Chapter 411: The Wind city’s Lu Lin



“Here. Open your mouth.” Li Shinian brought a spoonful of steaming pigeon porridge to Li Muyang’s face.

“I’ll do it myself.” Li Muyang said in an embarrassed tone.

“Open your mouth.” Li Shinian repeated, frowning her brows and her clear eyes slightly widened.

Li Muyang quickly opened his mouth and put the large spoonful of porridge into his mouth.  

“That’s a good boy.” Li Shinian said with a smug face. “Do you know how many boys in the capital city want to say a word to me, let alone feed them porridge? I’m a little envious of you.”

Li Muyang tried hard to swallow the piping hot porridge. Unable to utter a word, he had to nod in agreement.

As soon as Li Muyang swallowed the scalding porridge, Li Shinian again fed him another mouthful. Looking at Li Muyang’s sharp facial features and his deep expressive eyes, suddenly Li Shinian’s neck was flushing crimson, shyly but also fiercely she stared at Li Muyang.

Li Muyang looked puzzled. I ate it when you told me to, how did I offend you? Is she blaming me for not echoing what she had just said, but I already nodded under such difficult circumstances, and I did it several times——

“Why do you think you’re suddenly so good-looking?” Li Shinian said very disgruntledly, pursing her mouth. “

“What?” Li Muyang’s mouth was stuffed with porridge that his voice was unclear.

“When you were ugly before, I didn’t think of you as a boy. I could bully you as I like, trample you how I want. Now you’ve suddenly become good-looking, I feel there’s a barrier between us——”

“You——” Li Muyang forced himself to gulp down the hot pigeon porridge into the stomach. It was so hot that tears were almost streaming down his cheeks. “What are you talking about? You look beautiful, you were the little beauty on our Hubu alley when you were small, and then you grew up to be a beauty of Jiangnan City, and you’re now the ‘Fourth Bright moon of Tiandu’——Why can I not grow up to be good-looking?”

“That’s right. People have to be faithful to death. I was good-looking when I was small, so I grew up to beautiful. But you were ugly when you were young, and now you grew up to be good-looking——How can you change your mind constantly? How can you betray your own group of people?”

“——” Being severely criticised by Li Shinian like that, Li Muyang unexpectedly could not retort. Vaguely, he also felt that what she said makes sense.

“Is it safe to be ugly? Before even if I hug you all day, no one else will think I am up to something. Now, I only came to see you and to feed you porridge, but your servants look like are going to eat me——Please, you’re my Big brother, okay? Even if I have a heavy taste, I wouldn’t like you.”  

“——” Li Muyang felt that the porridge, which was sweet and tasty before, had suddenly gone tasteless.

Li Shinian stared at Li Muyang’s face for a good while, looking mesmerized, and couldn’t help blurting out, “So handsome——”

Realising that she had said something wrong, Li Shinian very disdainfully snorted: “Who likes you now? I like the way you used to be.”  

“If I don’t get good looking, I’m afraid I won’t find a wife——Didn’t Mother often worried about this? Besides, I want to bring honour to my family, too. People used to say I was adopted, do you understand how I felt at the time?”

“Hmph, it’s enough with just me bringing glory to the family.” Li Shinian seemed really discontent with Li Muyang’s current face, giving his nose a hard pinch, she added, “Do not become even better in the future. Be ugly. Understand?”

“——I’ll try.” Li Muyang dared not to disobey the little demon girl and had to say yes.

“That’s more like it.” Li Shinian nodded satisfiedly. “Open your mouth.”

“I’m full.””

“It’s your business that you’re full, I haven’t fed enough, open your mouth——”

“——” Li Muyang felt that these day were incredibly difficult. He was itching to get up and fight against the God of Sword of West wind again. This time Snowball was not allowed to help.



Snowball seemed to really enjoy the snow, rolling merrily in the snow in the courtyard. Its naive and innocent eyes and its cute giggling voice makes one wishing to wrap their arms around it and kiss it several times.

It had to be said that when it comes to the skill of picking up girls, Li Muyang really was not as good as this dog——rabbit or any other animal——

Not sure whether it was because the Lu family’s thousand year old ginseng and Hundred grass pill were taking effect, or Li Shinian’s bowl of porridge played an effect, or Li Muyang’s ability to recover was already beyond normal, but in the afternoon, Li Muyang had already felt that he have regained strength, he was able to talk and chat and get out of bed like normal. Although it was still impossible to fight with people like before.  

It was impossible under the condition of non dragon transformation.

Of course, Li Muyang still had lingering fears. If Snowball had not help him deflect that attack, he most likely would have transformed into the divine dragon to battle against the God of Sword of West Wind. And at that time even if Li Muyang were alive, he would most likely would be fleeing and hiding around now?

How would he be able to enjoy the soup brought over by a pair of lily-white hands? How would he be watching the heavy snow blanketing the pine trees? How would he be sitting there comfortably and peacefully and want to roar to the sky?

The more he thought the more emotional he was, also the more he did not want to waste the beautiful scenery.

