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422 – Old thing you dare!

Chapter 422: Old thing you dare!


Elder Chengfeng gave it a serious thought and found that what Li Muyang said made a lot of sense.

Li Muyang and their Still water sword school had no grudge, but their Master Mu Yubai along with one of the three wild guests Baili Changhe and dozens of elite disciples had come to ambush Li Muyang.

In the end, the ambush failed, the Still water sword school suffered a great loss, Wild guest Baili Changhe was severed into minced flesh, not a single one of the dozen of elites survived, and even Master Mu Yubai was severely wounded and had not regained consciousness yet.

Old immortal who had withdrawn from worldly affairs for years had unexpectedly told them to come deliver a written challenge to a boy——

“I would also be angry if it were me.” Elder Chengfeng said to himself, “Very angry.”  

With this thought, he felt too ashamed to get angry again.

So he looked at Li Muyang and said, “Are you Li Muyang?”

“I am Li Muyang.” Li Muyang replied in a low voice. “It’s the Li Muyang you’re trying to kill.”

“We’re not going to kill you——” Elder Chengfeng attempted to make another effort to justify their actions.

“Right. Your Master brought many men with him to ambush me on the street just to stop me and say hello?”


“Your Old immortal asked you to send me a letter just to meet up with me to talk about my daily life, and to see who can urinate further?”

“Our old immortal won’t do something so ridiculous.”

“Of course he’s not going to do something so ridiculous. He just wants to kill me” Li Muyang scoffed.

“Li Muyang——” Elder Chengfeng fumed, another insuppressible fury that he wanted to vent inside made him feel suffocating. “Are you going to take the challenge or not——”

“Chengfeng, I have just made it very clear that this matter started because of my Lu family, and I, Lu Xingkong, will bear it all myself. Why bully a child?” Lu Xingkong opened out his hand and said, “Give me the letter of challenge.”

Chengfeng refused, eyes still firmly fixed on Li Muyang.

The person that Old immortal wanted to challenge was after all Li Muyang and not the head of the Lu family, Lu Xingkong——If Lu Xingkong took the battle on Li Muyang’s behalf, then should Old immortal kill him or not? It would be an incredibly difficult situation to resolve.

Li Muyang understood what Chengfeng was thinking, crossing his arms over his chest, he said out loud: “didn’t you just say that your Old immortal is just trying to promote the younger generation and choose talents for the Kingdom? How about this, if so, then go back and ask your Old immortal to write a contract that says ‘I will never hurt Li Muyang’s life. If he loses a strand of hair I will offer my head as apology’——Only then will I take the challenge. Otherwise, it means that your Old immortal has secret motives. He saw that his son was defeated in my hands, so his petty self wants to retaliate against me, a child.”

“Li Muyang, how can you be so absurd, who would ask the person who issued a written challenge to write a guarantee——” Chengfeng fumed with a stern glare.

“Look, their weasel’s tail is exposed. I knew you guys wanted to eat chicken.” Li Shinian stood next to Li Muyang and couldn’t help speaking up. Her brother was challenged by someone said to a very powerful person. The matter had now spread across the courtyard, Li Shinian naturally was not going to wait there and do nothing. She had to run over to find out what was happening.

Li Muyang turned his head round to glance at Li Shinian. It was only then when Li Shinian realised that she had said something wrong and hastily corrected her words: “Fox tail——you know you are a group of old foxes.”

After another seriously thought, fox also eats chicken. But she was too embarrassed to change her words again. It would draw too much attention and confirm that her brother was a ‘chicken’, right?

Stone gentleman Shi Tao could no longer stand there watch them bully an honest person, and interjected, “Elder, we only need to deliver the letter. Whether they want to accept it or not, or who accepts it, let them decide, it is already beyond our control——”  

Elder Chengfeng also felt that this sentence made a lot of sense, and so from his sleeve presented the Still water written challenge to Li Muyang. “This is Old immortal’s letter to Li Muyang. Li Muyang, will you accept it?”

“No.” Li Muyang said bluntly. “I just took down your current sword Master, and your former Master came out immediately. If I defeated your former master, will your former former old master jump out? In that case, does that mean I, Li Muyang, only need to do one thing in my life——defeat Masters?”

“You——you——” Elder Chengfeng clutched his chest. He could feel his heart tightening, pointing to Li Muyang, he stuttered for half a day. He had never seen such a brazen person.

On the other hand Lu Xingkong admired Li Muyang’s shamelessness.  

He patted Li Muyang on the shoulder and laughed his head off, “Good child, really a good child——You’re right. A little youngster has just defeated the God of Sword of West Wind, the Master of the Still water sword school, but before could rest for a few days, he received another challenge from an old immortal——How do you guys have the face to come over? If he defeats your old man again, will his father come out? In that case, Muyang won’t need to go back to Starry Sky Academy to study, he has to stay in Tiandu to defeat old monsters.”

