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414 – No good intention!

Chapter 414: No good intention!


Thick brows and big eyes, and slightly thin cheeks, Chu Xianda was not tall, but clad in a set of bright yellow emperor robe he looked very majestic. Having ascended to the throne for over 10 years, he exuded the superior and imposing air of an emperor.  

As Lu Xingkong was coming out with a line of people to welcome the Emperor, Chu Xianda was stepping down from the royal carriage, the second Prince Chu Jiang was waiting on one side, and behind were innumerable imperial guards and court eunuchs.

“Minister Lu Xingkong pays respect to Your Majesty, the Lu residence is honoured with Your Majesty’s visit.” Lu Xingkong was waiting at the door and was about to kneel down.

Chi lah lah——

Everyone behind Lu Xingkong had already bowed down.

They had no choice. The Emperor had come in person, courtesy must be followed. Li Muyang was also caught in the middle of the crowd, kneeling in the snow without dignity.

For some reason, kneeling on the ground produced a very uncomfortable feeling in his heart. There was a sense of hostility roaming inside him, as though the emperor who had just arrived owed him hundreds of gold coins.

Ever since the battle with the God of Sword of West Wind, Li Muyang often felt that his body did not feel quite right. The black dragon who had integrated with Li Muyang was becoming more and more restless, and he always had a feeling that the dragon might break out of him at any time.

Although this made Li Muyang unceasingly worried, he must not let the Black dragon’s consciousness occupy the dominant position, and even more not expose his identity as a dragon in Tiandu city—

Li Muyang just wanted to live well, live happy and well.

Chu Xianda in the end did not let Lu Xingkong lose face in public. He quickly stepped forward, holding up Lu Xingkong’s arms as he was about to kneel down and said: “Defence minister why so over courteous? Today is Defence minister’s birthday, I came to offer birthday congratulations, and also here for a cup of longevity wine. How can I let Defence minister bow down, wouldn’t that cut short my life span?”

“The Courtesy between minister and emperor must not be forgotten. Your Majesty lives as long as the heaven lasts, how would your life be shortened?” Lu Xingkong said with a smile, but also showing no intention to kneel down.

Chu Xianda took Lu Xingkong’s arm, saying: “On other days we can pay attention to courtesy, but absolutely not today——”

Chu Xianda swept a glance over the many members of the Lu family on their knees on the ground, then declared in a loud and clear voice: “Everybody get up. Today is Mister Lu’s birthday, I came to celebrate with you all. Everyone do not have to be polite, drink to your heart’s content.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” The crowd rose one after another, stepping back and stood to one side.

Chu Jiang also came over, bowed his head to Lu Xingkong, smiled and said: “Chu Jiang wish Defence minister enjoys both happiness and longevity, break through realms like breaking bamboo. Chu Jiang also has a gift for Defence Minister, I hope you like it.”

“Thank you second Prince.” Lu Xingkong bowed his thanks.

Then he turned to say to Chu Xianda, “Your Majesty, go into the house and have some tea?”

“Go in and have tea.” Chu Xianda laughed, pulling Lu Xingkong’s arm and led the way in front, while Chu Jiang followed behind, his eyes scanning the crowd, like in search of someone.

When he found Li Muyang in the crowd, the corners of his mouth curved upwards slightly, and nodded to him, before he lifted his feet and strode into the Lu residence.

“Do you know him?” Li Shinian, who had been standing beside Li Muyang, noticed the eye contact between Li Muyang and Chu Jiang.

“I don’t know him,” said Li Muyang, shaking his head. “But now it’s time to get to know each other, right?”

“The last time at the Still water Dew gathering, he threw out a topic of debate, is Imperial power more important or military power?——Everyone thought it was directed at the Lu family. But today, the father and son both came to celebrate Grandfather Lu’s birthday, they most likely do not have any good intentions.” Li Shinian stated bluntly.

Li Muyang immediately glanced around him, “Be careful, don’t let anyone hear you.”

“Don’t worry. Only you can hear me——” Li Shinian pursed her lips. “Besides, this matter is well known, it can’t be concealed even if wanted to.”

Li Muyang gently sighed: “The Lu family’s situation is critical, there are some things that are better to be buried in the heart. If someone hears it I fear that it would spark a dispute. Although the Lu family treats us well, we are after all just guests in the Lu residence. Even if we can’t help them with anything, we still can’t bring them any trouble——”

Li Shinian stared at Li Muyang thoughtfully. “It feels like you know a lot of things.”

Li Muyang shook his head with a wry smile and said, “I wish I hadn’t known so much.”

Because Li Muyang had saved Lu Qingming, the Lu family was extremely friendly and kind to Li Muyang. Whether it was the old grandfather or Lu Qingming, they hid nothing from Li Muyang, and explained to him the real situation that the Lu family was facing.

The more one knows, the more troubled one is. Facing the chaotic situation that the Lu family was facing at this time, Li Muyang had to put himself in their shoes to think about a way to solve the situation.

Although for the time being he could not think of a better way.

The Emperor had come to offer birthday congratulations, the face given to the Lu family was not small at all, and the Lu family’s glory was also not little at all.

But the mind of the Emperor was difficult to fathom. What sort of attitude does Chu Xianda has towards the Lu family, most likely the majority of people present already knew.

