Chapter 413: ‘The Xumi spear technique’!


The Lu family’s Heavenly emperor spear was renowned, its fame resounded throughout the divine continent.  

The Lu family had been defending the borders for many generations, and wherever the Heavenly emperor spear pointed at was where the millions of soldiers turned to. The ancestors of the Lu family wielding spears and many old generals had fought this great kingdom for the founding emperor of the West wind Chu clan Chu Yufeng. A little general from the Wind city had leapt to become the world’s most powerful commander.

For thousands of years, although there had been occasional ups and downs, but the status of the Lu family as the best in the military of the Kingdom had never changed once.

When Lu Xingkong was a General, he and his Heavenly emperor spear was invincible all over the world.

When Lu Xingkong was a commander in chief, his long spear was frozen, but it’s deterrent power was stronger than before.  

If the Lu family’s Heaven emperor spear were said to be the best spear in the world, then perhaps the spear masters in the several other countries will be dissatisfied. However, if the Lu family’s Heaven emperor spear were said to be the best spear in West wind, then the citizens of West wind would not accept it.

Now, somebody was going to give a set of spear technique to Lu Xingkong as a gift for his 60th birthday——

Did he know about the background of the Lu family’s Heavenly emperor spear?

Does he know not know what realm Lu Xingkong was in?  

“This kid is really interesting.” Someone laughed out loud.

“A set of spear technique? There is someone who dares to give the Defense minister a spear technique as present, it’s so absurd——Does he think his spear skills are far better than the Defense minister?”

“In any case, it is a gift, perhaps Elder Lu, after seeing this spear technique, would break through the Withered glory realm and step straight into the Starry sky realm?”

Among this laughter, there were kind teasing as well as malicious sarcasm.  

It was no surprise that everyone reacted so strongly. It should be said that it takes time to cultivate and break into a realm, and treasured weapon and secret techniques were something that needs to be accumulated.  

There were some families that had been collecting for thousands of years, only to have just one or two unique secret cultivation techniques that can make them famous.

For example, the Lu family’s ‘Heavenly Emperor spear’ and ‘Rocky pace’, and also the Cui family’s ‘Sword of Tribulation’ and ‘Secrets of the hundred and eight thousand heaven’s will’

He was just a nobody, what special treasure or rare spear technique could he have to give to Lu Xingkong, a top cultivator of the world?

However, what they did not know was that Li Muyang, who had fused with the tear of the Dragon King, was a moving treasure trove. In his sea of memory were the secret cultivation books that the black dragon had collected over the thousands of years. Moreover stored away in the dragon’s caves all over the divine continent were even more treasures.

Even if Li Muyang were to yell out ‘I am the richest man in West wind’, it would be him being low profile——if he wanted to show off and be high profile, he would have directly shouted ‘I am the richest man in the entire divine continent’.

Li Shinian was standing in front of Li Muyang. After she kowtowed and said her birthday congratulations to Grandfather Lu, like all other people, she stood next to Lu Tianyu.

Now witnessing everyone making fun of her brother, Li Shinian’s face darkened, and she grunted: “My brother had defeated the God of Sword of West Wind, which one of you are able to do that? I don’t know what you find so funny.”

The laughter halted.  

It had to be said that Li Shinian’s attack simply went straight into their heart.  

The God of Sword of West Wind, Mu Yubai, had made a name for himself in the West Wind kingdom decades ago. Everyone who were present including the invincible fierce generals who had fought on the battlefield also did not dare to come forward and say ‘I will be able to defeat him’. Even Lu Xingkong would not casually make such a remark.

Because, in the mind of the people of Tiandu, the God of Sword of West wind Mu Yubai and the God of War of West Wind Lu Xingkong were people of the same level, both were one of the very few protector Gods of Tiandu city.

However, Mu Yubai was somehow severely wounded by Li Muyang and still had not regained consciousness.

It was only then that it dawned on them that the boy in front of him had defeated the Sword God of West Wind Mu Yubai——and perhaps there really was some special treasure in his hand?

Lu Xingkong looked down at the dark wooden box in his hand, feeling its heavy weight, as well as the burning feeling upon touch, then up at Li Muyang and added, “No worries, no matter what’s in this box, Grandfather will like it.”

The others may not understand the meaning of this sentence, but Lu Qingming and Gongsun Yu did, and Li Yan and Luo Qi also understood.

This was a gift from his eldest grandson, even if the box contains a pile of dirt it was still extremely precious.

Over the years, they had only occasionally received news of him, when had they ever received a gift from Li Muyang?

Despite having done something like that, he was still able to receive a gift from his grandson on his 60th birthday. Even if he was asleep he most likely couldn’t help laughing?   

“Thank you, Grandfather Lu.” Li Muyang smiled.

He did not care what others were saying, the gift for Lu Xingkong was a token of his heart. Whether it was light or heavy, valuable or not, his thoughts were real. That was enough.

“Grandfather, we are all very curious.” Lu Lin was standing next to Li Shinian, saying with a smile: “the gift from Brother Muyang must be extraordinary. Why don’t you open it and widen out views?”

