Chapter 418: Kill with lawful authority!


As everyone knows, the Still water sword school was known as the Imperial Sword school, and only the West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda was able to order the Still water sword school’s Mu Yubai to kill someone.

And when the Still water sword school attacked Li Muyang, one of the senior investigating censorate officials of the Monitoring Division Cui Jian did all he could to obstruct the City patrol from coming to the rescue.

What is the Monitoring Division and who did it belong to?

Therefore, everyone knew that the person who really wanted Li Muyang killed was actually the Emperor of West Wind Chu Xianda.

Chu Xianda was not a generous and forgiving person. Li Muyang had ruined his plans, so he needed to hit Li Muyang in the face.

What he did not expect was that Li Muyang did not die, and instead Mu Yubai was severely wounded. It had to be said that this hit in the face had hit his face instead.

After that incident, everyone pretended as though that nothing had happened.  

The imperial family remained silent on the matter, the Lu family remained silent, and even the Still water sword school remained silent.

Li Muyang was the victim, but no one came forward to give Li Muyang an explanation.

Lu Xingkong on the surface seemed like he was scolding Li Muyang for not knowing etiquette, but his smiling expression made people feel that in his eyes Li Muyang ‘very understood etiquette’.

Even if Chu Xianda’s was inwardly disgruntled, there was no way he could tear him apart on this issue.

The reason Lu Xingkong threw out this matter in front of everyone was not just to show his support for Li Muyang but also to conveniently slap Chu Xianda in the face?  

That stubborn old man really would not take a loss at any time.  

Chu Xianda, although unhappy, said with a smile, “Muyang had become famous after one battle, is the luck of my West Wind. In battles and martial arts competition, there will always be win or lose, how can you say that Muyang do not understand etiquette? I think Muyang is gentle and courteous, and has the manner of a nobleman.”

“Hahaha——” Lu Xingkong laughed long and hard, just as Li Muyang was his grandson——which he was. He gazed dotingly at Li Muyang, saying. “Your Majesty should not praise young people like that, or they would believe it to be true, become too full of themselves, forget the difficulties of school, the hardship of cultivation, and only have fun day and night, ruining their life.”

The muscles on Chu Xianda’s face were visibly twitching. He could no longer pay any attention to the old man.

You had just praised my nephew, and clearly wanted Prince Fu and I to be wary of each other. I only complimented a youngster but I will ruin his life?

Li Fu once again timely served up hot tea, which Chu Xianda took a big sip, and feeling much more comfortable.  

“You old thing is very capable.” Chu Xianda cast Li Fu a very gratified glance.

“Old servant only knows how to serve people, old servant won’t be able to cope with other matters.” Li Fu stood with head bowed and a wide smile on his face.

At this moment, the housekeeper in charge of welcoming guests shouted: “Li Shilang of the Ministry of works is here——”

“Lord Wang of the Ministry of Justice is here—— ”

“General Chu is here——”

After Prince Fu’s arrival, the other ministers finally reacted, following the West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda to come celebrate the birthday of Lu Xingkong.

“Tiandu’s Fu Yi——”

The housekeeper was trying to announce the names, when his eyes widened all of a sudden.

Then he turned and scurried across the courtyard like he had seen a ghost.  

“What’s the panic?” Uncle Lu took a huge stride forward, and shouted in a deep voice. Although now he paid no attention to the matters in the courtyard, but important matters were still passed to Lu Xingkong through him.

“Uncle Lu, not good, the people from the Still water sword school are here——”

Uncle Lu’s brows slightly scrunched up: “Today is Master’s birthday, the Still water sword school knows courtesy. Those who come to congratulate Master are guests of our Lu family——”

“Uncle Lu, they came with a lot of people——there are near one hundred people——”

“Huh?” Uncle Lu turned to look at Lu Xingkong who was sitting on the chair. This was not a matter that he can make a decision on.

Lu Xingkong burst into a hearty laughter, “Your Majesty is here, who dares to startle Your Majesty? Do they not want to live?”

Then, his expression grew cold, his eyes fierce, issuing an order to the numerous Generals under the eaves: “All Generals, if someone dares to behave wildly, kill with lawful authority.”

“Yes. General.” The dozen of generals responded with a cupped fist and a thunder-like roar

Chu Xianda raised his brows, but did not say anything more.

If the Still water sword school really dared to seek revenge today, that really would be bringing about their own death.

Lu Xingkong occupied the right, even if he had killed all the coming enemies he did not have to take any responsibility.

Just like how Li Muyang had killed Cui Zhaoren and destroyed half of his Monitoring Division.

Snow whirled across the sky; the entire Tiandu was an expanse of white.

At the door of the Lu family’s mansion, nearly one hundred men, dressed in a long robe and armed with a long sword, were treading across the snow.

The white robes on their bodies were flapping loudly, and the black silk-like hair was dancing wildly in the wind.

Everyone did not wear any footwear, walking barefoot across the snow and ice.

Their footsteps were light and graceful, body fluttering up, as though worried that the snow on the ground would be trampled.

The nearly one hundred people were silent, but there was a mighty power as they surrounded the entrance of the Lu family.

They were headed by Elder Chengfeng of the Still water sword school, Wind-riding sword, Li Chengfeng, and on his left and right were one of the three wild guests of Still water sword school, Li Xiuwei, and one of the three gentlemen, Shi Tao.