Especially the high military generals attached to the Lu family. Even if His Majesty had personally come, that did not mean His Majesty really had much trust or fondness for the Lu family.

Chu Xianda’s visit was a must.

Because of the Lu family’s thousands of years of social status, and also because of the status of Lu Xingkong.

If he had not come, it would have proved that the West Wind imperial clan was ready to thoroughly tear the face of the Lu family.

Lu Xingkong invited Chu Xianda to sit in the main position, but Chu Xianda declined, and forcibly urged Lu Xingkong to take a seat in the main position, while he seated himself on the guest seat beside him.  

Once Chu Xianda was sat down, the elders close to the Lu family were not able to sit again. Who dares to be on an equal level with the Emperor?

Chu Xianda gazed out at the view of the Lu residence courtyard, and sighed softly: “I often came to play in the Lu residence when I was young, I am more familiar with the Lu residence than the imperial palace——At that time I really enjoyed to eat the food at the Lu residence, I always felt that the food cooked in the Lu residence were better than those in the palace.”

Chu Xianda twisted around and said to Lu Qingming beside him: “Qingming, I remember I inscribed a word for your study?”

Lu Qingming rose to his feet and bowed with a smile, “Yes. The plaque in my study was indeed written by Your Majesty.”

“Qingming, you and I were childhood playmates, why so polite? Be more casual, think of it as a conversation between families. I have come to celebrate the Defence minister’s birthday with you all, if you all are so reserved I will feel disappointed.” Chu Xianda waved his hand and motioned for Lu Qingming to relax.

Lu Qingming straightened his back and said with a smile: “Your Majesty, us subjects cannot ignore courtesy.”

“Today there is no ruler and ministers, only elders and brothers.” Chu Xianda really knew how to win the will of the people. “Everyone do not need to be polite. The thousand year old military family naturally should be bold and heroic. Today let’s drink with big bowls and eat in big mouthfuls, to celebrate for the Defence minister.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” said Lu Xingkong with a face of gratitude.

Chu Xianda ran his eyes over the people in the hall, saying loudly: “Everything about the Lu family is good, but there aren’t many children. Qingming is the only son in his generation, and in Tianyu’s generation there is only a daughter and a son. How can the Lu family expand and spread their power? This is not right, there should be more talent. Having children and grandchildren filling the house is a blessing. Defence minister, don’t you think so?”

Lu Qingming’s face grew embarrassed, anger flashing in his eyes.

Lu Xingkong remained calm and collected, like he did not noticed the deeper meaning of Chu Xianda’s words, chuckled: “Your Majesty is right, I also said to Qingming to have more children. No matter whether it’s a boy or girl, with more children surrounding me I can enjoy family love and joy. You see I only Qingming this son, and sometimes feel left out.”

Chu Xianda looked at Lu Qingming to say: “Qingming, you also heard what Defense minister said, you need to work hard.”

“Yes, Your majesty.” Lu Qingming responded in a low voice and look of sullen. What does it have to do with you how many sons and daughters I have? Do you say such a thing, are you trying to bully the Lu family for being weak in the number of people?”  

Perhaps, there was a deeper meaning in these words? It was to threaten the Lu family to obey him, otherwise he would die without any descendants?

The person that had come definitely did not have good intention.

“The Lu family has been serving in the army for generations, and has been defending the frontier for my West Wind Kingdom——There is a saying that as long as the Lu family does not fall, the Kingdom would not be lost. The importance of Lu family to my West Wind Kingdom is evident.”

Lu Xingkong’s expression grew solemn, hurriedly added, “Really just some irrelevant nonsense of some bored people. The Lu family is West Wind’s Lu family, and also Your Majesty’s Lu family. The Lu family receives special favour from Your Majesty, and must repay Your Majesty, be loyal and devoted till our dying day.”

“I understand, I understand.” Chu Xianda patted Lu Xingkong on the back of his hand, saying with a smile on his face: “The Lu family is the West Wind’s Lu family, but also my Lu family. Defence minister is a great minister, loyal to the West wind and loyal to me, the sun and moon can bear witness. The Lu family had shed their blood and laid down their life for the Kingdom, how many lives of good men had been lost——I had always kept this in mind, and will not let the loyal soldiers feel bitterly disappointed.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Lu Xingkong bowed his head again to express his appreciation.

“Time flies, in the blink of the eyes, Defence minister is already 60 years old——and even until now Defence minister has to constantly be at service and serve the Kingdom, I feel very guilty——”

Lu Xingkong got up and bend his back, stating loudly: “Minister can still wield a spear, can still put on a suit of armour, and can still kill the enemies for the Kingdom. As long as the Kingdom needs it, your Majesty needs it, I am ready to go on the battlefield again, and fight for Your Majesty—”

“Haha—” Chu Xianda drew his lips back, evidently everyone were not too happy to talk about this topic.

Chu Xianda was calm outwardly, but he was not happy in the slightest.

Today was Lu Xingkong’s birthday, but the Emperor was trying to get back the military power in front of everyone, kicking him away——isn’t that too far?

As though had suddenly remembered something, Chu Xianda’s face was again full of smiles, “Something big happened in Tiandu city a few days ago, a young man unexpectedly defeated the God of Sword of West Wind Mu Yubai——Is that youngster here today?”



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