Chapter 419: Deliver letter of challenge!


Generals like clouds, soldiers like tigers.

Following Lu Xingkong’s command, the burly and tall men behind him immediately entered into a state of readiness.

“If the Still water sword school dares take another step forward, I will certainly fight back until death——”

“As long as I, old Meng, is around, the bastards can’t step past the doorstep of the Lu family——”

“The moment I command my army of 100,000, there will be a massacre——”——

Chief of the City patrol Li Kefeng, hundred battle general Meng Hao, Taoyuan Commander Jiang Wan, Flying Tiger General Chen She, and Xuchang City Lord Tao Jingming——

Each and every one of them was a fierce warrior who had fought hundreds of battles.

Those people unleashed their battle strength and killing intent at the same time, and the atmosphere instantly become murderous.

Behind, the Lu family’s guards and Generals all had their hand clasped around their sword, eyes blood red, as though the slightest action from the white robed swordsmen would trigger them to rush over and sever them into minced meat.

Like a bubbling volcano, and a blazing midday sun.

Only a small flame was needed for one to see the ‘bang, and then the volcanic eruptions of magma and the explosion of flames from the sun.

It was a tragic situation as though the whole world was going to be destroyed.

The Lu family had expressed their stance, an extremely tough stance.

Elder Chengfeng began to feel his head aching.  

The Master of Still water sword school was the famous West Wind Sword God, yet was unexpectedly defeated in the hands of a boy, and was unconscious till now——It had to be said that the morale of the Still water sword school was currently at its lowest, and it was almost reduced to becoming the laughing stock of Tiandu.

Of course, they would not joke about how vulnerable the Still water sword school was in public. However, it could be imagined that, after such an incident, no one would like to send their children to the Still water sword school, let alone view the Still water sword school as the best sword school of the Divine continent.

For thousands of years, the Still water sword school had never encountered such setback and——humiliation.

Everyone felt the change. Everyone felt the crisis and the pressure.

The fighting atmosphere within the Still water sword school was now incredibly intense, there were many people arguing over to blood wash the Lu family and to kill Li Muyang to avenge their Master.

If the Old immortal had not come in time and Elder Chengfeng and other old and wise elders were to preside over the affairs, and advised against interception, then the 3,000 disciples of the Still water sword school most likely would have already come over in batches to try and kill Li Muyang.

They need to fight, but how to fight must be planned well.  

After the several elders, the three wild guests and three gentlemen and other elites deliberated over the matter for a long period of time, they had in the end decided on using peaceful measures before resorting to force. Elder Chengfeng along with one of the three wild guests and one of the three gentlemen came to deliver a letter of challenge on behalf of Old immortal, and if they were to have the opportunity to test Li Muyang’s strength then that would be even better.

Moreover, they had planned in advance that one of the three gentlemen Shi Tao was to take the challenge.

Why didn’t they find Wild guest Li Xiuwei or Wild guest Wang Li, who were the closest to Baili Changhe?

Because they knew well that, giving the temper of the two wild guests, before a word was said they would have rushed in and lashed out at the people.

The Lu family comes from a military background, and adding to this the generals and soldiers around them were as many as a school of silver carps. Each and every one of them were grumpy and bad tempered, likely to stomp into a rage and curse at the slightest disagreement——

Therefore they had decided to bring one hundred white robed swordsmen to boost the morale.

Firstly, if the hairy generals were to act, they would not be at a disadvantage based on numbers.

Secondly, the Still water sword school had already experienced the incident of the Master been defeated, ridiculed by the people of Tiandu, and their reputation and prestige had fallen to its lowest. The Still water sword school also needed to make some big movement to let the people of Tiandu see that, the Still water sword school was still the Still water sword school, still the best sword school in Tiandu, and still the best sword school of West Wind——

For the time being, to shout out that they were the best in the divine continent was a little too much. It would be better to wait until Old immortal had killed Li Muyang, or Master Mu Yubai had comprehended the last sword technique and regained consciousness.

