Chapter 416: Chu Xun offer birthday congratulations!


Wealthy people are willful, but a man of power can also be willful.

If Li Muyang were an ambitious man, would he be tempted when the Emperor of a state sends him such an invitation and said that he could guarantee his family to become one of the top families of the Kingdom?

Li Muyang was not an ambitious man, but he still was tempted.

Li Muyang was not an immortal, how would he not want his family to be powerful. Never mind that, by becoming one of the most influential people in the Kingdom, at least he would not easily get bullied by others.

He had been bullied for so many years that he did not want his descendants to suffer everything that he had ever endured.

Rare treasures and weapons, secret cultivation technique and books, and all kinds of pills and elixirs, these were essential items for cultivators.  

This was why many cultivation geniuses were willing to cling to the great sects and factions, because they possessed a vast storage of treasures, as well as occupy the great mountains and rivers that were most abundant in spiritual qi. It can be said that, in many ways, they were in a monopolizing position.

For ordinary people to cultivate it was harder than climbing to heaven.

If one wanted to improve rapidly, if one wanted to chase the stars and run ahead of their peers or everyone else, then there were many factors to consider.

It was incredibly rare to be struck by lightning at birth like Li Muyang had.

After all, the divine lightning also has eyes, and does not strike all bad guys——

There were some things that only the Emperor of West wind Chu Xianda could give him, and Lu Xingkong could not.

Chu Xianda saw that Li Muyang was tempted, smiled and added: “I know you and the Lu family are close, you should know about how the Lu family emerged? The Lu family started in Wind city, and the head of the Lu clan was originally just a little general of the frontier, who later followed Emperor Taizong north and south, and achieved many military achievements. And now as you can see, the Lu family is one of the top families of my West Wind kingdom——”

Chu Xianda burst into a hearty laugh looking at Li Muyang, giving a very certain and indisputable feeling, “Muyang is young and talented, and is very similar to the Lu family’s ancestor. Perhaps you will be appointed to general in no time and bring the Li family to a height where everyone in the world will focus their attention upon.”

Li Muyang, with an honest smile on his face, responded, “Thank you, Your Majesty. I am a very simple person, so my thoughts are also very simple. I was born in West Wind, excelled in West Wind, it is only right for me to serve the West Wind Kingdom. Besides, the Kingdom has giveb the Lu family many special favour, and the Lu family also took good care of me, treated me like a family——The Lu family is serving the Kingdom, serving Your Majesty. I will also serve the Kingdom and your Majesty.”

Lu Xingkong beamed, “This child, it is clearly the Lu family who is indebted to him, but he is so polite, as if he owes us something. All we have done for him are trivial matters.”

Chu Xianda’s face darkened a little.

Who mentioned the Lu family to you? Who wants you to talk about the Lu family?

First the Lu family, then the royal family, this was Li Muyang’s answer to Chu Xianda.  

When chamberlain Li Fu noticed that His Majesty’s complexion did not look too good, he hurriedly smiled and tried to smooth things over: “Your Majesty, the tea is cold, drink some tea to moisten your throat. It’s cold and dry these day, you have to drink plenty of water.”

Chu Xianda picked up the teacup and took a sip, then said to Li Muyang, “Muyang is still young, after a lot of experience you will understand that the way of choice is something that most tests one’s wisdom.”

Li Muyang bowed to express his appreciation, “Thank you your Majesty for your lesson, Muyang will certainly practice diligently and not disappoint Your Majesty.”

Chu Xianda could not stand talking to Li Muyang.

He obviously looked like a very intelligent child, why did he behave like such an idiot?

Li Muyang knew that his answer had made the Emperor annoyed, but if he were too happy, the people of the Lu family would most likely be unhappy.  

This stupid Emperor was snatching talent in public; if he had accepted his recruitment, then what about the face of Grandfather Lu? What about the face of the Lu family? What would the old friends and generals of the Lu family think?

Based on feelings, Li Muyang naturally had to favour the Lu family.

Besides, he felt that he was too outstanding, and so good-looking, what if Chu Xianda wanted to give his daughter to him and he has to be his son-in-law——Wouldn’t things be worse then?

Li Muyang and Li Shinian exchanged a glance, and the two quietly stood back into the crowd.

Standing in front of Emperor was too dazzling, and they were people that liked to be low-key.

Although he had been in the limelight enough.

A youngster who had defeated the God of Sword of West Wind and was thought highly of by the Emperor, and a girl who was quietly accepted as a disciple of Taoist spiritual master Ziyang, one of the seven Taoist immortals——Is the Li family’s ancestral grave emitting smoke?  

At this moment, the attendant outside the door shouted, “Prince Fu has arrived.”

“Prince Fu has come too?” Chu Xianda laughed. “Prince Fu only knows how to cockfight, horse riding and watch opera all day long, I was worried that he forgot today is Defence minister’s birthday. He is considerate this time.” 

Lu Xingkong was not at all surprised that Prince Fu had come, since the Emperor had come, the other observers should also know what choice to make?  

Lu Xingkong gave a deep rumbling laugh, “Prince Fu came to celebrate old minister’s birthday, I am honoured. Your Majesty please take a seat, minister will go out to greet him.”

Chu Xianda tugged Lu Xingkong’s sleeve, saying: “Defence minister sit down, you are an important minister, but also his elder. Today is the day of your birthday, he naturally should come pay respect to you.”

“Your Majesty, this is not the right formality.”

“What I say is formality.”

“Yes. Your Majesty.”

