Chapter 410: Muyang is not dead!


The turbulent waves of Nujiang kept flowing eastward, washing away the many heroes.

The wind swept up a number of clouds and the cold sun hung in the sky.  

The Nameless Mountain was located in the center of the Flower language plain, where the scenery and landscape differed greatly from the rest of the country. At this time, Tiandu was already freezing cold and snowstorm had sealed the city, while the range upon range of Nameless Mountains was covered in greenery and safflowers.  

Stargazing platform.

On the golden peak, several people were gathered, overlooking below, and were able to take in the whole scene of the blood red Nu River and the vast Flower language plain at once.  

Long robes were whipping about in the wind, clouds spiraling around their feet.

“Dean, Ouyang Yi is incompetent, I am ashamed to face Dean. Except me, all other nine brothers have died in the illusion.” The savage knelt down, grieving.

“Sigh, They were all good kids.” The old man sighed softly with a mournful expression on his face. “All such good kids.”

“Living in caves, wrapped in animal skins, and eating animal meat, I dared not slack off in the slightest. Year after year passed by, I do not know how many years I have been in the mountains. But everything comes to those who wait. I finally waited for the heart of weak water. I finally saw it appear. But when I wanted to capture it——”

“What happened?” Yang Xiaohu asked excitedly. They were now talking about the heart of weak water, which was ranked in the top three of the book ‘Treasure and weapon’.  

It was thought to be just a myth, something that no one had ever seen.  

But unexpectedly, it really did exist. Moreover, it almost landed in the hands of the man before him.

Even Xie Wuyou felt the savage was much more pleasing to the eye now. He did not expect him to be a Starry Sky student, and even more did not think that he, in order to get the heart of the weak water was willing to wait in that water illusion for 60 years——was so stupid and cute.

“The water illusion had collapsed, the heart of the weak water——was snatched away by someone called Li Muyang.” Ouyang Yi uttered in a fierce voice, clenching his fists tight.

“What?” Yang Xiaohu looked astonished.

“The heart of weak water?” Xie Wuyou was also similarly shocked. “Li Muyang is not dead? And took away the heart of the weak water?”

“Li Muyang is dead?” Ouyang Yi exclaimed, “who said he’s dead?”

“The illusion had collapsed and the door of the illusion had closed, so everyone thought he was no longer alive.” Yang Xiaohu explained, rushing over to grab the savage by the arm. “Where is Li Muyang? Quickly tell me, where is Li Muyang now? Have you seen him?”

“I obviously have seen him. It was him who snatched the heart of the weak water from my hand.” Ouyang Yi said resentfully.

Then, with a hint of softness in his eyes, he continued, “of course, I also have to thank him for saving me. If the heart of the weak water had not devoured all the water elements in the illusion, I most likely would have been buried in the illusion.”

“So where is he now?” Yang Xiaohu urgently asked. Li Muyang was his most outstanding student and the one he valued the most, he did not want him to disappear.  

“I don’t know.” Ouyang Yi shook his head. “When I woke up, I was already in the continent of Feng Lin, the Wolf King had disappeared, and the wolves were killing each other. It took me great difficulty to fight my way out, and then it took months to find the formation eye to return to the Flower language plain.”

Yang Xiaohu’s heart sank right down. “Could Li Muyang have gone to another space, and never come back?”  

“Impossible.” Xie Wuyou remained calm. “If Li Muyang had really gotten the heart of weak water, then with a divine weapon protecting him, the average person cannot hurt him at all. He certainly will be able to find the eye of the formation to come out.”

Xie Wuyou shot a glance over Ouyang Yi. “Even he could get back, how would Li Muyang not be able to?”

“What do you mean?” Ouyang Yi growled in a hoarse voice.

“That’s literally what it means.” Xie Wuyou said fearlessly.

“All right.” The grey-robed man interrupted. “To be able to come back is already extremely lucky. The other matters, leave it to the will of the heaven. You take a rest at the Academy first and arrange the other matters later.”

“But, without the heart of the weak water, how will we withstand against——”

The grey robed man waved his hand dismissively. “If there were to be such a calamity, there should be a someone to prevent the calamity. Previously I do not believe in the heavens, do not obey its orders, purposely gathered the essence of starry sky and sent you young elites into the illusion. I hoped you guys could obtain the heart of the weak water to break this calamity. But I had no idea that you would be gone for decades. Now that Li Muyang has the heart of the weak water, perhaps the burden of breaking the calamity now falls onto him.”

Yang Xiaohu’s face grew gloomy, while Xie Wuyou had a ruminative expression on his face.

Ouyang Yi held himself back repeatedly until he finally said worriedly: “But, he is just a boy.”

“And so what?” The grey robed man smiled. “Dangerous buildings are hundreds of feet high and with the hand one can pick the stars. Nobody dares to speak loudly to avoid disturbing the folks up above. How wonderful is fate. Perhaps, the millions of people really need to be placed on his hands.”

“Dean——” ”

“Go.” The grey robed man gazed at the bright red river. “I’ll go fishing for a little longer.  If I do not catch something a day, I feel that my heart is missing something.”