They were going to avenge and wipe away the old hatred!

They were going to make a big show of their powers!

They were going to regain the reputation of being the best in West Wind!

Valiantly and spiritedly.

“I will vent my anger, I will kill.” That was what they were all thinking in minds.

Clad in white robes and wielding long swords, they walked barefoot through the whole of Tiandu.

They showed off and acted cool all the way, but did not have the chance to show off their prestige and power at the Lu family’s door, and had not been able to force the Lu family to hand over Li Muyang——

They had no idea that the old fellow of the Lu family would not play the cards according to common sense. Not only did they stole their lines, but sounded tougher and was more domineering than them.

The sword was on the string, and the fire was on the wood.

It could be released at any time, lighted with one spark.

At this moment, what to do?

Elder Chengfeng knitted his brows, regretting that he should not have come out to wade through this pool of muddy water to carry out this strenuous and unrewarding task.

If he had known earlier then he would have shut himself away, pretended to be cultivating and that he was in a critical moment of breakthrough and let those youngsters go fight instead——The other elders were also doing the same, right?

The people of the Still water sword school this time were all masters, while the generals and bodyguards of the Lu family were all elites.  

Based on sword skills, the Still water sword school naturally occupied the upper hand. However, the people on the side of Lu family had fought before in a sea of blood and mountain of corpses. Based on the technique of killing, method of fighting, they could be said to be ancestor-grade figures. Whether or not the Still water sword school would have the upper hand in the face of such killers was uncertain.

“One.” Cried someone in a loud voice.


“Disperse.” Elder Chengfeng made a hand gesture, and the white robed swordsmen, that had crowded the entrance of the Lu mansion immediately scattered onto both sides, finally leaving a spacious and wide passageway at the entrance of the Lu mansion.


The people on both sides breathed a sigh of relief.

If the Still water sword school had refused to retreat, it most likely would have caused a blood bath.

Elder Chengfeng took a step forward, looked at Lu Xingkong who was standing on the doorstep with a gave a cupped fist salute and said: “Today is Defence minister’s birthday, hope Defence minister continues to have the brilliance of the Sun and moon, and never age like spring and autumn.”  

Lu Xingkong’s face also softened up, smiling he said, “Thank you for coming Elder Chengfeng. If you had come to offer birthday congratulations, then you’re a distinguished guest of the Lu family, and you will be treated as a guest. If you are here to provoke a dispute, then the Lu family must strike back. My Lu clan had fought on the battlefield a lifetime, if we could not protect our home, then how could we talk about defending our country’s territory?”  

“What Defence minister said is right.” Elder Chengfeng said in a low voice, although feeling dismayed. His choice had made the Still water sword school once again suppressed by the Lu family, and the reputation of the Still water sword school was damaged once again.

It wasn’t until this time that Elder Chengfeng had realised that he had walked into Lu Xingkong’s trick, and did an extremely foolish thing.

When meeting on a narrow path, the brave wins.  

Compared to Lu Xingkong’s unreasonable and tyrannical ways, he was still too courteous and cowardly——  

The people in the officialdom were calculative thoughtful and difficult to understand. Elder Chengfeng, who had wholehearted focussed on cultivation and breaking the realms, felt that he had been bullied and did not want to say anything more to those people.  

Therefore he cupped one fist in the other and said, “I came to celebrate Defence minister’s birthday, and there is another thing that I have to trouble Defence minister.”

“What?” Lu Xingkong raised his brows.

“Deliver a letter of challenge.”

“Whose letter of challenge?” “

“Our Old immortal is delighted to see young talents, so he hoped to have a chance to learn from Li Muyang——” Elder Chengfeng explained with a smiling expression. “I ask Defence minister to help deliver the letter.”

“Old immortal?”

Someone exclaimed.

“Old immortal.”

Lu Xingkong’s face was twisted with worry.




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