the Withered Glory realm.

The martial artists of the divine continent were divided into seven realms: Empty valley, High mountain, Free clouds, Withered glory, Starry Sky, Astral projection and Dragon slayer.

This person who had reached the Withered glory realm, can be called one of the top cultivators of the Divine continent.

After all, it has been thousands of years since anyone had seen a Dragon slayer cultivator. While Starry Sky cultivators and Astral projection cultivators were very few and rarely seen.

To be able to reach the Withered glory realm, one can almost move unhindered in the world.

But why did this man come to Starry Sky Academy?

Moreover, he called the Dean by his name, and his tone of voice was incredibly impolite. What was his relationship with Dean or was there a feud between them?  

“What? Are you judging people by their realm now? The savage said in a mocking tone. “Now that you know my realm, are you going to be more courteous to me?”

“You look really ugly.” Xie Wuyou’s voice was colder. “Even if your cultivation level is high, your realm is high, I still don’t like you. Not to mention that you called the Dean by his name and insulted my Starry Sky Academy. I’m definitely not going to forgive you.” “

“People that are not big, have an arrogant tone of voice.” The Savage stated disdainfully. “Since you won’t forgive me, then why did you run away just now?”

Xie Wuyou patted the white crane’s head, asking in a gentle voice, “Little White, are you all right?”


Little White let out a cry, indicating that it was not hurt.

Xie Wuyou stroke the white crane’s head again, and with no other visible movement, his Starry cloud robe was billowing in the wind and he soared up into midair from the crane’s back.

While that white crane also very tactfully let out a resonating screech and flew into the depths of the clouds as Xie Wuyou left its body.

There was soon to be a battle between masters; it was worried that its feather might be damaged.

His eyes were like the stars, and face like jade.

His white robe fluttered, and his wide sleeves ballooned out.

Xie Wuyou stretched his hand into the air and a strange-looking weapon that was as curved as the crescent moon and had a deer head hilt fell into the palm of his hand.

The deer’s eyes twinkled like it was alive. The crescent moon blade was blazing a gold colour similar to the moonlight.

Deer blade!

One of the sharpest weapons in the world, which was also a divine weapon ranked near the top of the ‘Treasure and weapon’ book.

It had unexpectedly fallen into the hands of a student of Starry Sky Academy.

Xie Wuyou waved about the blazing blade, clasping the hilt with both his hands, looking down condescendingly, and swung down the blade at the savage below.


A golden flame appeared abruptly, shrouding the Savage from the head and spreading all over the place.

As Xie Wuyou was brandishing his blade, the eyes of the deer was emitting a purple glow, and the deer was making a low grunting noise.


The savage did not hide or evade, clenching his right hand into a fist again, and a triangular white ball reappeared in the palm of his hand.

Then, his right hand abruptly thrust out.


The white colour swelled in the wind, to a force that seemed could break through the sky. Blotting the sky was the shadow of that tremendous triangular ball, and the body of the savage was hid behind the huge triangular ball.


The long snake-like flame blade struck the triangular frame directly. The two powers were evenly matched and victory could not be distinguished immediately, and instead progressed into a fierce struggle, where they were madly swallowing each other up.


A white and a gold electric current were tearing at each other to destroy its opponent completely.

Xie Wuyou was still maintaining the blade striking posture, constantly pouring strength into the Deer blade.

The savage did not dare to be careless in the slightest, stretching out his left hand. A white stream of air flowed toward the spheroid and he was pouring in essential qi in order to resist the power of the Deer blade.

Neither of the two gave way to the other, and the tide of battle was constantly turning.

——Chi lah lah—

Suffering the powerful attack, the originally tattered clothes on the Savage’s body, was now more torn, sweeping away by the wind.

While Xie Wuyou’s starry cloud robe was being whipped about. From time to time there were ripping and cracking sounds, and seemed like it was going to explode into debris at any moment.

As the two men were fighting a life and death struggle, there came a sigh overhead.  

A chubby man in a Starry cloud robe was blinking his triangular eyes. Rising high into the air and standing among the clouds and mist, he watched the two men fight. “Is it worth the trouble? Just have a good discussion, why did you end up in a fight?”

Xie Wuyou did not respond, the savage also did not reply.

The two men seemed as though that they completely could not see that person.  

Yang Xiaohu’s expression was a little awkward as he raised his voice to say, “The Dean wants to see you.”

“The Dean?”

Xie Wuyou looked shocked for a moment, putting away the Deer blade to one side in a flash.  

The Dean’s order, he was naturally afraid to disobey. Just that, he couldn’t figure out why would the Dean want to see such a person? Who was this man?

It should be said that the Dean had not seen strangers for many years.  

The corner of the savage’s mouth curved in a sneer. “Now I can go up the mountain, right?”

“You can.” Yang Xiaohu made an inviting gesture.

The savage led the way, looking extremely familiar with the path up the mountain, and rushed ahead to the front.

Xie Wuyou stored away the Deer blade and followed behind Yang Xiaohu to ask in a quiet voice, “Teacher Yang, who is that person?”

“I don’t know either.” Yang Xiaohu said aloud, “However, the Dean stopped fishing dragons and specially summoned me over to invite this person up the mountain. It looks like it should not be simple?”

“He calls himself an abandoned boy of Starry Sky, could it be that he is also a person of Starry Sky Academy?”

“It’s possible.” Yang Xiaohu nodded. “The Dean had sent a lot of talents out there, as if to defend something——perhaps this person is one of them.”

“Then how could he be so disrespectful to the Dean?”

“If you have been banished to a land with no one for decades, you most likely will have hostility to vent, right?”

Xie Wuyou, at the thought of the savage’s tattered clothing and his dirty body, immediately felt itchy all over, as if every inch of the skin didn’t feel right.  

“I sympathise with him.”

The savage was in front and Yang Xiaohu and Xie Wuyou followed behind.

On the stargazing platform.

An old grey-robed man was staring at the distant Nu River in silent. The roaring river waves, how long had it been through, and how many secrets had been covered up?

It was only when the savage crept up behind him that he turned around, looked at the red, flashing eyes of the savage, stretched out his skinny hand and said, “You’re back?”

The savage’s lips wriggled as he tried to speak again, but there was no word that would come forth.  

“It’s good that you’re back.” The old man in grey said with a smile. “It’s been hard for you all these years.” “

“Dean——” The savage’s eyes brimmed with tears, ‘plopping’ to his knees in front of the old man.  

The old man reached out to stroke the savage’s disheveled hair, “When you entered the illusion, you were still a beautiful teenager. Your robe was whiter than snow, and you were handsome and graceful. This trip, you have been gone for 60 years and 79 days——”

Yang Xiaohu and Xie Wuyou exchanged a glance with each other, this savage was also——a Starry sky student?




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