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420 – Who dares draw their sword?

Chapter 420: Who dares draw their sword?


In the vast divine continent, the nine countries existed alongside each other, cooperated with each other and attacked each other.

The foundation of every Kingdom was a powerful military force, as well as the remarkable cultivators who emerged from among the ordinary people and blossomed in the starry sky.

The strong cultivators were the cornerstones of a Kingdom’s security as well as their weapons of killing.

One sword could destroy a city, and one punch could defeat a country.

In the long history of mankind, there had been more than one occasion when such powerful cultivators have appeared.

Their existence was loved and feared by the imperial family of the nine kingdoms. Loved because of their existence; because of them their land was not lost and their prestige did not decline. The fear was that if the fists and swords of these strong people suddenly turned in the direction of their citizens and cities, or even their supreme rulers——Who could match them in strength?

A genius politician had a sudden flash of enlightenment. After many years of communication and discussion, the rulers of the nine countries gathered in a room and signed an agreement. The nature of the agreement could not be examined, but the content was largely that before there is the danger of a city or country being destroyed, the country would promise to never be the first to deploy the peerless cultivators.

After another thousands of years, because of the lack of competition, or perhaps the loss of secret books and rare treasures, the number of strong cultivations began to decline. Very rarely were there one or two strong cultivators, but once they found that there was no opponent for them in the world, and after crying bitterly for three days they would run to deep mountains and live in seclusion.

But the pace at which every cultivator pursued the strongest power in the world had never stopped.

We will never be the first to use the peerless cultivators, and we must not be the ones without the peerless cultivators.

The imperial family’s attitude towards the most powerful was extremely respectful, and every one of them was given supreme status.

For example, Old immortal of the Still water sword school.  

When Lu Xingkong had just joined the military to become a military officer at the frontier, Old immortal of the Still water sword school had already made a name for himself. By the time Lu Xingkong became a General through his accumulated military achievements, he was already the famous Sword God of West Wind who everyone admires.

Of course, the capacity of the former West Wind Sword God was much higher than the current Mu Yubai——How would he be knocked down by a child?

It must be said that, although not said clearly, many people still thought that the current Master of the Still water sword school, the Sword God of West Wind Mu Yubai, was inferior.

It was not known how many battles he had experience, and moreover how many strong cultivators had he killed. The world had forgotten his surname, forgotten his name, forgotten his moves, and forgotten every one of his opponents, but when everyone thinks of him, they will sincerely shout out his nickname ‘Old immortal’, which proves that he really had become an immortal.

Just like all exceptionally strong cultivators, when one becomes an immortal, one naturally would not want to associate with mortals again.

Besides, he had already entered another world. What he seeked was the limit of martial arts, eternal life. The power of the world and fame had no meaning to him anymore.

So, he lived in seclusion, he could also be said to be ‘shutting himself away to cultivate’.

All the matters of the Still water sword school had been handed over to his son, the new Sword God of West Wind Mu Yubai.

But what he did not expect was that his established sword techniques and the reputation of Still water sword school was destroyed, and adding to this it was destroyed by a nobody. The thousand year old foundation of Still water sword school was about to be ruined——

Old immortal was delighted, he had been living in a cave in seclusion for so many years and was finally able to come out and bathe in the sun, breathe in some good air and enjoy the flowers and the beautiful and youthful faces of female disciples.

But he could not just come out, he had to do something.

He ordered the disciples to deliver a letter of challenge to Li Muyang, to have a taste of the superb martial arts skills of new young hero of Tiandu.

Of course, according to strength and generation, he was a bit like the strong bullying the weak.

He also knew that was not too right, and would draw criticism from the world.

But it didn’t matter. Once he had killed the boy with his sword, the world would soon forget this person, forget about this matter, and the Still water sword school would still be the Still water sword school that had been standing for thousands of years. While he, will still be the Old immortal in everyone’s heart—

No one will remember a loser; no one will forever remember a dead man.

But this matter, in Lu Xingkong’s eyes, was somewhat too shocking, somewhat outrageous.

He instantly understood the evil intention of ‘Old immortal’. No matter how good you are, no matter how many legendary stories you have, no matter what kind of hero you will grow into in the future, as long as you are killed now, you will be obliterated with the wind and instantly vanish.

This was called to strangling the heroes and severing miracles.

But what he did not expect was that the old fool would use such a deathly method on the Lu family, use it on Lu Xingkong.

Lu Xingkong’s eyes were as biting cold, glowering at Elder Li Chengfeng, as he grunted: “You mean——you are delivering a challenge of letter on behalf of Old Immortal? He wants to challenge a boy?”