Before his voice faded, his body had already disappeared on the golden peak.

Xie Wuyou glanced at the savage, before his body spread out and fluttered away in a beautiful and graceful posture.

Yang Xiaohu looked at the savage, asking: “Master——Ouyang, if I call you that, you do not mind, right?”

“Whatever.” Ouyang Yi didn’t care about this stuff. Having been living in the illusion for 60 years, there was nothing worth caring about in the worldly matters.

“Then I’ll arrange accommodation for you?”


“Master Ouyang, you have run into Li Muyang, do you know where he went?”

“Whatever——I don’t know.”


Yang Xiaohu was responsible and diligent, after he helped Ouyang Yi settle down, he then walked over to the little cottage that he resided in at the Dragon slayer department.

As he just came to the intersection, he saw Chu Xun coming out with a long sword in his hand.

“Chu Xun, where are you going?” Yang Xiaohu asked with a smile. Ever since this boy had come out from the illusion, he had been terrifyingly quiet. He had been practicing hard every day, but no longer had any communication with other people. He was like a cold-hearted assassin.

“Teacher Yang, I want to take time off to go back to Tiandu, I hope you allow it.”

Chu Xun said aloud.

“You’re going back to Tiandu at this time? It isn’t New Year’s Eve yet?” Yang Xiaohu stated puzzledly. Students often take time off for excursions, or for training, or adventure, but also to visit mentors and friends.

However, there were very few that are new students to Starry Sky.

Chu Xun bowed respectfully and did not attempt to explain too much.

The proud and unruly Chu Xun had experienced the fickleness of worldly relationship. Having had encountered repeated blows, he was now much more low-key.  

Yang Xiaohu pondered for a moment before he said, “Starry Sky never restricts the freedom of students. Since you asked for leave, then I’ll allow you to go back. But no matter where you go, don’t forget to practice.”

“Student understands.”

Chu Xun said with a cupped fist salute before his body soared into the air and towards the edge of the cliff.

As he reached into midair, a hummingbird swiftly swooped down and steadily caught his body.

Yang Xiaohu shook his head. He was about to go over to check on Lin Canghai but before he knocked on the door, he saw Lin Canghai coming toward with him with a letter in his hand.  

“Teacher Yang, Teacher Yang——” Lin Canghai cried as he bolted over. “Qiandu classmate left a letter, saying that she has to leave Starry Sky Academy for something. She told me to ask you to approve her leave.”

As Lin Canghai spoke he handed over the letter in his hand.

Yang Xiaohu took the letter and hurriedly skimmed through it.  

“Qiandu is gone too?”

“Yes.” Lin Canghai nodded seriously.  

Yang Xiaohu noticed the luggage hanging over Lin Canghai’s shoulder. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to find Qiandu.” Chu Xun stated in a matter of fact manner.


Lin Canghai respectfully bowed to Yang Xiaohu, saying solemly: “Teacher Yang, goodbye. When I find Qiandu, I will return to the Academy with her.”

“If you can’t find her?”

“Impossible” Lin Canghai’s smile was bright as a flower. The boy was too good-looking that when he smiled he looked like a beautiful girl. “I will continue to look for her, how would I not find her?”

With that, Lin Canghai rose with the wind, turning into a white shadow and flew towards the distance.

Yang Xiaohu’s face darkened, standing lifeless where he was for a good while, before he turned away to find Xiahou Qianbai and Kong Li to tell them of the news that Li Muyang was still alive.  

It should be said that after Li Muyang’s disappearance, these two people had repeatedly came to him to find out information. They had mocked and ridiculed him countless times, saying ridiculous remarks that he had led his student astray, and did not teach Li Muyang well, and it would have been better for Li Muyang to follow them instead——

A butterfly fluttered around in the air, Yang Xiaohu caught it in his hand and put the butterfly to his ear.  

“Li Muyang is currently in the capital of West wind.” There was a voice from thousands of miles away.

“Li Muyang is back in Tiandu.” Yang Xiaohu muttered.

He finally understood why Chu Xun and Qiandu suddenly left Starry Sky Academy. Qiandu had a close relationship with Li Muyang, and Yang Xiaohu even suspected that the two had feelings for each other.  

When the news of Li Muyang’s disappearance in the illusion spread, Qiandu had gone missing for a long period of time. She also became a lot thinner, and Yang Xiaohu had also reassured her several times that Li Muyang would certainly come back safely.

These days she also often went to check on the water moon heavenly cave, hoping that Li Muyang would suddenly pop out of that water screen.

Since she knew that Li Muyang was alive, she naturally had to go see him.

But why did Chu Xun go back?

Starry Sky. Medicine cottage.

A handsome youngster in a starry cloud robe was bowing respectfully to Xiahou Qianbai and with a cupped fist salute, “Teacher Xiahou, Tingyun will leave, please take good care of yourself.”

Xiahou Qianbai’s hair was loosely draped over his shoulder, leaning back on a boulder, holding a scroll in his hand, and looked deep in thought. Without lifting his head he said, “Go.”  




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