Chapter 417: Don’t understand etiquette!


There was no such thing as unprovoked love in the world, let alone hate for no reason.

The last sentence was nonsense.

Li Muyang felt that Chu Xun’s hatred of him was inexplicable and stemmed from no apparent reason.

Their first meeting, he was at the foot of Broken Mountain, taking off his trousers to remove the gold coins hidden in his crotch area, and as a result he was sneered at and ridiculed——

Later, Li Muyang learned that the reason Chu Xun was hostile to him was because Lu Qiji treated him with a different attitude.

Chu Xun liked Lu Qiji.

Lu Qiji had again and again approached him, again and again struck up a conversation with him, and her sudden anger and killing intent that came and went. In Chu Xun’s eyes, he thought Lu Qiji had fallen in love with Li Muyang.

What a stupid man, he had no experience of love and hitting on girls.

If you liked a person, would you want to kill them?

For example, he liked Cui Xiaoxin, and seeing her laugh would make him happy for several days. Seeing her cry would make him upset for years.

Fortunately, Cui Xiaoxin had never cried in front of him.

This was the highest meaning of love.

Li Muyang knew that Chu Xun definitely had read too many romantic and melodramatic novels as a child that taught boys with no love experience that if women hit you and scold you it was because they like you——

But what Chu Xun didn’t know was that Lu Qiji hated Li Muyang, really hated him. Lu Qiji wanted to kill him, really wanted to kill him.

What’s the reason for messing with your enemy?  

During the time in Starry Sky Academy, the two have clashed repeatedly. Li Muyang also had accidentally broke Chu Xun’s bones.  

Then everyone went into the illusion and lost touch with Chu Xun. But he did not expect to meet him again in Tiandu.

Moreover, the other side had insulted him, and simply did not care that today was the day of Grandfather Lu’s birthday and that there was a large group of people staring at the two of them.  

“Is he trying to pick a fight?”

Li Muyang’s rule in life was: to not cause trouble, and not be afraid of trouble.

To those who can’t beat him, Li Muyang had never been willing to make himself suffer at the hands of such people.

“I am glad to have made Brother Chu disappointed.” Li Muyang’s response was incredibly strong.

Chu Xun froze for a moment, and then more forcefully clenched the hand of Li Muyang, smiled and said: “If I have done something to disappoint you, I hope you can understand.”

“That should be the case.” Li Muyang seriously nodded, then continued with a sincere look across his face, “I was thinking about how to make you remember it.”

“Then let’s work hard together?” “

“Let us encourage each other in our endeavours.”

The two shared a glance before bursting into a loud laughter.

The guests, who could not hear what the two were saying, were similarly smiling, watching and praising the two handsome and charming youngsters.

“Both are young talents, also both are from Starry Sky Academy, their relationship naturally would be closer than ordinary people——”

“Heroes are drawn to each other, when they make a name for themselves in the divine continent, they may become praised far and wide——”

“I did not expect that Li Muyang and the young Prince of Prince Fu have already met, his future really is limitless——”

However, the few people close by all had a strange expression across their face, as though holding back painfully.

Lu Xingkong patted Li Muyang’s shoulder firmly, and more powerfully patted Chu Xun on the shoulder, and laughed: “Heroes are cultivated from childhood. You two are classmates, but also from the same town, you should take care of each other in the future, and look out for each other.”

Li Muyang bowed in response, while Chu Xun replied with a smile: “Grandfather Lu is right, we will certainly ‘take care of each other’. Just like when we were at the Academy.”

“Well. That’s good.”  

Chu Xun fixed Li Muyang with a pensive gaze: “This time back in Tiandu, I always hear Li Muyang’s name, and Li Muyang’s deeds. I heard that Brother Muyang had defeated the God of Sword of West Wine Mu Yubai. Chu Xun really is quite shocked. To be honest, I also learned sword skills from Master Mu, I did not expect my greatly respected teacher to be defeated in the hands of Brother Muyang. From this, it is obvious that the gap between Brother Muyang and I is huge.”

Li Muyang gave a modest smile and said, “It’s just luck.”

“Of course there is the element of luck, but it is also true that Master Mu was defeated by you.” Chu Xun thoughtfully looked at Li Muyang, smiling: “Although I know that I am no match for Muyang, but I still should do my best as a disciple. Since today is Grandfather Lu’s 60th birthday, why don’t you and I have a sword fight in the courtyard to make Grandfather happy?”

Chu Jiang had long known about the conflicts between Li Muyang and Chu Xun. He had heard that Chu Xun had challenged Li Muyang in public before, and speculated that there must be a deeper meaning to this clash. “That’s a good suggestion. Our West wind was founded with martial arts. From the Duke to the Generals all are martial arts masters. Today happens to be the birthday of Defence minister. Defence minister has been a military horse his entire life, and had fought for my West Kingdom, we should celebrate his birthday with a sword fight.”