Prince Fu was clad in a violet robe and a scarlet jade crown, accentuating his elegant facial features and calm posture.

In a world of ice and snow, while walking and fanning the ‘ignorance is bliss’ paper fan, he looked distinguish——and foolish.  

When Prince Fu went into the courtyard and saw Lu Xingkong, he bowed and his hearty laugh spread throughout the small courtyard: “Minister Lu’s 60th birthday, I am late, please excuse me. Later on I’ll have three cups of wine as apology.”

It was only then that Lu Xingkong got up, smiled and said: “Prince Fu’s presence is already an honour to the Lu family. How could I blame you, later on I also need to toast to Prince Fu.”

“How do I dare to let an elder toast to me?” Prince Fu said, smiling: “naturally I need to toast to Minister Lu.”

He then turned to Chu Xianda and bowed respectfully with a smile, “Pay respect to elder brother, I did not expect Elder brother to come here. I was planning to go to the palace and come with Elder brother.”

“You lazy thing, it’s already not bad for you to remember Defence minister’s birthday.” Chu Xianda grinned pointing his finger at Prince Fu. “You’ve come at the right time, I am not good at drinking alcohol, later on you to Defence minister on my behalf.”

“Yes, brother.” said Prince Fu, smiling.   

Prince Fu turned to speak to the silk-robed youngster behind him: “Chu Xun, do you not understand etiquette? Hurry and kowtow to Defence minister.”

Prince Fu did not come alone; he came with his son, Chu Xun.  

Chu Xun’s hand was still holding a decorative box, when he heard his father’s words, he knelt down to pay respect to Lu Xingkong, saying: “Wish Grandfather Lu like the longevity crane and ancient cypress trees reach towards the sky.”

Presenting the gift in his hand he said with a smile, “Grandfather Lu, this is a little present that Father prepared for Grandfather Lu, please accept it.”

Lu Xingkong personally received the gift with both hands, appreciatively looking at Chu Xun. “The kid before has grown into a handsome man, excel in both literary and martial arts, and has a great reputation. Prince Fu is so blessed.”

Chu Xun replied modestly, “Thank you Grandfather Lu.”

Lu Xingkong passed the gift to the housekeeper behind him, reached out to pull Chu Xun up from the floor, and said: “No, this is the truth. Little prince was long known all over Tiandu, and is now admitted to the Starry Sky Academy, where you have been practicing in a immortal cave-like places, and have progressed even more rapidly. The Chu clan has many talents, this boy really stands above the rest of his kind.”

When this praise came out, Chu Xianda’s complexion did not look to good, and Prince Fu looked even worse.

Chu Xianda had more than tens sons and daughters.

In addition to Chu Kai, Chu Jiang, Chu Tuo, Chu Li, and Chu Ye, the grown up Prince, there were many other little Princes. Lu Xingkong’s sentence ‘This boy really stands above the rest of his kind’, was to say that the several other princes were inferior to Chu Xun?  

Prince Fu was even gloomier inside, what was is the greatest taboo for an Emperor? Someone after his Emperor’s throne.  

One word from that old man Lu Xingkong had simply pushed his family to stand opposite of the Emperor. His son was better than the sons of the Emperor, so who should ascend to the throne?

Isn’t this a sentence that placed them at a disadvantage?

The awful thing was that he couldn’t be mad in public, because Lu Xingkong was ‘praising’ his son.

He even more could not explain anything. If he were to explain in front of his Elder brother, wouldn’t that make his Elder brother appear very petty? Although he was indeed very petty, but because he was very petty, one can’t say that he was petty.   

Chu Xianda had just slapped Lu Xingkong, and now Lu Xingkong turned around and stabbed him with a knife. The old man was clearly a tough man who would not suffer a loss easily.

Instead it was the easiest for Chu Xun to speak, without the slightest arrogance he looked at Lu Xingkong and said: “Grandfather Lu is over praising me. There are many strong people in Starry Sky, and countless heroes. I am only an amateur in Starry Sky. When I first got to Starry Sky, elder brothers gave me a lot of help and guidance, I learned a lot from them. Even Elder sister Chu Ning was very kind to me, Chu Xun is really thankful to them. Without them, it would have been difficult for me to adapt to Starry sky.”

Chu Xianda’s face finally resumed its amiable expression, appreciatively looked at Chu Xun, saying: “Chu Xun, don’t undervalue yourself, all the men of the Chu clan are dashing and spirited, has their own extraordinariness. You are fine, but you should continue to work hard. Brothers should work together, in order to protect the Chu clan’s foundation.”

“Yes, uncle.” Chu Xun bowed his head.

Lu Xingkong chuckled, “Chu Xun today came just right in time, come, I’ll introduce you to a talented youngster, actually you two should already know each other.”

Li Muyang beckoned to Li Muyang in the crowd. “Muyang, come see your classmate of Starry Sky.”

Li Muyang heaved a gentle, had to come out of the crowd again, and gave a cupped fist salute to Chu Xun: “Brother Chu Xun, long time no see.”

Chu Xun returned a cupped fist salute to Li Muyang, looking at Li Muyang’s deep and mysterious eyes. “Yes. It is a long time. You have been gone for days, everyone thought you were dead——I didn’t think you would still be alive. It really is a real surprise.”

Li Muyang earnestly nodded. “Yes. I’m not only alive, but I’m living well——”

He went over and clasped Chu Xun’s hand, like they were incredibly close brothers, and in a voice that only the two could hear said, “I’m glad to have disappointed Brother Chu Xun.”




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