Elder Chengfeng was not as old as Old immortal, his face naturally was not as thick-skinned as Old immortal.

When Lu Xingkong questioned him like that, his eyes flickered with shame, but soon he regained his calm.  

He had long known that he would provoke such an inquiry, and fortunately had long been prepared in his mind, responded in a loud voice: “Second in literature, second in martial arts. How can strength be judged on age? If this is the case, there are countless people older than Lord Lu but is everyone more powerful than Lord Lu? I don’t think so?”

“Besides, Li Muyang is just a child, but also a real young genius. Without entering the realms of cultivation, he was already able to kill the Cui family’s Cui Zhaoren, then admitted to Starry Sky Academy, and then defeated our Master of the Still water sword school when he returned to Tiandu——Even our Sword God of West Wind had suffered a great loss in his hand. Is a young genius like him easy to find in the entire divine continent? Our Old immortal is itching to test his strength. He wants to promote the younger generation, to cultivate more talents for Tiandu. He just wants to see whether this youngster really has his positive qualities. If he could personally give him some advice, wouldn’t that be great, Lord Lu?”

Lu Xingkong sneered, “The child of our Lu family, whether he is successful and a failure, that is the affairs of the Lu family. What does it have to do with your Still water sword school?”

“Besides, are you really here for the purpose of promoting cultivating talents? Last time Master Mu Yubai’s attack failed, an inescapable net was set up and countless elites of Still water were sent out, but in the end was defeated by a youngster. Still water sword school’s reputation has reached rock bottom and has lost face, so Old immortal has to come out to tidy up the matter? This kind of shameless thing, only your Still water sword school can do something like that. I really cannot understand. How did the prestige of your Still water sword school come about and your thousands of years of foundation?”

“Lord Lu, be careful of what you say——”  

“Careful?” Lu Xingkong interrupted Elder Chengfeng, looked him mockingly and sneered, “You guys were not afraid of dong such shameless things, but you’re telling me be careful with my words? Look around, look at the whole city, do you know how many people are laughing at you now behind the doors? An old fool who had not been seen for years, because his son was defeated by the person he wanted to kill, he without a sense of shame sends a letter of challenge to that child——”

Lu Xingkong loftily ran his eyes across the hundreds of white robe swordsmen on both sides of the Lu family’s door, raised his voice to ask, “This is the Still water sword school which the people of Tiandu depend on for protection? This is what the world calls the righteousness and bravery of Still water sword school? This is the Still water sword school that countless youngster could not wait to join? People have bones, swords have spirits, are you worthy of the sword in your hand? Or do you have no bones in you, or is there no spiritual aura in the sword in your hand>”

Lu Xingkong ‘spat’ out with no regards to his image and burst into a wild laughter: “Bullshit swordsmen, with your conduct and deeds you want to become the swordsmen respected by the world? You guys are nothing but a group of killers. Ever since your Master Mu Yubai and Baile Changhe have attempted to kill on the middle of the street, your Still water sword school has become an assassin guild—the worst assassin guild. You failed after taking someone’s money.”

“Lu Xingkong, you dare——”

“Don’t talk nonsense——”

“Today you must be killed——”

Lu Xingkong not only pointed to his nose and humiliated this, his words were so unpleasant to the ear——and so accurate. It literally felt as though he had plunged a sharp blade to the position of his heart and repeatedly stabbed him.  

It was not a matter of whether one was bleeding or dying anymore.

He was trying to kick the Still water sword school into a quagmire and down to the 18 levels of hell.

The white-robed swordsman reddened with rage.

They cursed, and one after another itching to rush up and chop Lu Xingkong to pieces.

No, minced flesh.

“Look at you, look at you——” Lu Xingkong pointed to the cursing swordsmen and grunted: “Even cursing you don’t dare to curse fully, are you not a man? I, Lu Xingkong, is from a military background. There are countless brave and proud soldiers under my command, they are absolutely not like you——”

Lu Xingkong’s body suddenly stood tall and upright like a spear, with the gaze of an eagle and the body of a tiger, his eyes ran across Elder Chengfeng, Stone gentleman Shi Tao and the hundreds of white robed swordsmen behind with a fearless and provocative stare.

“I’m scolding you, I’m insulting you, what are you going to do?”

His voice was icy cold, fierce, and murderous. “I, Lu Xingkong, is standing here, standing here looking at you. Whoever dares to draw his sword, I will kill them.”




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