Li Muyang and Lu Xingkong exchanged a glance, a feeling of mutual respect like that shared between heroes.

Yes, if there is anything you want to say then say it on the spot, if there is any hatred then sever the person on the spot. Only then is life satisfying.

“You dare insult me——” The veins on Elder Chengfeng’s forehead appeared twisted and bulging.


In the sky, there was another violent fluctuation of energy.

A body of blue water began to emerge in the vast sky, incessantly rippling and twisting. Suddenly, an old man in a white robe and with long hair loose down his back drilled out from the middle.

“Old immortal——” Elder Chengfeng exclaimed and ‘plopped’ to his knees. It was just a letter of challenge, why did Old immortal had to come in person?

“Old Immortal has came out, Old immortal has came——” The hundreds of white robed swordsmen, who had been standing there being insulted for half a day, were more excited. One after another, they sank to their knees and constantly kowtowed. Still water Old immortal was a legendary figure of the divine continent who they had never seen in the many years that they were in Still water sword school. Unexpectedly, they were lucky enough to see him in person today.

In the Lu family’s mansion, West wind Emperor Chu Xianda suddenly jumped up from the seat, looked to sky, and said: “Old immortal, Still water old immortal is out——why did he come out?”

Many of the guests who came to celebrate the birthday immediately fell to their knees and kowtowed upon the sight.

Li Muyang also raised his head, looking at the white figure in the body of blue water.

He knew that it was not the real Old immortal, it was just a silhouette that he had casted from a distance, an image in the void.

However, the figure was so clear and lifelike, like a real person was in the high altitude peering down at everything.

“Protect the General.”

At the gate of the Lu mansion, the moment the ten generals had discovered the figure in the sky, they immediately divided into their own team and formations, and one after another rushed in front of Lu Xingkong.

For them, no matter who the enemy was, they would fight back with their lives

This was the habit that they had developed on the battlefield. Even if they had returned to Tiandu, this habit was still maintained.  

“Father be careful——” Lu Qingming clasped his spear tight, fixing a cold stare at the image in the water. If the man were to make the slightest action, he was ready to strike back at the risk of his own life.

“Mu Dingyi.” Lu Xingkong’s face darkened, his tiger-like gaze swept the sky, saying the unfamilar name fiercely.

“Just going to learn from one another in a battle, why is Defence minister so worried?” The image in the sky asked.

Lu Xingkong sneered, “Why do I worry, people with eyes can see, people with ears have heard, people with intelligence can think——Avenging his son unscrupulously, is that the behaviour of a Sword God? Is that the despicable and petty thing that the Old immortal who citizens of West Wind admire would do?”

“Haven’t seen you in years, I did not expect your character to still be so violent.” The Old immortal stated in a calm voice.

He lifted his right hand.

The middle finger of his right hand stretched out, while folding the other four fingers.  

In the sky, the wind was rising and clouds scudded across.

In the ninth heaven, there were flashes of lightning and roars of thunder.


The blue body of water behind him rippled more violently, bubbling up towards his finger.

The blue current was connected to his water finger, transforming into a tremendous blue sword.

The tremendous blue sword seemed to be a living thing, and the water current was incessantly spinning, in the shape of a giant sword.


Listening carefully, there was the sound of water being produced.

The old immortal raised his finger, also raising the giant blue sword at his fingertip.

Then, his right hand fingertip was used to strike down with force.

The Sever technique of the Still water sword technique!

This was the simplest sword technique.  

So simple that——no one knew what kind of words could describe it. It was as simple as drinking saliva and eating a mouthful of rice.

He just moved one of his finger.

However, everyone on the ground felt a boundless and vigorous power pressing down from the sky.

The wind was blown away by the powerful energy, and the snow was forced aside.

Even people were unable to breathe.


The huge sword speeded down, the target of the attack was unexpectedly the door of the Lu mansion.

If this sword were to strike the large signboard hung high above the doorway of the Lu mansion and the front courtyard building, then the Lu family really would lose their face and no longer be able to stand in the capital.

This was not a simple hit to the face, a matter of losing face, but to put people to death.

It was not only  to beat the Lu family who were now alive to death, but also to trample on the feet of the countless ancestors of the Lu family who had worked hard and sacrificed for this huge family in thousands of years.

Li Muyang had defeated the West Wind Sword God Mu Yubai, resulting in the prestige of the Still water sword school to hit rock bottom.

This was the revenge of the Still water sword school?

“Old thing, you dare.” Lu Qingming snapped, wielding his spear, he shot into the sky, and thrusting toward the overpowering giant blue sword.




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