“Yes, Elder Lu, open it and let us widen our views——the spear technique from Muyang must be incredibly rare——”

“General, broaden the knowledge of us uneducated fellows——”

Lu Xingkong glanced at Li Muyang who then responded with a nod. “Muayng found a mysterious cavern in the Water illusion, and that cavern was extremely deep and extremely dangerous. Muyang curiously went into the depths of the cavern and inadvertently discovered this spear technique. I know that the Lu family’s Heavenly emperor spear trembles the Divine continent, the reason for giving this spear technique is just to let Grandfather Lu identify the pros and cons———If I can aid Grandfather Lu’s cultivation and breakthrough into the next realm, it will be a great honour.”

Li Muyang pushed the origin of this spear technique to the water illusion. Even if someone knew about his origin, there was no way that they would suspect that he had any relationship with the treasures of the Dragon clan.

Li Muyang fondly gazed at Li Muyang. Even when looking at Lu Tianyu he did not have such a gentle expression.  

He stood up and personally supported Li Muyang up from the ground, and then said to the crowd, “Every year the Starry Sky Academy sends freshmen into the illusion for assessment and experience. I heard that the Water illusion is strange, mysterious and dangerous. But I have never had a chance to explore there. However, since this spear technique is obtained from the Illusion of water, it must be a rare and valuable treasure.”

He swept his fierce gaze across the room, “Today Muyang has given me this spear technique as a present and I do not want to hide it away for myself. Now, I will open this spear technique to share with everyone.”

As Lu Xingkong was speaking, he reached to open the lid of the wooden box.


A silver long spear sprang up.

It pierced the roof and shot skyward.


The spear exploded in the air, like a sudden clap of thunder, and then instantly vanished without a trace.

Looking down at the wooden box in his hand again, he found that the inside was empty, as though that spear had swiftly escaped during the opening of the lid.

West Wind imperial palace, several silk robed elderly men leaped onto the roof, looking into the direction of where red lights were flashing.

There, a murderous spirit was diffusing.

Outside Tiandu city, the old mansion of the Song family.  

A grey robed old man raised his head skyward, his expression growing solemn.

In the Thousand Buddha temple, several Buddhist monks flew up to the peak of the white clouds, gazing in the direction of Tiandu.

In the depths of the palace and courtyards, as well as up on the famous mountains and in great rivers, there were experts affected by the majestic spear qi, one after another pinching their fingers and began calculating.

Everyone present were dumbstruck.

Looking at the empty wooden box, then up at the broken roof, which had been pierced by the spear, and then at the calm Li Muyang standing in front of him——

“This——what spear technique is that?””

Never seen before, and never heard of before.

Only Lu Xingkong’s brows were scrunched in deep thought.

He gazed at the place in the sky where the silver spear vanished without a trace, a ruminative expression filling his eyes, but there was also a kind of difficult to grasp chaotic feeling.

Cultivation and breaking through realms, this fine line was the separation of the wall.

Sometimes, people are often trapped in that fine line and find it difficult to break through the wall.

“Where’s the spear technique?” Lu Lin muttered. “Did the spear technique run off?”

Li Muyang pointed to the dark wooden box and said to Lu Xingkong, “The spear technique is at the bottom of that wooden box.”

Lu Xingkong lifted open the wooden box cover, carefully examined and found that the bottom of the wooden box was engraved with little person wielding a sword. Just that at this time the little person was motionless, like a painting.

And on the lid of the box, there ancient and simple writing was engraved: Xumi Spear.

“This spear is called Xumi spear.” Li Muyang stated out loud then looked at Li Muayng, “It is unheard of, but has such destructive power. It can be called the strongest spear in the divine continent.”

Lu Xingkong suddenly lifted up the box, looking at Li Muyang, “This item is too valuable——why don’t you take it back.”   

Many people turned to Li Muyang, waiting for his reaction.

After seeing this spear technique, everyone knew well that this spear technique was most likely a unique technique unknown to the world. Given the lethality of this spear technique seen, if Lu Xingkong were able to master it, his cultivation base would surely rise again and breaking through into the Starry sky was not impossible.  

While Li Muyang did not know how to appreciate this spear technique had given away such a treasure.

Who would not keep such an invincible spear technique for themselves and pass it down to future generations?

Why would he give it away so easily?

Li Muyang smiled and refused: “Grandfather Lu, the gift has been given out, how can I take it back?”

“Besides, a great spear is for a hero. I am not trained in spear, this spear technique means nothing to me.” Grandfather Lu is an important General, the great wall of the Kingdom. If you are able to master this spear technique, you can certainly defend the frontier smoothly, bring stability to the Kingdom. It is only right to give this spear technique to Grandfather Lu.”

Lu Xingkong clapped his hand on Li Muyang’s shoulder and uttered, “I owe you too much——”

Li Muyang hastily interrupted, “Grandfather Lu, what do you mean. You don’t owe me anything, but I owe the Lu family too much. The Lu family and Muyang are one, advance and retreat together.”

Lu Xingkong heaved a great sigh, some words could only be held in the heart.

At this moment, there was a loud welcome at the door. “The Emperor has arrived.”

The Emperor of the West Wind Kingdom, the most powerful Emperor of the Kingdom Chu Xianda had personally visited Lu Xingkong at his house to celebrate his birthday.  

Lu Xingkong’s complexion changed slightly, and then he said loudly: “Everyone come with me to the door to welcome the Emperor.”




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