Chu Xianda’s eyes flickered across, before he burst into a deep rumbling laughter: “Very good. Both are young warriors, I am looking forward to it.”

Li Muyang was a little reluctant.  

“You guys want me to swordfight and I should swordfight, you want me to lower myself to your level? Won’t that be a huge loss to me?” Li Muyang thought to himself.

Li Muyang although was not clear why Chu Xun wanted to challenge him in public. After all, previously the two have had an ‘exchange’ before in Starry Sky Academy, and in the end the result was that Chu Xun broke a few bones and had to lay in bed for a good while.

However, what the enemy was going to do must be bad for him.

Li Muyang absolutely would never say yes.

So, with an embarrassed and awkward look on his face, he turned to the West Wind Wmperor Chu Xianda to say, “Your Majesty, it is not I that do not want to accept the challenge of Chu Xun’s classmate, but because——”

Li Muyang looked like he wanted to say something but then hesitated. As though there were some words that should not be said in public.  

“Because of what?” Chu Xianda asked in a loud voice.

Li Muyang deliberately lowered his voice and said in a tone that the whole courtyard of people could hear: “Because——I have just been in a battle with the Master of the Still water sword school. As you know, the strength of Master Mu is incredibly strong, he possesses profound swordsmanship, and is one of the top masters in my West Wind Kingdom. After the battle with him, I have exhausted my energy, and although I was ultimately lucky enough to win, I——”

“Are you injured?” Chu Xianda’s eyes flashed with joy and dimmed again.

“Not injured.” Li Muyang’s answer was very unsatisfactory to everyone. “Although I am not injured, but it’s no different to sustaining an injury. In order to block Master Mu’s most powerful ‘Still water sword technique’, the Sever word technique, I had exhausted my strength. Now, let alone exchanging sword skills with a swordsman like Brother Chu, even if a child were to come up and punch me, I also won’t be able to withstand.”

Li Muyang beckoned to little chubby Lu Tianyu, saying: “Lu Tianyu, come and punch me”

Lu Tianyu’s little chubby face reddened all over, he naturally will not really rush over to punch him.

“You see, even a child don’t bear to come forward and humiliate me at this time.”

Chu Xun turned red from embarrassment, Li Muyang was indirectly saying that he was inferior to a boy?

Li Muyang turned to say to Chu Xun: “Brother Chu Xun, since we are classmates, I can not bear to refuse your request. How about this, you first go battle against Master Mu——Oh, it is said that the Master Mu is still unconscious. Well, I heard that there are three wild guests and three gentlemen of Still water sword school, if so, then you should go challenge one of them. When you have defeated them, then we’ll compare sword skills, what do you think?”

In Li Muyang’s view, he had already let Chu Xun off lightly.  

His opponent was the West Wind Sword God, the Master of Still water sword school, Mu Yubai. Chu Xun only needs to find one of the three wild guests or the three gentlemen of the Still water sword school and challenge them. But whether it was the three wild guests or three gentlemen, they were still only disciples of the Mu family. Their cultivation and realm, compared to those of the Sword God of West Wind, was far apart.

However if they went easy on Chu Xun, he simply did not need to fight to win——but to those cultivators who loved their reputation as much as their life, whether or not they were willing to take their own failure to help Chu Xun complete his aim was unknown.

Therefore, Li Muyang very generously said to Chu Xun: “You do not have to thank me. After all, we are all Starry Sky classmates, we should look after each other.”

The smile on Chu Xun’s face grew cold as he said, “since Brother Muyang is unwell today, then let’s compete at a later date.”

“Thank you Brother Chu Xun.” Li Muyang gave a cupped fist salute to Chu Xun with a ‘grateful’ look across his face. “If you must fight me, I really can’t beat you——”

“——” Chu Xun smiled coldly, and no longer uttered a world.  

“It’s a pity.” Chu Jiang shook his head and sighed, “I thought I could witness a wonderful swordfight today.”

Lu Xingkong laughed, “Young people, they like to watch a bustling scene. If Second prince wants to see a sword fight, why don’t I arrange a few performances for you? They are all my elite soldiers, they certainly will not disappoint Second Prince.”

Chu Jiang knew that Lu Xingkong’s move was to show his military power, how would he let him have his way? With a dismissive wave he declined: “I have seen swordfight between soldiers many times, every time West wind achieve a great victory, such a performance will be held in the palace——But, a swordfight between two students of Starry Sky in the same class, it is extremely rare.”

“Muyang is unwell and disappointed Your Highness.” said Lu Xingkong with a smile, “this child Muyang is good at everything, he just do not understand etiquette. For no reason, how did he get in a fight with Master Mu? And had beat him unconscious——is that how you treat your elders?”



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