A large number of the elites of the Still water sword school were gathered here. It was clear that the formation here was naturally no as simple as celebrating Lu Xingkong’s birthday.

The six generals standing at the door of the Lu family’s entrance had long discovered the arrival of the group of swordsmen, but there was no order from above, or reinforcements, as if they had no idea of the activity outside at all.

They had no choice but to clasp their sword and stare at the invading enemies with a watchful face.


A light noise.  

It was the sound of the ice being crushed by the feet.

There was a squad of nearly one hundred people, but there was only such a light noise made. It was evident that the cultivation of these people were profound.  

Elder Chengfeng stopped at the door of Lu mansion, raised his head to look at the tall and mighty lintel of the Lu family’s door, let out a gentle sigh, before he said to one of the men guarding the door: “Go in to notify that the Still water sword school had come celebrate Minister Lu’s 60th birthday.”

As he was about to go in to inform the Lu family, Lu Qingming, with a number of housekeepers, came out to meet them. At the sight of the Lu family’s entrance completely blocked by white robed swordsmen, he could not help a serious look coming to his eyes and his face darkened.

Lu Qingming pointed to the near hundred swordsmen at the door, saying in a cold voice: “Elites have been chosen to surround my residence, is this the Still water sword school’s way of offering birthday congratulations?”

Elder Chengfeng naturally recognised Lu Qingming. With his face visibly devoid of emotions he said: “In addition to the birthday, there is another thing for us to do.”


“To see Li Muyang.” Wild guest Li Xiuwei grinned, “I would like to see if the guy who killed Baili Changhe really possess remarkable abilities like everyone said——Tell Li Muyang to come out to see me, today I must take his head.”

Lu Qingming burst into a loud laughter, pointing to wild guest Li Xiuwei said: “Li Xiuwei, you are also a famous figure, but say such unrefined and ridiculous words, do such shameless things. Li Muyang was attacked in the capital. I just did not expect the one who ambushed and attack him to be the renowned West Wind Sword God and one of the three wild guests of Still water Baili Changhe? ——What? When did the Still water sword school start working as assassins? How much will it cost to hire the Master of Still water to kill? What about the three wild guests and three gentlemen?”

“Li Muyang was ambushed, attacked, and managed to escape the encirclement. But those shameless attackers unexpectedly come to the door——what a joke, it really is a big joke.”

Lu Qingming was livid, his eyes were blood-red, violent tendencies rising inside of him, and there was an impulse of grabbing his spear and stabbing all people into minced flesh.

“What? The last time your Master Mu and Baili Chenghe did not bring enough people, failed to kill Li Muyang, and instead was defeated by Li Muyang——so, today your Still water sword school brought more people to my Lu family to kill him? Are there no laws in the world? Is there no justice? Your Still water sword school——is not afraid of your thousands of years of reputation being destroyed and become the laughingstock of Tiandu?”

Lu Qingming’s breathing was hurried and brief, clenching his fist, he hissed: “Li Muyang is a guest of my Lu family, but also my Lu family’s saviour. The last time he was attacked by you guys, because our Lu family underestimated the evil of the human heart and overestimated the moral limit of some people. This time, if your Still water sword school wants to kill, then you must first walk past I, Lu Qingming’s body.”

Lu Qingming reached out to the sky and made a grabbing motion, when a silver long spear flashed to his grip.  

Clasping his spear tight he stood at the door, pointing to the near one hundred Still water swordsmen, and roared: “As long as I, Lu Qingming, is alive, no one can not touch Li Muyang.”

Being rebuked by Lu Qingming, wild swordsman Li Xiuwei was also furious.


His sword flashed out its sheathe, eyes glowering: “I have long heard about the Heavenly emperor spear, today let me have a try.”

With that, he made a charge towards Lu Qingming.

“Stop.” Two stern voices sounded at the same time.  

One from outside the door, and the other from inside the courtyard.

The voice outside the door was from Elder Chengfeng, who glared at wild swordsman Li Xiuwei and said, “Li Xiuwei, have you forgotten the task of our trip? If the Old immortal blames us, can you take the respinsibility?”

Li Xiuwei’s eyes were similarly blood-red, killing intent had been ignited.

However, the thought of Old immortal’s unfathomable swordsmanship ultimately suppressed the murderous intent, sheathed his sword and said: “Xiuwei don’t dare to forget.”

The voice shouted from the courtyard was Lu Xingkong’s, who was coming out with a dozen of important West wind generals.

He stood at the entrance hall, swept his eyes across the one hundred white robe swordsmen gathered around the door of the Lu mansion, eyes growing fierce, as though choosing someone to kill.

“My Lu clan started from the Wind City, had been defending the frontier for thousands of years, and had experience countless large and small battles. After thousands of years, the six veins of the Lu families are now only left with the Wind city vein and Tiandu vein. The number of people in the family is few, and the four branches were never seen again, but for our home country, we will die without regret.”

“But your Still water sword school killed my younger generation, and surrounded my Lu mansion. Are you bullying my Lu clan for having little people?” Lu Xingkong fixed a piercing stare at Elder Chengfeng, bellowing: “All generals listen to command, after three seconds, if there are others that dare to surround my Lu mansion, humiliate my Lu clan, then kill with lawful authority. “  

“We are ready to give our lives for the General.” The roars behind was thunderous.




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