Li Muyang sprang out of bed and said, “Get dressed and go out and paint.”

Li Shinian knew that Li Muyang had almost recovered and did not try to stop him. “Okay, this time you have to give the painting to me. When you returned to Starry Sky Academy and Mother doesn’t give me pocket money, I’ll sell your paintings——Your paintings must be worth a lot of now.”

Young Master Li was going to painting, Jing’er, Zhaihua, Chuyao and others immediately began to prepare.

Zhaihua and Chuyao were responsible for helping Li Muyang dress, while Tingxue and Xiyu went out to set up the painting equipments in the garden.

Li Shinian stood at the side, and did not even have the chance to help out.

This made her shoot Li Muyang an increasingly dissatisfied expression, her little lips pursed up.

With a crowd of women, Li Muyang came to the West rock garden. Tingxue and Xiyu had already chosen a perfect painting location. They stood on the hill, which offered a panoramic view of the entire scenery, stone pavilion and the rockery of the West garden.

Li Muyang made a loud compliment, “Here I can draw a ‘Viewing Snow in the West courtyard’ painting.

“No matter what you draw, it’s mine anyway.” Li Shinian stated, smiling, as though declaring supreme power to the other girls——this brother is my big brother, you mustn’t snatch him away.

Li Muyang chuckled inwardly, “Okay. When this painting is done, I’ll give it to Shinian.”

“That’s more like it.” Li Shinian said with a sweet smile.

Li Muyang stood before the painting desk, scanning around and began to grind the ink.

Jing’er went forward to help, but Li Muyang stopped her. “I’ll do it myself, I can also use this time to calm my mind and form a mental outline.”

The several girls no longer stepped forward, letting Li Muyang grind the ink and enjoy the scenery alone.

Once the ink was prepared, Li Muyang also had a plan in mind.

He dipped the brush in ink and began to splash over the paper.

A white-robed youngster stood among the trees and rocks at the top of the hill. He was graceful and elegant, and outstandingly talented. When he was quiet he resembled an elegant willow, when he was moving he was like a jaguar. As he put the brush to paper, snow began to appear across the paper. His every movement was just like that of the most graceful girl on the world.

Li Shinian was mesmerized, staring at her brother with a wide smile.

“Brother is so amazing.” She said in her heart.

When she inadvertently found that the other servants also had the same fascinated expression, she couldn’t help feeling a little uncomfortable, and coldly grunted, “Know that flowers attract bees and butterflies, what’s so good being good-looking?”

Because he had planned in advance, Li Muyang’s brush strokes were extremely swift, and in no time the composition of the painting was completed, the landscape of the West garden was beautifully depicted.  

Li Muyang set down the brush to rest, took the towel from Jing’er and dabbed at his face, and then carefully studied his ‘Viewing Snow in the West Garden’ painting, smiling, “What do you think?”

“A good picture of ‘Snow viewing’”. A clear voice sounded.

The voice came out of nowhere, and it was one that he had not heard of it before.

Everyone twisted around, only to find an unfamiliar-looking youngster in a bro robe standing behind him.  

Seeing the crowd was all staring at him, the young man bowed and introduced himself with a smile: “The Wind city’s Lu Lin pays respect to Gongzi Muyang.”

“Lu Lin?” Li Muyang, after a brief thought, confirmed that he did not know him.

However, Li Muyang was aware that the Lu clan started in Wind city, and the Lu family’s old mansion was also in the Wind city. It was coming up to the date of Grandfather Lu’s birthday, therefore it was not strange to find people of the Wind city coming here.

Therefore, Li Muyang also responded with a cupped fist salute, “Nice to meet Gongzi Lu.”

As soon as this man appeared he addressed Li Muyang as ‘Gongzi’, and greatly increased Li Muyang’s first impression of him. Li Muyang had always wanted others to call him that when he was young, but most of them only exclaimed to him, ‘whose kid is that he’s so dark’——‘Who’s that kid’.  

Therefore, Li Muyang liked such ‘courtesy’.

Lu Lin walked closer to Li Muyang, looking at the long painting spread across the desk. “In the way of painting, the composition is the skeleton, and the colour is the skin. There is a degree of roughness it is simple and complicated, and it is well-proportioned. With just the composition, you can see the outcome of the painting. To become a disciple of the double wall of calligraphy and painting Gu Huangwu, Gongzi Muyang is indeed worthy of your fame.”

Li Muyang began to like this Lu Lin. He thanked him again. “Gongzi Lu is too kind. Gongzi Lu must also be a painting master.”

Lu Lin replied modestly, “I only have a little understanding.”

Lu Lin again turned to bow to Li Shinian, “This must be the Bright moon of Tiandu Miss Shinian?”

“I am Li Shinian.” Li Shinian returned a bow.

“Seeing you in person today, there really is the feeling of the bright moon overhead. Miss Shinian’s face and demeanour are really breathtaking.” Lu Lin said with a smile, constantly throwing out compliments.

Li Muyang blinked his eyes several times: is that boy trying to win the affection of my little sister?




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